Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Out Today + Insomniac Community Day Recap

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Hey everyone,

For those of you who read my last post and were lucky enough to attend our Full Moon Festival this past Friday, I hope it’s now safe to say that the Smurfs are no longer the only good thing to come out of October 23 milestones.

About 150 Ratchet & Clank and Insomniac fans joined us from as far away as Michigan (thanks Adam!), Texas (thanks Mitch!) and all over California – some waiting in line starting at 5am — to celebrate today’s North American launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Even Clank himself managed to make an appearance, albeit in the form of talented voice actor David Kaye (who also voices Nathan Hale in the Resistance games). General Alister Azimuth, aka Joey D’Auria, paid a visit along with G4TV’s very own Adam Sessler as part of a “making of A Crack in Time” panel moderated by yours truly. Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price, gameplay lead Andrew Yount and lead designer Mike Ellis shared their production memories as part of the standing-room only discussion.

During the panel, we showed off some exclusive videos, including the official debut of our Kevin Butler TV spot and a nifty piece highlighting a somewhat overlooked aspect of RCF: A Crack in Time: “My Blaster Runs Hot.” If you like 8-bit games, this mini-game is a must-play. And if you like Captain Qwark, I guarantee you’ll love “MBRH”, as we call it internally.

We also unveiled the official RCF: A Crack in Time launch trailer, which features the whole cast of characters and really captures the heroic, epic tone we were shooting for in the game. (Watch for yourself and let us know what ya think!)

After the panel, we stuffed everyone’s faces with pizza before whisking them upstairs for an autographs session with the entire Insomniac crew. To ward off the threatening post-lunch food comas, we reinvigorated every fan in attendance by giving away a free copy of RCF: A Crack in Time, their choice of exclusive Insomniac-created posters, a Captain Qwark logo T-shirt and…wait for it…an inflatable wrench!

But that wasn’t all! Full Moon Fest concluded with complimentary cocktails and a raffle for PS3 Slims, PSPgos, DualShock controllers, rare Insomniac memorabilia and much, much more. We even auctioned off one set of our exceedingly rare Ratchet, Clank and Qwark vinyls, which generated $400 for the Starlight Foundation.

In the end, our amazing fans were treated to a day they deserve. And everyone at Insomniac was treated to meeting some of the people who inspire us all to make games for a living. A memorable day indeed.

And don’t forget, the second RCF: A Crack in Time demo — the Ratchet demo — hits PSN this Thursday…make sure to check it out!

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  • Lovely! Some awesome swag too! Too bad I’m know where near…

  • Wish I couldve been there, Cant wait to Get this game!

  • Lovely! Some awesome swag too! Too bad I’m no where near…

  • Im so getting this!!

  • I was there for the R&C and Resistance 2 Community day, Insomniac is truely a game company that cares about its fan’s and community.

  • Double post sorry. Had spelled know wrong.

  • Insomniac!! Do a same event for Resistance 3… and ill fly in too!!

    Cant wait to pickup my copy of Ratchet!!

  • Thanks, this makes me so happy that even though I was only 20 miles away my day was spent loading the new Fixed Asset Accounting system for our company. Yep, livin the dream, that’s me…

    Anyway, can’t wait to pick it up tonight. Thanks guys, and if you need someone to load your accounting software give me a call.

    • We felt you in spirit. And hey, fixed asset accounting sounds almost as exciting as variable asset accounting :)

  • If I didn’t live in NYC, I would have gone to the event :) Dammit, why does no one do things like these in NYC :(

  • Oh forgot. I am picking up this game Thursday and playing it all weekend :)

  • This makes me so happy that even though I’m only 20 miles away, my day was spent loading the new Fixed Asset Accounting system for my company. Yep, that’s me, livin’ the dream!

    Anyway. Can’t wait to pickup the game tonight. Thanks for all the hard work on the game. Oh, and feel free to call if you need your accounting system tweaked.

  • Can’t wait till Friday when I pick up R&C! Insomniac is an awesome dev group and I will gladly support an organization that cares about it’s fans like they do. Thank you Insomniac!! =)

  • Where’s the delete function? Accounting sytems have delete buttons…

  • I should just not pay my mortgauge and go get this today. I hate being broke.

  • I would have LOVED to have been able to attend. Unfortunately, living half way across the country and having a two week old baby don’t really allow for such trips. Maybe some day. Picked up the game though!

  • Fantastic, my copy from amazon shipped yesterday, and I’m excited to get it!

    Wish I could be there, but I doubt any company would every come up north, seems everyone likes the eastern/southern states in conjunction with california as opposed to anywhere else.

  • Best videogame related day of my life. So worth the 400 mile drive.

  • Awesome i will pick this =D

  • I picked the game today morning but wont be able to play it till the weekends as i have a couple of midterm exams coming.. thank you for the game and please dont make it end.. i would love to see more Ratchet and Clank games on ps3 :)

  • I picked up the game and the guide this afternoon and it’s awesome guys!!! Great job and I wish you guys the best with this and all of your future projects, you guys ROCK Insomniac!!! 8D

  • When will the ratchet demo be avail?! =(

  • Buying this game now, day 1. I love Insomniac.

