PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.10) Update Preview

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Hi everyone, here’s an early peek at PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.10). The latest update incorporates Facebook into the PS3 experience. By linking your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account, you will have the option for the PS3 to automatically update your Facebook News Feed with Trophy and PlayStation Store activity. This update also enables developers to set specific criteria in their titles to publish additional game information to your News Feed. You can then check out your updates, and those of your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media favorites through the PS3’s built-in web browser.

This is just the beginning of our integration with Facebook and we are looking forward to adding new features enhancing the experience in future updates.

Additional highlights from update 3.10 include:

  • The Photo category on the XMB has been revamped to make it easier to see more of your photos stored on the PS3.
  • The PSN Friends List has been modified based on feedback we received after update 3.00. Additionally, you can now choose a color for your PSN ID on the XMB.

To get a preview of what’s coming in update 3.10, check out the video below:

We’re looking forward to releasing firmware update 3.10 soon. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

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  • Sounds sweet!

  • Nice update. Now can you guys enable usb wifi adapters for 20GB PS3 owners? Just figured I’d ask LOL….

  • maybe i’ll finally load some photos on my ps3…

  • well played Sony

  • is there any other features you guys are hiding from us?

  • Nice, thanks for the heads up

  • if I can upload my ps3 photos to facebook then I’m all for it =D

  • Very nice. Looking forward to it.

  • Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?

  • I just wanted to say I like the updates and I am looking forward to them before the trolls get around to hijacking this blog post.

  • Facebook is nice.

    Any chance of getting stuff that people keep asking for over and over in here?

  • Wow awesome! Did you also reduce the font/icon size?

  • I’ve always wanted a feature to delete trophy games in ‘my trophies’ that you have no trophies in.

    And also a way to delete trophies even if you have some in a game that way if your a trophy completionist and you can’t get the rest of the trophies you can delete it and all the trophies you have in that game.

    Thanks and i hope you take my feedback. It would be greatly apreciated.

  • kool , maybe now im gonna start using my facebook account lol , anyways i hope you know whats coming soon Eric , its not big deal to me but others are crazy about it lol , btw its really nice to have more features on the system but please dont try to be like others , just be playstation , if i wanted features and games the competition offers i would have gotten a competition hardware but a wanted a playstation and the games i cant play anywhere else so be original guys

  • Oh no. Now all my friends will find out how big of a videogame nerd I am.

    Good work I’m extremely excited for this update.

  • Thanks, sounds good. I also like how you need to give it permission and shows a bulk of the trophies you get, not one by one individually, because then your facebook would get cluttered. And @ 2, i think the new madcatz wireless N adapter is also ps3 friendly.Thanks for the hard work, hope to see more improvements soon. Just to let you know, i noticed since 3.01 that the trophy sync has alot of errors and I have to retry it before it fully syncs.

  • I love all these new features. especially the color change information. is there a change opacity option on there as well by chance?

  • This is a nice update I’m looking forward to it. But if this update is coming now without Netflix then when is the supposed update for Netflix coming this month? Didn’t they say it would be in November?

  • Is Skype on the PS3 using the playstation Eye a possibility? It would be a great addition to the PS3 XMB. It would be amazing to have this on my ps3!!! :)

  • Thats cool and all, but I’d rather have myspace there instead of facebook…my opinion though.

    I like the photo feature, and the friends list now, but maybe you guys(SONY) should take some notes from some of the people in the forums…they have some really good ideas, and threads.

    Like new Avatars, or how the XMB shows up in-game

  • Not a bad little update I guess, I don’t use facebook though, btw when are we getting avatars?

  • Ok I dont want to sound like a broken record,but how about some cross game chat and party chat. VOICE not text. These are things you gatta nip before stuff like facebook and twitter. Also how come facebook is not intergrated within the psn and we have to go the the website ourselves?

  • What a waste, I wish facebook just died off. I thought we’d have in-game voice chat by now.

  • Now all 300 plus friends of mine can see my trophies and activity in PS Store? THAT IS AWESOME! Once again, you guys deliver. Thank you! This greatly enhances my social networking activity on facebook as well as my gaming experience! Im very much looking forward to it.

    In the future, if its at all possible, if you could place more of the “capture and upload” feature in more titles, thatd be great. it be awesome to post in-game video footage or picutres and game specific stats in my profile as well.

  • Offtopic: What is up with the Bad Company 1 servers? It seems my progress isn’t there (despite being rank 25) and the leaderboards aren’t there either.

    EA/SCEA get this fixed, plz?

  • *Smashes head on keyboard* x 4


  • Awesome. It’s nice to see that Sony listen to user feedback. Well played.


  • nice. now some cross game chat and it’ll be perfect.

  • It’s amazing how much better the friend cards look now with just a little bit of color choice. Having multi-colored friends list boxes just looks great compared to that horrible uniformity of grey drabness.

  • Sounds great.

    Can we get a little more specific on the release day and time please?

  • avatars ???

  • Thanks for the heads up. Is they anyway you can improve friends list so it shows trophies on them. So I can quickly scan down my friends list and see the trophy and level, because I have no idea who has what trophies, because I am not going to go in each profile to look, one at a time.

  • Sweetness on a buttery roll

  • i was hopping there was gunna be cross game chat so then i culd be kicking butt on UC2 and beable to chat with my friends as they get slaughtered on MW2

    Separate the Friend Connection display and New Inbox Message display.
    I just want to know when a new message is in my inbox, no when a friend get connected.
    The actual option deactivate or activate the two things.

  • please, PLEASE, stop constantly editing the photo viewer and work on the music player. The music player was never very good with to start and recently you guys actually took AWAY from it. Its the PS3s weakest link and could definatly use some polish.

  • When can we expect new Avatars? We’ve been waiting for a long time.

  • Now, instead of grey boxes, Im probably gonna have a list of rainbow boxes instead of grey ones..oh great!

    Make the boxes more TRANSLUCENT! They still take up to much of the screen sony..

  • hmm interesting. i hardly use my facebook. but if you into this type of thing, well cool for you. its very interesting to see that Sony is trying to stay toe and toe with MS any time they implement something. now all we need is X-game chat.

  • Cross Game Chat????

  • Another pointless update
    How about this Sony…quit being LAZY and come out with an update with that integrates PSN with the PS3’s interface… guess what your competitor already does it with their network on their console.

  • Nice update, finally people will stop whining about the friends list.

    @15: Deleting trophy lists of a game that already has trophies would defeat the entire purpose of the trophy system, I HIGHLY doubt, if I’m not 100% sure, that this will never happen. Maybe deleting empty trophy list though, since they tend to be useless at some point.

  • Sweeet. For a while now I’ve been wanting an embedded solution to update trophy stats etc. Would be nice to set up twitter like this too (similar to how ND did).

    Good show mates. I kept reading comments about how “oh the ps3 already has a browser” and “I’ll just use my pc to use facebook thx”. Glad to see this isn’t just a quick link to do random FB updates and actually use it to do automatic updates.

    Also, glad to see you separated out the updates. I personally don’t care to show off my purchase information.

    Just watched the video. Kind of dissapointed you need to synch to update trophies to FB. You REALLY need to figure out auto-synching for trophies. It sucks to have to wait to compare trophies or even view my own.

    Keep it up, can’t wait to see what else comes with FB if this is only the beginning and thanks for fixing the gray bars!

  • very nice!

  • Cool stuff Sony. I don’t really see myself using Facebook that much though…

  • Interesting….
    Now, add Twitter as well, there a nice combo.

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