PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.10) Update Preview

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Hi everyone, here’s an early peek at PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.10). The latest update incorporates Facebook into the PS3 experience. By linking your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account, you will have the option for the PS3 to automatically update your Facebook News Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Store activity. This update also enables developers to set specific criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to your News Feed. You can then check out your updates, and those of your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media favorites through the PS3’s built-in web browser.

This is just the beginning of our integration with Facebook and we are looking forward to adding new features enhancing the experience in future updates.

Additional highlights from update 3.10 include:

  • The Photo category on the XMB has been revamped to make it easier to see more of your photos stored on the PS3.
  • The PSN Friends List has been modified based on feedback we received after update 3.00. Additionally, you can now choose a color for your PSN ID on the XMB.

To get a preview of what’s coming in update 3.10, check out the video below:

We’re looking forward to releasing firmware update 3.10 soon. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

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  • YAYAYAY! Sounds cool, any ETA for the arrival?

  • Sounds Great!

    love the implication of Facebook! and it’s going to be even better when more features are added!

  • So either the ND dev was misinformed or you decided not to incorporate X-game chat?

    It would be silly to pull this amazing feature just because a dev leaked it’s existence. Shame, I was really looking forward to that.

  • Looks fantastic as always. Never any complaints from me.

  • Awesome!!! i Like the ability to change the color of the PSN Card thing. A few questions Will we be able to upload photos from the XMB to our facebooks? Will we be able to make a Facebook account from the PS3 XMB rather than a pc?

    It would would be really cool to bring skype to the ps3, then ps3 users can communicate with psp skype users and pc users as well. Can’t w8 4 teh update.

  • Very good. Im glad the actual gamers are being listened to even in the slightest now. giving the people who play what they ask for or at least try to. Street Fighters people are doing and thanksfully so is Sonys people… Now If we could only get financial institutions to budge and listen, lol.

  • Thank you so much for listening to the community!
    Glad to see such a massive company actual care what their users and the consumers want.

    Really digging the new Photo organization, VERY convenient.

  • WTF is this crap. Where’s the In-game Voice Chat. Useless update as usual. Trying to keep us distracted.

  • do hate how your updates/surprise news get spoiled by leaks online. it takes some of the coolness factor out of this.

  • the gray boxes need to disappear Eric , please make it happen

  • can we at least get a time-frame on cross game chat?

    the only response we get is “were looking into it”

  • Woow thank you sony, this is awesome!

  • AWESOME! Thanks Eric and the PS team! Love the Photos update. Facebook should be cool. So it will update every time I get a trophy, or do it once a week? I sync all the time, so will I have multiple posts say if I get a trophy in AC2 then a few in LBP? THANK YOU for the friends list update. I like the 25% opacity it has now and the disappearance of the box when friend isn’t selected. removes clutter. Can’t wait! Will 3.10 also have turn ticker off feature? Where’s updated/dynamic avatars btw?!?!?!?!?

  • I certainly hope you’ll never be able to delete your trophies. It would render them meaningless.

    Nice update. Now, all my cool friends can tell what a nerd I am whenever I earn a trophy. LOL

    Seriously, though, I really like the new format of the photos. I have actually been wishing the games and videos could be in the same format.

  • More importantly, please Sony hear me out. I have modified my PS3 to have a 500GB HDD, thus I do not care about size when downloading content. However, I *do* care about duplicate files, such as videos and images (backgrounds). Can you please add PSN Store support to show that this content has been downloaded, and you own it, or have downloaded it in the past. It would make life a lot easier, not to mention the amount of work on your servers with the outgoing files! Thank you so much in advance.

    Best Regards,
    — Morris

  • Nice work Eric. You guys are doing a good job. I have a favor to ask. Can you please allow music playback on the ps3 while comparing trophies or looking at player profiles. Also, going through the setting menu. The music playback should not stop when I access the features. Thanks again.

  • ok nice copy of microsoft but i could give a crap about this, where is the freaking party chat? i mean ps3 says it can do everything but it doesnt even have one feature that makes playing online with your friends enjoyable. i mean dont get me wrong i love my ps3 and my 360 but it would be nice if sony is going to copy ms on things that they pick some of the really good stuff instead of twitter and facebook stuff

  • dumbest update EVER!!!