  • I picked up the game & guide this morning too! Its such a GREAT game. Wow. I love it. :)

    Favorite section, so far, is the outer space gameplay. Its just amazing imo. I could see myself spending tons of hours on that alone!

    I also the Insomanic Museum (which I unlocked via the Gamestop code) is VERY cool. I have to go back and explore that place again soon.

    Oh and I have to say, the Sonic Erupter = best weapon so far! Lots of fun to use. I do really like the constro weapons & Mr. Zurkon too. :)

    Anyway, I could go on and on about this game. Just a blast. Glad I bought it.


  • Hey Ryan! Thanks for the awesome day! I’ve been playing the game until 3 AM every night since you gave it to us! I had a blast there and I really appreciate everything you did to help introduce me to people too, it means a lot :)

    See you around!

    – Matthew

  • My Blaster Runs Hot! WooHoo! I like Quest 4 Booty but was kinda upset there were no trophies. :(

  • Sweet, in about 2 weeks or less hope to be playing this!!

  • Holy cow, that is so cool what Insomniac did for it’s fans. What an incredible group of people. I’m glad I pre-ordered Ratchet & Clank ACiT, I love supporting companies that know they wouldn’t be anything without their fans & show this level of appreciation. You guys deserve WAY more credit and thanks for the work you all do. Big huge thumbs up, Insomniac. You guys are awesome!

  • Three words. Best. Game. Ever.

  • Great trailer. Will pick the game up soon.

  • Ahhh, this is a fantastic way to re-live that glorious day!
    Thanks Ryan and everyone who worked on the fantastic vid!

  • Oh man, game of the year for 2009…
    Uncharted 2 vs My Blaster Runs Hot

    This is going to be a tough call.

  • Got the game right here in my hands at work just waiting to be played!! Unfortunately I have to take the misses out tonight so I wont be able to play till tomorrow.

  • I should have come over from Ireland. That’d show that guy from Dallas, Texas a bit of humility! ;)

    Still, two €3000 plane tickets minus a copy of Ratchet & Clank minus a PSPgo…would’ve been expensive!

    Besides, I’m getting the Collector’s Edition right where I am! :D

  • Gotta wait a whole week, but i will be picking this up.

    Hopefully i’ll get to an Insominac Community Event next year,

    rschnider, reserve my space!

  • Absolutely love Rachet & Clank… just finished Up your Arsenal, will be building my way up the ladder of the next Rachet & Clank games

  • hey i’m still waiting on your email so me and my brother can get are shirts

  • Im from Ireland too !

    Hopefully i’ll be getting the Collectors Editon,

    Say rschnider, trade you a R&C CE for a Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition ?


  • LAWRANCE !! !! !! !! !!

    sorry, someone had to do it…

  • “My Blaster Runs Hot” looks pretty fun. Any chance this gets released separately on the PSN for a couple of bucks?

  • Played the demo a few days ago and loved it.

    Just picked up my full copy at Best Buy about 20 minutes ago.

    Anyone who is wondering what the game is like should download the demo from the PSN.

  • Can’t wait to play the new ratchet game, I’m new to the series but have loved the ones on the ps3.

    I’m also more of a resistance fan so hope the sequel gets announced soon.

  • MBRH would make a great PSP mini, just thought I’d throw it out there!!! 8P 8D

  • Ratchet & Clank is a great franchise. I got my nephew hooked on it as well – it’s great to have a good hardcore game that is actually suitable for the whole family. That’s pretty rare this console generation.

  • I can’t wait to try My Blaster Runs Hot, but I still want my Captain Qwark side scroller game ;)

    I wish I could have come to this community day, but since I live in Europe, that’s a pretty long road lol

  • Oh, btw, can’t wait to play MBRH! Had no idea it was an 8-bit style game. Sounds great! :)

    I gotta get back to playing this soon. Thanks for the great game Insomniac!


  • The love and appreciation you guys put out for your fans as well as the overall quality and care that goes into each one of your products is unmatched by any other company out there. I absolutely adore Insomniac, your titles, staff, sense of humor, etc., and will continue to be a most faithful fan. It’s your series that consistently reminds me why it is that I play games in the first place, and I’ve yet to be at all dissapointed in any of my Insomniac purchases. Always excited to see what you guys have cooking up, and I can’t wait to get home from work and see how your latest masterpiece is.

  • Picked it up about 3 hours ago man im having a blast , very funny , very polished and it feels like its gonna be AMAZING

  • This is a really sweet game but I found a bug this afternoon where in the junkyard before the hollow. The floor just wasent there, I died and it still was not there. The plants and everything else was, but not the ground. Just thought I would mention it. Also what was the patch I had to download for? The game just came out so I am a littlle confused

  • I picked up the game on my way home from work with Best Buy’s Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal along with Fallout 3 GotY and Borderlands. Ratchet will get played to death though before I even think about those other two, though. Then I need to get back to Demon’s Souls and more Uncharted 2 multi…… Hell, who said this Fall is dead? :)

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