It Only Does Blu-ray Movies

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Next week’s Thanksgiving holiday marks the kick-off to the traditional retail holiday selling season. It’s a key part of our year as many people who may not be hardcore gamers begin their research for the hottest gift items. Naturally, we expect the PS3 to be on a lot of those lists this year. This holiday’s PS3 campaign marks one of our most aggressive approaches in terms of our advertising reach and frequency, so we hope you’ve seen the new commercials while watching your favorite TV programs. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from friends and family and hearing from a lot of you who are catching the commercials regularly and laughing even after the third or fourth helping. We couldn’t be more pleased by the overwhelming response, not just to the ads, but also evidenced by the sheer momentum behind our recent sales numbers. I’d like to personally welcome all of the new PS3 owners to what will be one of our best years ahead.

Beyond the amazing line up of Blu-ray games hitting this holiday, we’re also expecting some blockbuster Blu-ray movie releases, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Star Trek. We’ve also announced some really groundbreaking initiatives that make Blu-ray synonymous with movie watching. In December, consumers will have access to the first-ever hybrid disc that will feature Sony Picture’s District 9 movie and a demo of God of War 3. This is a true testament to the endless opportunities ahead for Blu-ray and entertainment. And if you’re already an existing Netflix consumer, now you can access both your Blu-ray disc movies and stream 17,000 movies and TV shows from one machine – the PS3.

Readers of this blog are of course, already aware that the PS3 comes built in with one of the industry’s best Blu-ray players. But we wanted a spot that would hammer home the Blu-ray movie advantage and speak to this broader audience that may not be as familiar with the PS3’s feature set. So we asked Kevin Butler to bestow some wisdom in this exchange with an unhappy teenager who is complaining his grandmother is hogging the PS3 to watch Blu-ray movies. You can catch this commercial on air starting next week. For you, our loyal fans, here’s the exclusive sneak peek:

We’d love to hear what your favorite spots are so far. We certainly are having a hard time just picking one. We still have a couple more special updates on the way, so make sure to check in next weekend. More to come.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,


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  • Good commercial.

    PS. Having the same problem with bayouboyz. Sync only goes about 19% then it says “error occured.” With a stick! But really, fix it.

    – FinSmiq

  • Favorite spots?

    None of them.

    You try hard to be edgy or cutting edge, instead of putting the focus on the games. Heck most of your ads never even showed a clip of a game until recently.

    No one likes your ads except for fan boys…and the foreign ads are often offensive.

    Similar to how you ignore the fact that many gamers these days are not just teenagers and not just boys, but your horrible Qore garbage concentrates on the sex factor instead of hiring someone who can talk intelligently about games.

  • I can’t wait for inglorious basterd to go on blu ray

    it only does everything

  • Wait a sec… the granda is watching transformers 2?

  • @52

    Ratchet ad, Uncharted 2 Ad, Montage ad…What? The adverts don’t show games?

  • lol a good one but my favorite was the girlfriend i think, there was a line about some not liking candles.

    I know my humor is terrible but I guess it works on the company’s behalf. :)

  • What’s wrong with Transformers 2? Insane LFE movie.

  • I’ve got two words for you. Mon Tage.

  • vidler videos have been boken in firmware 3.10 so i can’t check it out…

  • This one just dethroned “Candle” as my favorite. Good job guys.

  • Sadly, the only BD I ever watched was the BlazBlue Bonus disc. I was supposed to get a free copy of Casino Royale for being among the first PS3 owners in Europe, but I guess my copy must’ve gone to one of the guys who got 3-5 copies…

  • lol..old people

  • @ TakiFuGu: ‘It does everything except cross game voice chat!’

    The lack of cross game voice chat is seriously an issue here. This feature has been available on the XBOX360 since day 1. Why have Sony ignored our pleading requests for so long?

  • what about cross game chat?

  • I don’t really like these commercials. I loved when Sony’s ads were more agressive :)

  • Sony please bring this to the uk the marketing here is so little anyway my fav one is

    “ready honey” love that advert. And the desperate dad one.

  • Grandma stole my PS3! LOL! hilarious. How many ads is that so far? You hired the right ad people. Kevin Butler is a great character. He’d be my second choice for PS3 mascot, right behind Sackboy.

  • Noone will use Cross game chat anyway. It is a useless feature that people just want because Live has it. Stop asking for it

  • More!!! I also miss the original PS3 commercials but we’ll never see those again. :(

  • @ 7 LOL it does everything that we need but i do believe we will have voice chat for the ps3 and other feature but you and other will have to pay to use these feature . lol i have both systems and XBL , PSN are on the same level now two years ago i wouldn’t had said that. they both have online gaming , both have video service , both have downloadable game and DLC . I don’t believe people are only buying a system for just voice chat or blu ray , i do believe it come down to games, online play and DLC. both systems download game at the same speed, both systems have the same level when it come to online gaming , i know you are going to have fans on both sides saying one is better then the other but the only different is one you have to pay to be online and that it.

