Diner Dash now available on PSN

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“Hey PlayStation Blog, it’s me Andrew Plempel!”

“I’m the producer for Diner Dash on the PlayStation Network.”

(Single clap, a cough, possibly someone farting)

“Oh come on, man.”

Seriously though, thanks for letting me take some of your time to talk about Diner Dash. For the uninitiated, Diner Dash was originally a PC game release in the early 2000’s. Remember that time? People were into Napster; oh the world was so naïve. Ahem, sorry this old man does tend to ramble on a bit. Anywhoozers, Diner Dash followed the story of Flo, an office worker who was just gosh darn tired of working on spreadsheets and TPS reports that she quit. While wandering the streets, deciding what to do next, Flo stumbles upon a diner for sale. [Warning: spoiler alert. Just kidding] A light bulb flashes in her head and she decides to buy the diner, and become her own boss! OK, this is where you guys step in.

With your help, you and Flo will manage the daily crowds of customers who need to be seated, fed and billed throughout each shift. The better you do at managing their happiness the more cash you will rake in and the better your diner will improve as you build of Flo’s franchise from one to four diners!


Ok, so you got the same career mode as in the PC version, I get it you want more, right? I would. Let me tell you; this ain’t your grandmother’s Diner Dash. We’ve worked really hard to give the game a facelift as well as add a whole slew of new features so you can serve up some new excitement with the PSN version of Diner Dash.


First things first: why play alone when you can play with friends, enemies and frenemies, right? Of course you do, I knew you were a smart bunch. For the first time on a console, Diner Dash will support local and online multiplayer! We’ve got Co-op and Competitive modes, as well as Head to Head and team matches. Let me break it down for you even more:

Game Types:

  • Co-op: Work together with another player local or online to earn as much money as possible.
  • Head to Head: this mode is pretty self explanatory – a simple 1v1 match with two players in one diner.
  • Team Dash: This is probably the shining gem in our multiplayer feature set. Two players team up in a diner to compete against other teams in other diners. We are supporting up to 4 teams (8 players). So you can imagine the hectic game play as you rush around racing for the highest score possible.


Whew, that’s a lot to digest! I know there are some loose ends in this post, but don’t worry, I got itchy typing fingers so keep a lookout for more to come! In the mean time, get the game today in the PlayStation Store!

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  • cool. Ill check it out tonight! thanks for sharing

  • haha cool.

  • Awesome! This game rocks!

  • oh, and you didn’t get applause because your last name is one letter away from “Lempel”. hahah :)

    j/k eric, we love you…

  • Interesting…but a little expensive.

  • I remember the pc game, looking forward

  • A video would help greatly.

    just sayin.

  • Will we have PSN trophies and will there be a PSP version?

  • Looks fun, will there be a demo?

  • @KidCommando:
    Really? You need a video to tell you if you want Diner Dash? I can understand that you haven’t been exposed to the game in the last decade, but seriously, look it up on youtube or something. The game is about 10 years old. I bet your sister, girlfriend, maybe even your mom has a copy of it somewhere. This is a really simple, fun game that’s been emulated to death with spin-offs and such, it isn’t very complicated. Andrew even explained how the game is played pretty extensively. You play a waitress, what do you think you’re going to be doing the entirety of the game?

  • I can’t do this again. I’ve played too much diner dash before and must resist buying it yet again.

  • #8 “There is a version of Diner Dash for PSP on UMD. We did not make it though.” – Translation it sucks and we take no responsibility for it.

  • My wife has been waiting for this game for a long time. We were at PAX 09 in Seattle this year and she got a free Diner Dash apron for trying the game, since then she has been bugging me about the release date.
    One question though, whats the max local multi-player? From the comments, seems to be only 2 locally but 8 online. Please clarify and thanks again for the apron!

  • Local Co-op, YES! More people need to do what you are doing right there! Finding a decent one since PixelJunk Monsters has been a more difficult task than you’d think. And certainly more difficult than it SHOULD BE.

    And after someone said “a bit expensive” a $15 price-tag popped into my head- $10 is NOT too much. Certainly not for what seems to be included here.

    My thanks to the devs!

    @ DTXSFC (8)
    Do you ask that question because you’re genuinely ignorant? ALL PSN GAMES PAST 1/1/09 HAVE TROPHIES!

  • @ BUCKNATZ (12)
    Maybe you should actually check your facts before making a fool out of yourself. The PSP version was made by Eidos, GameLab and PlayFirst.

  • I love diner dash!


  • Totally getting this…
    My girl hardly plays games anymore and it’s due to liking computer ones like this or kiddie style graphics…
    She plays Ratchet and Clank or Jack and Daxter etc, however; she tends to thoroughly enjoy PSN style titles these days.

    She’ll be super stoked to hear of this.
    …and it’s multiplayer / co-op, so I can join too…
    not bad.

  • I like the concept. Reminds me of Betty Boop’s Double Dash on DS :)

  • Good stuff. I bought it last night before you guys even mentioned it was out. I saw it and got it on the spot. I own it for the psp as well. Didn’t know you guys didn’t make it though. It’s still really fun. It feels different being able to actually control her though. It’s actually a lot harder in my opinion. Got some really impatient customers. Gotta find a way to handle all of it. Thanks for this though. I did not expect to this game in the psn. But i’m glad it’s there. Really good stuff. =]

  • @ Jeff or Chris

    Do you know when the winners are going to be announced for the canadian uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition, eh.

  • What be the price?

  • I saw this game in the PSN store yesterday but with no video or demo no way am I purchasing this. All games in the PSN store should have at least a video.

