Coming to PSN this Week: Inferno Pool

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It’s been five months since the exclusive launch of Inferno Pool on the European PSN Store, and after a bombardment of emails asking when it was going to hit North America we can finally say, Thursday!

Just before the European PSN Store launch, there was a nervous excitement within the team here. When the people who have been developing the game for months on end are still hanging around at lunch and after work for yet another four-player battle royale you feel confident that you have something special. But would the rest of the world get it?

The answer was a resounding yes. There was a real buzz in the studio as the first glowing reviews began to roll in calling it an essential PSN purchase and waxing lyrical about evenings lost in a frenzy of multiplayer action, but the most satisfying thing of all was the reaction from gamers themselves.

Dedicated forums began to pop up discussing strategic ballzooka targeting, how to pull off a kickshot-multiball-combo and how to amass a devastating Endurance Mode time by stringing together a huge potting streak multiplier. In fact, as revealed in our European PlayStation.Blog entry, we were compelled to publish our own Inferno Pool Masterclass tips after the community identified some of our PSN IDs and began to gang up to take us down!

So, now the time has come for gamers in North America to get their hands on the game. Once again the feeling in the studio is one of nervous excitement, but maybe a little less of the nervous and a little more of the excitement.

We know that the game isn’t well known over there (if that includes you then check out the games homepage). However we’re confident gamers will be won over once they realize it’s a fiery, four-player, backstabbing, adrenaline pumping, online party game and not merely a kick-ass pool simulator.

So, fingers crossed here for Dark Energy’s first North American release…we can’t wait to see what you think.

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  • I have to be honest with you, Rob. I was going to ignore your game for Hustle Kings but after seeing your game in action here, I’m 100% pro Inferno Pool. I love the narrator’s voice, too. It gives it a cheesy, 1980s B-movie feel. I can’t wait for Thursday to play this.

    I will put my balls in those pockets. =P

    • Welcome to the dark side my friend ;)

      After you have put your balls in your pockets, remember to extend your Ballzooka and fire them at other people!

  • The aiming system looks a little too easy. I’ll have to try the demo.

    Would be cool if you could swap out one of the pool tables in the Home area for a Inferno table! Good promotion idea.

    How much?

    • You can adjust the aiming assist to be more difficult, in the video it\’s set to novice. You can also adjust the AI to make them harder or easier.

  • Thanks for the welcome to the the dark side. You better serve cookies here.

  • Rob Hewsom you’re coming off as really desperate with your damage control. That commercial was so poorly executed that I had to grimace through out it. Don’t want to watch your alternate youtube link either. Don’t understand how you guys even logically invested your time and money into that game. The game is so uncreative that I doubt a 7 year old would play it. Think of a better game before you push this garbage out. And no I’m not going to play your demo so don’t ask.

    • Normally I\’d ignore this kind of comment, but I feel I\’ve committed myself to answering every comment now… they should do a platinum trophy for 100% comment reply!

      We\’ve got plenty of 9/10 reviews to tell us it was more than worth making the game and plenty of fans of the PAL release who would agree wholeheartedly.

      I really don\’t think your policy of reviewing games by refusing to play them or watch videos of them is going to catch on either :P

  • I’ve never played pool before but have been wanting to learn the ropes, this looks fun, i MAY consider this game this week. I do however have some questions:

    Can i play my own music on this game?
    What will the price be when released on PSN?

    Good job on the replies Rob, you handled yourself very well considering all the slack you got for the video. Nobody’s perfect. I will pass the word to my friends your game comes out this week. PEACE!!

  • No disc – no sale.

  • Yeah! Inferno Pool looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced for EU!
    Watched the video so many times! (Not good, I want this game soooo bad!):P

    Thank you for the news and for taking your time and answering our questions! I love when there are many replies! :D

  • OMFG I need this!

  • I don’t know what is up with all the hate today?!?! I was holding out for Hustle Kings, but this game just looks like crazy fun. It looks very unique against the rest the bland genre of pool. I’m definitely going to have to try out the demo asap. Thanks for the second video, more game play footage FTW!

