UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Celebrates Halloween with a Title Update and a Double Cash Weekend

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The next time you start up UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves you will be required to download an update to the game (Japan and Asia regions — your update will be available next week).

Here’s the list of (most of) the changes we made. Some changes have been withheld to protect the innocent.

  • Addressed respawn points when the artifact goes out of bounds in the Plunder gametype
  • Dynamically adjust the win condition for fewer players during the course of a match
  • Added features to deter players from voluntarily leaving during a match
  • Added rate limit to “When a Chapter is Completed” Twitter event
  • Fixed a display issue during letterboxing
  • Fixed Danish Trophy description
  • Fixed screenshot utility in standard definition resolutions
  • Fixed the “Players Met” list not displaying recent players
  • Addressed a variety of Multiplayer connectivity issues

BUT, that’s not all…

With Halloween on the horizon, we wanted to take this spooky occasion to announce that this weekend is also our first ever Double Cash Weekend in UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. The Double Cash Weekend starts on Friday, October 30, 2009, at 11:00 AM PST and continues until Monday, November 2, 2009, at 11:00 AM PST.

In every match during Double Cash Weekend, you’ll be getting twice the Cash award you normally would for completing typical game actions – not medal-related currency awards – giving everyone a leg up in increasing their Rank for a limited time. That means this weekend is the perfect time to hop on to our Competitive and Co-op Multiplayer modes – whether you’re just a few levels away from the vaunted ‘X’ or this is just your first time online.

A bunch of Naughty Dogs will also be playing this weekend, so be on the lookout for the red Naughty Dog paw next to our PSN ID in the game and feel free to say hi, ask any questions or shoot at our characters. Stay sharp! There might be something spooky around the next corner…

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Double Cash Weekend

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  • Help anyone?

    I recently upgraded my ps3 from a fatty to a slim. I backed up my uncharted data (complete the game in hard) and I transfer it to the slim. When I try to play my the game on the slim it doesn’t allow me to play my game accomplishment because is say I’m using another username data. Is there anything I can do about this? Or will I have to start all over again?

  • Question:

    Are they any additional co-op missions coming down the pike in the form of DLC?

    My brother and I are really loving the online co-op…but with only three scenarios, it’s getting a bit thin…

  • I have a question about the lobby. You know when your in a lobby and some peoples names have different colors? What is with this!?!

    It seems that some colors are for players you played against, some are for enemies you played.. But seriously, there are like 10 different colors, I cant figure out what they all mean??..

  • Are the devs going to have mics on. For us players not to have to send em a message.???

  • @starBlinky01: They mean that the people with the same color are in the same party. (Meaning they partied up before the match.)

  • I am really curious about the ”Added features to deter players from voluntarily leaving during a match”. Because this is a real plague and pain that ruins lots of great deathmatch games. Is there a forum where we can look at some of the solution you DEV’s found, since it can be long too explain on this PS Blog forum ??

    BTW, Really LOVE the Halloween skins. I wonder if christmas will have the same costume concept, imagine Reindeers VS Santa’s. Thanks for this great great game you gave us.
    Merci du Quebec, canada

  • You mentioned the Recently Met list not updating correctly, I’ve also noticed this with my friend’s list within the multiplayer area. Never updates the new people online.

    Also, the number of people playing doesn’t change from the moment you log into multiplayer.

  • Love it

  • Nice!!! Now How about you guys Give
    us a screen shot option in the single player

    to take pics of the beautiful scenery!

  • why no interests on custom soundtrack, it would be awesome listening to prodigy while owning people instead of just hearing bang bang boooom
    also the matchmaking seems to be broken, i allways get put with low ranks and the other team gets the higher ranks when im on my own, when im in a part its allways even

  • Arne Meyer

    Hey i’m still having an issue with my recent players appearing after a match. called playstation and they backpeddled me back to naughty dog. can you help me????

  • @101. Yep, you’ll likely have to start all over again. I lost a lot of data when my old ps3 died and I got a refurb back instead of the one I payed to have fixed. I still had a back-up and the original hd to put back into it. It sucks! Some games carried over, but a lot of them did not.

