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To answer what many of you have asked about in recent months: yes, we are working on a podcast. What we’d like to know now is – how important is the “pod” in the podcast? i.e. Do you actually listen on an iPod via iTunes? Do you download and listen on some other device (like a PSP)? Stream directly from your desktop/laptop? Something else entirely?

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We wanna make sure we get the syndication right… if we’re not making it available the way you want to hear it, what’s the point, right?

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 2, 2009)

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  • I just started using Media Go to download some podcasts that i enjoy.. Works great

  • oh and #44

  • Jeff,

    Heres an idea for the podcast. How about you have it available to stream via the PlayStation Blog, aswell as the option to download it via the PlayStation Store. Also you can add a section to the PodCast for Tricks/Tips, Trophy Tips, Developer Interviews, and the “Whats Hot with PlayStation”.

    p.s. Keep up the good work Chris, and Jeff. I personally come here everyday for all the breaking PlayStation news.

  • Y’all should do it like IGN. From there I can download straight to my PS3 or PSP or if I want can listen to it streaming.

  • i dont have an ipod and i hardly ever use itunes

  • Streaming all the way!

  • I Subscribe Via RSS on my ZUNE

  • Subscribing on iTunes FTW

  • I get mine from itunes app on my iPOD touch… Man ipod touch and ps3 are bros… Tjey both do EVERYTHING..

  • Yes I really really wanted a psblog podcast,and itunes

  • I usually stream them via the RSS feed on my PSP but sometimes I’ll download them on my ipod touch and listen to them at the gym.

  • I aggregate all my podcasts via iTunes but I sync my other music software (Media Go, Zune, Boxee, etc…) to iTunes’ podcast folder. That way, I don’t have three different pieces of software grabbing the same podcast on different folders within my PC/laptop.

    Yes, I also use the PSP’s RSS Channel to grab my podcasts when I don’t have a PC nearby.

  • Yeah most Podcasts I listen to come in iTunes, RSS and MP3 formats so people get to them however they like.

    Although I compile all my media on iTunes, the other options are just as useful.

    PS.Blog Podcast… it only does everything!

  • I usually play them on my PSP via RSS… that reminds me can u tell Sony to implement RSS on the PS3 so I can play podcasts… unless if there’s one that I dont know about; please let me know

  • Wow i just saw the comparison shots from the original GOW games compared to the collection and i must say they have done a great job! I opened up 2 separate windows and I compared them side by side and the restored one definitely look alot smoother, the originals look kinda pixelated and darker. The collection definitely cleaned up the pixels and the lighting is better and shows off detail alot more. Plus everything just looks nicer(the hud, the graphics, the animations. Everything) this is definitely worth 40$ plus trophies and it runs alot smoother, this is definitely an excellent deal! its almost here!

  • i Hope the podcast wont be itunes ONLY :| its actually better to offer it in multiple ways like on itunes as well as a direct download.What say jeff ?

  • I’m used to either download them from de site release or listen through my PSP’s RSS ;)

    btw, my favorite is the PS Nation podcast, “right, Mr. Professor PlayStation” … :P

  • I prefer we can stream it through our web browsers. It’s much more convenient. Also, when on the go, it’s really nice to be able to connect out iPods to the itunes store and get a podcast on the go. Both features are really convenient but I prefer the streaming it through web browsers one.

  • I ALWAYS Download podcasts from my PSP’s browser straight to my memory stick, somtimes from the direct download , but if there’s an RSS channel available for the specific podcast im downloading.

  • Primarily through iTunes to load up on my phone. Although, I do stream via RSS feed, or download directly on the site if I must. Having options to access the blogcast is always good.

  • So what will you guys be talking about on the podcast exactly? And I hope it won’t end like the live chats where it starts out good but then you guys jump off the train when it’s just getting good.

    Ok so it’s Playstation Sunday! That means a new PS commercial!

    Barrack Obama:
    Dear Playstation,
    My cabinet is in favor of our youth gaining a stable education without the distractions of video gaming systems. So this is my humble request to stop producing mature games the disrupt out children’s education.

    Mr. President, what an honor! First off though, there are a lot of games out there that help children in their education and bring families together. Little Big Planet and Eye Pet to name a few. In regards to the mature games, well we can’t do that.

    Is there no way to stop children gaining these M rated games?

    Butler: Yes it’s called the ESRB, but people don’t usually pay attention to it so we’re at a stand-still here…

    What’s the ESRB?


    It only does Education?
    PS3 now just 299


  • RSS URL + Winamp = WIN

    Incidentally, I would *love* to have Sony’s Media Go software copy my favorite podcasts onto my PSP while it’s docked at home, but the Media Go software seems to have trouble resolving the final MP3/WAV file’s URL for RSS feeds that implement 3rd-party advertising services (like IGN does this and that alone makes 5 different podcasts I can’t get through Media Go.

    Please fix. :(

  • For ONE, I’m totally against any product(/rip-off) from Apple.

    So no PodCast for me, noooo

  • I’m more of a Zune guy, i would defiantly subscribe to them in they were on Zune marketplace.

  • Could you please do like does with their shows.
    They always have a bunch of different options for users to watch/listen or download (I always download).
    From a simple MP3 to a Hi-def MP4 or Mov or similar, would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Having a good quality MP4 stream or DL would also ensure people who want to watch the podcast on their TV through their PS3 ;) could do so and have it look good.

