Coming to PSN this Week: Braid

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This Thursday November 12, Braid descends upon the PlayStation Network. And that means I’m one happy camper. On sheer style alone, Braid is worth shelling out $14.99 in my opinion. But thankfully, it also happens to have some stellar gameplay that revolves around a time-reversing mechanic, which will keep you on your toes as you solve Braid’s numerous puzzles.

Don’t trust me? I connected with Joel DeYoung (you heard from him last week) from Hothead Games via PlayStation Eye, and he takes us through the ins and outs of Braid for PSN. And yes, there’s plenty of in-game HD footage to give you an idea of what you’ll get on Thursday.

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  • When $9.99, I will buy it.

  • Remember when console cartridges cost $40-$50 and we paid that cash without thinkin twice about it. You still have to consider these are quality games at a fraction of the price we used to pay.

    Man, this country has turned into cry babies and cheap skates. Buy it or don’t buy…don’t CRY about it!

    Keep doin’ what you’re doin PSN!!

  • The price dont bother me, and the fact that its freaking really old dont bother me. Its the poor character design. Get a better artist next time please and thank you.

  • And the reason it took so long for this to come to the psn is….?? $15? no way. seriously guys, what are you thinking? This isn’t 2006… – News Flash – WE GOT GAMES NOW!

  • pantS,

    That was then, this is now.

    Then, there were reasons, the technology was not there to release demos to people at a cost effective/reasonable ammount.

    The costs associated with developing games (or any software for that matter) was higher, the companies making the software also had to worry about packaging materials, instruction booklets, case, shipping…ect.

    Now in the event of a digital release (production cost is as low as it gets), there are no excuses.

  • #51 pantS–
    “Remember when console cartridges cost $40-$50 and we paid that cash without thinkin twice about it. You still have to consider these are quality games at a fraction of the price we used to pay.

    Man, this country has turned into cry babies and cheap skates. Buy it or don’t buy…don’t CRY about it!”

    I also remember a time when people were not getting ripped off by these crappy publisher/developers. So we shouldn’t complain about getting rip off

  • On sheer “this game has been available on other platforms for over a year and can fairly regularly be picked up for as little as $5” alone it isn’t worth $14.99.

    Wise man once said, patience is divine but never pay full price for late games.

  • braid was fun on the xbox.
    i still never tried the speed run.

    have fun. its a great game.

  • This game is worth the $15 for most people. I’m sure some won’t be satisfied, though I won’t say why to avoid being offensive.

    The game is still $15 on 360 and PC, there’s no way it will be dropped to $9.99 any time soon until the other guys see a price drop as well. Might as well suck it up now and enjoy a great piece of gaming.

    Even though there won’t be a permanent drop, Sony may be able to work out a promo sale of some kind like how Steam sold it one weekend for $4.99. That’s when I got it :)

  • $15 does not bother me, what bothers me are companies that sellout. I take it Microsoft’s $$$$ is more important to Hothead Games than PS3 consumers.

    “No Sale”, i cannot support Hothead Games.
    Sorry. Gotta go now, the knife in my back still bothers me.

    • Not sure where you\’re getting your information, but Microsoft hasn\’t paid us a dime for Braid. We loved the game when we played it on XBLA, so we collaborated with the game\’s creator to bring it to PSN (and to Mac). We love PSN and want to get more great games on the platform!

  • keep it up sony! When is castle crashers coming?

  • Psikorps,

    I know what you mean. I think I am in the same boat. I was really butt-hurt about Star Ocean and Ace Combat not coming to PS3. I don’t have a problem with multiplatform because it helps the developers to get more numbers, but I had been following the SO series since PS1 and to get this 360 only exclusive was a slap in the face.

    Funny thing is that I honestly own a Halo Edition 360, but after taking Oblivion through 2 RROD, I decided that RPGs would be played strictly on PS3, and on top of that the dirty feeling that MS paid for that exclusivity, led to me not buying Star Ocean yet. So I understand you boycotting second-hand. And I can understand passing on a great game due to that sense of loyalty and the distate of someone ignoring your system only to bring it out later when no one cares about it anymore, yet charging new price for it.

  • I wish I knew it was coming to ps3 sooner, as I rather have it for that platform.

    I know 15 bucks is a bit too much for a psn game, but this one is really good and I recommend you guys read some user reviews before buying this game.

