Qore Episode 18 – Featuring ModNation Racers, Assassin’s Creed II, ILM and Star Trek

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In our 18th episode, we’ll show you a creative kart, an assassin with a heart, and moviemaking art.

United Front Games’ first title for the PS3, ModNation Racers, looks to bring the same “play, create, share” ethos of LittleBigPlanet to the kart racing genre, with tons of customization options combined with lively racing action. Veronica Belmont sees firsthand how easy it is to create drivers, karts and tracks and gives us a taste of what is to come.

The highly-anticipated sequel Assassin’s Creed II is almost upon us. Qore returns to the dangerous world of Renaissance Italy with an in-depth look at an all-new mission set in Venice including some amazing gameplay and information on new characters and tactics. There’s even a “spoiler” you can skip or dare to watch!

Industrial Light & Magic created the special effects for some of our favorite films spanning the decades from Star Wars to Transformers. In part one of our visit to ILM’s Presidio campus, they pull back the curtain to show Audrey Cleo the tech behind the magic.

One of ILM’s biggest productions this past year was Star Trek. Earlier this year, the franchise was re-booted with a new cast, a new director and a new timeline. With the film about to “beam down” onto Blu-ray, we take a look at its extra features.

This month, we’ve also got an exclusive ModNation Racers PS3 theme and the first in a series of themes based on classic PlayStation titles (PSone’s Blasto) for download.

As a reminder, the MAG Beta Test for Qore subscribers will soon be coming to an end. We hope you enjoyed your time with the game. Don’t forget to leave your feedback for the developers at Beta Central by following the instructions that came in your voucher e-mail. And if you are interested in continuing on with the Beta test, you can gain access by pre-ordering MAG at GameStop.
Look for Qore Episode 18 tomorrow.

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  • I called it yanks in 6 told you that a.i was retarded. yankees win daaaaaaaa yankees win!

  • oh yeah eat it boston hope we looked good on t.v

  • Huh, so that must mean we’re getting Blasto this week?

  • whoooooooooo giiiiiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeessssssss aaaaaaaa ccccaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee
    st louis cardinals fan all the wayyyyyyyyyy


    that’s so cheap.


  • Can someone please explain to me the purpose of the new 1.20 update of LittleBigPlanet? Or from anyone of SCEA that posts these blogs? You guys have more inside details than we gamers do.

    I would just like to know what my beloved PS3 is downloading, you know… taking up space on its own hard drive. :)

    thank you :)

  • Any way the game “N+” ever coming to psn I played on the 360 and loved it but sence my 360 red ringed on me I’m now a loyal ps3 fan and I need more of that game I think it would suit the ps3 better than it’s low- def counter part!

  • must be lonely being a cardinals fan.

  • I enjoyed my time MAG Beta testing! Can wait for Qore episode 18

  • I was really hoping to receive .detuned with this episode. I bought Linger in Shadows last year and then Qore gave it away for free with their next episode after it was released. I’ve been holding off on buying .detuned in case I receive it through my Qore subscription. Now I don’t know whether to buy it or not.

  • And yes… Veronica looks more gorgeous with every episode.

  • Another bonus theme…
    I’m not renewing my sub next year.

  • I am starting to lose intrest in my Qore subscription. Last year had tons of free games. So far this year: none. Qore is not worth the price without free games. Betas, demos and themes are nice, but free games are what sell the yearly subscription.

  • I’d like to get this months issue from my account but I can’t. All because last week I remarked to one of MY FRIENDS that he looked loike a fat gay man. Some other user must have thought i was talking to them and reported it. Now I got a One month ban. I mean come off it THE PSN IS 21+, your own EULA states it very clearly. I am fed up with YOU SONY, FED UP. I get berated by younger users daily and see them still in Home. Ban me from Home that I don’t care about but DON’T YOU BE STEALING THE GAMES THAT I PAID MY HARD EARNED MONEY FOR. I CAN’T ACCESS THOSE ANYMORE AND THAT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO DO. I’LL BE TALKING TO A LAWYER LATER TODAY ABOUT THIS AND THE MEDIA.

  • Oh and I’ll be talking to the administrator for the PSN later today. As for the tech support people and account specialist.(Andre and Paul) THEY LAUGHED AND MOCKED ME. That right there is unacceptable. A real lack of professionalism and tact. That whole department needs to be FIRED as they have no real clue about anything PLAYSTATION, let alone good customer service. Also I want to see the whole conversation leading up to what I said. Maybe the guy who thought it was funny to dance on me was the one who reported. I want that person to be reprimanded also.

  • @56 Straight from the Media Molecule website…
    “The 1.20 update to the game is indeed more content, rather anything too massive, however I can reveal that 1.21 is the fabled and oft heard of Leerdammer update.

    I can’t say when it’s coming just yet, but the fact that it’s next in the queue should give you some indication.”

    For those of you unfamiliar with the awesomeness of Leerdammer, that’s the patch that will give us online create and also contain the much need profile space increase.

    Sounds like 1.20 adds content that will be available in the store in the coming weeks/months and 1.21 will add Online Create mode which sounds killer.

  • Yankees WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why limited editions of the games have a bonus dvd? why not a bonus vhs?

    would be cheaper then a bonus blueray disk.


  • Qore needs to just make a home space to post all these videos and offer people who pay avatar clothing, items, etc. and yes more beta access an demos. Youtube has all these Qore episodes that come out…defeating its purpose to buy it

  • Not really that excited for this episode of Qore. I always forget that Qore even exists.

  • I’m going to renew today. Is the renew discount still available?

  • Where are the avatars?

  • BOY i cant wait till my qore subscription expires… worst 25 bucks i ever spent

  • I don’t think people should complain so much about Qore. I mean, you really should have known what you were getting yourself into. Plus, 25 bucks a year is pretty decent. I don’t care that they don’t give out free games every month, I don’t expect them to. My main problem is that they don’t have nearly enough articles and stories for something that releases once a month. They should have a section on game news and reviews, like quick updates on games and developers and everything Playstation in general. It could sort of be like Pulse, but have way more than just movie releases and top downloads.

  • @67 thank you very much, i appreciate that. :)

  • Blasto THEME?

    How about a Blasto GAME DOWNLOAD!?

    Hell, I’d pay for it. either way, I’d love to see Blasto as a download.

    Even better, I’d love to see a reboot :)

  • To add on my last comment, after going through this episode of Qore, I will agree that it is somewhat disappointing, primarily because a lot of the ILM footage that was shown in the preview ISN’T EVEN IN THIS EPISODE! Uncool.

  • if modnation racer’s want’s to compeat with mareo carts it needs to have moterbiks.

    p.s. sory about the spelling if you can call it that

  • and splitscrean

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