Talking Super Street Fighter IV with Capcom’s Seth Killian

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Recently we were granted an hour to go hands on with the follow-up to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV. You may have seen some shots of new character Juri, or the resurrected (and redesigned) DeeJay and T. Hawk. You can see them in action in the video below.

Beyond that, Capcom Senior Community Manager Seth Killian (a SF player so good he can beat you with one hand) walks us through some of the new features and moves we’ll be seeing when Super Street Fighter IV drops in 2010. Better yet, he promises to try and get hands on time for some of you readers (like last year’s Street Fighter Club and game launch). Go on, watch.

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  • Aside from this game, CAPCOM where’s Onimusha now? Bring that game to life.

  • Cant Wait

  • Make a new game already give the fighters a break geesh

  • I so can’t wait for this, but first up is Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles.

    It sounds like everyone who owns SFIV should hold on to their copies of the game.

  • Great job with the interview Jeff. Me and my friend talked to him at Evo (we were the ones that brought up the Mega Man question, you might have seen it on YouTube), one of the nicest guys in the video game world by far! Any talks about new stages or pricing?

    Keep up the great work!

  • when will more new characters be announced? i want ibuki!!
    also, arcade release for japan please!?

  • Put it out as DLC or don’t put it out at all.

  • Does everyone with the nameSeth look like that 6 lmao, jk… i enjoy the SF Games though.

  • thanks. PS.B you are the best

  • A nice purchase for people who dont have the SFIV as myself.

  • Did he just say so many diverse play styles?
    he means
    ryu, ken, sagat, akuma, gouken, sakura, all so very different.

    i Hope the new characters aren’t ridiculously over powered and make the rest of the cast seem weak, DJ already seems to outcast one of my favorites rose, with his very own slow moving projectile.

  • @1

    Onimusha would make a killer comeback.

  • so, what’s the incentive cause I’m about to let go SF4, and not getting SSF4 cause probably on 2011 there’s going to be SSF4TCE

  • SSFIV looks awesome. I would love to see a new Onimusha game as well.

  • seth find some……. lol

    but is this a new copy of the game or downloadable content.

  • I haven’t even unlocked Seth and the last dude on Sf4 because I can’t use Akuma and Seth cheats like crazy. I haven’t even bought any DLc for Sf4. I wish there were more unlockables instead of DLc. Times are still hard you know.

  • Seth can be credited with bringing life back to a dead corpse of a series, but now we are firmly in the grip of the kind of thinking that drove Street Fighter into the dirt.
    I agree with #7, in this day and age if you want to milk your cash cow just give it to us via dlc. There is no reason to have this as a retail disc that will be 59.99 when you can just have the new characters, tweaks to balance, and bonus stages as dlc. I don’t need a new trophy list for a game I already own.

  • might pick this up, im a big sf fan and i wanted sf4 since it came out, but for some reason never got around to it and didn’t care that much. Now that this new upgraded cheaper version is coming out, i might just get it. I loved destroying the car in sf2! i sucked at the barrels though. :(

  • This is just as bad as modern warfare 1.5

  • oh and yes we want onimusha back! that game would be awesome in this gens graphics and console power! especially ps3 power

  • Great interview!

    I still don’t have SF4, but I guess I’d better get it soon for those bonuses.

  • street fighter 4 sucked fugly bulky characters overpowered ultras and a overall blandness to it all. Give me a sprite based alpha any day of decade cause a week’s not long enough.

    Capcom failing playstation owners expectations since lost planet

  • Really need to ask them next time if they sped up the combat. My biggest complaint aside from other things was the slowness of the combat itself compared to other past street fighters. It felt more like street fighter Ex 4 then a proper street fighter sequel.

  • Are we going to see Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo by next christmas. I was hoping they would start SF5. PS3 can handle it Bring it.

    Onimusha is a wonderful game I liked it beter than Bonic comando.

  • it look like a cool game to play

  • So can i say my SF4 now? What is the old game useful for anymore when this update comes out? Or can i update SF4 to SSF4?

  • SF4 was downgraded for the xbox360. So since they can’t put that turbo feature in that game . There selling us another 60dollar with 8 new characters with turbo ..I have to laugh at that one .

