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If you’ve been reading The Official MAG Blog, then you already know that the MAG Beta has been extended. If you *haven’t* been paying attention, or were maybe only in an earlier version of the Beta, you might wanna know what’s been going on with the game. That’s why Zipper Interactive‘s Lead Designer CJ Heine dropped on by (via PlayStation Eye) to tell us about it.

So which sites are giving out entry codes for this extended Beta? Well, we are for one. As per usual, fan our Facebook page and/or follow our Twitter and we’ll start giving them out later today. But we’re hardly the only option. Remember that Official MAG Blog? Head on over there to find out who else can hook you up.

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  • First? Bring back REAL SOCOM PLEASE!!

  • Facebook and Twitter? Come on, you gotta be kidding me.

  • Add more ranks to the game please no more level’s.

  • I soo want an invite. :/ Go zipper!

  • Woo hee. I haven’t posted on here in ages, but I feel compelled to now.

    Solid questions asked, Jeff. MAG looks promising at this stage. The maps look awesome. The one thing I found a little bit lacking was the presentation style – fonts, color scheme, etc. Of course, that sort of thing is quite subjective, and I’ve only seen a snippet of the game.

    Also, off topic, though I think I should mention this… Uncharted 2 was [DELETED] awesome.

  • oh damn i hope i can get one. im a GAP member that never got into he original beta

  • i haven’t played the MAG beta *sorrow*

  • NO!!!
    Don’t do it on facebook there are to many ppl from all over…give it here to ppl in the US…try something else.

  • Can’t wait :D

  • follow us on Facebook page and/or follow our Twitter (NO THANKS) :)

  • so how do i get a code

  • Still wish they would let the original tester still test. I was a first wave tester and reported so many bugs yet as soon as the GS beta comes I get booted. and I hate Preodering at GS because I know they wont have a midnight release. Id rather just pick it up at midnight at walmart then preorder at gamestop.
    Well heres to hoping for the chance at a beta code.

  • This game is Amazing! There are a few tweaks here and there but overall it is great beta. You can see they care and work at improving the experience.

    @5 Each pmc changes the the music and themes etc.. I would say if the theme doesn’t match your style, you might be in the wrong pmc.

  • sigh, people wont be happy with sever till we have nerf guns and grass walls… least that is how it was near the end of the second run.

  • Need to get back into the MAG beta. Looking for some codes, see you on twitter, SonyPlayStation!

  • ive been in beta since it 1st started except for the gamestop one.

    i see the u guys did some improvements.

    is good that u guys raise the level to 60.

    Things that u guys need to do is add more WEAPONS, MAPS and GAME MODE so the game is not that repetitive.

  • I checked joystiq and Destructoid, they both gave out codes yesterday. I don’t know if these sites will be giving out more.

  • C’mon Jeff. Go back to the old video format or retract whatever change you guys made to the videos. None of them work on the PS3 browser anymore. It’s a bit rediculous that the PlayStation Blog doesn’t work on the PlayStation3 browser.

  • Has it been said if MAG will get a dual retail/PSN release ala Warhawk? A game like this, Id much rather download so its always ready to go.

  • If the YLOD hadn’t attacked my PS3 I would be in the beta…

  • If the YLOD hadn’t attacked my PS3 I could be in the beta…

  • MAG always made my PS3 freeze.

  • I would love to see the medi kit put on the left D-pad so you dont have to swap between 3 items before you get to it.. it would be was better like this… I’ll post this on the forum as well… And I would just like to say this game is amazing..and keep up the good work. (PS) a Mag/Mic bundle would be amazing, I find alot of players on Mag without them and it gets frustrating if there on your team…. GO S.V.E.R!!!!! >:)

  • I want a beta code so badly, but I don’t know how to fan you guys on facebook, or if I’m even a fan already :(

  • Im very curious about this game wish i had the money to reserve a copy. Zipper is a great developer and i loved the SOCOM series. Plus im proud they are in my state, Washington! Keep up the work. And that was a very informative interview thank you!

  • how can i get into the extended MAG Beta? i stopped playing it when Demon’s Souls came out but now when i try to go back it says i’m not allowed on the server or that its not available.. checked my beta card i got from gamestop but i now realize the beta was until 11/20/09 but i still see people on my friends list playing it.

  • facebook, twitter GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. :(

  • “As per usual, fan our Facebook page and/or follow our Twitter and we’ll start giving them out later today.” What is the twitter URL where codes will be given?

  • Will MAG have interactive automatic cross game invites like modern warfare 2?

  • I really wanna get in the Beta to try this game, are the codes gonna be for canada too>?

  • I look forward to the day Facebook and Twitter join the ranks of Friendster and MySpace.

    I like you Sony, but not enough to use that crap.

  • Any chance codes will work for Canada, or if we’ll get our own codes?

  • Move the Heads Up Display from the top Right corner to the Top left or anywhere else. Evey time my PSN Friends get on or off line or sends me a message it covers it up.

    I can’t stand it.

  • MAG is garbage. It’s another rip-off Socom for ps3. :P

  • i would really love a mag beta code i’m a huge fan of zipper interactive games! My PSN ID: xkillxzonex And thanks you guys!!!

  • please dont have 2 gig patchs in the retail version.

  • This game is awesome and alot better than that 9 vs 9 mw2 game. Keep up the good work and ignore the handi’s!

  • Jeff,

    Read the Arstechnica article on “first-part bloggers.” Great read. And good job with this and other interviews. Your and Chris’s effort does not go unnoticed.

    Sorry, a bit off topic

  • @ #1

    Zipper has been working on the next SOCOM for 2+ years. E3 next year will be our first glimpse of what they’ve been working on.


  • @36

    The large file sizes of the patches were because we DON’T HAVE THE GAME ON DISC YET. There is no way in hell that the patches will be 2 gigs once the final game is released. That’s what a beta TEST is for, to get all the bugs worked out. Everytime they fix about 10,000 bugs, they release a new version of the beta. Think about it. The final game will be on disc, and only certain things will be patched. They will be under a gig, trust me.

  • Please Zipper, focus your attention back to socom. After the beta I will probably cancel my pre order of MAG cause there are not eneogh people on the game that understand or want to play the teamwork concept. Socom is still my favorite and I hope that you can bring this back to the game it always was and should be

  • I’m so excited I’m a new MAG beta tester! THANK YOU! I promise to be a great beta tester and report any issues to the official MAG beta forums.

  • I’d like a beta code if you have anymore left to the worldest smartest Jeff in the world ;)

  • I’ve got my code and downloaded the beta a few minutes ago. Even though I’m excited to play this early version of the game I can’t help but loathe what beta’s have become these past few years. Instead of helping the publisher/ developer make the best game they can through public feedback, what beta’s are now-a-days is a chance to make extra money. It’s sad really. A lot of online games in the past could of shown they’re potential if they were tested properly.

  • mag isn’t really that good. it takes to long to play downloads take hours. please fix match making and download size. that is a turn off for me. game looks great though

  • I don’t know what the whole hype around this game is, seriously it’s so chaotic its not even that fun…

  • Just got my beta.

    I got the key from the official mag blog. All you have to do is click on the picture and they give you one.

  • don’t forget In-game music, Join session feature and the ability to know what your friends are playing just by looking at what they are playing on your friend’s list!

  • The video does not work on the ps3 web browser!

    It says application not supported!

  • game looks like a lot of fun,

    BUT the textures look pretty bad, and the weapons seem to fire more like toys than real guns IMO…

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