UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Celebrates Halloween with a Title Update and a Double Cash Weekend

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The next time you start up UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves you will be required to download an update to the game (Japan and Asia regions — your update will be available next week).

Here’s the list of (most of) the changes we made. Some changes have been withheld to protect the innocent.

  • Addressed respawn points when the artifact goes out of bounds in the Plunder gametype
  • Dynamically adjust the win condition for fewer players during the course of a match
  • Added features to deter players from voluntarily leaving during a match
  • Added rate limit to “When a Chapter is Completed” Twitter event
  • Fixed a display issue during letterboxing
  • Fixed Danish Trophy description
  • Fixed screenshot utility in standard definition resolutions
  • Fixed the “Players Met” list not displaying recent players
  • Addressed a variety of Multiplayer connectivity issues

BUT, that’s not all…

With Halloween on the horizon, we wanted to take this spooky occasion to announce that this weekend is also our first ever Double Cash Weekend in UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. The Double Cash Weekend starts on Friday, October 30, 2009, at 11:00 AM PST and continues until Monday, November 2, 2009, at 11:00 AM PST.

In every match during Double Cash Weekend, you’ll be getting twice the Cash award you normally would for completing typical game actions – not medal-related currency awards – giving everyone a leg up in increasing their Rank for a limited time. That means this weekend is the perfect time to hop on to our Competitive and Co-op Multiplayer modes – whether you’re just a few levels away from the vaunted ‘X’ or this is just your first time online.

A bunch of Naughty Dogs will also be playing this weekend, so be on the lookout for the red Naughty Dog paw next to our PSN ID in the game and feel free to say hi, ask any questions or shoot at our characters. Stay sharp! There might be something spooky around the next corner…

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Double Cash Weekend

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  • In just about every match that I have played, there is ALWAYS one person that leaves the match early. Not a big deal, but definitely annoying as it plays a factor in the outcome. Hopefully the update will cause quitters to lose rank or money at the very least.

  • Damn. I wish my sister would stop playing story so I could get online..

  • Arne, can i add you on PSN?

  • Good job ND! I love the game and the MP is very addicting. Just wish there would be more maps and skins maybe boosters… Im sure this will be DLC… any word on DLC?

  • Uncharted 2 crashes my PS3! After 30 minutes to an hour of playing, my PS3 turns itself off and gives me blinking red lights. It’s a 60GB PS3 bought in February after launch.

    It’s not an overheating issue and my PS3 is not dying. I’ve been able to play hours and hours of other games (most recently Demon’s Souls and Borderlands) without any type of problem.

    It’s just Uncharted 2 that gives me this problem. What can I do?

  • Skelzor vs. The Dead Explorer


  • I lost connection and did not quit my new penalty is 40k instead of 30 secs WTF? Why am i getting punished for not quitting i did not hit quit i lost connection to playstation network and if i lose connection ingame again i have to lose 40k.. seems like the penalty goes up and up what if i keep losing conenction in game is my penalty going to go up by 500k even tho i’m not hitting start and quit game? This new patch is BS and i don’t like it.. people shouldn’t be punished for losing connection.

  • Nice! I Can finally take Screenshots on my small SDTV!

    Im sure your aware of the horrible problem that occurs when you take a Screenshot, its madness! D=

    Thanks for the fix!

  • Are you guys gonna be doing this stuff a lot? Maybe around all holidays?

    Also? Are those red-eyed skelzors available to everyone or are those for ND devs?

    • We\’ll try to do things often to keep things interesting and evolving in Uncharted 2, but they may or may not be around holidays. Can\’t say for sure.

      Regarding Skelzor… you\’ll have to log in to the game to see what we\’ve done.

  • Nice- I hope to playing after I get off work! Thanks ND!

  • AWESOME! More co-op missions please!

  • Glad to see you guys already doing some updates to the game. Can’t wait to see some new maps, skins, or maybe even new game modes coming down the pike.

  • Just like post #55, my 60Gig ps3 was turning itself off and flashing red lights. Until one time it turned itself off flashed red lights and now the system won’t come back on. I also had no problem playing any other game. Now it looks like I’m sending the item back to sony and paying $150 for a problem many 60 gig users are having. It died while playing uncharted 2 and now won’t eject the disc. Hopefully someone will address this so I am not out $150.

