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If you’ve been reading The Official MAG Blog, then you already know that the MAG Beta has been extended. If you *haven’t* been paying attention, or were maybe only in an earlier version of the Beta, you might wanna know what’s been going on with the game. That’s why Zipper Interactive‘s Lead Designer CJ Heine dropped on by (via PlayStation Eye) to tell us about it.

So which sites are giving out entry codes for this extended Beta? Well, we are for one. As per usual, fan our Facebook page and/or follow our Twitter and we’ll start giving them out later today. But we’re hardly the only option. Remember that Official MAG Blog? Head on over there to find out who else can hook you up.

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  • O got in the beta today. Sony is giving out free beta vouchers online

  • This game the way i think of it NOW it is kinda like another old shooter im srry but it is im more into games like killzone 2 modern warfare 2 uncharted 2 mag doesnt really seem like a stable game but its still in the beta stage so this is my thought of it now

  • Public Beta, Please Deliver Soon Jeff ^^ !

  • Hmm the more i play this beta kinda defeats the chance of me ever getting the game

  • awesome lookin game!

  • First, I love MAG. Second, I agree totally. Bring back the REAL SOCOM!!! Possibly with 4 player co-op online and locally. Thank you and please bring it back!

  • Love the beta so far

    BUT one thing about the preorder-

    anyway to apply to get the raven preorder bonus skin?

    all Gamecrazys in my area closed down (over 600 nation wide) and i cant get to the store to preorder the game :(

    and the store has no online store. I want my raven skin! :D

  • Just picked up a code for the beta. Cant wait to try it! Its gonna be FULL ON MASSIVE WAR! Already amazed by the graphics. I cannot wait to experience the potential of this game with beta.

  • Just think if u don’t have a mic don’t play the game to much action and to much hard ship trying to bring some one back to life if =we don’t know there is someone waiting for us to bring u back to life. Also there is more info we need as a team as a army and a squad that you need a mic .

  • I don’t know allot about mag so these questions I want answered

    1 can you create your own character
    2 is there a story in multilayer that you have to follow
    3 is there a single player story

    ps: the healing gun looks terrible, the way it heals you, you cant even notice it, (at 01:05 in the video)

  • 4: can there be more than one on a single ps3

  • and it would be cool if the team leader could do incoming transmission (that would enable his camera giving orders, optional of course)

  • Crusher915:

    1 sort of. customize from set of possibilities.
    2 NO
    3 NO
    4 NO

    it feels like the socom game in a way bc there is no story its just all multiplayer (beta)

  • I have been playing the mag bets for a few weeks now andhave a few suggestions 1st the rpg is weak it should do more damage and it appears to be in affective against humans.

  • Mag grrrrrr !!

  • first off I love this game.
    This game is so much better than past shooters because there is a command system that helps the chaos subside. I have read past comments about the graphics and about how socom is better but there really not.
    in response to DR_Dirt-OBGYN’s comment about the rpg, I must say i completly agree. the killzone on the rpgs are redicuously small and only good for cover fire. Over all this game i s awesome and i plan to pre order it when i get enough money. Untill then peace.

    Go Raven!


  • thx i hop to play it soon email [DELETED]

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