Qore Episode 18 – Featuring ModNation Racers, Assassin’s Creed II, ILM and Star Trek

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In our 18th episode, we’ll show you a creative kart, an assassin with a heart, and moviemaking art.

United Front Games’ first title for the PS3, ModNation Racers, looks to bring the same “play, create, share” ethos of LittleBigPlanet to the kart racing genre, with tons of customization options combined with lively racing action. Veronica Belmont sees firsthand how easy it is to create drivers, karts and tracks and gives us a taste of what is to come.

The highly-anticipated sequel Assassin’s Creed II is almost upon us. Qore returns to the dangerous world of Renaissance Italy with an in-depth look at an all-new mission set in Venice including some amazing gameplay and information on new characters and tactics. There’s even a “spoiler” you can skip or dare to watch!

Industrial Light & Magic created the special effects for some of our favorite films spanning the decades from Star Wars to Transformers. In part one of our visit to ILM’s Presidio campus, they pull back the curtain to show Audrey Cleo the tech behind the magic.

One of ILM’s biggest productions this past year was Star Trek. Earlier this year, the franchise was re-booted with a new cast, a new director and a new timeline. With the film about to “beam down” onto Blu-ray, we take a look at its extra features.

This month, we’ve also got an exclusive ModNation Racers PS3 theme and the first in a series of themes based on classic PlayStation titles (PSone’s Blasto) for download.

As a reminder, the MAG Beta Test for Qore subscribers will soon be coming to an end. We hope you enjoyed your time with the game. Don’t forget to leave your feedback for the developers at Beta Central by following the instructions that came in your voucher e-mail. And if you are interested in continuing on with the Beta test, you can gain access by pre-ordering MAG at GameStop.
Look for Qore Episode 18 tomorrow.

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  • So a theme is the only “cool” freebie…..pass

  • BLASTO? Ugh, I hated that game.

  • They can’t all be golden freebie months, Craazy.

  • ModNation Racers looks promising!

  • Qore sucks Ba**s its lame and you can see sneek peeks at Gametrailers or IGN.

  • nice… now a modnation beta for us please? ;D

  • So, you can head to Vancouver for Qore, but you can’t have contests that include Canada?

  • @3

    When was the last golden freebie month? June with the free Spyro game.

  • Can’t wait for ModNation.

  • It problem a badly made theme like all Qore themes. Why can’t you guys get us some dynamic themes dammit.

  • How about some more news on 3D Dot Game Heroes? I know it’s getting a NA release but I need more info. I hope the release date is very early 2010.

  • I want to try Modnation so bad! I hope the controls and gameplay are great.

  • I’m buying Qore annual subscription tommorow! But I am kind of disappointed that there no big betas or downloads this month. When I saw ModNation Racers in the title I thought Qore annual subscribers would be getting beta codes. =(

  • Sad, was hoping for another PSOne classic as a bonus for paying. Anyway, looks like some good stuff, but sadly its ALWAYS stuff you already knew from videos on sites months before.

  • Where is the subtitle for EVERY QORE EPISODE?!?!? Darn it! Please find a way to make this more accessible for deaf and hearing people (for those who prefer to read subtitle and listen to your Q&A, interviews, etc)! Please- for God’s sake!- It has been three years since the day Sony launched its own fine unit: PS3 and Sony did nothing- absolutely nothing good for deaf community. Please get around to that and work on find a way to make this more accessible.

  • Will we be hearing news on when the beta start for us who purchased LBP Game of the Year Edition.

    I Only bought that version for the beta, that’s how much excited I am for ModNation Racers..

  • I actually really like Qore. I watch previews and reviews on IGN and Gametrailers but they look much better running through Qore in HD on my PS3. You don;t like it don;t buy it but it’s given me enough bonus items to make it worth it for me. PLus I;m obsessed with that Veronica Bird, she’s lush.

  • Hmm.. no beta or demos? yet you remind us of one that is ending. Anyways i look forward to watching. Maybe you guys should look into doing a Qore dynamic theme. that could be sick if done right.

  • ehh ok episode

  • Well my second subscription has so far been a complete waste of money. We didn’t subscrive for the videos, we subscribed for the free games and betas and such.

    I cant believe I paid $25 for some themes I dont even want. Wake up.

  • I haven’t checked out Qore since they stopped giving out free issues in PTOM. I could barely recognize Veronica. Also, can’t wait for Modnation Racers! Canadian Dev’s FTW!

  • My Qore MAG code never worked. Said it was invalid.

  • Why is Sony ignoring one of the biggest sequels of 2009? (MW2)

  • @23 WillAllon
    it’s a crappy console port both xbox360 and PS3 get shipped off with sub-hd resolutions.

  • i gotta buy Qore annually subscription over again.

    i can’t believe so many people complaining about Qore. mainly annually subscriber since the beginning its been most of the major betas
    free games, wallpapers and themes not to mention the Qore Arcade.

    they can give out voucher codes to download Uncharted 3, Gran turismo 5 and movies people would still find something to complain about.

