LittleBigPlanet Goes Portable!

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LittleBigPlanet is here for PSP! Yes, we’ve finally finished, and I don’t mind admitting that molding Media Molecule‘s PS3 game to fit its new home on the PSP and PSPgo has been a rollercoaster ride for us all.

The game is in stores beginning Tuesday and I have to say that we’re very proud of it. When we were first asked to make a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet, we wondered how on earth that much physics was ever going to fit onto something so much smaller, but to be honest we’ve enjoyed the challenge and now have a whole new world of LittleBigPlanet to show for it.

A world that contains thirty-eight newly created levels across seven different environments, all ready for you to play and explore – in addition to the whole Play, Create, and Share experience that’s synonymous with LBP.

The process, however, has not been without its share of hiccups. We are aware that the game is not yet available on the PlayStation Store, but we’re currently working around the clock to get this issue worked out so keep your eyes peeled for updates this week. We appreciate you bearing with us!

We’d also like to thank Media Molecule for all of their hard work in coming up with the incredible world that is LittleBigPlanet in the first place.

We’ve now added our own sprinkle of magic dust and we’re thrilled to bring LBP PSP to the fans so that they can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. To raise the excitement level even more, here’s a look at our launch trailer, as well as some of the great reviews that have hit thus far…

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Reviews

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  • I don’t mind the game being delayed on the PSN store, I have a psp go aswell. Now hearing from many UMD users of the game and how there are a numerous amount of bugs and crashes, which is probably why the download version is delayed. I would much rather wait a few days for the bumps to be smoothed out instead of being able to play right now with glitches and bugs that would frustrate me.

  • when the game comes out on the ps store will we get the pre order exclusves as promased because simply uncarted 2 is just awesome be shame if i didnt get the costumes

  • That would be really awesome if the PSP got trophy support just got littlebigplant yesterday the day it came out and it’s the best PSP game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @eegama
    That is the only reason that I think they game should be delayed.
    I certainly hope that’s it, because that’ll really suck tomorrow (or whenever it’s released) and it’s not fixed.

  • @eegama, LBP was delayed due to issues with the PSN store, bugs have a very very small chance of being fixed just due to sheer laziness. Expect the game to be full of bugs when it’s released. Also, I didn’t want to be so blunt, but the PSN store should have been stable, we should get our releases on time with no issues. This is Sony’s fault and a quick “we’re working on it” doesn’t make up for the fact that it happened and is preventing consumers from getting their games on time. Sony really needs to make up for their faults, not just by fixing the PSN store to work for another week, LBP should be placed on a discounted price as it is just for making us wait. By the way, why does the Japanese PSN store pay only half the price for their games (when converted to USD)? And why did European gamers get free games when they purchased a PSPGo? The American Sony isn’t giving us anything. Sorry for the little rant but I felt it was necessary, oh and I sent an email to Sony regarding the PSN store several weeks ago now, no response.

  • I find it completely unbelievable that Sony managed to botch the biggest release of the year on the PSN.

    The PSPgo was marketed using LBP as its flagship title yet the game didn’t go up on the PSN on schedule. Then we have to wait 37+ hours before anyone tells us what is going on with the release.

    Now we are told the game will “hopefully” be uploaded “later this week,” whenever that is.

    Sony, please reduce the price by $10 for two weeks as a way to apologize for hosing the PSPgo userbase with this release.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if people look at this release when considering a PSPgo and decide not to purchase the handheld because of these issues.

  • Crappy adopting new tech… I have 2 PSP’s regs and a psp go. When I want a game I want it NOW. I just paid for the for a device that you makes you wait for content you want evenlonger. Shizzer

  • Hey, I understand when you have server problems or whatever, but will there be any compensation for us go owners? I bought a $50 PSN gift card on Monday expecting the game to come out and now I have it and I cant use it for LBP like I intended, I could have bought the GOW remastered but i decide on LBP instead. A little warning would have been nice.

  • @eegama, If it was being delayed due to the umd’s bug issues then Sony should be honest about it. If Sony told me it was delayed to fix bugs it would be ecstatic. These days games are rushed and fixed in patches post release. To have them admit it was released broke and being fixed that would be awesome.

