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…and here we are! On behalf of Hothead Games, I’m excited to be able to present you with Braid, available today for $14.99 on PSN in North America. At Hothead, we work diligently to support developers throughout the indie community, and Jonathan Blow, the original creator of the game, has been a particularly great partner (we also worked with him on a Mac version earlier this year).

When Braid first came out, we were really blown away by its combination of unique art style and clever puzzle gameplay, but there was just one problem – it was only on one platform! At Hothead, we really believe strongly in being platform-agnostic (we even ship our games on Linux!), so we thought it only right for PS3 players to have access to Braid too. We got in touch with Jon and suggested working together on realizing his vision on additional platforms.

Braid new screenshot 2

As we collaborated on the project, there were two big things that we always kept in mind – the first was preserving that original impactful moment when the player begins the game, and carrying that sense of artistic wonderment, emotional engagement and unique gameplay all the way to the end, when the player puts down the controller. That was Jon’s vision and is the Braid experience – our task was to preserve that vision and that experience, leveraging the unique features of the PS3 to further enhance it with the amazing 1080p resolution and HD audio, and PSN features like Trophies.

In fact, it was one of the highlights of the project to see the art style come alive on the platform – the PS3 is particularly well-suited to showing off the intense colors and distinctive world of Braid. We took full advantage of the PS3’s hardware to make sure this version of the game never deviates from a smooth 60 FPS.

Braid new screenshot 1

The second big thing that was top of mind for the Hothead team was getting this remarkable game to you as swiftly as possible so that you, too, could enjoy Braid on your platform of choice. We didn’t want to make PS3 owners wait a moment longer than necessary (and Jon agreed) – especially when you’ve already been so patient and so supportive of Braid and indie development!

So, what you’re about to download is a result of that amazing collaborative effort and commitment to Braid’s original immersive experience. We’re pleased and excited to see Braid on PSN and to be able to share it with you.

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3 Author Replies

  • Its definitely a slap in the face to not have a demo because it would interfere with the launch. But its safe to say PS3 owners who always feel like they are getting the short end of the stick are getting the short end of the stick yet again.Then the devs blame the PSN community for the lackluster sales, and treat us even more as mongol step children. Its a catch-22, but who cares. If devs cant figure out the reason why they dont move units is due to the half-ass efforts when it comes to throwing something on PSN as an afterthought, oh well.As a developer, its a pathetic excuse to say you couldn’t get a demo up for the game. I don’t care what the issues are. If you did it for EVERYSINGLE other platform, do it for PSN.Its like you guys have this great steak dinner, you give it to everyone else.. then when it comes to the PS3… You drop it
    a car runs over it, and a bird dies on it. Then you pick it up, dust it off, and hand it to the PSN, then discount the community when we ask for the same dinner you gave everyone else.

    I’m not buying the game. If my money isn’t good enough for you to make a demo, its not good enough for you to earn apparently.

  • gee whiz the guy siad , mabe inthe future cut him some slack, ..He even said there excited to bring it here.. on ps3.. if he didnt give a darn -heck, he would not bring it here.. Cut the dude some slack,, its a recession out here let him test all venues.. a demo aint the real game,, it just a test stage,, it might lose more buyers because it dont play like the real game does,, sheh,,, I hope to pick this up,, 1 question will it be on psp and ps3

  • And when is the game going to be available on the Mexican Store?

  • a Braid Dynamic theme would be AWESOME

  • Great idea the braid dynamic theme…
    I,ll check this one out, i didn’t play it, and it seems much fun.

  • I’m surprise with the amount of complains for a lack of demo at launch. Here why:
    1. This game has been out for a while, so there are lots of reviews and videos out there for you to check out.
    2. If you follow gaming news, you should know that Braid was one of the best downloadable games last year.
    3. Joel replied that a demo would delayed the game, and might be coming in the future. If this is true, the game will still be here for you to buy when the demo comes out; so how can anyone make the argument prioritizing the full game over the demo is a bad idea?

    Sure, I don’t understand why it took over a year to get a PSN release, nor do I understand how the Mac version came out before the PSN version; but the important thing is that it is here now.