  • Yeah its sub hd but the game is gonna be huge no matter what. Cod4 was great except the host ending game, connection issues, no mute in lobby, crap like that. But they fixed that (hopefully) and i know alot of people are interested in the game.

    So i don’t mean to be rude but why isn’t Qore mentioning MW2 but they do mention AC2? Bit funny imo.

  • @24 superstewie
    It could be a crappy port of a PC game but the PC game is sounding more like a stripped version to be identical of the console game.

  • @superstewie you may be right mate but the game is huge. So im just wondering why Qore mentions AC2 but ignores MW2? Or why we haven’t seen a single blog post about MW2.

  • Nevermind Qore, Veronica Belmont baby!

  • ModNation is looking good.

  • Qore is worthless these days. You just rehash news and old footage that we have all seen months ago. Bring us some REAL exclusive footage and maybe I’ll start buying Qore again.

  • @28 WillAllon
    Because Infinity Ward and MS are butt buddies when it comes to WF. Have you not seen all the promotion for WF2 on the xbox 360 compare to the PS3? There is an exclusive WF2 xbox 360 console and they are having the DLC weeks, if not months, before PS3 owners. Infinity Ward does not give a rat ass about PC or PS3 gamers.

  • @ WillAllon
    It probably has something to do with the way Activision has been treating Sony and consumers lately. The little weazel of a CEO openly admitted he wants to raise pricing on games that come from Activision. Not to mention blaming Sony for it’s bad sales on the console.

    I’m glad we’ve been getting more MAG and less MW2. MAG’s going to DESTROY anything Activision can come up with which I’m sure’ll have Activision blaming Sony for something else down the road.

  • Tomorrow is Thursday! Dissidia better be up!!!!

  • Qore has been getting pretty week the last couple months. You guys need to step it up.

  • i have an annual sub to qore that runs out in a few months but i find that most months i dont even bother downloading. everything that is in qore lately is pointless. i remember when it was launched, it was advertised as having exclusive demo’s, betas and free stuff. the way it was said made it sound like every month was going to be worth our time, money and data. this has not been the case. a classic example was the dirt 2 demo. it was available through qore but it was also available on the store at the same time! not to mention being available on the 360 to everyone a week earlier. you guys better pull off some great stuff to get my $’s again thats for sure! in the 9 months of my sub the only ting worth my bother has been the mag beta. that alone is not worth an annual sub.
    yes i realise there is a fair bit of content but thats not why most people pay for qore. we pay for the exclusive bonus’s that were advertised at launch. the fact that qore still includes basic boring old themes is depressing! dynamic themes are now out there and we havent seen 1 in qore. WTF!?

  • nothing Useful for me …. i wish i see better things in next month

  • Okay….I hate to become one those complaining types but…..Nobody wants a free theme. I might enjoy a dynamic theme but I think you know that we all got the qore subscription for more than a theme. Even some crappy little psone game download would be better.

  • Is it me or is that Ms. Belmont looking hotter in every episode?

  • ah cmon veronica howcome you didnt come see me. I live in Vancouver!

    You can interview me any time

  • Fail.

  • Boy I wish Dissidia would come out this week. All this complaining is making me tired. I think Sony is holding the .pbp hostage or something. If they wanted it could be up in a matter of seconds. However, if Dissidia isn’t released I’ll keep complaining and order a pizza. If it is released I’ll still order a pizza, just probably not Thursday.

  • Dammit! Warn me before Veronica comes to Vancity again. I need exact times and locations…and a list of things she likes **looks around shadily** lol

  • God, Please dont release Dissidia, I love hearing mister1337 complain 3 times a day…Ive said it before and Ill keep saying it-Mister-STFU!!!! Your game suks ass anyways, go piss off.

  • the reason to all the posts about MW2 is because sony isnt being supported that much by Activision and IW. look at microsoft. they ask IW if they could design a console from MW2. what did sony do? nothing. i do plan on getting the game on both xbox and ps3.

  • YANKEES WON!!!!!

  • wow Veronica looks hotter with her hair in that way! i love her! xD

  • love Beronica Belmont!

  • @ 45 lol i have both console and am getting for ps3 there no need for me to get it for both console . lol they both will play and look the same yes the xbox 360 will have the new map first but who care cause it will be on the ps3 in a month if not more .
    microsoft can you save your money that use on wink wink exclusive and used that money on well i dont know makeing games lol look at what sony doing with there saved money vs you lol i haven’t turn my 360 well two months ago it’s time for you guys to give up on that exclusive excuse and make games not game … yes i know this is a sony blog sorry i just get bug a lil about actvison greed and microsoft need to make it rain on exclusive lol it’s a big joke now like DJ hero.

  • Aww, I was really hoping it would come with a ModNation beta. I already have LBP, so I wasn’t going to buy the GOTY edition just to get the beta.

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