Diner Dash now available on PSN

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“Hey PlayStation Blog, it’s me Andrew Plempel!”

“I’m the producer for Diner Dash on the PlayStation Network.”

(Single clap, a cough, possibly someone farting)

“Oh come on, man.”

Seriously though, thanks for letting me take some of your time to talk about Diner Dash. For the uninitiated, Diner Dash was originally a PC game release in the early 2000’s. Remember that time? People were into Napster; oh the world was so naïve. Ahem, sorry this old man does tend to ramble on a bit. Anywhoozers, Diner Dash followed the story of Flo, an office worker who was just gosh darn tired of working on spreadsheets and TPS reports that she quit. While wandering the streets, deciding what to do next, Flo stumbles upon a diner for sale. [Warning: spoiler alert. Just kidding] A light bulb flashes in her head and she decides to buy the diner, and become her own boss! OK, this is where you guys step in.

With your help, you and Flo will manage the daily crowds of customers who need to be seated, fed and billed throughout each shift. The better you do at managing their happiness the more cash you will rake in and the better your diner will improve as you build of Flo’s franchise from one to four diners!


Ok, so you got the same career mode as in the PC version, I get it you want more, right? I would. Let me tell you; this ain’t your grandmother’s Diner Dash. We’ve worked really hard to give the game a facelift as well as add a whole slew of new features so you can serve up some new excitement with the PSN version of Diner Dash.


First things first: why play alone when you can play with friends, enemies and frenemies, right? Of course you do, I knew you were a smart bunch. For the first time on a console, Diner Dash will support local and online multiplayer! We’ve got Co-op and Competitive modes, as well as Head to Head and team matches. Let me break it down for you even more:

Game Types:

  • Co-op: Work together with another player local or online to earn as much money as possible.
  • Head to Head: this mode is pretty self explanatory – a simple 1v1 match with two players in one diner.
  • Team Dash: This is probably the shining gem in our multiplayer feature set. Two players team up in a diner to compete against other teams in other diners. We are supporting up to 4 teams (8 players). So you can imagine the hectic game play as you rush around racing for the highest score possible.


Whew, that’s a lot to digest! I know there are some loose ends in this post, but don’t worry, I got itchy typing fingers so keep a lookout for more to come! In the mean time, get the game today in the PlayStation Store!

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  • Loooooks gooooood :)

  • It’s alot like the first Diner Dash for Pc…but I don’t care I bought it anyways. I love playing our PS3 but there are hardly any girly kind of games…NEED MORE!! If anyone wants to add me..KJP4685.

    I was trying to play online earlier and it said no games were available…is this because it’s so new still??

  • $10? If this doesn’t have 1080p native graphics and lossless audio, you’re probably going to learn a hard lesson about what the PSN audience expects for a $10 price point.

  • You know what PSN should do they should have an update or something that allows PS3 users to listin to music while they play. Because I get in to my games more when I have some of my favorite playing. An I’m just sayin

  • dear:playstation I,ve been wondering, wassup with the avatars cause when i go to the avatar list it have’s a selection in where we ass consumers can pick premium avatars, but when i click on it, it saids that i can purshase avatars from the store, but when i go to the store there is none there!!! Im just wondering when are they coming out. no offence but im tired of the old ones already. please… the sooner the better!!! lol… thank u for the last update 3.10 looking forward 4 more. much love to sony.

  • please give me some answers… avatars please soon!!!

  • Will there be any follow ups? Diner Dash 2??

  • Got a few trophies in this game, but it’s not showing up on my profile on us.playstation.com? Someone add this game to the list :P

  • Hey Zaku! I was looking into buying this soon! But, since there’s a demo, I’ll play that first! Then, probably buy it! :D

  • Um I don’t see a demo for this in the store! Previous reply had said 12/10. Bit disappointed the misses and I wanted to check this out before we bought it, she’s concerned she won’t like the controls……

  • no news saying the demo is coming either! dangit, now my fiance never believes me on demo dates! lol

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