    Of course assuming the podcast is a video one.

    Check out the Co-Op podcast at revision 3 to get an idea of what I mean:

  • So does this mean you are taking the PS Nation podcast name?? :p

    But for real, I only listen to podcasts on iTunes via a subscription

  • Hey jeff
    I listen to the PSNation podcast every week right off my psp! The RSS FEED is a great addition and there is no need to download any podcast to your psp.
    It takes seconds to do a “Search” and add a channel by using the intigrated psp browser. It streams using your wifi so no memory is used! as you can tell im so excited that you will have a podcast (i loved when you are a guest on PSNation) cant wait and be sure to stream via rss feed :)
    Rock On!

  • Congratulations guerrilla for winning six awards. Best graphics I ever seen on the PS3 so far…..

  • I subscribe via iTunes but I have also downloaded them directly from the website. I have no quarrel with either and whatever you choose is okay with me. I will definitely be one of the first to download. I love the PSBlog!

  • itunes to my ipod while i’m driven to work.

  • I would love to see the podcast built into the XMB and stream-able.

  • I actually get my podcasts a few different ways. Sometimes I download them straight to my Ipod Touch the through the iTunes store on the device, or I may stream it using Stitcher on my mobile phone, through MediaGo on my PSP or directly through the PSP.

  • hey Jeff, do you know when Atlus will announce the winners of the autographed posters of Demon’s Souls that was announced in the blog?

    I hope I was lucky and won one… one can dream :).

  • Cool, we got Netflix now (half ass, but it works well).

    Now we just need Cross Game Voice Chat & Auto-Sync trophies. Then 360 can RIP.

    By the way where are all the new avatars?

  • Rss feed please.

  • I can’t believe you didn’t have PSP RSS feed download as an option. That’s what I use!

  • What’s the point of asking the first two(itunes and direct download).

    You know full well you’re already gonna do those two.

  • I listen to them via my Zune (don’t give me crap for having a zune) from the Marketplace.

    And I look forward to hearing your PS podcast despite it not having the word Nation in it.

  • Recently, I started using Media Go to download via RSS, and I copy to my Sony Ericsson cell phone to listen.

    On the topic of Media Go, please update with Podcast Beyond, and GameScoop as well, if possible. Also, note that the RSS link to the two podcasts are incompatible with Media Go; I emailed IGN about it, hopefully they can fix it soon.

  • iTunes since I have an iPhone. Would definately love to see on the PSN store

  • @Katsuo7171 (71)

    That was… horrible. I think I have cancer after reading that.

  • I’d definitely ‘publish’ them in multiple ways… the most important:

    1) The should, obviously, be available on the PS3 in some very easy way.
    2) iTunes, that is how I subscribe to just about every podcast I listen to… and VERY popular route.
    3) Put them on the blog here or a web-page in raw MP3 streams.

  • To answer the poll question, I usually subscribe to a podcast’s RSS feed in several places:

    1. Winamp
    2. TVersity
    3. Opera Web browser

    The majority of the time, I’ll go to Winamp, update the subscription, and then listen to it on the PC from there. However, if I’m going “out and about” and want to take a podcast with me, then I transfer it to either my PSP or another portable media player that I have. I’ve also recently started using Media Go for this purpose, and that works very well for getting content onto the PSP.

    I do have a couple of podcast subscriptions in iTunes, but I don’t use it too frequently.

    I’d also have to agree with many of the comments above that suggest having an RSS feed option in the PS3 itself. The PSP has had this for ages, and I’m surprised it hasn’t carried over to PS3. Although there are already other ways of getting RSS content onto the PS3 (the aforementioned TVersity is one of them), having a dedicated icon in the XMB would be a great convenience.

    Also, as others have suggested, having multiple avenues of distribution would be the best. RSS feed, direct MP3 download (from a PlayStation.Blog post), iTunes, Media Go, and even as a download from the PlayStation Store itself.

  • I don’t listen to podcasts anymore, I used to listen to some while being on my pc but it was just like noise and not actually something I put all of my attention on.

    That’s why I would prefer video-postcasts, if I’m going to watch a video it will have 100% of my attention.

    And make it available on the ps store to watch them on my tv from the comfort of my bed while downloading demos and more videos!!

  • cross game chat please

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned but on the Trine trophies it just shows a generic trophy icon when I view trophies on my system but when I compare to a friend it shows artwork for each trophy… Will this be fixed? :)

  • I’d rather read than listen, it’s so annoying with podcasts when you can’t hear something well you have to rewind and stuff it gets really tedious.

    So I’d like it if you shared your podcasts via transcripts of them as well.

  • I download them to my media go and then transfer them to my psp go for listining and viewing….my favorite podcasts are, CO-OP, LISTEN UP, HOUSE OF REGGAE, BONUS ROUND and INVISIBLE WALLS….keep on gamin.

  • I won’t even listen to a podcast unless I can get it from iTunes. I think Greg Miller should be one of your first guests, he’s hilarious and makes any podcast great.

  • I usually download them directly to my PSP or use Media Go.

    BTW Jeff, the IGN podcasts don’t seem to work with the latest update of Media Go. I sent an email to tech support but they never got back to me. Can you please look into it? I need my Beyond fix!

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