Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Creating the Trailer

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Goddag på er!

My name is Marcus “Noken” Johansson and I’m one of the guys working at the DICE Video Crew in Stockholm, Sweden.

We got some really cool stuff to show you from the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta map, Arica Harbor, but it isn’t just a new trailer. It’s actually something a little different. Usually when we create movies there’s a lot of intense action which is always good, but this time we wanted to try something we haven’t done before.

The idea was to find action-filled moments and then capture them while the game was paused. This way the viewer can focus more on details and maybe imagine how he or she would play in that specific situation.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

After showing a short test version to the team I got the green light to make the trailer. But how do you capture this kind of stuff? Well, what I like the most about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is that we can show actual gameplay, so instead of staging scenes, I’ve been working with material recorded during our daily studio play tests.

After we’re done with our daily tests, we can replay the rounds over and over until we find the scenes we’re looking for. This way people can be sure that the game trailer they’re looking at represents the game they will get to play when it’s out.

So I flew around the level with my free cam, looking for some infantry fighting, some tank battles and of course some really cool destruction. After I was done capturing and editing, the sound team added the sound and music to set the mood and tone of the movie.

Render, ship it!

What you see below is the result and I’m really happy with what we created, and I hope you are too.

See you on the battlefield!


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  • wow looks awessome im so getting this game,going to pre order today

  • Is is only me, or does this game look drop dead gorgeous?!

  • noken you did a very very very good job bro, thnx for this awesome video, ill love to see more ;) see you on the battlefield!

    Trim as

  • Games looking good but I have a couple questions

    1. Do I need an EA account to play it online?

    2. Is there a limited/special edition? I checked but they don’t have it listed.

    Game looks great and I’ll be sure to pick it up!

    • 1.) Yes, you will need to sign into your EA account to play. It enables stat tracking on our website.

      2) Yes, there is a LImited Edition, retailers are posting this info at different times dependant on when they can get it live. Some take a bit longer than others:)

  • nice work noken,its brilliant!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome trailer indeed. The audio also made it better. And I have it preordered from GameStop already. You guys might be getting another cake from me :)

    And just one question: How long will the Beta last? Thanks :)

  • @poodude

    The limited edition box is shown at the end of the video, look at the box to the right and read the top text.

  • MOVE OVER Modern Warfare 2! This game is gonna kick it’s ass!!!!!!!


  • This one really has me interested. The first game was impressive, and I enjoyed the hell out of that one, to be sure. Hoping for more of the same and then some.

  • Looks great! Well done ;P

  • @ reson8er, thanks I hadn’t finished the vid when I posted. I probably should have watched it first eh?

  • So, let met get this straight, I’m supposed to get excited about a video that doesn’t show any actual game play? I mean, sure that’s cool. Still images. Floating across the screen. A radio voice barking out commands. Wow. Sign me up. Where’s the humor from the first game? Where’s the chick’s sexy voice over the radio? I’m sorry, but this trailer did nothing for me.

  • I really like that trailer… actually I have a question. Any chance we’ll have a Cinema mode, or any kind of Screenshot function in Bad Company 2?

  • I am more pumped about this game than I am about MW2.
    I hope BF:BC2 delivers

  • Hmmm looks like a killzone montage…good job though

  • This game’s multiplayer is probably gonna be awesome. I just hope you guys have a good campaign planned too. Campaign is much more important to me. But as I said earlier good work guys, can’t wait ’till this comes out.

  • Fantastic!
    BC2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> MW2 :D

  • Hey you guys make great video, can I ask was the “Battlefield moments 1” video rendered in any way? It looked so amazing, almost too amazing.

    BTW its great to see some PS3 support unlike some people who will remained nameless *cough* IW *cough*

    • Haha, thanks for the compliment. The Battlefield Moments trailers was a direct gameplay pull from one of our playtests.

  • Wow. Very impressive. Captures the intensity.
    Excellent job.

  • screw MW2.. I’d rather play this beta!!! i just got BFBC a month ago and I’ve been playing the heck out if it. you got me to take Killzone 2 out of my PS3 for a while. :)

  • good concept, but you guys needed to switch to live video halfway through, as it is it almost makes me worried there are issues with the gameplay that need to be hidden away through video concepts.

