Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Out Today + Insomniac Community Day Recap

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Hey everyone,

For those of you who read my last post and were lucky enough to attend our Full Moon Festival this past Friday, I hope it’s now safe to say that the Smurfs are no longer the only good thing to come out of October 23 milestones.

About 150 Ratchet & Clank and Insomniac fans joined us from as far away as Michigan (thanks Adam!), Texas (thanks Mitch!) and all over California – some waiting in line starting at 5am — to celebrate today’s North American launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Even Clank himself managed to make an appearance, albeit in the form of talented voice actor David Kaye (who also voices Nathan Hale in the Resistance games). General Alister Azimuth, aka Joey D’Auria, paid a visit along with G4TV’s very own Adam Sessler as part of a “making of A Crack in Time” panel moderated by yours truly. Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price, gameplay lead Andrew Yount and lead designer Mike Ellis shared their production memories as part of the standing-room only discussion.

During the panel, we showed off some exclusive videos, including the official debut of our Kevin Butler TV spot and a nifty piece highlighting a somewhat overlooked aspect of RCF: A Crack in Time: “My Blaster Runs Hot.” If you like 8-bit games, this mini-game is a must-play. And if you like Captain Qwark, I guarantee you’ll love “MBRH”, as we call it internally.

We also unveiled the official RCF: A Crack in Time launch trailer, which features the whole cast of characters and really captures the heroic, epic tone we were shooting for in the game. (Watch for yourself and let us know what ya think!)

After the panel, we stuffed everyone’s faces with pizza before whisking them upstairs for an autographs session with the entire Insomniac crew. To ward off the threatening post-lunch food comas, we reinvigorated every fan in attendance by giving away a free copy of RCF: A Crack in Time, their choice of exclusive Insomniac-created posters, a Captain Qwark logo T-shirt and…wait for it…an inflatable wrench!

But that wasn’t all! Full Moon Fest concluded with complimentary cocktails and a raffle for PS3 Slims, PSPgos, DualShock controllers, rare Insomniac memorabilia and much, much more. We even auctioned off one set of our exceedingly rare Ratchet, Clank and Qwark vinyls, which generated $400 for the Starlight Foundation.

In the end, our amazing fans were treated to a day they deserve. And everyone at Insomniac was treated to meeting some of the people who inspire us all to make games for a living. A memorable day indeed.

And don’t forget, the second RCF: A Crack in Time demo — the Ratchet demo — hits PSN this Thursday…make sure to check it out!

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  • The patience is killing me! i just wanna get off work and buy this along with the other 2 games deal Best Buy has!!!

  • @ insomniac

    Don’t suppose we could get a double kill or triple kill day on REsistance 2 so I can finally move on from that damn trophy.

    All I want to do on R2 now is play Co-op I’m tired of competitive especially after playing KZ2 for so long. My other online experiences demand I stop playing R2.

  • RYAN!!!!!!! That day was soooo much fun….just wondering who was the pizzeria you guys used, Ive never had pizza sooo good before, subs was great too.

    On a personal note, I am at the moment leader of ACiT stats in most wrench kills….nearly 3000! Yay for me! Btw Ryan does ACiT have the screenshot feature enabled?

    Everyone else, go out and buy Ratchet and Clank ACiT!

    • Thanks man. And congrats on being top-dawg in wrench kills!

      Pizza was Ameci\’s and I think subs were Jersey Mikes (?).

  • Thanks for such a great day guys, my GF and I were overwhelmed with so much awesomeness!!! I got to hand it to you guys, it was an awesome experience, and the swag you guys were given away was wicked. Thanks.

  • Damm having to wait another week for the game! I am just about to platinum Uncharted 2, but I have to wait. Oh well, I suppose the CE is worth the wait, I can’t wait to play the game, and thanks Insomniac for your great work once again, I don’t even need to download the demo coming Thursday I am so sure it is going to be great!

  • One question Ryan, what was the best score on MBRH?

  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for the awesome day. It was truely one of the best events I have ever been to ( if not the best ). And winning those vinels for being early was awesome of you to do. Thanks for all of your hard work on the game and event. Can’t wait for next years.

    – Tyler Campbell

  • a free copy of the game, aww i RSVP’d but i couldn’t make it. hows about u guys send a copy my way, it’ll complete my collection of every Ratchet and Clank game

  • You guys are awesome devs, I picked up the new Ratchet today, will be playing it in a little bit! I really wish I could have gone to the fan day, it looks like it was a great event!

