Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Creating the Trailer

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Goddag på er!

My name is Marcus “Noken” Johansson and I’m one of the guys working at the DICE Video Crew in Stockholm, Sweden.

We got some really cool stuff to show you from the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta map, Arica Harbor, but it isn’t just a new trailer. It’s actually something a little different. Usually when we create movies there’s a lot of intense action which is always good, but this time we wanted to try something we haven’t done before.

The idea was to find action-filled moments and then capture them while the game was paused. This way the viewer can focus more on details and maybe imagine how he or she would play in that specific situation.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

After showing a short test version to the team I got the green light to make the trailer. But how do you capture this kind of stuff? Well, what I like the most about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is that we can show actual gameplay, so instead of staging scenes, I’ve been working with material recorded during our daily studio play tests.

After we’re done with our daily tests, we can replay the rounds over and over until we find the scenes we’re looking for. This way people can be sure that the game trailer they’re looking at represents the game they will get to play when it’s out.

So I flew around the level with my free cam, looking for some infantry fighting, some tank battles and of course some really cool destruction. After I was done capturing and editing, the sound team added the sound and music to set the mood and tone of the movie.

Render, ship it!

What you see below is the result and I’m really happy with what we created, and I hope you are too.

See you on the battlefield!


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  • Bloody hell I want!

  • I just wish there was night maps to where you have thermial and night vision goggles.

  • nice trailer, i always enjoyed this style. Does a great job of showing off visuals while still catching all the action

  • Wow, the offering of the Beta, and the fantastic gameplay from the first game is probably gonna make me preorder this guy. After reading some of the developer’s posts on here (one hinting at an online co-op or something of the sort?) just put me over the edge.

    I think I’m getting this over MW2. I never thought I’d say this, but nice job EA!

  • This looks AMAZING!!

    Vehicle-wise, what are we talking about? Varying types of tanks, helicopters… and I saw jets, whats that about?

  • This game looks tite, stoked to check it out.

  • Can’t wait for this game! I got BC on release day and played the hell out of it online for over a year then got BF43.

    Here is to hoping voice chat and squad invites finally work 100% on PS3 this time around :-/

  • Can I have this game for free? There is like 20 games coming out Q1 of 2010 that I want

  • Looks good to me.. like realistic looking animation good..!

  • and Good Morgen to you Scandinavians…

  • Mr. Johansson,

    if this is now a M rated title, what made EA/Dice want to make the game a M rated title, instead of just T, for other younger gamers? Also, since it’s been confirmed by you that it is a M title, will there be strong language in the game itself or just blood and gore? I have nothing wrong with language, but i think you are going to be ruining the battlefiled bad company storyline, since it was more comedy than regular violence and language, like COD.

    Thanks for the remarks in advance! Have a good weekend!

  • The game looks very good. Can’t wait to play the beta…

  • :O! it’s beautiful.

  • Good job on the video.

    I hope I get in the beta without pre ordering I’m still not sure about BC2, BC 1 was kinda a let down online after playing Battlefield 2 & 2142, and wow about the “M” rating a first to the BF series but kinda figured as much after the F’bombs in the last trailer ;)

  • Wow the “M” rating is pretty stupid IMO. It completely ruins the Battlefield image in my mind. I don’t need F-bombs or blood to make this game amazing. BC1’s single player was funny… and it didn’t need intense language to make it enjoyable. At least add filters or something so it can be accessed by younger gamers. Make it a “T” game. No one wants a “M” Battlefield game.

  • Hey so in Canada, how does this work, is it still BestBuy, but EB games instead of GameStop?

  • Hey looks very good can’t wait until i can unleash total destruction. One thing i read somewhere that to get the beta you need some sort of unlock or password is this true if so that would be kinda annoying because so many people are looking forward to it?
    Please answer
    cheers :)

  • The game looks amazing,cant wait!!!

  • Thanks for us teasing Marcus…

    …but now is time to give me a redeem code, you know you can’t start this beta version without me. facts. :|

  • Any chance that Dead Space 2, and Mirrors Edge 2 will drop on the PS3 as exclusive titles? It seems more and more developers are getting on the PS3 train as of late.

    Having those innovative titles as PS3 exclusives would make the Xbox360 look overly generic game wise. (Part of the reason I left, too many games that fallow the same formulas, or try to hard to be truly innovative)

  • Forget mulplayer when are you guys going to show single player campaign??

  • Go bfbc let it sucseed

  • I’m getting this game for sure!!

  • Great Vid, but the voice overs sounded like 16 year old kids. Not battle hardened veterans. Work on that and the game will be prefect.

  • I love bad company and this game looks absolutely stunning. I’m more excited for this game than modern warfare 2… and the exclusive beta isn’t bad either =)

  • Ah yeah, as a side note, I’m pumped that this game is rated “M.” MORE INTENSE!

  • @63 stormtooper – yes there will be blood and some cursing here and there. If you take a look at one of the trailers you’d hear some which I believe was the moments trailer here around 23-25 seconds in:

    @68 RaCpram12 – There is going to be comedy, but it’s going to be mixed with some mature stuff, as the B-Team is more mature and on a serious role in the story mode than the first trying to get gold. It’s a good mesh. This is also going back to Battlefield roots so to speak in this console sequel. Believe me, it’s not going to ruin the experience. DICE knows how to make games as they’ve been doing it for a long time. ;)

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • How do I get a beta code for this??
    It will be on my list of must buys for 2010.

  • I’m not trolling or trying to cause a fuss (I’m playing Uncharted 2 on my brand new PS3 Slim at the moment). But I sorta discovered that this Beta Announcement video is based off an Xbox 360 build of the game.

    At 0:49 in this video, it is the same exact scene as the Arica Harbor gameplay video at 0:20. Due to similarities in squad symbols and squad members, and assuming that the Arica Harbor video and the Beta video were based off the same exact Multiplayer match. Then this video is based off a match that was played on the 360.

    Similar squad members and symbols at 0:20 in the Arica Harbor video appear at 1:01, which shows a prompt for the 360 B-Button. (Arica Harbor shows both console footage)

    Not a big deal, but I found it cool that I figured this all out by looking around. Can’t wait for the Beta! I actually pre-ordered twice I was so paranoid that I won’t get my code.

  • 83 Zerstorer23 – It’s not. It’s the PS3 version it’s just it’s the same map and play. Believe me, it’s stated it’s the PS3 one. ;)

  • Hay there,
    The game look great, We need to test it now.
    Can I ask Something, Why its So Hard To get the beta Key for Battlefield: Bad Company 2-_-

  • loved bad company is there any chance there will be add on content via patch or dlc?

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