    Now that ps3 is getting Braid and Castle Crashers xbla really has nothing left.

  • This penny-arcade cartoon is just as valid now as it was a year ago:


  • I’m thinking of getting this. I like puzzles and brain teasers.

  • Just read it again and noticed the price.

    Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • I don’t give a crap about the price point, like most posters. I do give a crap about releasing a year later for newborn prices. Greedy dix.

  • mancub194

    I wish I could play Braid on my PSP as well. When I saw my brother play a demo of the 360 version a while back, I was quite wowed by this game. I wish that more developers of PSN games would consider releasing games for both the PS3 AND the PSP.

  • Yeah I played it on the xbox 14.99 is way to high, the price needs to be lowered.

  • Don’t be surprised if this sells nothing. The price is way too effing high and you’ve already shown a blatant affinity for Xbox 360 exclusivity, which isn’t looked at too kindly among Ps3 owners.

  • Played this on my 360

  • 1. is the audio lossless? 24-bit?

    2. does it play in 1080p native? if not, why?

    3. any graphics asset upgrades over previous releases?

    The first is really a must for any indie releases — it’s the easiest thing to do to differentiate. For a game like Braid, where the music is so important to the expression of mood, to not have lossless audio is just plain foolish and lazy.

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. There was minimal rework on the graphics, but since the source art was already HD this was not really necessary for the game to look great in 1080p on the PS3.

  • Joel,

    can you give me an approximate release window for Europe?

    I know the game’s in QA at SCEE, how long do you think this will take?

    I’m asking because if it’s gonna be two weeks then i’ll wait, if it’s gonna be two months i’ll buy from the US Store.

    • While I can\’t say for sure, my current guess is it will be more than two weeks after the North American release, but less than two months. Sorry I can\’t be more specific. :(

  • I would get it if I didn’t already own it for PC. Good game, though. I would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle-type games.

  • Sorry but $15 AND during the same week Modern Warfare 2 is being released? Lol, I take it the developers don’t want it to sell. I’ll admit I’m not buying MW2 but $15 is a bit much for a year old downloadable 2D platformer which contains zero new content. Don’t be surprised when it doesn’t sell is all I’m saying. :)

  • Braid is a good game glad to see it’s (finally) coming out on PS3. I already played and beat it on PC a while back so won’t be getting it again but I do recommend it to people that are on the fence. I would rather have played it on PS3 from the beginning but oh well, it’s a cool, fairly unique game.

  • looks like mario prince of persia trine… I love it

  • Demo? And why full price for a 15 month port? Are you crazy?

  • Well, you people can complain all you want. I’m going to definitely get it and if it’s good, I plan on recommending it to as many people as possible.

  • Braid seems like a good release. I never liked the artwork in the game. I do like the concepts and game play.

    I will pass on this one and just play some Clank levels in Crack In Time.

    Not saying I am a graphics whore but I feel the art is not my style.

  • All this time they didn’t add something new and they are asking us to shell out $15 big ones! I’m not even a trophy whore but the least they could do is make it a platinum for that price.

    Sorry, but I would rather put the money towards Trine or the GoW Collection.

  • Another great addition to PSN!

  • Sold. Thursday purchase! Now if you could just work with Sony to update their store earlier than 11:30pm Thursday night. Perhaps you guys should just change the update day to Friday, then you’d be early.

  • Braid is truly one of the best games of all time but Jonathan Blow stated he WANTED to release it on XBLA for $10, so why $15 on PS3, SONY?!

  • Ohhh i’, so buying this, :D
    Can’t wait to play this great game…

  • Sorry, I have to pass on this one. I Downloaded it for the pc almost a year ago for free. Bring Braid 2 to the PS3 at the same time the other systems get it and maybe it will be worth it. A little too late for this one at that price.

  • Awesome, thanks for answering my questions! It’s so great to see Hothead taking advantage of the PS3’s capabilities with 24-bit lossless audio assets/mixing and 1080p native rendering. I hope that upcoming titles like PixelJunk Shooter, Castle Crashers, and Hustle Kings do the same thing.

    Will buy it as soon as it appears on the PSN store! :)

  • so in case it was overlooked. WE WANT A GD DEMO.

  • I love how we are getting all this 360 stuff!
    Braid and Netflix so far.
    Can’t wait to see what we get next.

    Keep it up Sony.

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