MAG Public Beta Update (v1.30)

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This morning we released a new MAG Public Beta update. The new MAG Public Beta update includes a new PSN Title update (version 1.30) and new game data. This new MAG Public Beta release includes over 8,000 updates and fixes, too many to list in detail. You can start downloading it now to have it ready for when the servers open at 10:00 a.m. PDT.


Some of the patch highlights are:

  • Framerate improvements in all environments
  • Vote/ Kick implemented
  • Art and lighting updates to all levels
  • Art updates to weapons, vehicles and objects
  • Animation improvement and updates
  • Client patching improvements
  • Design tuning on all environments (attacker/defender, out of bounds, sightlines, routing…)
  • Tuned all skills (skill point expense, skill trees, skill effects)
  • Tuning pass on experience rewarded for all actions (resuscitate, heal other, destroy turret, destroy motor pool….)
  • Tuning pass on player & leadership experience progressions
  • Full audio tuning pass
  • Bunker, APC, and Spawn camera adjustments
  • Lowered initial spawn times for attackers and defenders for all gametypes
  • Update Major/Minor victory and loss percentages and conditions for all gametypes
  • Updated Domination gametype scoring values
  • Improved weapon feel and hit feedback

A lot of the changes are based directly on feedback from the MAG Public Beta community. Please keep this feedback coming, it really helps us improve the title.

If you are not yet a part of the MAG Public Beta there is still time. If you pre-order MAG at GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada you receive access to the MAG Public Beta. And remember, from November 9th until November 20th the only way to access the MAG Public Beta in North America is to pre-order MAG.

We look forward to seeing you in battle.

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  • they need to do something about all the players that jump around and shoot like its friggin HALO I hate that. and these soldiers can jump like Spud Web in a slam dunk contest with full gear on. COME ON! lol

  • y oh y do i never get beta codes its not far would have loved to have played the mag beta

  • when is mag going to be 24/7 this 8 hour stuff is crazy

  • LOL@48

    If you can’t afford $5 to join a Public Beta, maybe thinking about purchasing the game isn’t a good idea…

    Also, Public Beta does not mean it’s free. Just targeted towards a larger audience.

    Some people just want things handed to them, lol.

  • will the final release still have an 8 man only party mode?

    also will there be a game lobby/ search or is it always going to be COD4 style search gametype .

    good work other than that. my only 2 dislikes about the game

  • Will their be a Demo in the future? I do not want to preorder the game until I know it is going to be be good. Socom is a perfect example..that game is still broken.

  • Is this another 33000000000000000 GB download? :/

    My interwebz connection cried when I had to download it a second, then third time (after the initial 4 day straight download for the private).

    We iz poor! D=

    Can you please add the beta to be available every day of the week and every time of the day!! PLZZZZ = (
    Im afraid I may never play the beta = (

  • @ 42 didnt say zipper made socom so i dont know why would you post that?

  • @48 – Yes i’ve noticed a trend now with developers and GAMESTOP ( not other retailers ).. I am not buying this game two reasons why..

    1. Zipper gave up on socom CAMPAIGN and gave it to slant 6 who destroyed it.. I am not even going to get started on the graphics on the new socom if slant 6 calls that nexgen.. well the words i would use will be deleted enough said..

    2. I’ve received an email before the first MAG beta came out asking why i should be considered to be in the beta.. i replied i never received my code.. I even sent emails back to same people that sent me the message to no avail..

    Good game.. I will not be buying MW2 either their exec wants to take the fun out of gaming.. I also boycotting all xports, the last one i tried was Prototype and it looked like 540p seriously horrible game. i don’t understand why sony condones all these shady act’s and laziness from developers.. and btw i;ve been a GAP member since 2005.. Good game all

  • Vote/kick is a must in this kind of games if is not abused like socom.

    @people demanding open beta without preorder
    Just preorder it… Damn only takes 5 dollars to do it and when you play the game you really want to buy it (if you are a fps fan). I had 2 because I preorder it and for qore

  • After about 3.5 hours my update stopped at about 89%. Thankfully after I quit and restarted it resumed in the same place but now it’s CRAWWWWWWLING. It’ll probably take another 2 hours to DL this final 10%. Frustrating. Why couldn’t these updates just have been put on the much faster more flexible PSN?

