Coming to PSN this Week: Braid

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This Thursday November 12, Braid descends upon the PlayStation Network. And that means I’m one happy camper. On sheer style alone, Braid is worth shelling out $14.99 in my opinion. But thankfully, it also happens to have some stellar gameplay that revolves around a time-reversing mechanic, which will keep you on your toes as you solve Braid’s numerous puzzles.

Don’t trust me? I connected with Joel DeYoung (you heard from him last week) from Hothead Games via PlayStation Eye, and he takes us through the ins and outs of Braid for PSN. And yes, there’s plenty of in-game HD footage to give you an idea of what you’ll get on Thursday.

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  • will their be a demo like the ones on XBLA and steam?

  • Sweet im looking forward to this XBL exclusive

  • I played this on 360 a while back, and the game is excellent. I highly recommend it. It actually feels more at home on the PS3, what with games like Flower and Flow being appreciated, and not the typical FPS.

    I never beat it on the 360, so I’ll probably give it a second dip here.

  • Great news. I’ve played Braid and it’s a great game. Love the way you control time in this game.
    One question, can I play this game via remote play?

  • Remote play?

  • sorry 4 the double post.
    carry on Playstation Nation

  • 14.99 is the price?

  • Nice, It’s great to have something different once in awhile.

  • Approx. how many levels are there? And, is there any type of multiplayer?
    Just curious, didn’t read much about it when it was only on the 360 but more interested now! :)

    A game like this would also be wicked with some sort of level editor! :D

  • make that triple now.

  • No thanks. Try giving the game to us the same time you bring it out on other platforms next time.

  • Sweet. Been waiting on this for a while.And thats a cool avatar pic there Chris. Im guessing thats what some of the new ones look like that we’ll be getting soon.

  • One of the most critically acclaimed XBL games. I’ve been dying for this, Castle Crashers and even Geometry Wars but Super Stardust fills that void just fine.

    I can’t wait for Braid, it’s apparently quite an experience. Unfortunately I don’t have PSN funds and I’ve spent too much this fall on games so I don’t know how I’m going to get my hands on Braid *Angry Face*

  • MUST….BUY!!!! MUST….PLAY!!!!

    P.S., I can’t wait!!!!

  • I don’t trust you….. a demo like on the ‘other’ systems would help me find out for myself however.

    If you are not planning a demo from a year+ old game at full price then that is even more shamefull.

  • Moosehole,

    I felt the same way for a while, especially the notion that we get all the leftovers (I’m talking to you Star Ocean, “sellouts”), but developers will not be any more persuaded to put games like these on the PS3 if no one buys them based on the notion that the game came out on 360 first.

    In other words, developers will not be taught a lesson, rather, the lesson they will learn is “well no one buys them on PS3, so why bother?”

    But I do understand you feeling that way.

  • I love new prices on old@$$ games

  • I wish I could play this on my PSP

  • Won’t pick this up. The price is WAY too high. Would pay $8 max.

  • $15 price tag? A year later? No new content for the PS3?

    No Thanks

  • I’m guessing this has trophies?

  • “But teh exclusives!” Stupid 360 fankids. Anyway great game. I bought it on Steam.

  • In b4 the “OMG TIZ IS $15!?!? OUTRAGE!!!!!”

    Seriously though, thanks for bringing Braid to the psn!

  • a 2d game should be no more than 10 buks..IMO..and if it is to be a 2d game it should have PLENTY of features…including remote play with the PSP and MULTIPLAYER BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED (GREAT CLASSIC 2D GAME). No FEATURES NO BUY..SORRY. besides im sure this game will be on sale VERY SOON. :p

  • Sindred,

    If you think they only look at sales as a whole and not take into consideration the release date of the title, then you are wrong. They would know why sales are poor (if they happen to be)and they have plenty of feedback from customers or potential customers just like this blog. What about all the multi-system owners out there that already bought it on 360, but WOULD have bought it for the PS3 if it came out the same time?

    If your theory was correct then we would not be getting Lost Planet 2 and other devs wouldn’t have stayed away from releasing their titles around MW2…becuase of timing.

    They WANT to release games on both systems because it increases their profit margin…as shown by this port. With the PS3 increasing their user base, that only makes it more tempting for devs on future offerings.

    I think it is great we are getting this game, I will most likely wait for a sale however. I also think we should be getting a demo….just like the other systems it is out for.

  • $15 for a simple port? ROFL NO THANKS! we’re being treated like garbage

  • I would have bought it if it came on PSN first or at the same time as XBXLive. thanks anyway.

  • Coming to my 360 last year at a discounted price…. THIS GAME. Remote play would have sold it for me at $10. $15 you are just as high as you were when this game was first released. I loved Braid but it wasn’t worth $15


  • “On sheer style alone, Braid is worth shelling out $14.99 in my opinion.”

    Too bad your opinion differs from most people. The game should either be at a lower price or have added extras. If you wanted people to pay full price for the game without extras then you should’ve released it on the PSN at the same time that it came out on the XBLA.

    No extras = no buy. I’d rather save my money for better PSN games.