  • Initially, I wasn’t so impressed to see yet another multiplayer combat game, but if I understand correctly, and this trailer is comprised of free camera rendering from actual gameplay, then the visual quality of this game is excellent.

    I hope this also includes like Uncharted 2, the ability to record games and to fly around them with the free camera. That is an incredible part of Uncharted 2 and would be a great way to showcase the visual design that went into Bad Company 2.

  • this game its really great, the gameplay is really cool.
    i hope i get a code to play the beta !!! =D

  • Which version was used to capture the gameplay?

    When will wee see PS3 gameplay?

  • This game it`s really great, the gameplay is really cool.
    i hope i get a code to play the beta !!! =D

  • Wow

    Nice video, it shows the level of in-game graphics, but how does it look in motion ;] ?

    But, all these vids show multiplayer action, where’s the story D: ?

    Where’s Preston and the crew?
    I miss Haggard DX

    Hopefully we see vids of them ripping at other games again xD

  • I sure hope the mic’s work this time around and the specific map search functions as intended and not throw us in a game that has another map going with the one we pick comming up 2-3 maps later…I’ll be waiting till after release on this one.

  • Cant wait for this game to be out.
    Any Pre-Order bonuses?

    I would rather have this game and MAG over MW2.

    Keep up the great work DICE.

    • We\’ve got some cool pre-order bonuses like an exclusive weapon at Gamestop, the AK-74. Also if you pre-order you will be able to receive the Limited Edition, a special version at no extra cost that has 6 early unlocks.

  • Couple of A-10s (Warthogs) in the background for a bit, wonder how those get worked in.

  • Bad Company 1 IMO was best FPS Online game for consoles this generation so far

    Bad Company 2 will take its spot when its released


  • How hard is it to answer these two simple questions.

    1) Will the game support local co-op?
    2) Will the game support online co-op?
    3) Will the game support duel PSN ID log-in if there is local co-op? (Look at Resistance 2)

    Those are just simple yes or no questions.

    • Technically, you ask 2 questions, not 3. :)

      1) No local co-op
      2) We have some new game modes that I can\’t mention yet, but you will be pleased.
      3) See answer above

  • Men goddag till dig själv min gode herre. =D

    Awesome trailer.

  • @ Brad thanks for the reply. I hate the fact that I have to use an EA account, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

  • Cant wait for this game… I hope the Demo when it comes out will be awesome too.. draw more new people into the Game :D

    Cant wait for the Beta PreOrdering it at GameStop :D

    and Thank you for the Video.. it helped me in my Drulling lol :O

  • The trailer’s awesome, it looks like a motion comic, very cool!!! I have the first game which was great and this one looks fantastic, this is a no brainer, SOLD!!! :D

  • @25 If you want to check out PS3 game footage you can find it here I was excited before I saw this video but now I can’t wait. MW2 will be my hold over till BC2 comes out.

  • Well, I pre-ordered this today. Seeing as how a certain company hates everyone except for the Xbox fan base, I canceled my order of their game. I pre-ordered this for PC rather than PS3, (only because I suck at shooters on the console) and I’m really looking forward to it. I loved the first, and I’ve been a fan of the Battlefield series for quite a while.

    Amazing trailer by the way!

  • AWESOME trailer and in Chile? Wow que sorpresa!

  • Will this be rated “M” or “T”?

  • So, how do we get into the beta? I was on the Beta for Warhawk, and I play a lot of these types of games. I would be interested in helping out with the Beta for this as well.

  • I hope you guys at DICE realize that some people want to play private matches. Please give us private matches that don’t require a full room to start.

  • I am as excited as a little school girl.

  • Looks outstanding! Absolutely love the destructible cover. Make the “nowhere to hide” feeling all the more intense.

  • This is good. I should reach 25 on Bad Company sometime next week, finally.

    Will there be any bonuses (weapons or the like) for people who played the original, or just 1943?

  • Nice video but why is this rated M. All other battlefield games are T. Now whats the different between u and MW2? I wished this was T rated.

  • Will there be rewards for veterans of BC1?

  • When is the game actually releasing? Because i got an email yesterday from Amazon saying the release date has been changed from March to January 26. Can anyone confirm this please.

  • When are you guys getting back to work on Mirror’s Edge 2?

  • Is there any chance that you will have something like a survival mode with 3 or more friends? Simular to Nazi Zombie?

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