  • Tekken is way better than street fighter

  • but he never mentioned the important things. will ssf4 be compatible with sf4? will they share one trophy list or will ssf4 have its own list? will i be able to load my sf4 save on ssf4? will i be able to use my dlc from sf4 on ssf4? if the answer is no to any of these, i don’t see what kind of incentive would convince me to dish out another $60 for the same game with a few more characters and stages when everything that he mentioned as new could easily be added with updates and dlc. this is a bad move and in an age of download content, an epic fail.

    p.s. anyone notice the wii and xbox 360 cases on the far left?

  • Any chances to remove Juri from the Cast? That Girl is so strange and her moves is so boring… o lot of characters would be good te see in the roster and Capcom put that? C’mon! I prefer Ingrid (Capcom Fighting Jam, Street Fighter Alpha 3) than Juri, I want Yun/Yang, Elena (Ahhhhh Elena), Ibuki, Duddley, Rolento, Guy, Karin… Whoa! A lot of good characters than that stange Korean Poor Kim Kaph Wan Copy Girl

  • Give us w FW update with cross game chat. Thats what we want most. Not a blog about sf4.

  • im all in for this as long as they push the graphics to the point were the game looks just like the 360 version.

    One thing I wanna see though is a beta. the PS3 version of the game didnt really fared well when it came to its online multiplayer mode.


  • Quick question. Will there be a endless mode for offline play? like single player arcade with endless opponents?

  • Will there be an endless mode for single player (offline), that would be amazing :D

  • I heard tell that this game’s going to be $40 when it releases, not $60. Is this confirmed.

    If so, I’ll certainly be buying it even though I’m not a SF fan. If it’s $60 I’ll pass. Too many $60 games to buy early next year on PS3.

    I LOL at this guy for claiming SF4 is balanced, and I LOL even harder when he said one of the most balanced fighters ever. More like one of the most UNbalanced fighters ever along with Soul Calibur 4.

    If it’s $40 I’ll buy just for simple fighting game fun, not because it’s some great, balanced, competetive fighting game. Because it’s not. Hell, MK vs DC is about a lightyear closer to balanced than SF4 is. It’s only got 2 over-powered characters, and you have to be a cheeser for those 2 to be over-powered (Superman and Flash), otherwise it’s the most perfectly balanced fighter I’ve played since “the old days”. SF4 is in no way balanced….not even close.

  • Anybody remember that old school classic Rival Schools? Where upto 3 ppl could put the ass whooping on one character. Or even better when the two characters at a time would do their mix signature combos on your opponent? Man that was bliss back then. But why have’nt anymore games come out looking or even playing as smooth as Rival Schools? Don’t mind me .. just reminiscing….

  • Thanks for asking my question :)

    Those hard trials took a bit of my soul away… I guess in the spring of 2010 I’m going to have to do even more hard trials to get that platinum in SSFIV.

  • Hey, are they going to charge gamers extra to unlock stuff thats already on the disk in this version too?

  • I would have probably paid for this as DLC, no chance of me rebuying the whole game though. Crappy move, Capcom.

  • @37 Rival schools needs a current gen sequel that game ate so much of my money. they should have made that instead of this pretender to the throne

  • Sounds a lot like: “So this is the game we wanted to release originally but we were rushed to finish by our marketing team and now are fans are going to hate us (again).”

  • @42

    … have you seen the hype for SSFIV? The fans definitely aren’t showing any hate.

  • Will there be more new characters of Adon, Cody, Guy, Hakan, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Karin, Rolento, R. Mika, Charlie, Sodom, Birdie, Juli, Juni, Urien, Necro, Sean, Oro, Yun, Yang, Elena, Alex, Remy, Maki, Hagger, Hugo in Super Street Fighter IV? Will there be a lot more new stages in Super Street Fighter IV and also will there be character specific stages? Thank you and I am looking forward of getting Super Street Fighter IV for PlayStation 3. Will they release Super Street Fighter IV Turbo for PS3 or will they move on to releasing Street Fighter 5 for PlayStation 3? Thank you.

  • @44 the answer to all of your questions is no.

  • I just have one question. Will my DLC from SF4 work with SSF4? I’m sure not paying 25 bucks to get alternate costumes again. Please answer this!

  • I’m not buying this SSFIV. I’m sure you guys can understand why.

  • Jeff you got the best job in the northern hemisphere you have all the fun

  • So I paid $80 for the SF4 Collector’s Edition then you expect me to pay another what $60 for SSF4? Screw that. Next thing you know they’ll be about with a Super Street Fighter 4 HD Remix 2X.

  • No doubt.. Juri= sexy, can’t wait to get SSFIV

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