    • Right on! Mayb\’e I\’ll slide a download code your way when we get them, where should I send it to?

      Two left to give away…

  • Two download codes to give away? What a coincidence; I have a hand to catch one! =)

  • I forgot to ask can i have a code. You can send it to my email accociated with my account as you work at sony and would have access to my personal info.

    • Alas I don\’t work at Sony, I work at Dark Energy the developer/publisher of Inferno Pool. But since you asked, yes you can have the final code… just tell me your PSN ID and I will message you with it.

  • @Rob Hewson:

    My PSN is Guyute1210. Thanks!!!

  • Heya Rob. I have to say, I like your attitude. Say it how it is. And yikes!! A comment to every comment. That truly is a first. Congrats on that. Really, wholeheartedly, congrats. I will definitely, at the VERY least, try the demo (unless I can catch that last code *cough cough*). At any rate, I definitely agree with the comment (review?) in the video that states, “Its one of those why didnt I think about that”. Pool NEEDS a twist and after watching the vid, I was going to suggest actual “landmines” on the table. Like skip your shot to place an explosive ball, but it looks like you got that covered mate. Awaiting Thursday :)

    • Thank you very much indeed, look like you just missed out on that last code by the skin of your teeth… but if we have any spares left over I will let you know.

      Nice idea with the landmines… we\’ve got a whole bunch of other twists in mind for the future of the franchise!

  • Loved “the voice” and will definetly be trying the demo…This is my first time commenting on the PSblog so i thought i’d try my luck here and see if i could get a code…if you do have any extra it would really make my day so if you have any more send it to [DELETED] please

  • Loved “the voice” and will definetly be trying the demo…This is my first time commenting on the PSblog so i thought i’d try my luck here and see if i could get a code…if you do have any extra it would really make my day so if you have any more send it to me via PSN message please

    • Hope you enjoy the demo, sorry you just missed out on a code but if there are any spares I will let you know. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  • Hey Rob my psn is amak111

  • O ya sorry for double posting idk if you got my psn but it is amak111

    I apologise for making tha mistake of thinking you work at sony.

  • Thanks a lot, Rob. Now I’m really going to burn while in the dark side. =)

    My PSN user name is Tridon or my e-mail is [DELETED].

    Thanks again and I look forward to playing your little gem!

  • Can your guys next project be inferno ping pong when the motion controllers come out next spring. That would be intense. YOu make huge wineder shots, rip holes in other peoples padal, explosive balls, some really weird stuff, idk im just throwing out ideas. Basically inferno table games would be a great concept, like your inferno pool gmae.

  • Looks awesome! But is my existance worthy of the presence of such massive awesomeness that is INFERNO POOL?

    • That is a question that can only be answered by sampling the demo. If you existence is inadequate, the demo will destroy your mind

  • Hey, Rob. I commented with my user name earlier but apparently it’s under moderation. Let’s try this again; my PSN user name is Tridon (shocker, right?). Thanks a lot and best of luck with the game… I’m really looking forward to it!

    • No worries, got it :)

      Right guys and gals it\’s Tuesday night over here which can mean only one thing, Dark Energy\’s weekly 5-a-side football (soccer) show down.

      I\’ll get back to commenting after I have destroy the opposition with goals of justice!

  • I almost missed this post due to being unfortunately busy and my ps3 being dead, then returned but in another location, therefore i will be trying this game Friday night, it looks truly awesome and i’m sorry you had to deal with so many asshats on this blog, i can’t guarantee you a purchase but i will definitely give your demo a shot

  • Wow you guys comment alot, thats a great thing!
    i don’t like when bloggers ignore the comments, whats the point of having comments if they are ignored?

    this game looks like a blast, i personally prefer this to a simulator , if i want a sim i’d play the real one since i have an (unused) table.

