Please Nominate PlayStation.Blog for the Mashable Open Web Awards!

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I love mashable things: potatoes, music, monsters. Especially with gravy.

Why bring this up? Because, as some of you more social-media-savvy readers might already know, Mashable has opened its 3rd annual Open Web Awards. If you don’t know what these awards are about, there’s an international voting competition where major online communities (blogs, Twitter, Facebook fanpages, etc.) duke it out for the top spot. I think the winner gets cookies or something.

First round in the competition is the nominations period (NOW – November 15th). The top 5 nominees in each category will move forward to the voting round (November 18th – December 13th). Winners for each category will be announced on December 15th.

Here’s where you come in: please help nominate PlayStation.Blog in the “Best Corporate Blog” category! PlayStation fans are undoubtedly the most vocal on the Internet, so show your PlayStation love and nominate the blog, and we’ll win this thing for sure.

Nominating is as simple as a few easy steps:

…and you’re done! You can nominate once per day per category, so vote early and vote often. The nominations period ends on November 15th. Hopefully with your help, we’ll make it to the voting round. Then we can ask you for a bit more help :-)

We don’t ask for much, right?

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  • I’ll be voting every day insha’Allah! Good luck!

  • Done! good luck guys, you deserve an award for all you do everyday.

  • I have no Twitter or Facebook account… :(

  • Sorry, but I do not feel Playstation.Blog is the best blog. Comments repeatedly ask for “Canada?”, “Cross-Game Chat?”, etc, with no reply or posts. Playstation.Blog needs to do a better job of listening to and responding to Playstation fans.

  • i lol’d at “PlayStation fans are undoubtedly the most vocal on the Internet,”

  • Mash potatoes with gravy = YUMMY ;D

  • I voted for you but I agree with EVanHelsing…
    You need to listen to us more, and reply MUCH more when we ask questions.

    Plus, the Blog desperately needs a forum area and preview/edit buttons.

    Not to mention an easier to way to revisit previous personal posts.
    You should also include a reply area and/or voting system for posts.

    Anyway, good luck, but remember to consider these things…
    if not, no offense, but next time I may not vote if at least some of these aren’t implemented.


  • Don’t have accounts on those sites, sorry. But I have faith that you’ll win ;P

  • @6

    Considering all the comments do ask for the same things over and over on nearly every post made on this blog, there is no way they are going to respond to EVERY one.

    Also, I’m sure some of the things that people are asking for, such as cross game chat, are not able to be discussed yet. Do you seriously want them to respond with “We are not able to discuss it [cross game chat or other feature] at this time” or “No comment?”

  • Sorry, strl, EvanHelsing, but I think it’s incredibly arrogant to think that you can threaten your way to meeting your own ends. I don’t know of many corporate blogs, but the amount to which we are catered to here in terms of posts, prizes, contests, updates and personal responses is incredibly impressive. Hell, I’ve seen some changes in the PS3 system, the PSP and the blog that I could almost attribute to MYSELF, just because I participate here. That they can’t do every little thing we ask is no reason to throw stones. They are still a corporation, and not everything is as simple as snapping two fingers. A sociopolitical barrier such as US-Canada is more complex than a lot of people seem to realize.

    And on that note, given that you would likely like to continue this conversation: If you want a forum, they HAVE one. This is the forums were around LONG BEFORE the blog. Your sign in here is the same as it is there. Go use it!

  • Not sure I believe the nomination is justified. Is PlayStation.Blog involved in “major innovations in web technology and achievements in Social Media”? I fail to see where that is true; PlayStation.Blog not going beyond what is already pretty standard for blogs today. And this is especially unimpressive as it represents the leading gaming console technologies.

  • My nomination has been submitted. Best of luck! =)

  • Done ^_^you deserve it

  • I vote for ps blog, good luck guys…
    Dude the cant bring happy to all the people in the blog, and about “Canada” ps blog only post the news, dont do all the things on the news, “cross game chat” If they are not allowed by SONY, cant tell u things about future updates or something without permission…

  • done, good luck, even knowing you don’t need it, cuz u will win!!

  • Might be time for me to get a twitter account, i love the psblog, btw I have been getting lots of errors on this site lately, like page not found etc, don’t know why.

