UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Hits PlayStation Home + Tekken 6 & Street Fighter IV Spaces

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It’s one of the biggest releases of the entire year and it’s about to get much, much bigger. This Thursday, October 22 Friday, October 23, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is coming into PlayStation Home, and you’ll want to do whatever it is that needs to be done to ensure that you are in-world to take part in the grand opening of this awesome new space. Why? Because not only is this game space chock full of amazing supplementary UNCHARTED 2 content that can only be experienced in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, but there are quite a few exclusive items that can only be procured on opening day.

Home UNCHARTED 2 Space 2

Set inside a breathtaking Nepalese village surrounding that was constructed with assets pulled directly from the game, this immersive environment contains three unique UNCHARTED 2-themed mini-games that will keep you coming back for more. Treasure hunters will be driven to the Mask Mayhem questing mini-game where you must search throughout the village to assemble the scattered remnants of an ancient Ganesh mask (which, upon completion, miraculously appears in your Wardrobe). Adventurers that pride themselves on their agility will love the challenge presented by the Torch Race, and will revel in getting their PSN IDs plastered on the game’s leaderboard. Action addicts with a penchant for strategy will be engrossed by the Fortunate Thieves card battle game where players will seek out treasure on maps that are fully dynamic (with weather and terrain effects,) all while using the expandable card pack to thwart one another with a bevy of treacherous tricks. Check out the video below to see this space and the associated games for yourself, with even more details explained by PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser.

We also have two new game spaces launching this Thursday Friday that are sure to appeal to all of you fighting fans out there. That’s right – Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV are getting their own dedicated game spaces. These game spaces come loaded with Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV-related content and will serve as the perfect hubs for all of you bare-knuckled brawlers and PlayStation 3 pugilists that are looking for areas to organize game launching tournaments (or just looking for a new opponent to quickly pummel). To top it all off, 25 Street Fighter IV alternate costumes will also be released tomorrow, so head to the Mall to guile up and then get to swinging.

Speaking of great new content to collect, the new Penthouse personal space will be released tomorrow. High rollers, big ballers, shot callers, and those of you that simply have a taste for the finer things in life will find this luxury urban condo the ideal place to return to after a raging event in Central Plaza. You can pick this new place up for yourself at the Estates store in the Mall (along with a boatload of new virtual items releasing this week).

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll notice that a new version of PlayStation Home – version 1.32 – will be prompted for download when you attempt to login. This client update will address many of the issues that the community has reported to us post-1.3. You should find that gaining access to the service is much, much, MUCH easier. So if you’ve had problems logging into Home over the last few weeks, have no fear, and be sure to get into PlayStation Home later this week to take part in all of the radness scheduled to occur.

See you in Home!

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  • well i deleted and reinstalled home and still nothing. i’m fed up with this crap, if you have something make sure it works.

  • Idk what im doing wrong but am i the only one that cant get into home? For some reason it keeps freezing over and over and not allowing me inside. I noticed that mvc2 freezes when i try to do a friendly match idk what the deal is hope it can get fixed so i can get to enjoy home and mvc2 online

  • I can’t get in either!!!

  • The only Uncharted minigame I can find is the mask mayhem. Where on earth are the others?

  • I got the mask, I wonder what the items are that can “only be procured on opening day”

  • I collected the pieces, but I don’t see the mask in Wardrobe, where am I suppose to look?

  • Is Canada going to start feeling some of this love. I’m sure the CTC is a pain but it’s been a while hopefully your getting closer.

  • 147 unholier it not spam it some stuff promised to us but has yeeeeeettttttt to be delivered and the rest of the stuff i want in home for everyone it would make home a heck of a lot better for everyone and would make it awesome cause love gta and smackdown vs raw series i also regularly go into home when my internet aint acting up and allows me to sign in cause i have all spaces except the penthouse cause been acting up but once im back in will be first thing i go and buy

  • also i have a zombie club called ZOMBIE WORLD FOR ALL ZOMBIE PEOPLE who arent stupid zombies that also bought anti zombie shirt that helps wrong cause we want zombies only zombies that dont have antizombie shirt in the club be cool to do thriller dance give us video cameras that can actually record in inventory and auto uploads to playstation youtube page and harddrive and record all zombies doing it

  • and sounds like more issues with every update give us cool stuff at update not issues getting in also make stuff lnger like the free items was not able to get in for the uncharted stuff and make the halloween celebration a whole two weeks cause wont be able to get in halloween eve or day and putting it in central plaza thats the space keep freezing on me but ihavent got chance to put in update to see if have same problem getting in as with 1.3 and give halloween items and other holidays in stuff otherwise it waste of space

  • that some other store could be in it to me a empty store or two stores that sell same stuff like estates have same items two stores waste of space that space could have other stuff and if your gonna keep the stuff store and only have items in it one month out of the year and not leave the items there even though items should be left there all year put a closed sign on widow so we stop going in expecting to find items for us to buy geeze

  • totaly wrong place but i am over 18 now but on my PSN account i access home space what can i do. also i want to set my account up so i can dd funds to my wallet from my debit card

  • Once I updated to version 3.01, my ps3 will not recognize any blue ray disks, neither movies or games, but it will play regular dvd’s and ps2 games model number (CECHE01). I contacted sony support and sent a web link to FAQ, I tried their suggestions none worked. Their last solution was to spend $150.00 for them to look at it. I have searched the web and there are others with the same problem. This does not seem like I should have to pay for this repair because of the problem is the upgrade not a physical hardware problem, anyone have a suggestion?

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