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We’re not even through Holiday 09 (Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time hits Tuesday!), but we on the Blog team are starting to look towards 2010. For the new decade, we’re thinking the ol’ Blog could use a new look. We’ve got quite a few ideas for what we’d like to see in PSB 2.0. But since we’re here for you – anything you’d like to see us do next year?

In the meantime, please feel free to share your favorite links of the week.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 19, 2009)

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  • thanks for the input, jeff.

  • the only thing that i can think of right now its to have webcam input so that we see how you guys do your work there at sony XD

    anyways, tried the ratched and clank demo and it wasnt my cup of tea. but i’m truly excited about next year’s jrpgs offerings such as resonance of fate, white knight chronicles,star ocean international, atelier rorona,the last rebelion just to mention a few…2010 the year of the rpg for the ps3!

  • Would really like to see more about GOW3.

  • Jeff, how can we petition Sony to have them work with Bioware to allow the mods created with the Dragon’s Age toolset on the PC to work with the PS3?

  • I know it’s not a big deal, but it might be nice to have a link to the blog right on the front page of the playstation site. back before they did the cosmetic makeover there was one and now have to click on a different section (ps3,ps2, or psp) and then look for a link that says news to get to the blog. Had i not already had it bookmarked i wouldn’t have known where to find the blog for a while

  • I like the blog the way it is.

    Anywho, getting Ratchet this week. Can’t wait! Although I’m still playing Uncharted 2 religiously every night (2nd playthrough) and Demon’s Souls is patiently waiting for my return.

  • btw anyone who gets the line i posted gets a cookie! :-)

  • Something like the colourfulness of the EU blog would be nice :) I got the the EU blog and then come here and it’s depressing :p

  • Jeff,

    Jeff, I remember there was a post long time ago, about increasing the presence of PlayStation in Latin America. It would be nice if there was another post t know what’s going on.

    I am from Mexico, and the games take days, weeks, months or sometimes they don’t come out at all here. The prices are very high because Sony is not the one selling them, they have importers etc. and I am sure in other countries in Latin America is the same.

    The reason I ask this, is because it would be nice to have the same presence PS2 had. I used to see tons of PS2 commercials and ads everywhere, but today, the only thing you see the most in here is Xbox360, and as a PS fan that sucks.


  • Something like the EU blog would be nice :) EU blog is colourful. I come here afterwards and it’s depressing :p

  • Yeah I agree with almighty-slayer. This blog is a little too dark and dismal, you guys need some color! :) other than that, great blog!

  • Great…First it doesn’t post, so i type it out again and then it posts both. Now i look stupid!

  • we need a reply button!
    instead of doing the “@ number”
    btw did anyone get the first comment joke yet? =P

  • Question

    Is there a way for me to get my saves from my broken ps3 to my new one and make it work? or i have to start from beginning my games like demons souls that i spent about 70 hours… for maybe nothing?

  • I would love to see an reply and Edit option :)

  • @10
    Have some Earl Grey, mate.

  • Windsor and coke = wonderful

  • I want Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy Versus 13, Final Fantasy 14, Gran Tourismo 5, and Resistance 3!
    Is that too much to ask? (seriously…)

  • Also, how about being able to send messages to your PS3 buddies from your computer please.

  • I wouldn’t mind having a header like the EU blog has, one that blends into the rest of the blog instead of just a banner type thing.

    Yes more avatars please, where are they? Weren’t they supposed to be released along with some firmware like 2 or so months ago. In saying that my comment will probably be ignored since the mention of avatars seems to be taboo.

    • That FW enabled the functionality for premium avatars, but didn\’t mean they were coming imminently. You\’ll of course see updates here on the blog when they are en route.

  • edit comment option and a more colourful background like the EU blog and allow us to use the PSN ID on the blog as our “signature”

  • Jeff you must already be thinking this, I think a PS Blog podcast would be bloody fantastic!

  • Quick question

    when are the new avatars coming out? Id really like to see some new Ratchet & Clank ones. Also without a doubt Im getting the new one.

  • I’m glad you asked for our feedback.
    Really, I would love to see something like Europe’s PS.Blog. For example, they have a link that transfers over here. Also the facility to know whether the PlayStation Network is on or off.

    Something that will also be well-appreciated is a ‘preview’ feature for our comments, and a comment vote feature too. Like thumbs up or down.

  • Something that just came out of my mind is; some sort of publicity for upcoming first-party exclusive titles. Not just a countdown banner for a single title.

  • I kinda like the look of the blog, just try not to make it too colourful if you guys do make some changes.

  • the best new to me is Trivium doing the god of war 3 music that awesome

  • PSB 2.0 should have XMB integration. I also though this feature would be cool, and now with the ‘What’s New’ section, I think it could be possible.

  • News of the Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition……..