  • @48:

    This is indeed a public beta. A public beta is a beta in which there are no limits to the amount of players that can join. Just because it requires a pre-order doesn’t make this a closed beta. If that were the case, any beta that even asked you to fill out an online form would be considered “closed”.

    The “closed” in closed beta refers to a closed (ie controlled) environment, where Devs can take a look at data compiled from the session and be able to identify the problem easier.

  • im interested in the beta but it is pointless due to the fact that u guys have time restrictions. i have enjoyed other betas and never seen them impose certain times to play, unfortunately your times do not work for me i do have a job but while the beta is going on im either catching up on sleep or working

  • Please implement PUSH TO TALK…Open mic DOESNOT work for this game. Trying to give out orders and you have people just talking to their dog over you. SOCOM push to talk works great!

    Also…please reduce the turret damage. The turrets are WAAAAY to overpowered. Attacking on Raven’s acquisition is almost impossible with those turrets.

  • the past week I have been to busy to play the game and now that I’m not I have to download a 2.6gig file lol

  • for me the link in the posting for the community forums does not go there, it goes to another PS blog page that lists all the MAG postings. to post comments and issues about the game, is the forum on the official PS forum page or the official MAG page?

  • This is a great game! But the Turret campers are getting extremely old. One person will sit in the thing for the whole match. All they are doing is Stat padding and its pathetic. If I ask to use the turret, they start crying or the silent treatment kicks in. Anywho I enjoy the game and cant wait for it to come out.

  • Is level 40 still tops?

  • wish i wasn’t sitting in the hospital right now! i’ll be here for a while though.


  • ya BESTINTHEWEST, just ruined the game for all those spy chars/team killers out there…too bad :-D

  • awesome seth, im really enjoying beta myself too. keep up the awesome work :)

  • game stop, here i come!!!

  • The Vote kick will be miss used!! This vote kick is bad, I have been in games where they want you to run to your death.. I am a sniper with level of 40. I got this with squad officer, platoon leader.. So guess I would know how to play the game.. You can not tell every player how to play the game.. And making this vote will do just that.. Not like most maps have a high spot for us snipers to roost on for over watch.. Most of the maps have the places but have walls up so they can not be reached..In the pregame videos it shows a Ghilie suit. Where is this said suit? It would be nice for this option as snipin leaves you at risk. Also the M200 can not be fitted with the sliencer.. Why not.. It is a Barrett 416. Even a true .50 sniper rifle has a suppressor for it.. They are whisper quite even. this should elim. the sound to the point of find said sniper would be very hard.

    Also the hours of play are to short.. Makes it hard for others to join the game..Maybe even a weekend time would be good..

    Changing the maps game play.. Make it so we could play more of the games it shows locked..

    Fix these things I will like it better..

  • @20 and @30 lets see you make a game since you are laughing at him and telling him that he should fired. thats wrong!

    @60 uhh just so you know PS3 is hard to develope for.


  • Vote/Kick? Are you serious? For every good intention that feature has it is abused in every game it is implemented in. Way to ruin the game. If the MAG community does with it what every other game community does, kick new players and or people just having a bad game not just Team Killers than I am canceling my pre-order. Never give that power to the players to decide who is allowed to play and who isn’t.

  • awesome! I can’t wait to play this when it’s released!

    And I personally don’t think that the vote kick is all that bad. It’s much better then being kicked from a game by only one person. this way you still have some chance to stay in the game.

  • I have enjoyed playing the Beta so far the last three days. This game seems to have great potential. It would be nice if we could play the training mission to learn some of the more advanced aspects of the game. Most of it I have learned on my own.

    I have been playing a combat medic. When looking at the main display and you see (or hear)that a teammate needs resuscitation, it would be awesome if there was an indication of distance to the fallen teammate. The minimap isn’t always enough to tell if you can make to them before they bleed out. Any suggestions or advice?