  • Arne Meyer

    Hey i’m still having an issue with my recent players appearing after a match. called playstation and they backpeddled me back to naughty dog. can you help me????


  • whats 20mb between freinds…..i love the halloween update……im on now…..whooo hoooo

  • Great. You have the double cash event when I’m “prepping” for mt procedure on Monday. :(

    By the way, this is my game of the forever until Uncharted 3 comes out so please keep the online fresh like what you’re doing now. I hope to see some new maps in the near future. :)

  • character freezing issues? :(

  • Been fun so far, should’ve had a zombie paint on all the other character skins though. :P

    By the way, no Infection game type? :( I want to play with some scary running, climbing, jumping zombies!

  • ok, the skins look cool, but the hero skins…really? do they need to have glowing red eyes and a bright red heart as beacons for the enemy? lol
    and whats with how teams get sorted? more often than not i’m in matches that have the 4 or 5 highest level people against the lowest, and i’m always on the lowest team =( lol.
    Otherwise thx for the amazing game, got meh platinum trophy a few days ago =)

  • Me gustaria saber si a partir del lunes, todo volvera a ser igual, me refiero a poder elegir tu personaje, porque me parece que despues de pasarte el juego y hacerte el platino para poder tener a marco polo y gengiskan, y gastarte una pasta en este ultimo, ahora te lo quiten, espero sea solo este fin de semana de halloween, porque sino para mi el juego ya no sera el mismo, gracias.


    I just got the game last wednesday and I’m loving the game so far. Guess I picked this game up at the right time lol =)

  • PS about the deterrent for quitters, yesterday while i was playing my power when out durring a match, would i get penalized for that or would the game be able to tell i didn’t leave intentionally?

  • What’s this Danish Trophy?

  • Thank you for the update. Just got my Platinum trophy yesterday.

    May we have custom soundtracks please? I would love to have in-game music, especially in multiplayer, but both offline and online would be great.

  • Great job, ND! The Skelezor and Dead Explorer skins are awesome, I’m loving that we’re getting some halloween treats from you.

    Are the halloween skins going to still be selectable after halloween?

  • So..Im guessing Co-op doesn’t get double cash?

    Deathmatches aren’t showing double cash either. I’m getting my usual 15kish total per game.

    I thought its supposed to have started by now…

    • Co-op does get double cash and so does deathmatch — basically all competitive and co-operative multiplayer matches will benefit from the double cash. However, this doesn\’t apply to medals, only the other match events (kills, wins, rounds, etc., etc.)

  • Stop giving me things to deter me from doing my homework Naughty Dog >.>

    This weekend is going to end badly for me :|


    Please in your next patch ADD a “REMEMBER VIEW” for the shoulder cam when we zoom in.

    I.E. whenever you zoom in the camera is ALWAYS over the right shoulder, even if you zoom out with it over your left shoulder. The extra seconds it takes to switch views costs many multiplayer lives!!

  • Are you aware of the issue where the PS3 shuts down after only a few minutes of single player Uncharted 2? Check the forum:


    Nobody from Sony or ND has really admitted there is a problem. My PS3 was a freshly refurbished model, so there is no dust build up or any other problems with it…

  • EEEKKKK. I haven’t finished the single player campaign yet!!!!. Must solve last puzzle….must play multi-player tonight!!! Must have double cash!!!

  • I agree with Rabid619. There should of been a weekend special playlist. Just like *Infection* in Halo 3.

  • I’ve recently downloaded the patch and the Players Met list is still not working after playing for over an hour. Please fix this!!!

  • I like the dead explorer costume. I hope you can purchase it after the event and not wait for he DLC later this year. The real money is in medals, so since the event doesn’t double the money from medals, the “double cash” doesn’t have as much of an effect that you would think.

  • I gatta be honest with you ND this game is awesome and the MP is great,but wth is up with the matchmaking. Why are level 10’s and 5’s going up against level 40’s and 30’s. I mean come on.