  • I lije the the US Blog is playstation colors. Don’t change that, but the other ideas are sweet. You should think about that PS team.

  • cleaner transparent look, like the way PSN is heading with the “whats new section”, playstation store, and PSN sign up section. all three of those sections look similar and awesome.

  • @30

    Playstation colours are grey, grey, and more grey? Hmmm…

    Also, i agree with the guy that said podcast :)

  • Hey Jeff, I was hopeing to see some more iPhone support, like the videos. It kinda sucks that i can’t watch any vids on the site when I’m on the go. Other than that all is great here I think.

  • i would like to be able to see other People’s Trophies through the BLog, maybe link their Name to the website, by clicking on their name’s it takes us to their trophy page. or have a small trophy count on the each account holders name on the blog.

    another thing i would like to see is a windows 7/Vista gadget for the PS Blog. you guys have Mac/Yahoo Widgets for the Blog. you should do the same for Windows Gadgets.

    on the Trophy side of things, add a windows 7 Gadget for that as well. maybe thats a PSN thing that has to be done instead of the blog, but it will be nice.

    and maybe sometime in the future, integrate the Blog with PS Home somehow.

    and yes I agree with the guys at the top, it will be awesome if you guys do Podcasts. I would like to listen at whats going on in the week in the world of Playstation through the Blog, By Audio, or Video. Preferably Video. awesome for PSP GO Users like Me and other People :D. it will be nice if this gets connected at the Whats new Section, via video.

  • Why doesn’t SCE Japan have a blog?

  • You know… As you’ve said, our inputs… I would love for the the good people at SCEA to talk to the people at Sucker Punch to create a Sly Cooper game for the PS3. I’d love that.

  • Man my ps3 keep freezing. It sucks I cant play Uncharted 2. :(

  • Hey dann, how is it freezing?

  • @Dann7978
    that sucks it’s soo epic!

  • it would also be nice if you connect the blog to Gaming community sites, like MyResistance/* social Club…

  • Monthly competitions!

  • well you guys linked our accounts on here with our PSN ID but it doesnt do anything. how about if we click someones name we can see there trophies/games.

  • people are finally realizing what a rip-off the xbox360 is ;)
    it doesn’t even support basic things like USB storage devices to back-up save-games and lacks a $4 wifi chip (which they sell for $79/euro)…

    i guess their mail address tells the truth: One Microsoft Way.

  • Hmm…PS Blog 2.0

    – A mouseover function that will allow the commenter to see a user’s PSN Trophy status.

    – Have a mini PSN game status indicator for each commenter.

    – Integrating twitter’s new list feature to aggregate dedicated PlayStation twitterers. Create one for fans as well.

    – A status indicator for PSN. Make PS.Blog a one-stop-shop for checking the status of the service. Are you guys down for maintenance?

    – add lolcats

    – User collapse-able blog posts. Have a cookie remember which blog posts have been collapsed.

    – Have users favourite a blog post.

    – Lastly, my long shot suggestion: integrate Facebook Connect.

  • You guys should just make this PS Blog like the EU PS Blog. I think theirs is a lot better. And while you’re at it, redesign the entire to be like Europe’s I never understood why,, and are completely different sites (layout wise).

    Of course it would also be nice to get features such as PSN messaging via and more PSN profile integration into the blog but I think the best thing to start with is making the blog more like the EU blog.

    Oh and one last thing, at the top where you sign in to PSN on the blog beside the PSN logo, it says “Find friends. Download Demos. Join the Conversation.” This has been bugging me for a while now. I agree with having the “Find friends” and “Join the conversation” parts but “Download demos”? I mean, obviously downloading demos is a feature of PSN but don’t you think “Download Games” would fit better? Because then that still applies to downloading demos but it also refers to all the amazing PSN-exclusive games that can be downloaded. You know what I mean? I’m sure you guys could think of something better than “Download demos”.

  • Chat room: So not only can you read about something new to PlayStaion you can chat with the people who are makeing the game or program

    Feed back to users: Have it so if someone make’s a good post you can give it credit much like kudos on the BBS. If a post is bad be able to give that person (-) kudos

    Profile’s: Be able to look up someone’s profile from the blog. EX: trophies, BBS info and game’s that person has.

  • Strengthen the server so posting contests can work… i.e MvC2 contest that flooded the servers

  • And now that the PS3 is being officially marketed as PlayStation 3 instead of PLAYSTATION 3, you should change the banner at the top to PlayStation Blog instead of PLAYSTATION BLOG. I like PlayStation better than PLAYSTATION.

  • That’s great to hear about the server upgrades.

    I would like to see better connectivity between the UK and the US blogs, currently it is only one way. When I go the the UK PS Blog there is a link at the top that brings me back to here. I know that some would abuse this but I think it would be good to show that the links go both ways…

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