    With that said it’s probably being delayed due to a screw up at Sony. Either way we will never know. Game companies are as reliable as governments. Always the run a round.

  • I Absolutely LOVE this game, it is so far the best game i have ever played, also, I would like to know if there will be any 1st week items like in the original LBP?

    Ok That’s it, Later!

    Your Friend, Gorillaz378!!! :D

  • Sure am glad I dropped 250 on a PSP Go just to have to wait for all the titles. What happened to all Sony games being available on launch day?

    Reason #231 to stay away from the go. :(

  • The best part is this all happened on ps3s birthday. Ironic or just sad.I miss my psp 3000 and my 250 bucks

  • I feel like Mark Green is just rubbing this in us psp go users faces

  • Will there be a cut out tool for the PSP version this sixs if u cant we cannot creat anywhere near the way the PS3 is make an update plz!!! or a free download content upgrade realy need to be able to creat like the PS3 if not then this game will not be fun :( i want to make a corvett but there is MASSIVE shape and cut out issues plz fix sony

  • This game is outstanding! It is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a PSP.

    Would it have been possible to at last let two or more players meet up in the POD? I know its not gameplay but it would have been a nice touch or some kind of simple interaction to show off Sackboy costumes.

  • When will lbp be on the psn!

  • ok, were going on 2 day delay for psn release!! i really really really dont want to wait untill tomorrow after school to be able to play this game, even then i have to download it and wait for it to install. i hope its up when they release the psp update “later this evening”

  • Psp update is out!!

  • No LBP even after update awesome guess i have to hope they put it up at 6:00pm tommorrow when they update the store ::(

  • And still no LBP on the PSN. Not a very good way to promote the PSPgo, that’s for certain.

  • sony fail much? -.-

  • Amazing game

  • Alright, I’m now convinced this is a conspiracy.

    Think about it. HOW HARD IS IT TO UPLOAD A PSP GAME TO THE PSN STORE??? (i don’t know really, but they do it ALL THE TIME). Do they REALLY expect us to believe they’re having “technical problems” with getting a game up for sale while the disc based version was released right on schedule?!?!?!

    I can’t recal the actual game, it either involved Steam, GTA: Chinatown wars, or MW2 PC version, where there was a forced two day wait period from the time the disc version was released to the digital download version being released for the publicly stated purpose of corporate to maximize sales numbers with disc based versions first. I was trying to find the articl on this site where I saw it.

    In other words, make the consumers who support digital downloads purposely wait for selfish (and artificial) reasons. THEN have the balls to charge us the SAME EXACT PRICE for both versions regarless of no media/packaging AND DELAY!

    Pathetic greedy bastages. I think it’s the same thing going on here…

    Fact? Ofcourse not. Very likely theory? You’re damn right.

  • Well, I really hope they’re fixing something with the game. Despite the fact that it’s so good, it’s really really buggy. In fact, within the first 24 hours of playing the UMD version, the game crashed while loading and corrupted my save file so I had to start over. That one glitch right there, that’s happened more than once now is game breaking and needs to be fixed. Especially since you can’t back up save files, if you try to take it off and put it back on, the game wont read it.

  • I have to say that I’ve read the same thing that HeavyD-Love wrote somewhere else before as well. This an absolute slap in the face to us Go owners. We deserve SOMETHING special for having to deal with this BS. We need a discount or free DLC at the very least. This was easily my most anticipated title when I paid $249.99 for my Go, and now I can’t play while my friends with PSP2000’s and 3000’s are laughing at my stupid decision all day long. This is a huge misstep by Sony, and it may not stop me from purchasing LBP when it becomes available, but I will definitely stop supporting new hardware so readily. We DESERVE ANSWERS, SONY! We gave you our hard-earned money and you’ve given us nothing but unfulfilled promises with the PSP Go.

  • i had a chance to get a psp go (my 1000 finally died on me) but instead i decided to get the 3000 instead…from what ive read best decision ever im trying to wait for the dd version of lbp but if it takes to long i can go buy the umb instead

  • And still no SackBoy plushies!!!!