  • No worries, Rob. Looking forward to the demo :)

  • I did find the second one more arousing! If the demo is solid, who knows where this relationship might go…

  • Whoa free codes… now that’s support users here will get behind haha. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff?

  • I’ve enjoyed reading your replies. Thanks for answering people.

    Since you mentioned Home in one of your replies, have you considered adding supported game launching to Inferno Pool?

  • You are doing a great job replying to all these posts, both positive and negative. Kudos to you for taking the time. I look forward to the demo, and by chance do you have any extra codes? I posted a comment earlier #46 first of the day, just forgot to ask for a code. Thanks again!

    PSN id = Snipes1313

  • Will there be dlc added to Inferno Pool in the future? Gameplay looks fun, and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone respond with such ambition on a psn blog. I give mad props for dedication and persistance and I look forward to the demo. Too bad I missed out on the download code. BTW the voice over guy reminded me of KI on snes which brings back memories.

  • Or I could go play pool in Home for free.

  • This is not the greatest post on this thread… No, this is just a tribute

    • Couldn\’t remember, the greatest post in the thread no, noooo, this is just a tribuuuttteeeeee. Oh you would so get a code if we had any left.

  • @Rob, Yes, I would love a PR job. It beats being unemployed. Did someone actually listen to me or was this coming anyway this week? See my post from the 22nd

    My first order of business as a proud member of your PR team is to dig up one more code for the newest employee, psn name pigmak, a real go getter!!! lol

  • This game looks fun. I don’t know why people are saying this game is bad. This looks great to play with my buds or family members. It has so many options. Online and Offline pretty kickass! BTW the voice does seem kind of bad, but I bet theres a option to turn it down or completely turn it off.

    • Yes you can turn it off… but would you feel fully rewarded for pulling off a jumpshot-combo worth 1500 without The Voice pronouncing \”Legandary!!!\”?

  • BTW this is the first time somebody replied to all the comments. Negative and bad and even to the people who kept saying the same thing. Good job!

  • I’m romping through the comments here with the ole peepers and MAN!…people can be such wankers! How man times does the man have to say its not a 1 for 1 pool sim!!!

    The game looks like a very interesting take on pool. I will have to give the demo a spin!

    BTW, Ben…I totally understood where you were going with the gruff voiced announcer.

  • I don’t quite get all the “still waiting for Hustle Kings” comments denigrating this title.

    I run Gran Turismo 5P, and eagerly await GT5 – those are racing sims. But now and then I’ll pull out Burnout Paradise or Grid to just go nuts and bash things up for laughs.

    Same here; there’s no reason not to get both HK and Inferno Pool – two takes on the same game, both look like a lot of fun.

    And Rob, please get Sony to change out that mistaken headline vid – your later additions are much better and many won’t look past the first one. I’m speaking as a marketing weasel here; this needs fixing ASAP.

    Good luck with your new title.

    • Love the Gran Turismo/Burnout analogy! Couldn\’t have put it better myself. :)

      I have asked Sony to swap out the video so it should be in hand, but the time difference makes it a little harder to get things done quickly!


  • We’ve got plenty of 9/10 reviews to tell us it was more than worth making the game and plenty of fans of the PAL release who would agree wholeheartedly.”
    Rofl . check metacritic ur game is a flop. You got a 40 from the official playstation magazine (uk). Sounds like a great release…. I just watched all the trailers and played the demo and i can say for sure that it’s garbage. What were you guys thinking when you were brainstorming? This is how it went.
    ” I have an idea! Lets create a pool game with missles! Yay cool awesome !”