  • It looks like an ok game, but I don’t buy PSN games unless they also have a demo. You said in response to comment #28 that releasing a demo would have delayed the game further. That sounds like an exscuse to me.
    Demos are important to a lot of PSN customers, especially for the higher priced PSN games.
    Plus, it really does feel like a slap in the face that we’re getting this game so much later than everyone else.
    If you are not going to be more considerate to me as a Sony gamer by releasing a demo and releasing the game a little closer to when everyone else got it, than your not getting my money.

  • Totally agree with post #51!

    You said it correctly.

  • Most ports, when they come out this late after original release, try to
    (a) include something extra to justify the full price tag, or
    (b) release it at a slightly lower price.

    This port seems to do neither – so, as I have said before, while I DO want this game, I’ll wait until this game is well below the $10 mark.

    I figure – I have already waited well over a year, I can wait some more until it is at a reasonably acceptable price point.

  • At what time can we expect to download this then? I still cant see it!

  • I am also voting for Alien Hominid to be ported to the PS3. I will not be getting this game, until it goes on sale. But release AH and you have yourself at least two purchases. (Braid looks good, i played the demo on xbox last year. But just like Trine, a little overpriced for an old game. Good Luck.

  • cant find game on the PSN store…where is it…i live in north america

  • If you want to play the demo that bad, you can play the one for PC, though if you really don’t want to buy it I wouldn’t recommend playing the demo. Once you start it, you’ll definitely want to play through to the end.

    I think the 360 was 720p.

  • I guess most people just complain for the sake of complaining. If they can’t complain how the other guys got Braid and we didn’t, they’ll complain about the price, lack of a demo (which they can just play on their computer), the wait time, or some other nonsense of how they feel cheated. I guess you never really can satisfy absolutely everyone. You can flame me if you want, but you know it’s true.

  • Everyone else got a Demo, Xboy PC Mac why not the PS3?

  • @65 – acerazer1

    “You can flame me if you want, but you know it’s true.”

    Not really, no. It might be YOUR truth, but not everybody else’s.

    Most ports that come out more than a year later to the PS3, if they charge full price (or not) do have something extra or come out at a lower price.

    Considering that the PS3 platform has so many superlative games to choose from right now, I don’t think spending my (limited) money on an overpriced (imo) late, late port with no extra zing is the best way to use it. I would rather use that money on better, more punctual, games like Uncharted 2, AC2, MW2, Fallout 3 GOTY (which, while having late DLC, does incorporate the whole product + all DLC at a reasonable price), GOW Collection, Ratchet & Clank ACIT, etc.

  • @65 – acerazer1 (CONTINUED FROM LAST POST – PSN no. of characters limitation)

    As you can see, I am certainly not wanting in the games department right now – in fact, don’t have enough money for everything :(. I can wait until the price is something that I can pay without smarting.

    As such, the way I see it, why spend money on something that initially presumed the PS3 platform was not worth the effort, and then, nearly 1.5 years later, presume that charging full price for that is reasonable.

    That is MY truth, and as evident from your post, not YOURS. Please don’t generalize the way you did.

  • This would really have made a perfect PSP game, it’s a shame you didn’t include this in your list of platforms.
    Maybe later, huh?

  • When I first heard about this game, I thought “If and when it comes to PSN.” Then it came to PC. “If and when it comes to PSN.”
    I’m buying this nao.

  • nope… at $10 sure

    but a year and a half old game being re-released for $15?

    nope… sorry

  • Late game, full price? Please. We’re talking about a game that has been available several times for $5 already and you want us to pay full price after waiting more than a year because Jonathan Blow got paid off to stay 360/Windows exclusive?

    That money bought exclusivity, but it has an offsetting cost when you try to bring that garbage to PS3. No more than $10, really should be $8 but I guess you can have $2 for doing the port job.

  • Well, since I’ve never played Braid on other platforms before, and I’ve read good things about the game, I guess I’m going to give it a go.

  • I recently downloaded and played a demo of the PC version of Braid and I was quite impressed by it. I found the game’s art style a nice change of pace from norm and parts of it remind me of the 2D Super Mario Bros. games. Though I don’t own a PS3 or a 360 at the moment, I’ll definitely buy Braid as soon as I can.