  • Sony must have known about the “issue” with the digital download version because there are no digital download cards for LBP at any of the retailers, if this truly was an unknown issue then the cards would have been shipped out with the disc version of the game. i received an e-mail from sony customer support this is what they said.
    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for writing us about LBP being available on the PlayStation(R)Store. We are updating our severs / website right now.

    It should be there in the next 48 hours we anticipate.

    Michael S

  • So the Japanese PSN has it on their network but the US gets screwed. Awesome job Sony, way to support properly. Way to make another empty promise. Oh well, have no choice but to wait again. lol

  • Great game Sony,mm and cambridge. I have had alot of fun playing this game so far. I have it on ps3 also and I feel like its not missing a beat. I have use the creative mode but not enough to have any issue’s people are seeing with the game. I like the story mode levels of course and the user created levels are very impressive. I have played about 75 levels created by users and more daily. The graphics look good and I love the new actions that sackboy has learned. I do hate to see the pspgo users not able to enjoy like I’am. But I hope they get a chance to soon. But again great on the game and i like the outfits that came with the pre-order copy. I also cant wait to see how the cross-talk feature will work for the psp and ps3. But thanks again. I’am really happy with my purchase.

  • On the game details it says Ad-Hoc 1-2 players. Is this right? Ive heard there is no multiplayer whatsoever, and then i see this.
    No multiplayer takes away a huge part of the game!

  • Ok sony, we’ve waited long enough. How about an update on when or if this is ever coming to psn. I bought my pspgo the day I read this would be available on Nov 17th. I can’t even express my anger in words. Instead of keeping us informed we’re being completely ignored

  • “We are working on it… look for updates…” is just making people more angry. Providing a statement that explains “why” there is a problem would diffuse much of the negative buzz. I really should not need to be posting this though. I would think the manager in charge would understand the importance of communication when something goes wrong with a customer facing product release date.

  • Crscon when di u recieve that email

  • It’s really not that big of a deal. PSPgo owners will gain supremacy yet again when LBP hits the PSN. So what if the 3000s have it a few days earlier? I have both, and im still waiting for it on the PSN.

  • This is absolutely unbelievable. Makes me feel good to know I wasted $250.00 for a device that I already owned and would already by playing this game on if I did not trade in for the PSPGo. I guess I should start wearing my Nintendo Rules shirt around town.

  • Hey I bought my psp go for this title exclusively. Is there any chance that when you put it up on the psn you can do like a one day discount for all of us who had to wait. like 5 bucks off or something??

  • I bought the GO for LBP. this is ridiculous. im selling my GO and NOT buying LBP.

    Good move sony

  • I paid a premium price for the PSP Go and I expect premium service in return. Instead I get no communication from Sony (after email request) and very weak “explanations” on why LBP (or other games that launched on the 17th for that matter) are STILL NOT DOWNLOADABLE.
    Here are a couple of options for SONY:
    Take my PSP Go back at a full refund and pretend it never happened.
    Provide new games the exact same time the retail UMD version is available or offer them later at a significant discount ($5-$10 is not going to cut it). No wonder web-sites such as exist. Too bad.

  • if they dont update today when the store is updated, then there is NO excuse!! if they can add other games to the store then why not LBP? and if you want to play the demo just make a second account under the hong kong region account (its in english). you still keep your original account :3 im playing the demo and its amazing ^-^

  • I love LBP, but at the same time I am dissapointed. I bought the Psp go especially because of LBP, and it is so dissapointing not to have it available for the P-go. Way to go Sony………….

  • Just phoned sony and they said it will be up today!! No set time though

  • Demo is up

  • …why is the demo up and not the game :(

  • Still not on the US store. Its on the UK one why? I WAAAANY LBP! ill give it another 24 hours then im buying chinatown wars you got 24 hours LBP PSP ppl!

  • The game will in fact be up today i phoned sony

  • they dont know anything about the store they just say that so you hang up

  • THEY KNOW NOTHING!!! they just say that to get you off the phone.

  • guess ill just play some assassins creed 2 till it comes out

  • ps adhoc mode sucks on ps3 WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO THE INTERNET! i like wireless more

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