Talking Super Street Fighter IV with Capcom’s Seth Killian

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Recently we were granted an hour to go hands on with the follow-up to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. You may have seen some shots of new character Juri, or the resurrected (and redesigned) DeeJay and T. Hawk. You can see them in action in the video below.

Beyond that, Capcom Senior Community Manager Seth Killian (a SF player so good he can beat you with one hand) walks us through some of the new features and moves we’ll be seeing when Super Street Fighter IV drops in 2010. Better yet, he promises to try and get hands on time for some of you readers (like last year’s Street Fighter Club and game launch). Go on, watch.

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  • Are the trophies the same? or are there new ones?

  • Great interview.

    I hope they nerf Sagat and Zangief’s lariat for the casual player.

    Also, I hope they can get a ton of more new characters out there.

  • Jeff hopefully we will see you and Seth again here in Las Vegas…..(hint hint).
    It was great to be with you all at Planet Hollywood for SF4 and i am looking forward to SSF4. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for all of us with SF4 who drop some hard earned cash for SSF4. Talk to you all soon!

  • How about not re releasing the same game all within the same year? Capcom is really starting to become infamous for doing this, with every single game…

  • My 1st thought was like “aww, man, now I gotta go and buy another street fighter”. I then thought well hay, like ten years ago i did the same thing with playstation super ninetendo and genesis. So now, after reading, I am going to buy the Super version. I think the addons and add ins will be worth it, especially the bonus stage….im so glad the cars back. hmmm i wonder if the Brick pyramid will be too.

  • DLC only. I’m not buying a whole new game. F U Capcom.

  • Please give new and free home content. Not tshirts, but maybe the actual costumes. Its dumb to have to pay for those, especially if they’re not in a bundle. Also, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a little of Zangief’s power for a little more speed. Maybe higher jumping?

  • Great Interview, I hope we have another event here in Las Vegas like last year.

  • Also, how bout makin blanka’s charge time faster. Hes fast and great in this game, but not as good as the other games. Also his low uppercut doesn’t have the reach it does in other games. Change him, I get tired of pickin Zangief all the time. I need his partner in play. I would pick Ryu, but too many cheap losers pick him.

  • Wow. The car stage is coming back.
    I enjoyed that one in Street Fighter II Turbo.
    Can’t wait for this one. It’s cheap and I’m willing to buy it.

  • I would like to know when trophy support is coming to SSF2THDR?

    I have been waiting forever for an update on this.

  • When?


  • NO. Don’t ever give the fighters a break. keep’em coming.

  • I was bummed at first at the thought of a new, incompatible SF4, but the more I heard about it, the more sense it made (or the less offensive it was). Now I’m really looking forward to Super, especially with Juri looking like a potential new and sexy main.

    Also: Damn, I absolutely HATE Seth – not Seth Killian of course

  • No release as DLC no buy

  • To all the people that said DLC only. How do you expect them to put so much content into DLC. The whole online feature has been revamp, with about 8 new characters, new maps and bonus stage.

  • Seth needs to be binned. He looks like a Darkstalkers reject and does not suit the Street Fighter universe at all. Its getting like SFIII all over again with over the top character design that does not fit.

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