Coming to PSN this Week: Inferno Pool

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It’s been five months since the exclusive launch of Inferno Pool on the European PSN Store, and after a bombardment of emails asking when it was going to hit North America we can finally say, Thursday!

Just before the European PSN Store launch, there was a nervous excitement within the team here. When the people who have been developing the game for months on end are still hanging around at lunch and after work for yet another four-player battle royale you feel confident that you have something special. But would the rest of the world get it?

The answer was a resounding yes. There was a real buzz in the studio as the first glowing reviews began to roll in calling it an essential PSN purchase and waxing lyrical about evenings lost in a frenzy of multiplayer action, but the most satisfying thing of all was the reaction from gamers themselves.

Dedicated forums began to pop up discussing strategic ballzooka targeting, how to pull off a kickshot-multiball-combo and how to amass a devastating Endurance Mode time by stringing together a huge potting streak multiplier. In fact, as revealed in our European PlayStation.Blog entry, we were compelled to publish our own Inferno Pool Masterclass tips after the community identified some of our PSN IDs and began to gang up to take us down!

So, now the time has come for gamers in North America to get their hands on the game. Once again the feeling in the studio is one of nervous excitement, but maybe a little less of the nervous and a little more of the excitement.

We know that the game isn’t well known over there (if that includes you then check out the games homepage). However we’re confident gamers will be won over once they realize it’s a fiery, four-player, backstabbing, adrenaline pumping, online party game and not merely a kick-ass pool simulator.

So, fingers crossed here for Dark Energy’s first North American release…we can’t wait to see what you think.

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