    • \”Could be a contender for TPSN’s PSN game of the year.\”

      – 9/10

      \”I haven\’t been so pleasantly surprised by a downloadable game in a long, long time.\”

      – 8.5/10

      \”Next time I am down the pub it will be hard avoiding the temptation to throw balls on to adjacent tables shouting \’inferno\’ and \’legendary\’.\”

      – TheSixthAxis: 9/10

      \”Inferno Pool plays sublimely; it\’s quick, intense, fun and something that keeps the player coming back for another go. This is the Pool equivalent of Space Invaders Extreme, or Pac-Man Championship Edition.\”

      – 85%

      \”Graphically, the game is pin sharp to look at and runs at a sublime 60fps making it enjoyable to watch as well as play.\”

      – 9/10

      \”Just like all the great \’one more go\’ games, it comes straight from the \’why didn’t I think of that\’ drawer\”

      – PS3 Attitude

      \”Multiplayer mayhem goes a long way towards ensuring the game is as bonkers as the title suggests it is\”

      \”The physics are spot on, the controls are super simple yet extremely satisfying and the framerate is consistently 60FPS\”

      – 4 stars

  • don’t know if anyone asked this yet, but, who won yesterdays 5v5 interoffice football match? don’t lie either.

    • Hahaha well it was Dark Energy versus friends of Dark Energy and alas we lost 12-9. However I did score several cracking goals of destiny.

  • @87 do you ever form your own opinion or do you believe everything you read. in which case’ boy do i have a deal for you. great swamp land in a prime location, cheap too.

  • I think Inferno Pool is the best game ever. And for those dissing my appearance in the video, beware once my game face is on I can take you all on.

    Rob, fancy a game in a bit?

  • Chief Billingham says “Kids, don’t start fires on boats that you can’t put out!”

  • Don’t mess with Chief Billingham. His powers of Dual-Wielding are sublime.

  • lol rob you just gave a bunch of no name website with no media influence. lol your going to see a bunch of more realistic reviews from site like ign and gamespot. Your going to be sadly mistaken if you dont think your metacritic is going to keep falling. lol i cant believe i just gave u opm uk 40/100 review and you countered it with o_0 .. that site is essentially a blog. lets get real here. Your current metascore is 68 and im willing to bet it will be 60 or below by two weeks.

  • Duel wielding, duo arresting

  • correction is a forum website not even a blog.

  • Correction? What are you correcting?

  • “@87 do you ever form your own opinion or do you believe everything you read. in which case’ boy do i have a deal for you. great swamp land in a prime location, cheap too.”
    I always form my own opinion. But your just dumb in this day and age if you ignore the reviews . Two examples i bought haze and lair despite poor reviews and they in the end turned out to blow. You would love to believe word of mouth but this is exactly what this guy rob wants you to do. I got my hand on the demo earlier and Im telling you it blows. The reviews will be a good representation of actual sales you’ll c. But my best is these guys wont release the sales figures…

    • I think you\’re both right. Reviews will give you a general impression of whether a game is good or not… but reviews can be wrong.

      In this case we\’ve had several great reviews, several good reviews and one or two average reviews.

      So… the rest is for you to make your own mind up. Obviously PerezBros has done and wants everyone to know… I\’m slightly bemused as to what he\’s so angry about – one mans treasure is another mans poisen right?

  • @PerezBros You’re basically talking out of your backside mate. Your bad attitude is really making Rob and other Devs want to come and here and talk to you guys.

    Seriously its people like you that give the US a bad name.

  • “Correction? What are you correcting?“
    Earlier u cited in ur review compilation as if it was a reliable source. I commented back saying it was only a random blog but i corrected myself because its not even a random blog its a forum website. since when has a forum website ever been professional ? You might as well paste all ur friend reviews 2 .

    • (I don\’t know what is) does indeed have a forum/blog format, through which it delivers news and reviews. I never said otherwise. If people navigate to it they will see it is a perfectly respectable games website, I\’m sure they wouldn\’t appreciate you implying otherwise.

  • “@PerezBros You’re basically talking out of your backside mate. Your bad attitude is really making Rob and other Devs want to come and here and talk to you guys. Seriously its people like you that give the US a bad name.”

    Wow u must be some type of tool. You want to drown them in praise you go ahead. Censor me than. If thats what developers expect from people than thats sad. They need to earn that .

    • I\’m not censoring you, I\’m not even ignoring you. You are entitled to your opinion… I find your anger slightly perplexing but never mind

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