  • ARNE!!!

    PLease add in Greg Edmonson awesome music to online. Brutal Combo Mambo, and Bustin’ Chops and Cat and Mouse should be online during the last 3 or so minutes to ramp up tension, PLEASE THE SOUNDTRACK IS TOO GOOD JUST PLAY IT ONLINE!!!

  • will the update fix waiting over a min to join a game?

  • @Arne Meyer

    Nice job ignoring me and avoiding the problems in the new patch also good job not caring about innocent people that lose connection to get a penalty and guess what guys if you lost internet connection to PSN in a mp game ND will fine you 40,000 and guess what the fine goes up everytime so if you lose connection ingame be prepared to lose money even tho you didn’t quit.

  • Man, you totally ignored my question (#55) about the crashing PS3!

    Might I add that Uncharted 1 constantly froze on me immediately after the trophy patch last year (not after FW 3.0 like everyone else). I tried contacting ND about this issue and I never heard from them.

    I was finally able to play through the game and earn the trophies after the FW 3.01 update.

    Some help, please?

    • The proper channel for hardware and software support for SCE products (that includes Naughty Dog developed software like Uncharted 1 and 2) is via PlayStation support. Head over to PlayStation.com to find the way to get support in your specific region.

  • Wow, uncharted 2 rocks. Honestly, finest game on ps3. single player, multi, coop. Its all in one package. U guys really delivered. can’t wait to play this weekend for double xp and new skins.

    I know you guys don’t want to support custom soundtrack, but what about the soundtrack of the game available in multi match? Would be a quick fix easy to do…One of the best videogame soundtrack for sure.

    Also, planing dlc in the near future, please make all the maps free to everyone. I found that if people have to pay for maps we end up with just a few who buys it and it makes it hard to find matches. Paid dlc should be only for skins, guns skins and such. just a quick exemple is K2, really hard to find matches on the new maps. anyway, just a thought.

    awesome work, can’t wait for uncharted 3

  • My PS3 red blinking light on me this week as well after just over 2 years and the expiration of my replacement plan. My UC2 is stuck in the machine.
    It couldn’t have picked a better time to red blinking light.

  • Glad to see such a quick update. I sincerely hope that you’ve corrected whatever connectivity issues I’ve been having…. so far the “Complete one competitive multiplayer game” is the most diffucult trophy for me to get (still haven’t got it). I can play co-op all day long with no problems…

    Are you doing anything about the bug in single player where the animation and the audio get out of sync during cutscenes? Gotta say… with this game relying so hevily on cinematics… I can’t believe the game shipped like that.

  • Quick question, I’ve been wondering this ever since I saw the skin, did we ever “meet” skelzor in the story, or is he just something added?

  • Love the game, thanks. Is there any time frame for any new MP maps?

  • Can you please allow solo play for Survival and Goldrush (custom games)?

  • Hi guys from ND, just wanna let you know that on the TITLE screen with Russian language you could see kind of “#&10;” string at the left side of the (c) Copyright information. Looks a little bit confusing for the tested and released game ;)

  • Will we get our other character skins back?

  • Nice I’m on chapter 23 and it’s been epic so far can’t wait to see how it ends!

  • Hi arne, can you please explain what the update has done in regards to quitters? do they get xp block? or quitter sign next to their name, i am curious as to what you have done.

    • There are several changes we\’ve made to address this, but we don\’t want to go into details for everything we\’ve done.

  • NICE!!! I cant wait the double cash sound like a great idea to me especially this weekend… I’m free from work and college *woot* U2 time baby!!!!!

    All weekend long :)

  • Hello, first of; Congratulations on your work, Uncharted 2 is easily one of the best game this generation, and I would like to ask if you got a fix for an issue that prevents my character from moving every 2-3 seconds during multiplayer competitive matches, it’s just annoying and makes the game impossible to play.
    Fix coming out today?,
    or at least, is it in the works?

  • Sweet! Sound’s like a weekend for Ranking Up!

    Thanks Naught Dog! Uncharted 2 is the best game this generation!

