Netflix on the PS3 Available Now!

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Great news for everyone who wants to instantly watch movies and TV episodes via your PS3: it’s available now! If you’ve requested a Netflix instant streaming disc for PS3, it’s on its way to you. If you haven’t, go to today to get your disc. Enjoy!

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  • CANADA?!?!?

  • Signed up for netflix last tuesday. Got my instant streaming disc on friday and it works brilliantly. Netflix has stated that it is working with sony and will release the instant streaming service in a future firmware update. This was the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way for them to get the service to ps3 users.

  • When you guys say you got your disc you’re talking about the movie right? You don’t need another disc or something to get netflix working on the PS3 right?

  • I just watched the first 3 episodes of Legend of the Seeker on my Netflixed PS3. I was amazed at the great pictures quality. Apparently Netflix has some stuff that you can watch in HD…It really looked amazing!

  • That a lie. NetFlix on PS3 aint that fast=\. Dont edit the video and try and make it look like it loads up fast. When you think Sony doing good they just take 5 steps back=[. Plz fix the long loading. And i know it aint just me so ya.

  • I used the service for the first time last Saturday. Works like a dream! As someone who has both a 360 and PS3, I’ve tried it out on both and I have to say that I really prefer the interface on the PS3 more. Being able to browse movies and still get the synopsis of the film is fantastic and way faster when you’re just looking for something to watch.

    Any plans to make some vids run in higher resolutions like your competitors?

  • This better be a part of the xmb soon,its not gonna get to popular if people dont even know that a disc for it exsits get to advertising lol (i love the new commercials keep em coming)

  • I love it so far. In fact, I stopped watching Netflix on the Xbox and have mostly been watching it on the PS3.

  • The service works great and I love watching streaming shows using Netflix w/PS3.

    Thank you so much for making this a reality.

    I really appreciate it. Great Job!

  • I heard the aspect ratio is messed up on movies streamed and it looks pretty bad. This true?

  • Waiting on my disc, but very excited to try out the new feature.

    Thanks for making it happen!

  • PS3: It only does everything…if you live in the United States.

  • @ 53 what are you talking about ? i have a 360 and ps3 they both run the same you may want to check with your internet service .
    llike i said before the reason why netflix is on disk is because microsoft have a contract with netflix ps3 can not run netflix from the ps3 untill the contract end in april 2010 .
    also like i said before if you have alot of ps3 games and blu ray disk you have to get up anyway to change them so the netflix disc comment are a wash you upset it’s on a disk ? wow someone need a nap.

  • This considers HD to be 720p and doesn’t separate them from SD while searching for movies, but it still looks pretty good. And I’ve had nearly no load times. Already watched 4 movies and the whole first season of South Park, since Friday. BTW, for TV fans The Office Seasons 1-4 and Friday Night Lights Seasons 1-3 are in 720p HD. FNL is not available on Blu so this is actually the best way to watch it.

  • Niceee, i’ve had netflix for years and was about to dicontinue it for Gamefly but i guess thats out the window for now… hope it becmes part of the XMB and Firmware before too long but thanks.. it is a great addition, thanks again.

  • When will Canada get this??

  • @58 I haven’t had any problems.

  • updated my netflix to enable my account but haven’t gotten my disk yet :( Hopefully soon though

  • Totally stoked about the future of netflix and the ps3

  • Got my disk last week. Works great!

  • It works perfect!

  • Thank you for being awesome

  • Canada needs Netflix or at least the PSN Video Store.

  • Got my disk Friday, Netflix works great on PS3! it’s a little bit slow to load but I guess there is nothing we can do about that until it comes built into the firmware someday.

  • So I’m guessing this is only available in USA.

    I’m Portiguese, by the way, and it would be cool to free test it here too you know. I mean, US get the free trials so they can report errors and stuff and late, others would only get the service by paying fees without a chance to try it first too.

    This isn’t right.

  • WTF? Why No Canada yet?!

