Please Nominate PlayStation.Blog for the Mashable Open Web Awards!

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I love mashable things: potatoes, music, monsters. Especially with gravy.

Why bring this up? Because, as some of you more social-media-savvy readers might already know, Mashable has opened its 3rd annual Open Web Awards. If you don’t know what these awards are about, there’s an international voting competition where major online communities (blogs, Twitter, Facebook fanpages, etc.) duke it out for the top spot. I think the winner gets cookies or something.

First round in the competition is the nominations period (NOW – November 15th). The top 5 nominees in each category will move forward to the voting round (November 18th – December 13th). Winners for each category will be announced on December 15th.

Here’s where you come in: please help nominate PlayStation.Blog in the “Best Corporate Blog” category! PlayStation fans are undoubtedly the most vocal on the Internet, so show your PlayStation love and nominate the blog, and we’ll win this thing for sure.

Nominating is as simple as a few easy steps:

…and you’re done! You can nominate once per day per category, so vote early and vote often. The nominations period ends on November 15th. Hopefully with your help, we’ll make it to the voting round. Then we can ask you for a bit more help :-)

We don’t ask for much, right?

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  • DeAno Jackson nominated for Best Corporate Blog 3 minutes ago

  • You got my nomination!

  • I’m at work and they block me from voting those B***erds. I will vote when I get home Oh right back to work. :(

  • voted. Good Luck. I hope we win.

  • I JUST VOTED, AND I WILL PASS THIS ON TO SOME OTHER BOARDS! I really want Sony Blog to win! Not only do I love this site, but I really love Sony as a company! Call me a fanboy if you want, I DON’T CARE!! In SONY I TRUST!!!

  • I think the PSB has gone through some big meaty changes since being introduced, but it could greatly improve in one department; replies.

    Yes, I know there is a forum, but THIS is the blog. This is where Playstation says I should visit to get the latest scoop on news and events.

    A post is made, 100 comments will follow. 30 of those post ask “how much is it?”. At post #40 someone asks “Jeff, did you eat sugar frosted flakes today?”. Jeff replies, “Yes!, they’rrrrrre great!”. No more replies will follow, and 30 people are curious to know how much it cost. Seriously?

    I am not asking for them to respond to every post made on this blog. I am not even asking them to have a solid answer for every question asked, but they need to be better about acknowledging general questions. IF they don’t know the price, just respond “pricing hasn’t been determined yet”. Is that it really THAT hard to do?

    I can’t vote for something being the best when common general questions get ignored at the place where I am supposed to be getting all the latest PS information from.

    oh, I also don’t use Twitter or Facebook.

  • let me say this in terms that you Sony Can Understand.

    From A Canadian To Sony:

    I don’t have any announcements to make at this time. Sorry

  • I did my part =)… good luck

  • “PlayStation fans are undoubtedly the most vocal on the Internet”
    And yet when we ask the tough question in chats or developers blog, no one answer. 99% of the time, you have to kiss azz in order to get your question answer. Just look at the recent Dragon Age: Origin blog. None of the tough questions was answer. Hell, none of the questions direct to Bioware was answer in the blog comments. When it comes to firmware upgrades blog post with little to no information about what the firmware do, no one seems to answer our question on what the firmware do or don’t do.

    However, you guys does have some great blog posts and some very informative comments from developers and sometime the fan interaction is great with about half of the blog posts.

    • Let me share with you something about this business (and probably a lot of others): details are announced when they are fully determined, detailed, and ready to be announced.

      If your question isn\’t answered as soon as you ask it, it\’s not personal – it\’s that the answer will be revealed to *everybody* in due course.

  • you guys have my vote!

    so if we use both facebook and twitter, does that count for two votes per day?

  • I will not. This is your job I don’t think you should be asking us the community to nominate you for a award. Sorry, this is just wrong.

  • voted with both my facebook and twitter accounts! Good luck guys!

  • @ 63
    Dont think theres anything wrong with asking the community and fans for support. Nobody is forcing you to do it, if you feel like they earned it do it, if not dont.