  • @ 10 Chris_P_Chikin

    Yes, really!

    I’m sorry, but if they are trying to sell their product over an online network, they should have a video or demo. I should not have to google everything they sell just to see if I like it.

    You said it yourself – this game has “been emulated to death with spin-offs and such.” O’rly, Thanks, because that is EXACTLY WHY THEY NEED A VIDEO OF THEIR VERSION.

    Why don’t all the other online retailers just stop putting videos, pictures, reviews, and feedback about their products because we all can just google it and do our own research. They WANT the customer to have as much information about their product so they can make an informed decision and it is a professional way to sell their product.

    I am NOT going to google every single piece of content on the store JUST to see if I am interested in it, when they could and should provide a video for me. Look at the themes or the Minis on the store, NO preview function, NO videos….sorry, I will just skip and keep browsing.

    Maybe you just hit the purchase button or exit the store and google your ass off, but I would like a better representation of the products they want me to buy. I don’t think that is unreasonable in 2009.

    • I apologize for not having a video ready for you by the time of this post. Our video guy is on vacation and well….I am EPIC FAIL on video editing. Trust me, hahaha, you do not want to see the abominations that came out of the encoder. I promise that there will be a video for the next blog post…(SPOILERS!). Also the demo is planned for December 10th.

  • Does Diner Dash feature Voice Chat via the PlayStation Network?

  • If this game wasn’t over priced I’d buy it in a heart beat. For now Ill just continue playing it online for free. It should’ve been price between $5-$7. Why do publishers think its a good idea to over charge for something you could get totally free? LOL, I just don’t get it.

  • any custom soundtrack
    i only buy games that support all the features
    on the psn

    • Custom Soundtracks is not featured in this game. I will spread the word that it is a feature people want. You should definitely try the demo when it is released.

    • Confirmed, you can play your music from the XMB! Sorry for the confusion.

  • getting this one!

  • I already got it, people looking for players can add vavires!

    i hoep with this we can expect some more games on the psn liek that :p i love time managment games. Cake mania comes to mind for example :)

  • YeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! just time 4 the holidays, this game is epic>.. Its a classic, no need to debate pick it up. Ty 4 bring in this out on psn EPIC WIN..

  • In game music? and will it be coming to Europe?

    • Custom soundtracks/In-game music is not featured in this game. Good news is that Diner Dash is coming to Europe. When it will be out, well that\’s a secret. I will contact gov\’na PlayStation err Gem, who runs the EU blog, about getting a post made for announcing the release date.

    • Hey Meccamonty,

      The game does support music playback via the XMB.

  • I bought Diner Dash last night for my wife. The first thing I did was pull up the XMB to listen to my own music and it worked. So I don’t want to contradict Marcello here, but I was able to listen to my own music for those of you who were asking.

  • Sony, where the ****ing **** are the new avatars?

  • looks interesting :)

  • Wow, flo looks creepy in the first pic. My gf is a diner dash freak (Mac,2 on DS, one on iphone). I expected that when I told her she’d freak out and make me buy it, but when she saw the price she said nevermind. Thank’s for making it too pricey!

  • Marcello,

    Thank you for the response. My comment is not necessarily directed at you and Diner Dash, but the PSN Store in general.

    There needs to be some kind of preview function on the store whether it video or demo. I consider myself a pretty avid gamer and follow gaming news and even I don’t know about some of the content on the store. I can’t imagine a casual consumer would have any clue about a lot of the stuff on there without a preview feature. Most consumers are not going to take the time to look up a video of a game they ‘might’ be interested in.

    anyway, thanks again. I look forward to checking out that demo and your future projects.

    • A little know secret is that the PSN Store does have a preview option for games. It is located under the \”Add To Cart\” button. It can be either screen shots or a video. Not every game has it though. I will look into it for future titles.

  • I know it exists, but it is rarely used.

  • You can tell Zaku is a gamer with all the responses good job.

  • I was really hoping for a demo when I saw this I have heard good things about the game, but a demo is always nice. I’ll wait for the demo to check it out, unless you can get it out 2 days earlier for my birthday ;)

  • No disc, no sale.

  • @ Devs and #20…damn…I didn’t even know there was a contest for the fortune hunter edition in Canada.
    I would have entered…So super sad now.

    Hey devs, what are the odds of my finding my way into the contest at this point.
    I would really want this…badly.

    Oh, and I already commented above about this thread, however; I will say again that I will be getting this game…hopefully if I can find a way to put my CCard back on the PSN…AVS issues…
    So silly that I could use it before and now cannot…I don’t get it.
    Now I need to add a different card…pfff!

  • Char!

  • my wife loves this game…. or at least the trial that came with our computer… Its good to see the psn library growing, and its always good to see someone else make use of the epic word that is anywhoozers

  • I’m way too OCD to get sucked into this game again. It’s a little weird though, that the game only has like 13 bronze trophies. Why no gold or silver?

  • Never mind, obviously I was misinformed.

    Also, I own Diner Dash now. I am so weak.

  • I think your post sold me. Every new game should get such attention and explanation. Thanks!

  • Great game, really glad I made the purchase.

  • @35…

    That isn’t a ‘little known secrect’ it is a ‘little USED secret’…one that bloggers here have asked over and over to GRACE to be corrected with ZERO response/acknowledgement or change.

  • new avatars?

  • My wife is a fan of Diner Dash, now I have to share my PS3 with her… it’s a sad day for man kind ;)

    Myabe I just won’t tell her about Diner Dash on the PSN…

  • will all psp games be downloadable via store or just a few becasue i dont know if i should get a psp go if i cant download this game becasue i love this game loads on the pc

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