LittleBigPlanet Goes Portable!

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LittleBigPlanet is here for PSP! Yes, we’ve finally finished, and I don’t mind admitting that molding Media Molecule‘s PS3 game to fit its new home on the PSP and PSPgo has been a rollercoaster ride for us all.

The game is in stores beginning Tuesday and I have to say that we’re very proud of it. When we were first asked to make a PSP version of LittleBigPlanet, we wondered how on earth that much physics was ever going to fit onto something so much smaller, but to be honest we’ve enjoyed the challenge and now have a whole new world of LittleBigPlanet to show for it.

A world that contains thirty-eight newly created levels across seven different environments, all ready for you to play and explore – in addition to the whole Play, Create, and Share experience that’s synonymous with LBP.

The process, however, has not been without its share of hiccups. We are aware that the game is not yet available on the PlayStation Store, but we’re currently working around the clock to get this issue worked out so keep your eyes peeled for updates this week. We appreciate you bearing with us!

We’d also like to thank Media Molecule for all of their hard work in coming up with the incredible world that is LittleBigPlanet in the first place.

We’ve now added our own sprinkle of magic dust and we’re thrilled to bring LBP PSP to the fans so that they can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. To raise the excitement level even more, here’s a look at our launch trailer, as well as some of the great reviews that have hit thus far…

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) Reviews

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  • Wow! I hate that i bought a PSPGo. Nuff said.

  • So… why does the Hong Kong store have it?

    What exactly is the issue with getting it out on the US store?

    Having to wait until later this week for a “status” update and not a definite release is terrible.

    I am really wishing I didn’t get by the go.

  • Hey are you guys going to come make a post about LBP PSP on the EU blog? Nobody ever talks about LittleBigPlanet on the EU blog…

  • The ads is so cool.
    Just preordered the game :)

  • Im so disappointed in sony and you eric… u guys said it would be on the store on tuesday. Stop making promises you can’t keep.I’ve been waiting and waiting for this game… We should at least get something free or a discount. In addition to the 6 free costumes

  • The level editor has been a little glitchy for me so far. It keeps freezing, objects like switches break apart, bolts come out of place, etc. I was wondering if there are any plans to fix it? Other than that the game is excellent and I’m having a lot of fun!

  • I was wondering, does SCEA plan to address the create mode bugs, such as the collapsing/exploding of objects midway through creation and the PSP shutting off/freezing while creating?

  • This is rediculous youve had plenty of time to get this problem solved before launch and now your penalizing all us go users. And to make things worse you give us an unjustified answer of when the game will be up on the store!! Later this week could be all the way up until Sunday are you trying to piss people off because may i congratulate you on doing a terrific job so far!!! On top of this anyone know how to use LBP Cross-Talk because my friend has this game already and cant find this feature. Did sony just lie to us about that as well?? Wouldn’t suprise me!

  • Well, no LittleBigPlanet available on PSN is the least of our problems right know. The level editor is completely broken. It’s all fine and dandy for now, since everybody enjoying the great single player levels. But when people start to really get serious with the editor, there will be rage. I hope you guys can patch, because the main draw of this game is the level creating.

  • I’m starting to question my 250 spent on my pspgo .I bought a 50 dollar card for a game and now have no idea when I can get it .Happy birthday ps3 .thanks for screwing me out of 300 dollars

  • Hah even your launch ad lies saying available now on umd and playstation network!! Is this all sony can do is give us customers terrible service??? And Im sory i dont even believe this lie about network problems you were able to get assasins creed up tuesday at midnight so why couldn’t you put lbp up at that time too???

  • It’s just a game guys. It will be on the store soon!

  • im watching the US – Denmark game and i just the LBP tv ad , really good !!!!!

  • Please get this up on PSN! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Sold my PSP. Spend $250 on PSPGo. Went to download new game LBP. No where to be found. 36 hours later, still no where to be found. Looks like I purchased a $250.00 brick. Nice work.

