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We’re not even through Holiday 09 (Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time hits Tuesday!), but we on the Blog team are starting to look towards 2010. For the new decade, we’re thinking the ol’ Blog could use a new look. We’ve got quite a few ideas for what we’d like to see in PSB 2.0. But since we’re here for you – anything you’d like to see us do next year?

In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite links of the week.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 19, 2009)

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  • only bad thing about a reply button is that alot of people will post replies to the first comment just so they are higher up the comment page. but a voting system like joystiq would be nice to downvote people into

    and also how bout a feature where i can go on my laptop and tell my ps3 what to download over the internet. like how DVR boxes can be setup to record shows/movies over the internet. that would be awesome but not really related to this blog.

  • Hey Jeff, any idea of when the Dogs will be back with some news about stuff headed up north?

    Our store is mysteriously devoid of Eye of Indra, and we still haven’t heard anything about any Fortune Hunter’s that will be making the trip across the border.


  • Here’s my list:
    I’d like to make the amount of posts on a page larger, especially when searching(there are only 5 on one page, making finding stuff a few months back very time consuming).

    There should be a feeedback link. The email link disappeared. (I understand spam reasons).

    The blog should integrate better with the main site too. I agree with links to trophies, but I don’t want a link to every person. Maybe a small banner between the timestamp and the avatar with a quick online-offline rundown and trophy level would work.

    In addition, because there SHOULD BE MORE AVATARS coming out soon(right? xD) the avatar space should increase a little bit. I can barely tell the difference between some with the small boxes.

  • Finding reply posts is another issue. Clicking on the red reply link only goes to the first one. Sometimes important comments can be 10 pages back, so maybe clicking that link could open a comment page with only the individual messages with a reply their replies.

    I don’t want users to be able to start a reply chain, but if a user could go @(comment#) I could more easily find the referenced post(Linking to a user wouldn’t work, someone could post multiple times).

    That’s all I can think of right now. The blog has continuously gotten better over time, I hope to see it even better next year.

  • Every Sunday, I’ll be making my own playstatation commercials.

    Dear Playstation,

    I’m quite sure Eric Lempel said avatars will be coming with the 3.00 update on AUGUST 18. However, we’re a good 2 months in and I haven’t seen anything in regards to avatars. Why would you talk about it if you had no intention on releasing new avatars.

    Kevin Butler:
    Ah You are right it has been 2 months, in regards to the blog post, but we didn’t release it until September 1st. So it’s only been 1 month.

    Alright then what about Avatars



    ……. 3.10 not 3.00. Silly Man.

    Playstation it does everything except consumer excpectations.

    Now just $299


  • The blog always gives me trouble in the PS3 browser. Video players don’t always function correctly and the pages always have a tendency to skip back to the top when I’m scrolling down. I’d like to see the blog working a little better on the PS3.

    I also think it would be pretty cool if the blog was integrated into the XMB so we could submit comments without having to log in. Having the latest blog post titles scrolling in the info bar would be pretty handy too.

    A reply feature would also be quite nice.

    One last thing that really bugs me is that contests always seem to involve Twitter or Facebook. If you are going to hold giveaways on those sites for beta codes or whatever it may be, that’s fine and dandy, but don’t make them exclusive to those sites.

  • Hope its not too late but Jeff, I posted a couple of questions regarding the GTPSP contest that I would really like to have answered. Post number 40 something.

  • Updates:(Sorry I missed these)
    and* their replies.

    The @(comment#) would be a link that would scroll up to or link to that comment.

  • 1. Canadian version of the blog, where only information relevant to Canadians are posted; so I don’t have to see the weekly video update posts or posts about a contest I can’t enter (which makes me feel sad).

    It’s probably just going to be a subset of what’s on the US blog, since there’s maybe one or two Canadian specific content on this blog each year, so it shouldn’t be too much work.

    2. The weekly preview post on Monday; like the ones we had before. I always looked forward to these post; it made my Mondays better.

    3. Be able to mark if the person who posted the entry is going to reply to messages. Nothing is worse than posting a question thinking someone is going to reply when they are not (and possibly they are not even reading any of the replies).

  • how about a suggestion space type thing where we as the playstation nation can tell sony what we want. like backwards compatibality which i heard can be done thru patches

  • for the top 10 link I really hope 8 days will be continued to be developed I don’t want to lose another exlusive again

  • -Notifications when I get replied by a special people with red posts :) (or ‘normal’ people too)
    -Email notifications of when topics of selected games blog posts are made. i.e. I’d get an email for Heavy Rain posts (or whatever games)
    – Confirmation of 3.10

  • Nice list. it be nice if I could log in on the PS.Blog and then visit other official PSN enabled sites without having to log in again.

  • @41

    Oh awesome! Jeff answered me!!!

    I think connecting it by adding leaderboards there, or seeing what the latest topic is in their forums.

  • For PSBlog2.0 I’d like to receive email notifications when someone replies to one of my comments and have an “Account Section” where I can see my old posts and replies.

    Another thing would be to customize the kind of stuff I want to read, for example, I skip everything around baseball, basketball, and hockey. As well as the video content update post is irrelevant for everyone outside the US (and Canada I think). Maybe the video content update post will be irrelevant now that all the Netflix catalog will be available.

    It would be nice to have a weekly post telling us about the games released that week. There was a time where I thought I knew about every game available for ps3 because I read all of the post here on the blog but there are many games I’ve seen on retail I haven’t heard before (that makes me think these are bad games Sony is ashame of giving some advertising).

    More contests and reader meetings next year!! The work you do with the blog has been awesome, it’s among the few websites I visit daily!

  • Still playing Demon’s Souls… awesome game.

    Come on Sony… We need 3.1 with:

    -cross game voice chat!
    -auto-sync trophies!
    -improved/fixed friends list!

  • like the EU blog show the posters country flag

  • the yankees will eat the phillies in 6 and all will be right with the world :)

  • More support for mobile devices. The mobile format is really awesome, but this blog is getting heavier on the video (and why not, video rocks). Unfortunately, some devices like my iPhone miss out on the good stuff.

    A suggestion or request feature. Unless I’m missing it entirely, I don’t see a way to suggest a blog post, be it a developer interview, or a special guest writer.

    Can we see a PS3 XMB option to go straight for the blog in a similar set up as the PS Store? Navigating on the browser is okay, but having an option for adding the Twitter feed, or Flickr, and the blog all on the XMB with native PS3 support in a package designed for a controller and HDTV would rock. Also, add custom XMB icon options to FW requests ;)

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Jeff any news about a Western Tales of Vesperia release?

  • >> We’re not even through Holiday 09 (Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time hits Tuesday!), but we on the Blog team are starting to look towards 2010. For the new decade, we’re thinking the ol’ Blog could use a new look. We’ve got quite a few ideas for what we’d like to see in PSB 2.0. But since we’re here for you – anything you’d like to see us do next year?

    Make it look like the EU Blog, just keep this black/grey color scheme. The color scheme is good, but the design is ugh compared to super sexy EU’s.

    Also intergrate the PSN “dashboard” into the blog (and as a whole) instead of us having to go through hoops. See I can login to my account, click my account name and be at my “Dash” why do I have to jump through account management and a few other stuff to see trophies/et. al.?

  • It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Tsubasa Inaba on the blog. It would be nice if someone did an Playstation Eye interview with him before White Knight Chronicles comes out or this week for that matter. Hope there an funny playstation ad for White Knight Chronicles that Sony’s got planed. Only 3 more months until it’s out!!!!!:-)

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