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…and here we are! On behalf of Hothead Games, I’m excited to be able to present you with Braid, available today for $14.99 on PSN in North America. At Hothead, we work diligently to support developers throughout the indie community, and Jonathan Blow, the original creator of the game, has been a particularly great partner (we also worked with him on a Mac version earlier this year).

When Braid first came out, we were really blown away by its combination of unique art style and clever puzzle gameplay, but there was just one problem – it was only on one platform! At Hothead, we really believe strongly in being platform-agnostic (we even ship our games on Linux!), so we thought it only right for PS3 players to have access to Braid too. We got in touch with Jon and suggested working together on realizing his vision on additional platforms.

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As we collaborated on the project, there were two big things that we always kept in mind – the first was preserving that original impactful moment when the player begins the game, and carrying that sense of artistic wonderment, emotional engagement and unique gameplay all the way to the end, when the player puts down the controller. That was Jon’s vision and is the Braid experience – our task was to preserve that vision and that experience, leveraging the unique features of the PS3 to further enhance it with the amazing 1080p resolution and HD audio, and PSN features like Trophies.

In fact, it was one of the highlights of the project to see the art style come alive on the platform – the PS3 is particularly well-suited to showing off the intense colors and distinctive world of Braid. We took full advantage of the PS3’s hardware to make sure this version of the game never deviates from a smooth 60 FPS.

Braid new screenshot 1

The second big thing that was top of mind for the Hothead team was getting this remarkable game to you as swiftly as possible so that you, too, could enjoy Braid on your platform of choice. We didn’t want to make PS3 owners wait a moment longer than necessary (and Jon agreed) – especially when you’ve already been so patient and so supportive of Braid and indie development!

So, what you’re about to download is a result of that amazing collaborative effort and commitment to Braid’s original immersive experience. We’re pleased and excited to see Braid on PSN and to be able to share it with you.

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