    Speaking of which…When is Spelunker, Blood Bath & Beyond, and Explodemon coming to NA? I haven’t even heard about Explodemon lately and have only seen 1 trailer for it.

  • No. Absolutely not. In what world does the price for this game make sense? When it first came out more than a damn YEAR AGO, I read an interview with the guy who made it, and even he had wanted it to be less expensive. Now 18 months later, you expect me to pay full price, with NO new content? No.

    Sorry; on XBLA, it might be worth it, but THIS is PSN. $15 here gets you a game like Burnout: Paradise. Hell, for less than that you can get PixelJunk Eden or Bionic Commando: ReArmed. PixelJunk Shooter is also right around the corner.

    You guys are living fantasies. Drop the price, add new content, and THEN I’ll consider it. Until then, you can tell your story walking.

  • braid is fantastic. i highly recommend anyone who hasn’t played it to pick it up

  • Demo. Looks pretty crap to me, so i want a demo.

  • Game looks really fun. And don’t let the whiners get to you guys, I’m sure the game will be worth every penny. I don’t really game on my PC and don’t have a 360, so I’m just happy that it was made available in the first place at all. Can’t wait until Thursday!

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the PC demo. The concept was one I was really looking forward to, but the execution just didn’t quite feel right to me.

    Still, if there’s a sale, or if a sequel comes out, I’ll definitely be interested…

  • Yeah I was excited for this game but having it later at the same price just seems like a bad move. If you guys were looking to get some hype around this it should be $9.99, then you’ll get some positive word of mouth but otherwise you’re going to lose more than you’ll gain backing and releasing the game at $14.99.

  • True that #34. This game will definitely fail when it’ll stay at a 15 dollar price point.

  • I bought this for $15 when it came out for Mac OS X and beat it, but I’m going to buy it again for $15 on PSN. (I sold my Mac registration code to someone else and deleted the game.) It’s a DAMN good game.

    It’s kind of like how Portal messed with space, Braid messes with time. You’ll need to consider puzzles in very different ways.

  • Could we get a demo? That would help me decide.

  • It will have some extras compared with PC/X360? I have the 360 version and I’m thinking if it will be in my PS3 hard drive next thursday…

  • KidCommando

    I think you are preaching to the choir. I get this, but it is certainly not a good enough message to avoid a great game to teach developers to release games on your system, because not ALL developers are looking at this forum and figuring that a large percentage of folks are not buying games out of some sort of loyalty for their system of choice.

    I own all three systems, but I have yet to buy Star Ocean on 360 because I feel that Squenix Sold out, but I’m pretty sure that Squenix does not associate the lack of “some sales” with disgruntled fans. In fact, they are still bringing it to PS3, just late in the game, and I might avoid it there too because of the “Too late”.

    So I get it, but I don’t think the notion of “not getting it because you didn’t bring it out initially” is enough to suade a company from bringing a game to a system.

  • Not sure if Jonathan Blow is in any ways involve in this port, but I hope to see more support from him as well as Hothead Games for PSN.

  • Any plans for a European release?

    • The game will release in Europe and in Asia (outside of Japan). We don\’t have release dates for Europe yet unfortunately, as the game is still in submission with Sony Europe and that process is taking longer than expected. Stay tuned.

  • Sindred,

    I agree with Moosehole and KidCommando aswell as you.

    However, its becoming second nature for developers to release their games on the 360 first as a sort of (Proving Grounds) for their titles.

    PS3 owners are getting the short end of the stick no matter how anyone looks at it.

    We tend to get games later, sometimes at the same price, or more than their initial release.

    Yet because of the mentality of “it is certainly not a good enough message to avoid a great game to teach developers to release games on your system”….they never learn.

    I personaly am reaching the point of boycotting (second hand) releases.

    Yes BRAID is a good game and is well done and fun to play, however the price tag attached is insulting to PS3 owners.

  • $15 LMAO!
    No thanks!

  • The price is still a heaping pile of dung. $7.99 would have been a reasonable price and $9.99 would have been pushing it, but $14.99 is insanity. Good luck trying to get anybody to pay that.

  • @ 43

    You and I both. I will not be buying these games.

  • this game looks good but I need a demo, not buying any digital download again before trying it first… hopefully the price will be $10 soon

  • This is the PS3 people it’s not called the hand me down console. It’s obvious we are tired of that BS.

  • I said this before and I have to say it again…

    PSP Demos (aswell as PSN Store ones) are mandatory for me for the most part.

    Since I used to be a avid trader with my local EB, buy games, play em, get bored trade em for new stuff was the common routine for me.

    Now with the Go, and more PSP and PSN games being released, demos are even more of a requirement.

    If I’m going to BUY a game that I can not trade away or “resell” I want to make damn sure I’m going to enjoy it.

    Its like a relationship, you dont jump into a marriage right away, you date first and see how things go…the demo is a date.

    If I like ya baby I’ll commit to ya. (buy the cow so to speak…)

    Sony, more demos is ALWAYS a good thing, dont try and force me and others like me into pre-aranged marriages.

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