  • @53 he did say there are other features to this update that havent been announced yet and wont be announced until the launch of the update. but when looking at the friendslist it doesnt have a new chat icon. unless theres a voice chat icon above it.

  • Idea: Also incorporate Twitter into the user GUI as for social networking updates?

  • Thanks for fixing the friends list, can you remove the extra PS store icons? I don’t think we need that many.

  • Not what I was waiting for but a good step forward. Here’s a list just to remind you guys:
    – Cross-game-chat(Skype?)
    – Revamped web-browser(in-game would be nice)
    – Internet radio (Pandora?)
    – IM Clients(AIM,Yahoo,MSN,etc..)


  • Where is cross game chat? I hate to just repeat what other people are saying but in this case it really does bare repeating. These new features are nice and all but that feature should be the top priority for firmware developers.

  • Looking good so far. Now, what about those new avatars we were promissed?

  • JERKS. We want the software-based Emotion Engine Emulation that we KNOW you guys have patented!

  • cross game chat? ;_;

  • Nice Update……


  • Dear Sony Development Team,

    Idea: Also incorporate Twitter into the user GUI for social networking updates in the future. I think this will be outgrowing Facebook in the near future as far as usage and amount of users.

  • Thank you.

  • Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?

    What about support for sub folders intergration on external devices like what you add on the PSP?

  • Just thought id ask if there will ever be an update for screen capture built into the ps3 OS?

    If Bungie could add it to Halo 3, surly Sony could make it part of the ps3’s OS.

  • Yea like everyone has been saying… T__T come on blow the damn Xbox out the water….. just do what they doing but better…. and for free and get more customers and get these game developers to know u the best and make bigger better games that only ps3 can handle….. and make sony top gun once again!!! :D

  • Facebook? Why not twitter?:/

  • will this update fix the issuer where you can;t sync you’re trophies? Mine goes to 10% and then i get a error. I looked online and saw alot of people are having the issue also. Think mine started about when i got MW2 because it was fine when I bought Uncharted 2.

  • Update looks awesome. Hopefully soon we can expect Twitter as well. I actually expected that one first since it went so well with Uncharted2. It will be interesting to see how the future plans for FB integration turn out though.

  • Still no new avatars? Lol this is just sad now. What is so damned hard about getting us some new avatars? You know what’s even worse? We were PROMISED new avatars shortly into update 3.00 and what do we have now? The same avatars we had 2 years ago. Absolutely disgusting.

  • lol. Nice for some people. I do not need my boss being updated with all my gaming time, though. Especially on my “sick days”. I would love to see you guys make a way for me to listen to “Pandora” while I play my games, though.

  • can’t wait for that cross chat thing

    and there should be a button that brings you straight to your facebook account/twitter account

  • please sony just add the cross game chat already
    people are just gonna think psn is useless and crap without it
    i know you guys are working on it right now
    but hurry up and fix all the bugs and release it already
    this is soemthing this console NEEDS
    c’mon sony

  • Friends list should show customizable trophy info. When you scroll through players met you should be able to see trophy info. No new avatars is mind boggling. All games need in game music not just leaving it up to the devs. Hope the smaller font is back as well. Plus small annoyance is a patch I downloaded while playing Wipeout HD demo it gave me a trophy file so now I can’t do anything with it.

  • When will we be able to create an album or playlist using files on an external device? I have a 1 tb usb drive connected to my PS3 but to have a playlist the music has to be on the PS3 drive itself…why?

  • Great job Sony. Its great to hear that ur listening to our feadback. I like the facebook intergration. No offense but those ppl who say that this sux probably dnt hve any friends to tlk 2. Anyways great update, any word on cross game chat/invites?

  • Sweet! As always thanks for the new features.

  • Nice update. I don’t even have a Facebook account but it’s nice to see Sony keeping parity with MS.

  • Not impressed

  • Awesome. Nice update.

  • To bad the Facebook app isn’t part of the XMB. The browser isn’t really the best around for doing such.


  • Eric- Any plans to allow auto-syncing of trophy data? Manually syncing is really not the best implementation for the end-user.

  • when are we going to be able to watch flash material video. I can’t go to apple store and watch movie trailers because it doesn’t support. Look I love Sony but when are we going to stop with the picture updates and changing color to being able to actually use the browser and watch some videos

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