  • Why would someone feel the need to delete my post here on this blog? What so offensive about my post. I was apologizing in fact if anything. I mean most of us who post here all live in America freely with freedom of speech protected for us. I didn’t abuse my freedom of speech during my comment post here. This is the kind of stuff that makes me to continue to boycott Insomniac Games.

  • i wish i went
    but i live in Canada =(

  • That’s great that everyone who went to THAT event got coppies of the game, but it sucked that only half of the people from the Uncharted 2 Theater event got copies. I was SO pissed about that. Raffling off copies of Uncharted 2 to the public event while the PRESS, who already HAD copies of the game got even MORE copies!

  • DONT EVER atop the ratchet and clank series i got all da games except tod and this yall shud put them both in a bundle and also plz give the next ratchet and clank game online multiplayer

  • Very excited to get home and play this. I had to wrap up Uncharted 2 last night so I could jump right into R&C! Can you do me a favor and call my boss. Tell him there’s a PlayStation family emergency and I need to go home early… y’know to help Ratchet find Clank. That totally counts as an emergency! Right?!

  • @Ryan Schneider

    Thanks I appreciate it I love R2 and all, but that really was the worst trophy ever and I’ve had the others for months. Not that I’m bad at multiplayer its just that my life goes beyond one game. For instance R&CFACiT or Tekken 6 just to name two this week as well as Borderlands and God of War Collection.

    Tell everyone at Insomniac to keep up the good work and I can’t wait to pick up R&C as soon as I work out my money issue.


    That is all.

  • @60

    Insomniac has nothing to do with your comment getting deleted. Wow.

  • Ryan! You were totally awesome all day and a great host. Super thanks to Insomniac and the crew for having us. It seriously blew my mind how welcome you guys were to all your fans and all the stuff you did for us. Next year, I’m hoping on the “baked goods” bandwagon for you!

    Thanks for the game, poster, t shirt, blow up, and most importantly… the food!

  • Hey Insomniac let me get a free copy too, Im a long time R&C fan since the first one. You guys should really bring back drek that would be epic!

  • I was at the event and had a BLAST! Thank you guys so much. The game is absolutely brilliant!

  • @rschneider

    thanks sooo much for your reply, I didn’t where else to post this and I didn’t really want to join a forum just to post about that minor problem. I will send an email soon.

  • Just got it today!
    I cant wait to play!
    As for me im new to the series, (but I actually did buy Quest for Booty the other week)

    I <3 developers that take time not just to make an amazing product, but also take care of their fans! =D
    Good job guys!!!!

    And btw, is there any where you guys are selling any kind of Ratchet & Clank poster??
    Not necessarily the limited ed. one you guys were giving out but anything Ratchet & Clank(or Resistance)!
    Let me know please!!!!!!!

  • been playing all day, everything is great about it. love that Nefarious…he so silly. anyway, its so fun getting trophies in an R&C game, finally. also i’d like to know about any future DLC coming? may i suggest a Chimera skin for Ratchet?

  • UI got ratchet,the intro while it’s installing with quark is awesome!

  • up your arsenal and a crack in time, and then my blaster runs hot.
    (yeah it isn’t weird).

  • Ryan,
    Thanks for having us there. I had a GREAT time meeting everyone. Thanks for the PS3 quilt(I won the first raffle of the day). It was hard lugging it around in the heat, but I got used to it lol. Tell Cory to hit me up about those shoes. It was good to know I wasn’t the only sneakerhead in the building(you commented on my Kermit Dunks).


  • @rschneider yea i think that bug was fixed, uh no wait! Nooooooooooooooooooo.
    (rschneider says) human error, we should have hired those monkey’s who learned binary on typewriters and they work for bananas! (b-a-n-a-n-a-b-a-n-a-n-a-s)

    (binary monkey): 011000100110000101101110011000010110111001100001

  • Man, I could have been there, its 15 minutes up the freeway. Oh well. I did just order R&C:ACIT and Uncharted2 so I should be adventuring around the galaxy in the next few days. Sorry to Naughty Dog but I’ll probably play R&C first. My two favorite PS3 games both coming out with sequels the same month! Does gaming get any better?

  • Wow who was that 11th guy in line he looks so sexy :37
    And he is definitely not me… ;)

  • Man would’ve gone if I had the money.
    Definitely will make it next time.