  • Nominated! Hope PS blog wins

  • You guys got my vote. Keep up the great work!

  • I don’t normally participate in these sorts of things, but given that I’m such a frequent visitor here I nominated just for you guys jeff.

    PS Blog is simply awesome and has revolutionized how I perceived the PlayStation website and sony’s role with its community. Great job and keep it up.

  • You have my vote

  • I obeyed.

    PS Blog eff tee double u

  • I voted for PS blog, I think you deserve it. Now, as a little favor, Jeff, would you mind asking the guys at work to release some patch that would allow us to save copy-locked save files to a USB stick? Some PS3 units do die and when you get a new PS3 and your save files don’t work on the new unit it’s very disappointing to know all your effort has vanished. Thanks.

  • Done. Now, about the lack of Cross-game chat…

  • Done and done.

  • @EVanHelsing

    I agree. Outside of behind kissing and commenting about one of the employee’s favorite sports team, there is very little communication on this blog. Their “drop it and run” attitude towards store updates and firmware updates is especially frustrating. Take a look over on the EU site to see how much better they communicate even when feedback is less than positive. It seems to be an attitude problem here more than anything else. Maybe when THAT changes, I’ll be more likely to participate in these meaningless-but-fun supportive voting things.

  • thats the least we can do for all the great coverage you all provide for us! C ount me in!

  • Done. Everyone should do this, this really is a fantastic blog.

  • sony can you please add 1360×760 resolution in the next system update please not everyone has a 1080p tv and 720p looks rubbish on them so please can you do this.

  • I agree with Cokeclaus, my TV native resolution is 768p.

  • Happy to do it.

    Vincent nominated for Best Corporate Blog

  • Alright got a twitter account and voted, good luck.

  • Damn right I’m voting for you guys you bring the Trey brotherhood with the lates info about the TREY exclusive.
    You deserve it.

  • @33 cokeclaus

    Probably not going to happen. That’s not a standard resolution.

    Try playing with the settings on your TV to “letterbox” the 720p signal also in your PS3 settings turn off all video output modes except 720p to force that. Almost all games are 720p or lower native resolution so I don’t see how they look like rubbish. Unless the PS3 is running out SD instead of 720p or the slight upscaling your TV is doing is really F’ing it up.

  • Done! Good luck :)

  • p.s~ Jeff dont worry bout these guys (EVanHelsing, stri, LokeSTL, etc) come on they’re here talking bout wanting a forum and cross game chatting and what not as if your one of these developers or something. your not right? Your all doing great and Im sure in due time it`ll all come.You were right about us being the most vocal. lol. Funny guys are mad asking for a forum when they have been around longer than the blog. Since back in PLAYSTATION UNDERGROUND. You guys have grown and accomidated plenty already and i bet there is still to come.


    is it possible to vote once from your twitter and your facebook per day. i just got a facebook and have had a twitter for a bit. if i can you got my 2 votes a day!

    • You know I\’m not sure – but we\’re happy with any of your votes.

      No, Chris and I are not devs – we just run the Blog, FB, Twitter, meetups.

  • Done.

    You’ve got my vote.

  • Done, got my vote on both Twitter and FB

  • @34 AriesWarlock

    See 37

    Your displays are probably being detected as SD since 768p is not a standard res. Try forcing 720p in the PS3 output or 1080p for that matter if your TV accepts it. Keep in mind games that don’t support 1080p if your are forcing it on the PS3 output will output SD.

  • I voted for you. I’ll ask 10 friends of mine to vote too if you get grace to ask me to.

  • Hey youtube I’m real happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but playstation has one of the best blogs of ALL TIME


  • Done

  • Consider yourself nominated sir. Don’t worry about the whiners, the majority of readers appreciate the hard work you put into the blog

  • Done deal, Jeff. You know how much I love the PSB.

  • “PlayStation fans are undoubtedly the most vocal on the Internet”

    Lol, hey was that you I was talking too over AIM when I said those same exact words?

  • “Hell, I’ve seen some changes in the PS3 system, the PSP and the blog that I could almost attribute to MYSELF, just because I participate here”

    I second this. They’ve done an amazing job of listening to us.

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