    Also, it would be a great courtesy from PSN if they would pop an information box at the end of the server time to inform us that an update will be available the next day. I could have had this 2.6GB update started last night and actually been able to play it today. The receiving of updates happens at about half of my normal download speed…

  • Another mega update that takes hours to finish. When are we going to be able to play the game if the servers are not up 24/7? This update should be available here for download. This sucks

  • Hi please answer me and the Canadians
    No beta code at the ebgame!
    I have pre-order MAG last week

  • I’m not in this beta but the vote/kick will probably ruin the game. Confrontation is pretty much ruined for me because one mistake, and suddenly all the ‘hardcore’ players want to kick you. I hope this doesn’t happen to MAG. But luckily we’re in beta so that might change. Now I just gotta go to Eb Games and pre-order.

  • Good. Im glad that we can now kick those who feel the need to repeatedly teamkill. An errant mortar attack is one thing, but someone who just tk’s for fun is no good to the game.

  • I have no interesting this game. As a former Socom fan will never buy another game that has “Seth Luisi” name in the credits. Why has Sony not fired him for what he did to the Socom Franchise?

  • I’m enjoying the beta a lot. It’s definitely a game I find myself going back to for more. I hope the blu-ray disc release includes a PS3 headset like Warhawk did.

  • Also, i agree that there should of been more notice with this update. I’ve been dowmloading it since 1pm now its 330pm and i’m 37% complete. So much for playing this afternoon…

  • Has anyone else noticed that some people have exploited a glitch that allows jeeps into bases without destroying a gate? This is frustrating the heck out of me. it seems like when i’m defending as raven,valor has there jeeps in and the gate is still up. explain?

  • Hi Seth, just a little information about EBgames and Samestop in Canada. There’s actually a few Gamestop starting to popping around in Quebec Canada. xD

  • Things are looking good, though I feel that the “voting to kick” option is very abused in a few games. Even when it’s not directed towards me, the menu/option tends to pop up too often at times causing a disruption in the spirit of gmeplay. Very annoying.

  • 2.6 gb lollll damn this going to take 3 days to download…

  • WHY HAS IT TAKEN OVER 5 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD 43 PERCENT? i really like the game but it is just another shooter when half the team just does the same old run n gun crap. I thought it was gonna be different? I like the concept but hope we can get some real team players togather for this.

  • Sure wish we could mute people.
    I’m so tired of hearing cussing coming through my speakers.
    I removed my beta from my PS3 for this reason alone.

  • Since im sitting here waiting for the download and i happen to see this site…

    Everyone must remember its just beta right now. From what ive seen i like it alot. With team effort and objectives to complete, it really makes everyone work together. Which seems to be the concept i think they were trying to hit here. Not just people running and gunning and total chaos everywhere. If thats the case go play, you know….that other game…

    For peeps crying about not being able to play, stop being cheap and go spend $5 bucks. You wont regret it.

    Anyway so im looking forward to seeing what this next update improvements are. Im hoping in the future they are adding more selections of guns. but again its just beta so im happy for now with what i got.

    btw….at 71% ughhhh..

  • I have been stuck at 99% for about an hour, umm… Huston we have a problem!!

  • I have been sitting here for an hour and DL is at 11% WTF. Are we having server issues Zipper? This going to be another fiasco like Socom’s servers in 3 and CA? Might as well go back to GameStop and put the 5 bucks on MW2.

  • mine has also been stuck at 99% for about an hour. ive quit and restarted the game but it doesn’t budge from 99%

    there is definitely a problem here

  • I feel bad for anyone who wanted to play MAG or have use of their PS3 before Monday,
    It’s going to be a loooooong weekend for you. :(

  • I understand the reasoning why most players don’t like the kick vote option. Some of the other players take that to their advantage to control the game. I wouldn’t mind it so much if the person that was being kicked was a team killer, yet alot of people may say they just don’t like the way that you play and have you kicked. This isn’t the only downfall though. Maybe unlock another area besides Aquasition.

  • Wow. gone up 2%, lucky 13. Geez

  • What about people that received beta codes at PAX? Are those still valid?

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