  • Next, you guys need to make another multiplayer R&C. Make it another PSN game if you must. Seriously, the lack of MP R&C on PS3 is getting REALLY annoying…it was such an awesome mode in Up Your Arsenal! Of course, if you do, be sure to keep the Trophies REASONABLE, unlike with Resistance 2.

  • open some east coast offices so i can come!

  • i wish i was then i show my Dr. Nefarious voice
    he my villain in Ratchet & Clank lol but i am in NJ

  • hey insomniac!
    ever thought of making a pixar movie for Ratchet and Clank? , when i play this game it really looks like a pixar movie, so why not? =P

  • Hi insomniac, I hope you can release another ‘mini game’ like quest for booty but just a multiplayer game, like with all the maps from tools of destruction and A crack in time! P.S i live in Australia so i have to wait until the 5th of November to play it :( Hope to see the Multiplayer game :D thanks Adam.

  • Ryan, thatx for the pizza info, just may have to run by burbank and pick one up…the rhyno v is officially my fav weapon…its classical music in motion….lol

  • @82 They opened an office in NC a while back…

  • I am actually buying TWO copies, one collectors edition and one regular edition. I think you guys at Insomniac deserves all the money and glory you can get, I am a HUGE fan. The R&C franchise introduced me to gaming as a kid, and it will always be my favorite franchise. Keep making amazing games, you’re the best.

  • Is R&C Multiplayer?
    If so, to how many maximum?

  • R&C A crack in time is not multiplayer, as the game is soo big that if they did have multiplayer a large chunk of the game would be removed :O That is why Fans, like ‘Stuffgamer1 and I want a seperate PSN game just dedicated to all of the Ratchet and Clank fans that wanted to play againced their friends online!

  • Now you can finish patching up Resistance 2 and start working on Resistance 3. Can wait to see how 3 looks in NY

  • Picked this up yesterday. Loving every second of it. And…partying with Captain Quark adds a new dimension of inanity to the mix. I love what you guys did with Sopace Travel, and that Ratchet looks a little meaner.

    Time Puzzles are the best…. Can’t help of thinking of South Park “My future self and me” song.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game since they just started the R&C franchise :P

    I even bought the Special Edition, and I never buy those, but R&C really deserves it.

  • Once I updated to version 3.01, my ps3 will not recognize any blue ray disks, neither movies or games, but it will play regular dvd’s and ps2 games model number (CECHE01). I contacted sony support and sent a web link to FAQ, I tried their suggestions none worked. Their last solution was to spend $150.00 for them to look at it. I have searched the web and there are others with the same problem. This does not seem like I should have to pay for this repair because of the problem is the upgrade not a physical hardware problem, anyone have a suggestion? Does anyone have a phone number for customer service?

  • I would love to buy it but I bought Unchartered 2, and it didn’t work bought another copy it didn’t work. None of my ps3 games or blueray movies work. Once I updated to version 3.01, my ps3 will not recognize any blue ray disks, neither movies or games, but it will play regular dvd’s and ps2 games model number (CECHE01). I contacted sony support and sent a web link to FAQ, I tried their suggestions none worked. Their last solution was to spend $150.00 for them to look at it. I have searched the web and there are others with the same problem. This does not seem like I should have to pay for this repair because of the problem is the upgrade not a physical hardware problem, anyone have a suggestion?

  • Damn…I should have taken the 400 mile drive! Looks fun, and you guys really care about your fans…makes me almost want to buy a second copy of A Crack In Time.

  • Tried to think of something original to say, but everything is already told. You guys rock! Insomniac, i’m falling in love with you guys. In a straight ” i’m a big fan of you guys” sort of way, ofcourse. You just, just…. Youre Insomniac, and that’s why i’m speechless.

    Can’t wait to play A Crakc In Time. Btw, the Clank demo had some amazingly good jokes in it. Laughed my way through the entire thing. Kudos to the writers! :D

  • Oh, and don’t listen to the critics, atleast not all of them. The one’s that aren’t positife about A Crack in Time just don’t know to have a good time. PUT ON YOUR FUN FACE DUDE’S!

    So, I said it :]

  • Cannot wait to pick up this game, It looks awesome. Gonna beg my parents for money to pick up collectors edition :)

  • Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time is fantastic hra.Mam two parts so you Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, I must buy, pity they do is the last part.

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