  • The new commercials are really good, Great Job!!! I was going to say that my favorite is the montage one, but this one takes it. It was awesomely hilarious!!

  • The videos on the blog don’t work on the PS3 browser anymore after firmware 3.10. Will this be fixed?

  • Hey Sony,

    I hooked up the internet on my PS3 for my “Unsatisfied Girlfriend” and she still can’t download Movies and TV shows… “Come on!”

    Don’t mind my sarcasm. It’s my monthly poke at Sony to bring the Video store to Canada.

    Great commercials BTW!

  • been havin probelms with syncing my trophies since to PSN since Cod MW2 came out

  • That was funny :D

    I hope sony keeps up the good work with making the ps3 better…. just hope they do it sooner than later

  • I cannot get enoughof these commercials :).

  • the video type isn’t supported by the ps3 browser…..I think its time for am update that adds more video and audio types.

  • I laughed so hard. I have to send this one to my friends. I hope you have a good holiday season Sony, the PS3 really deserves it.

  • That ad was EPIC. I don’t care how much they’re being paid right now, someone give the Sony marketers that come up with these a raise. All of them.

  • These is a great commercial. The “Dear Playstation” ad campaign is fantastic. I love watching these commercials. Kevin Butler is hilarious!

  • To the Canadians complaining about thE lack of a video store for your country. While it’s a nice added extra feature, but in reality you might use it once or twice then move on to another movie rental alternitive. The pricing is the main draw back for this service. Tv shows are over priced per episode the lack of being able to purchase full seasons at a discounted price is a huge issue. Now if the subscription based fees we all were hearing about yesterday involves being able to download x amount of movies & games per month then maybe it will be worth complaining about until then you’re really not missing much. And we get that your disappointed for the lack of the store in your country, but do you really have to flood every post(no matter the topic) with comments about it. I am pretty sure they got the message by now

  • lmao VP of blu-ray superiority. Classic.

  • These videos are funny.

    “With a Stick.”

  • These commercials gets better and better!

  • I’m hoping these ads are doing wonders for sales because these are awesome, other companies need to follow suit and make ads that are actually entertaining.

  • Very good ad! Well done SONY!! Keep it up, use humor and tv spots whit clear facts on what you want to say to costumers. Hope you air this tv spots allot! :D

  • my fav is the confirm or deny commercial

    GoldenGotGame | November 20th, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I wish I could check it out, but ever since 3.10, the videos I use to be able to watch all say “This application is not supported”.

    I cant watch one of my fav steaming sites cause of the same issue. I want to go back to the last update. Is it possible to go back?

  • rofl. A girl with a stick. …Wait….

  • rofl. hahaha

  • Guys, best and funniest commercial!

  • Didn’t think this one was that funny.

    I love the game specific ones; hope to see ones for GT5, FF13, Heavy Rain, GOW3, and especially EyePet. I think EyePet can be huge if advertise properly.

    Go Sony.

  • Any word on a 24fps fix for Netflix and BD-Live streaming video? All streamed video content is forcibly converted to 30fps, introducing judder.

    This does not appear to be an issue on the 360 or on at least one other Netflix-streaming bluray player (from Samsung).

    Note that DVDs and blu-rays encoded at 24fps play correctly — this is not a setup issue. Also note that other people are having this issue across different TVs.

    Please, please acknowledge this issue in lieu of a fix!

  • Would watch and lol again.

  • Oh. Your. God.

    That was ****ing HILARIOUS!! I thank you for that. It just made my night!


  • Blu-Ray guy: “WITH A STICK!”
    Unhappy Grandchild: “Yeah, but I wanna play-
    Blu-Ray guy: “STICK!!!!!”

  • I can haz playstation jersey?

    (yet another great ad)

  • RE:81@HatmanTc

    Thanks for your honesty. I’m sure if Sony had replied to one of the gazillion “Canada” post instead of keeping us in the dark, you’d prob see a lot less of these annoying post.

    That or at least give us a blog on so we can take our complaining there instead of having to visit here for the latest news, and be teased by features and promos we are excluded from.

    I seriously don’t think they get the point. It’s the internet. You have to make yourself heard. Even if it means being a repetitively annoying mob, to get things done. Price cuts, PSN feature changes, Updates etc might not have happened so soon or at all if people didn’t speak up.

    Anyways, I’m bored now of waiting for the Video store. I’ll go play… “With a Stick!”

  • More funny commercials! :D Keep up the awesome commercials, Sony! Also be sure you advertise the District 9 Blu-ray heavily along with the GoW3 demo that is on the disc.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein:

    When this video will be available for download on the PSN?

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