Netflix on the PS3 Available Now!

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Great news for everyone who wants to instantly watch movies and TV episodes via your PS3: it’s available now! If you’ve requested a Netflix instant streaming disc for PS3, it’s on its way to you. If you haven’t, go to today to get your disc. Enjoy!

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  • netflix awesome

  • Got mine last Friday, and I’m loving the interface.

  • Since last friday

  • Modern Warfare Post Anywhere? Come on….

  • Hope that Video Store comes soon to Canada

  • Netflix FTW

  • Agreed, Netflix FTW!

    I watched like six movies over the weekend.

    Got my disc friday.


  • I might get Netflix someday looks great. hopefully no disc would be needed when i get it not like that’s a bad thing.

  • @4

    Why? It’s not a Sony game, why would they make a post about it? especially when they get shafted when it comes to it.

  • I pre ordered my disc the second you posted about it here..but i still havent got my disc while others have gotten it..i called customer care and they told me that its gonna take another month to get my disc…sucks

  • I been visiting the website since friday in order to activate my account & all I get is “enter your email & we would let u know when is available for ps3 ” I just log in again & got the same thing.

  • Hello, I have 2 questions.

    1.)I reserved my disk last wednesday, When can i expect it?

    2.) (not as important but do you have any plans to release more anime for youre watch instantly service?)

    2b.) When is you’re update for you’re watch instantly service? weekly? biweekly? spontaneously?

    If you could answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

  • so, netflix, is it for state only again?

  • Awesome. Got mine friday. Watch Short Circuit. What was your first Netflix/PS3 watch?

  • The phat PS3? o_O

    Thought that thing was banished to history…..

  • Wish it was just downloadable. I might sign up for the service now. Though my connection is a bit MEH on speed. (advertised 1.5mb down, get like .700k-1mb mostly)

    EH .

  • Was one of the first to sign up, got my disc last Friday, have been enjoying it immensely. Wonderful service.

    I had one of the first Netflix accounts ever, and wish I had kept it all these years. Just six months ago finally got back to having it again and the service is wonderful either by mail or instant play.

    Can’t wait for built-in software. While the disc is nice, my PS3 still has issues reading Blu-ray discs so it isn’t a “pop in the disc, stream a movie/play a game” thing with me. I have to think about it for an hour while the PS3 decides it will read a Blu-ray.

  • I signed up they said they would let me know when it is available In my area?????? WTF any answers for this problem

  • Sweetness!! Ahh wheres my disc?! lol

  • @Steve Swasey

    any chanvce to get Netflix in Europe? can i use the trial from Europe?
    thanks. :)

  • at Steve Swasey

    any chance to get Netflix in Europe? can i use the trial from Europe?
    thanks. :)

  • how long is the netflix free trial? and i’m assuming all vids will be in high def

  • So how do you reserve that disc again? I went to and like someone else said, all I get is a slot to enter your email and I would be notified when its available. Am I missing something? Do I need to be a current subscriber to reserve it? Or is netflix only allowing current subscribers to get their hands on them first? Anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Netflix…. well, its good if you leave in US. my cousin subscride netflix in his X360, and he cant view any movies becuase his not in US. then he cancelled his account, but after 1 month netflix charge him for the 2 dvds that he didnt receive.

  • I tryed to sign up and they said they would E-mail me when it was ready well still waiting on that E-mail. But I finally did go sign up. And could any one tell me if it works with remote play?

  • Dear Netflix.

    A starving market exists to your northern border with a population of California. Surely this can add to your bottom line. You would only have 1 DVD/BD distribution competitor ( of note and you’d crush them in months. Please take my funny coloured money.

  • I got an email from Netflix, but decided nit to go with them until it’s just an update not a disc. Also an extra bill around holiday time isn’t the best thing for me right now.


  • @21/22

    Netflix currently provides serviecs to the 50 United States.

    At this point I’m hoping for Manifest Destiny to kick in.

  • Well we always need a disk or at some point is Sony planing on given us a FW update that will let everyone use it with out a disk?

  • @30

    Netflix has already said that is will be part of a future fw update in 2010.

  • will there be hi-def movies available via stream? that’d be nice!

  • Finally took the plunge and Signed up fir netflix this past Sunda love it! Can’t wait till I get my disc for ps3!

  • Keep it off my XMB. I have enough icons to nowhere.


  • Yay for more non-Canadian things :(

  • This makes me want to get NetFlix.

  • Wait I have to order a disc so I can whach movies from netflix That stupid I mean if playstation can put home the playstationstore icon every where But you can’t put netflix on the XMB and just becuse of that Im not going to get nexflix and this is the only time I spoke bad obout ps3 So thankslot ps3.

  • what if we haven’t gotten an email saying we got the disc sent

  • oh wait its asking me for a promotion code?

  • it got ported over from the 360 late no new features and you wanna charge me eight bucks for it EIGHT BUCKS! those are launch day prices sorry M.r swasey but no my playstation brothers and I will not be pushed around any longer. GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR I said GOOD DAY

    yes I’m joking…but really have a good day:)

  • got mine friday.

    i watched the pilot of macgyver!!!

  • @ 36 and everyone who don’t want netflix on disk
    netflix have a contract with microsoft so sony can’t run it from the ps3 that why they said it will being running it in your ps3 in 2010 april when the contract end . to the people who think it’s dumb that it’s on a disk and hate getting up and putting in can i ask you a question don’t you get up and change your game disk and blu ray anyway ? lol i just don’t see your point about this lol really you that upset ? wow but hey that how you feel i guess.

  • Hey?!?!? Will there be an optional subtitle present in every movies/television shows streaming…??? If not- THEN PLEASE GET AROUND TO THAT NOW AND WORK ON THIS!

    It’s not fair that you don’t offer us this opportunity to take full advantage of that and to experience it to the fullest like others do. NOT FAIR.

  • Loving the service, can’t wait for it to go discless..

    Question: I’m about to purchase a second PS3. Is it possible to get two Netflix Streaming Disc’s?

  • Got my disc on Friday too, love the service. I streamed a few movies I wouldn’t have otherwise added to my list. I noticed that under newly added list a few movies are added pretty much every day so that’s great, it really needs more titles, and especially more HD.

    I hope that when it’s integrated in the FW they’ll be using some kind of upscaling like the PS3 does on regular DVD so even standard definition video look even better.

    LordRaoh: yes you can just order a second disc from after you activated your first one. My second disc is coming today so no more carrying it up and down the stairs.

  • Will it stream 1080p with 5.1 surround sound?

  • I got my disc on Friday also. I love being able to use Netflix on my PS3. I tried PlayOn, but it always had bugs that made it a pain to access anything. The library is limited through the service, but you can easily add titles from the Netflix website and they appear instantly on the queue. I thought it would be a pain to put the disc in every time, but it doesn’t really bother me at all. I hate to admit that there were several times I had thought of buying an Xbox, just for the added features of Netflix and some other small things. I’m glad I held out and waited.

  • The interface feels very rushed. I’m not at all impressed, especially when comparing it to the 360’s (which I was never super impressed with either). I hope there’s a redesign by the time it becomes part of the firmware.

  • It’s asinine to require the insertion of a disc to stream movies. Who wants to do that? If the Xbox exposes access to the Netflix service via the ‘menu’ so should the PS3. There’s nothing as irritating as having to constantly switch out discs to access content.

    At this time, as I’m pressed for cash, I’m thinking about dropping Netflix, with their ‘nickel and diming’, this illconceived PS3 venture may just be the last straw.

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