  • Sounds nice. Just wish U2 hadn’t burned up my 60gb.

  • still no music in multiplayer?

  • You guys are great, keep up the hard work.

  • Hi Aren,

    Could you please tell me if you lot are working on a patch to fix the sound problems?

    The audio in my game is out of sync by about 1 sec in the ingame movies that play (the ones that you can pause but cant skip).

    I am using optical cable for 5.1 surround sound and have tried using differnt sound options within the game but same problem occurs, i checked on google and others are having same issues.

    The wierd thing is that it only seems to appear to happen from the Ice Caves level to the end of the game. But it is very annoying in particular for the levels where their are a few ingame cutscenes. Its not only the dialogues its the whole audio track!

    Please let me know,

  • ND I love the game but the update has made the MP a broken mess out of 10 matches 6 died on me. When I say died I mean I didn’t respawn, grenades and some players on the map froze and some matches would start then suddenly end. This I see being a problem your end as my connection was perfect. I would be fine writing these problems off but I have gone down from a L41 to L40, lost loads of money and my friend lost 40,000 because his internet died in his house, which the game saw as a voluntary quit. Detering people for voluntarily leaving a match is fine but when its a problem your end or a simple connection error why should players be punished. I’ve read this blog and a number of players such as H8_is_Bad have the same problem. Why would anyone what to play a game which punishes them like this. I suggest you fix it before more players me included stop playing altogether.

  • wow, looks like I have my weekend planned out.

  • I have just one suggestion if you guys are still reading. I find that teams become heavily stacked because players have partied up. Even when there are smaller parties I find they are teamed together with an average experience level of 30 while the other team usually is an average of under 10 with the occasional player that stands out. Have you guys considered something to resolve this?

    I, for one, figured that when I partied up with friends that I would be playing in the same games as them but I’d like to play against them as well. Partying up just gives you the option of being on the same team. So if I want to play against them in a public room( which is understandable when there are only two or three of us on at a time )we have to just hope that the we end up facing each other.

    My suggestion is to just randomize the teams so friends can also play against each other and have a system that tries to even up the teams using an average calculation check.

    Just curious if you guys have thought about the way teams are made in the game.

  • Awesome! Hey guys, do you by any chance plan to make a “harder” difficulty as DLC? Since Crushing seems less harder than U1 Crushing.

    Anyways, awesome work guys!

  • I came here to complain that the Villian skins grunting while the skeleton skins are stealthy silent gives the Hero team an unfair advantage. Then I saw that somebody else complained that the Heroes glowing eyes are unfair, so I bow down to the Dogs that balanced things out after all.

    @88 Velzorn, when I was TKed twice by the same guy the game asked me if I wanted to kick him. I didn’t because just like your situation accidents happen, and I didn’t want to unbalance the team to 4 on 5. Maybe you should have acknowledged the TK and let the guy know it was an accident.

    NaughtyDog, Thanks! Having a great time with this title. Ever think about giving Chloe a spinoff adventure, maybe something midsize on PSN, something like Rachet and Clank: Quest for Booty, and priced below $20.

  • great…just when my PS3 got YLOD. FML

    I play too much Uncharted now I can’t play it anymore since the PS3 got YLOD and the game is stuck inside.

  • My PS3 Restarted after quiting the game from the Multiplayer. I hope this is not because of the patch…

  • Does the double cash apply to Japan and Asia players? Thanks.

  • Fix your freakin game already Naughty Dog Uncharted 2 is the only game that auto shuts down my ps3 every single time I play. I cant even finish the story cause everytime I get into the last level it shuts down fix it already you must admit to your problems like MS and pay for your doings.


  • My game appears to be totally botched after having been updated. It won’t start at all. All other games working fine. All Uncharted 2 data deleted.

    If there isn’t going to be a fix, I can only conclude that my game has been quite efficiently destroyed by a single, relatively minor, update. Brilliant.

  • Uncharted 2 just killed my ps3 got the YLOD at this very moment…..this is ridiculous

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