  • BoneOfWorld:
    I also wish that a PSP version of Braid was released alongside the PS3 version. Not everyone on PSN who’s interested in this game has access to a PS3 and I feel that more PSN games should at least be considered for both that console and the PSP.

  • Like most others, year late, $15!… who do you think we are, a bunch of suckers?

    guess what, in this day and age when people say bring it out on the same day, for a cheap price or don’t give it to us at all we mean it, isn’t it better to love and lost then never loved at all is not true anymore, we would rather not have!

  • Alredy have it on 360 :( But thinking about getting it again if it really looks better and defiantly if it gets an update with some more levels or so :D

  • The whiners will be missing out on a great game. Will buy it as soon as I get my PS3 back.

  • Where’s Call of Duty: Classic? I know the EU store has it.

  • Well… the store hasn’t been updated, i want Braid right now!

  • This is the moment of truth people! This game is a must own if you’ve got a PS3!

  • I would love to buy this incredible game but it’s too expensive. Last week I bought Bioshock for $12 and Burnout Paradise for $13, so why is this 1 year old game still full price?

  • You people should point your rage in the proper direction. Hothead games had nothing to do with the development or publishing or braid on the 360 or pc. They were just as upset as any ps3 owner to see it be 360 exclusive and that’s why they ported it to ps3 as soon as they were allowed to.

  • Don’t expect this to sell anything. Playstation fans take honour very seriously. Braid has none.

  • Guys, guys, stop the hate posts, this game is awesome, just look at that, there is no honour, it’s a game man, it’s good? buy it play it and enjoy this hobbie.
    Need a demo? Download the official demo for PC, via Steam for example.
    Pricey? It’s just $15, you may have that amount in your pocket right now…
    Great games deserve recognition by the users.
    I’ll buy it the moment the Store updates!

  • @46 I don’t know about Lost Planet but you’re wrong about the price point for Bioshock on PS3. It was full-price when it first came out (I pre-ordered it and bought it day one). The price only dropped a couple of months or more after it came out.

    I’ve always heard great things about this game and I don’t have a 360. So I appreciate all the work it took to port it over and I’ll be picking it up, today, as well.

  • Monetep:

    I definitely agree with your comments about all this hate. I don’t see the need for all these posts bashing Braid because it appeared on another console a year earlier. That would be the equivalent of people bashing a Japanese developed game because it was released in Japan months before it’s U.S. release. Life’s too short to get caught up in something as trivial as this.

  • @Monetep

    “Guys, guys, stop the hate posts, this game is awesome, just look at that, there is no honour”

    I can’t speak for others, but as for myself, I am not hating on it. I understand it’s a very good game, from what I’ve read in the reviews.

    I AM going to buy this game for the PS3, just NOT at the ridiculous price it is selling for right now. Maybe later, when it is at a price point that is reasonable, considering that it’s not exactly new, hasn’t added anything in the past one-and-a-quarter years, and especially as it has a LOT of competition now.

  • just got braid and im impressed i never seen anything quite like it beautiful graphics great music it’s a must play game.

  • I repeat, now that the update is up. (Seriously, wake up to the East Coast, Sony.. we can’t wait all night)


  • You probably won’t read this as it’s quite a late comment but if you do I just want to say thanks for bringing this to the PSN as fast as you did and it’s really appreciated.

    A demo would be nice for people on the fence but ever since I had to sell my other console for financial reasons I’ve wanted to play Braid on my PS3.

    Well Hothead has delivered and I really want to express how awesome this is and that I hope you guys have a lot of success.

    Bought this the second I could!

  • Wow, so many complainers…and for what reason? No demo and 15 dollars? Jeeez, what’d you guys do before demos were not as prevalent? Not buy any games??

    As someone suggested before, play the PC version demo and/or maybe stop eating fast food for a day..there’s your 15 bucks… It’s probably not Hotheads fault it took awhile, who knows what hoops they had to jump through on the business side.

    I appreciate the studios’ effort, don’t let these bums get you down!

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