  • I just wish that Bones was available to watch instantly! =) Otherwise, this is incredibly, freakin’ amazingly awesome! I’ll still buy stuff from the PS Video Store, too, I’m sure… =)

  • NEXT YEAR GUYS AND WOMEN… there will be a Firmware update that will allow everyone with a PS3 to have it on the XMB.. just have to wait for the Firmware update :D

  • #60 depends on how fast your internet connection.

  • #60 mine is 6megs and i can watch in hd. it looks awesome. Had 3meg before and it wasn’t to bad either.

  • CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much louder can it be said?!

  • @ 4 …screw modern warfare .. i’m picking up buzz quiz world today…. woot woot

  • nobody cares about our brothers to the north must be hard not being able to download over priced movies that have no extra features deleted scenes or commentary that you can get on the often cheaper dvd or blu-ray. In short your not missing much….oh wait this is about netflix…yeah that’s cool i guess eight bucks a month you say…wow. sony canada step your game up

  • Does the stuff run in hd?

  • The Netflix UI is pretty ugly.

  • Yay!…now if only the status on my disc would change from pending to shipped and have an estimated arrival date. Must be that they have to ship it to Hawaii first before they can send it out to the netflix customers here. I just hope they didn’t run out and had to reorder more. Oh well, until it comes in, I have my 360 but once the disc comes in, the whole house will be full of Netflix love instead of just one tv. :D

  • I can’t wait to try it out. Do I have to have the Netflix DVD in the PS3 anytime I want to use it or is it like an disc that I just need to install? If I have to leave the disc in the PS3, that’ll make me :(.

  • I got mine on Friday and have been enjoying it since.

    First movie: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

    I know it seems slow to some people, but running on a 2Mb connection it doesn’t go any slower than if I run instant viewing on my PC. I even put the disc in a spare Blu-ray case with the sleeve slipped in where the cover art should go.

  • Hell yes xbox is done i hope

  • I’m loving this. The quality looks better than it does from my PC. It’s as if my PC gets 480p while my PS3 gets a 720p signal (on hd tv/movies). My only complaint is using the disc, but I understand they can’t have it discless until next year due to technical reasons (MS having console exclusivity for netflix). We’re given the choice between having the service now and using a disc, or waiting until next year and not needing the disc, and I have no problem using a disc until it’s integrated.

  • I ordered this weeks ago(4 I think) and I’m still waiting on my E-mail to know it’s ready to be shiped out. I gave them My E-mail (4 weeks ago) but when I went there to day they want Credit card info. Well thanks sony for leting us know in advance Well since every one else has had it for a week. This disk is just a head ache. :(

  • Are you guys ever going to do anything FOR CANADIANS?

  • Please fix the Netflix and PSN store video player so it renders 24fps correctly! The PS3 is forcing it to 60hz, which is extremely juddery. On top of this, somehow the PS3 circumvents my TV’s 3:2 cadence detection.

    All my blurays and DVDs display correctly as 24fps — this is only a problem with downloaded/streaming content.

    Please, please, please fix this! I’m not buying any more videos (nor recommending anyone do it either) from the PSN store until this is corrected (and I’ve bought several dozen).

    Even an acknowledgment of the issue would be nice :)

  • people don’t know how to Fn read . The disc is for temporary use until they update the whole shabang in 2010 ….

    GET IT

  • @95 (sscoolCHea),

    I know what you mean. Is it really so much a pain to get off their butts (which they’ve probably already been sitting on for hours anyway) and switch the disc out when you’re done viewing? Everyone does that already with their games, what’s one more disc to your collection?

    “Gasp! A disc requirement!? Absurd! I’d rather wait for a year and miss out on streaming feature until then. Even if the disc reservation is free.”

    Well, “free” if you already have a Netflix Unlimited account, that is.

  • Equilibrium

  • Great another option not making it up north.
    My PS3 is going up on Ebay

  • Is this for United States only?

  • Any plans to make this service available in Canada?

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