  • Aww :(

    My internet died two matches in a row, and then I lose 40,000$. For an average player like me, that’s kinda of a let down. Especially as I had just gotten a new level. Now I have to get it all back :(

    BTW what does your “level-badge” look like? I’m curious.

  • Sweet can’t wait to get into a match and see the special skins, you guys never disappoint me, Thanks to all “The Dogs” !

  • Awsome…. Too bad I don’t have the game.

  • Thank U ND
    Game rocks and I have no problems with the game other than those stupid people that get on just to quit 1 min into the match. Why do people do this It does nothing but make your fellow gamers mad at U and I have started a list of all those Quiters.

  • PLEASE READ ME: will you fix the thing where you can get killed by a player at the same time as you are killing them? it happens a lot with hand to hand combat, most of the time both players die simultaneusly

    thanx and i love the game

    PS: kinda tired of the ak47 and the fal, why not add the mp40 or the crossbow online ;)

  • will the dead explorer be available to purchase after this update? Or is it this weekend only?

  • I just logged in. LOL.

  • Thanks again Naughty Dog for not only an amazing multiplayer experience but also for continually making tweaks and adding to that experience. I know it’s not right around the corner but I cannot wait for DLC both paid and free.

    One quick comment, I’ve played many matches both on the beta/demo and the final product and several times I’ve ended up accidentally killed a fellow teammate twice and been kicked from the match. The last time it happened I was even kicked from the PSN (I was not happy), I got a double down both times killing two on the opposing team but both times the same teammate ran into the grenade blast and was killed. I understand this is setup to keep bad teammates that purposely do this and try to ruin the experience but with RPG, pistol and grenade matches, the grenade launcher and so on, but with only 4 other players on a team this happens more often then I think you might have expected. Can you please consider raising this to three teammate kills before being kicked?

  • Good Stuff! It’s not like you HAVE to do this, but since you did anyways, THANKS!

  • Just got it, love you guys. I noticed the initial connection to online was a bit slow, idk if it was my school’s network being slow or the update. fyi
    Thanks again!

  • Great…I thought my weekend was going to be free! But if I’m going to spend it in front of my TV, no better place to be than in front of Uncharted 2! You guys really outdid yourselves with this one. Its become my favorite game. Not my favorite PS3 game, or my favorite game this generation….

    My favorite game. Period.

  • please reply to what i asked

  • First patch already, that’s awesome!! Hope you continue your support for multiplayer for months to come.

  • Arne, while you’re on here, I was hoping you could maybe help me out with something:

    I’ve been having some troubles during the single player campaign of my copy. First of all, during cinematics, the characters’ voices are delayed. You see them talking and then a moment later, you hear their voice. It’s distracting and takes me out of the game. And secondly, during the “tutorials” (i.e. where I’ll come upon a new action and the screen will say “push O to perform” or something), the game freezes for about 30 seconds or so before it starts running properly again. Do I just have a defective copy or has this been something you’ve been hearing from more people as well? If the later, do you have plans to patch the problems in the single player campaign? I like the multiplayer and all but I bought this for the single player and the fact that there’s a patch to fix problems in the multi and not the single is a little bothersome for me. Any help you can give me will be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Also, I will be taking advantage of this double cash weekend. I hope to see this done again from time to time. I love the fact that you’re doing something for the holiday/halloween as well. Perhaps we’ll have Drake’s in a santa hat and Chloe in a sexy santa outfit shooting at us around Christmas? ;-)

    Hope to see you on the battlefield.

  • are we keeping those Halloween skins? or are they gone after monday?

  • Absolutely incredible update guys.
    You continue to impress me how you care so much about the fans. I won’e mention the game developer because I don’t like calling out people, but I’ve been playing another shooter game for over a year now and we still don’t have the patch or DLC we were promised a few weeks after launch!
    Once again, incredible game, incredible company – look forward to UC3, 4, 5, 6 or however many you want to make.
    Have a good weekend!

  • Awesome! Thanks!

  • This is awesome! I just hope to see a future update soon on removing the black bars when using the look-around button. It’s kinda wrong for me since the game is already in widescreen and during cinematic cutscenes, there are no letterboxed bars while looking around has them. It’s either you have letterboxed scenes or none. It’s no big deal but I wouldn’t mind having it removed.

  • hope your still here ARNE

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