  • I did it but Jeff you owe me my PSN avatars!

  • Holy crap. Looking at the site, 99% of votes are for the PSB. o.O

    Threw in my vote. :D

  • Voted.

    You guys definitely deserve it.

  • Like a zombie driven by an evil summoner I have obeyed and voted!

  • Voted, do I get a free UC2 LE?

    pretty plz, I voted.. :C


  • The Playstation Blog really is the best blog on the internet. I voted a few minutes ago, but win or lose Playstation Blog is the best hands down. Power to the players!!!!

  • Finally, my Twitter account became useful…

    U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • YO #6! I’mma real happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but #45 has one of the best comments of ALL TIME.

    Of ALL TIME.

  • Thanks SONY , you are my first choice resource for every weekend. :-)

    After all the issues my friends told me that PSN had , its quite a surprise that am satisfied 100% after 3 weeks of usage of PSN.

  • Why only twit and face?? I don’t use those silly drama sites

  • Nominated.

    Now get Naughty Dog on here to announce the Fortune Hunter Edition winners. <3

  • Done, cause you guys rock….

    Now please give me some news on Ad hoc Party, Tales of Vesperia and continue with the great content you guys always deliver.

  • I have made my nomination for you guys. Thanks for being awesome.

  • Voted for you guys!

    Speaking of voting…if there’s a local election in your area/state (and if you’re old enough), go out and vote! Make your voice heard!

  • I think we deserve a little prize or something if the PS Blog wins ():) , not that I’m implying anything *wink wink!*

    Votes been cast and shall continue to be cast during the competition. Best of luck!

  • Ok done. Hope you guys win.

    Now were is my free codes? lol

  • Sorry, but until Sony starts doing something for Canadians, I don’t see why we should doing anything for you(Sony).

  • Voted, (via FB cause twitter puts a quiver in my liver)

    I expect my box of twinkies in the mail… soon as humanly possible.


  • if you guys win, can you guys give us something in return. like cross-game chat/party chat

  • I nominated you guys, and I’ll make an effort to login every day and nominate you again.

    I love visiting the PlayStation Blog and enjoy the funny and informative posts.

    You guys deserve and I look forward to voting you into the number 1 spot for best corporate blog!

  • Attn: Jeff, my vote is in…and i will be voting every day….I do in turn ask “when is the next Orlando, Florida blog meetup?”…i missed the last one more than a year ago :(

  • I signed up to facebook and submitted my vote for you guys. I never post but I read a lot. Good job guys. Keep it up.

  • @6 while that may be true you have to realize that they cannot comment on things such as cross-game voice chat, especially when you consider most of the time those comments are out of place. As for the Canadians thing, as a Canadian they seem to be doing a better job including us in the posts but I do agree they could do a better job by specifiying for every post about a contest and the like. I’ll probably still vote for them though.

  • I have to show love to the PlayStation Blog. The best dedicated corporate site on the internet.

  • Nominated :-) Good luck!

  • ok done.


    heh not really. :-P
    you guys are seriously awesome and I really appreciate the work you all do here.

    And to all those who are complaining:
    Tell me how many national corporations run a blog where their CEO writes personal messages to the FANS of the company, not just the stockholders? I sure don’t see Steve Ballmer doing that for the MS fanboys…

  • k done for you guys

  • Alright I voted… wheres my Treasure Hunters addition???

  • I did my part! ^_^

  • Most definently! You guys answer all our questions and we get the latest info!

  • lol i dont believe theres a chance that you wont win…. all the nominations for that category minus 5 or 6 are ps blog

  • Blog needs mobile improvements, currently no way to login to post comments from my BlackBerry.

    I see a few comments acting like Sony revolutionized corp blogging and well they weren’t the first. Most companies do it, and some feature way more executive replies than here. I don’t think we get enough responses, the staff skims over feedback and usually just replies to the flattering comments. Sony EU does a great job on their blog, they respond more often.

    With that said, I still like this blog but would like to see more changes to improve the offering.

  • I created a Twitter account (something I swore never to do) and nominated you guys. Good luck.

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