  • *sighs at people’s impatience*

  • @66

    Yes, a brick that will be playing LBP in a few days….

    Have some patience, drama queens!

  • crimsonscyes impatience dont make me laugh we deserve to play this game as much as the 3000-1000 owners. Why should we have to be patient while they are playing the game ive been waiting since February thats enough patience for me. Sony has screwed me over so many times with their terrible customer service that is why Microsoft is #1!!! :P

  • To karo and anyone who is teeling us to be patient just leave this forum before you have people flipping out at you. You tell us to be patient im sure this is the first time sony has screwed you over if your not a hypocritic owner of a psp 3000-1000 playing the game right now which wouldn’t suprise me!! But sony needs to get their act together terrible marketing strategy with the go, terrible customer service for all their systems that is why they will be dead last in the console war which makes me very happy :)

  • Does not matter if I will be playing in a few days. I expect immediate satisfaction especially when I spend extra money for a device that I previously had and would be playing the game right now. Sony does have to get it’s act together and if you think otherwise that your either ignorant or have no problem spending your hard earned money for something that is not working as advertised.

  • I love my PSPGo but this kind of practice is unacceptable… it defies all purpose of having a UMD-less device

    C’mon Sony!
    Fix it now!
    – The customers who paid $250 to support your experiment.

  • Thank you Sony. At midnight on the 17th I logged in to download LBP. I saw Assassin’s Creed, but no LBP. So I thought about buying AC, but I waited for LBP so I could buy them in one transaction.

    When LBP never showed up I continued to wait and then the AC reviews started coming out. All that to say is now I only have to buy LBP. Thanks for the delay…it saved my some money.

  • come on no lbp on psp for the ps store yet. im waitin…

    until friday…

    or else…

  • Let’s see what’s the word I’m looking for, ah yes, SOLD!!! :D :D :D

  • thank god i was worried when i checked the ps store 20 times and lbp psp wasnt there you guys scared me its the main reason i got a pspgo lol

  • I don’t know…I don’t feel that “whoops, we’re working on it” isn’t enough, there needs to be an explanation as to what’s wrong, and if this is something us Go users can expect more often than we should. We paid a premium price for what appears to be sub-premium service.

  • Since I didn’t see LBP on PSN yesterday, I assumed you guys ran into some problems. Unlike *some* people, I actually understand that you could have problems, and I’m really sick of all this complaining.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to download the game. Hopefully it is out on PSN tomorrow (with the store update) or earlier. One question, does the PSN version come with any extra costumes (like pre-order stuff?).

  • I just got it yesterday, really amazing PSP game! It’s definitely the best of the year for me.

  • Man, if you guys are going rampage with a delay of few days, I can only imagine what will happen when you discover that the level editor is broken.

  • You know if this delay was the first or only time Sony had disappointed PSP Go users, I’d agree with the people saying have a little patience but it’s not, Sony isn’t living up to all the hype they put out about the PSP Go and frankly I’m getting a little tired of Sony’s lack of support for the Go and the downloadable content for playstation store on the PSP side of things. Maybe if we organized a boycott of all things PSP they might listen but then again they still have the mighty PS3 so they may not.

  • Gee thanks. Like we didn’t already know that the game isn’t available on the Playstation Store. What we want to know is why this game has been delayed when other games set to release the same day as it managed to be available on time.

  • I’m more shocked than anything here. You have to figure something major has to have gone done for Sony to bork this launch.

    Little Big Planet is the posterboy for the PSPgo, and having Sackboy stumble out the gate is a major misstep.

    I would love to know what the actual problem was. Was it one person just slacking on their job, a oversight somewhere along the chain, or did things just get FUBARed at the last minute.

    Whatever the case, I’m just eagerly awaiting things getting fixed – and hopefully before I head out of the country Friday morning.

    oh yeah, and Sony I DEMAND a kajillion dollars in compensation for the fact that LBP got delayed. I take cash, credit or PSN cards… thanks

  • Nice to get word TODAY what is going on.

    Why werent we told about this on Monday? I know mark said it was a “technical” issue but come on, explain to us the techincalities of the issue.

    Why doesn’t Sony have the payroll to hire someone to answer the really tough questions. Hell. They blew a few hundred thousand dollars on advertising for a game that was suppose to be the reason to by a psp go…

  • This is why Sony is kinda like a bad girlfriend. When everything is good, they won’t leave you alone. But when something goes bad, they break out the killer silence. And when they’re finally tired of you asking whats wrong, they give you an answer that answers nothing, Maybe I’ll dump them like a bad girlfriend deserves.

  • You guys are having a bad week!!! First giving God of War ship date and not street date, then no LBP on PSN. What a sad week.

  • Sorry Sony. I also don’t have much pity for you here.

    It seems over and over your most loyal fan base is let down by delays and false truths. This is just the latest example of opportunity lost. A big title launch, ruined for so many users, whether it be the reported lackluster create mode or this delay in posting the game to the PSN.

    The latter is especially disturbing as you now have a premium handheld which relied entirely on digital download.

    Hopefully Sony will smarten up soon and take advantage of the fact that its fan base is vocal and helps set a direction for them. Without proper service recovery, I fear many will start to leave Sony for other quality service offerings…

  • @BurntOrange32 Wipe your nose.

    Sick of all the complaining? I’m sick of Sony failing EVERY SINGLE WEEK. MW2 Launch? Failure. LBP for PSPgo? Failure. “Scheduled Maintenance” this week that wasn’t announced until AFTER it was down? Failure.

    I truly believe that a group of clowns run SCEA, I honestly believe that. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have this many failures in a short period of time for a major corporation that is responible to answering to shareholders about how HORRIBLE their earnings are due to LOSSES in the Playstation division. Gee, I wonder why they have massive losses.


  • …can’t last much longer without LBP psp. (wheezing) ….room shrinking… throat closing in… hurry up PSN!!!!!

  • I don’t understand why Sony has so much trouble with the PSN Store, especially regarding the PSP.

    I mean, you guys launched a whole digital only platform (the PSPGo), yet seem completely unprepared to support it. How much trouble is it to upload something to the store?

    Maybe you should hire employees whose job it is to do nothing but manage the store. I mean, seriously, stores hire people to do nothing more than stand outside holding a sign. Is it too much to ask Sony to hire employees for just the store? Considering each PSPGo was priced $50 more than it probably cost to make (based on the price of a 3000+16 gig memory card), even with only 100k sold, that’s $5 million. That’s enough to properly finance the store.

    The truly sad thing is, pirates had the game last week, before it was in stores. So only the honest are being punished.

  • @DiscoJer +1

  • LBP is just apparently totally incapable of having a smooth, on time launch.

  • I LOVE the game but PLEASE give us information on the problem many are experiencing. Everytime I try and go online and look for user created levels, my PSP freezes then completely shuts down. What’s going on?! Please let me know if you know of this issue and if there’s anything we can do to fix this. If we can’t do anything, will there be a patch to fix this? ANY info would be great. Thanks.

  • A lot of good comments have be posted here Sony. Care to comment on the ones that aren’t softball questions? Or do you not read posts the longer the thread gets?



  • Arrrgh, the editor keeps freezing on me. Sony, patch this game, it’s broken. PATCH IT!

  • I still don’t get why Sony can’t put out games for the PSN store THE SAME DAY THEY HIT RETAIL SHELVES!

    It hurts PSPGO owners so badly.

    Plus, it’s not like the game was just thought of two days ago and then released the next day… you guys KNOW WHEN THE GAME IS BEING RELEASED PHYSICALLY! So why not make the release date for PSN/Retail THE SAME DAY??

    Sony is hurting Go owners so badly..


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