UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Hits PlayStation Home + Tekken 6 & Street Fighter IV Spaces

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It’s one of the biggest releases of the entire year and it’s about to get much, much bigger. This Thursday, October 22 Friday, October 23, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves is coming into PlayStation Home, and you’ll want to do whatever it is that needs to be done to ensure that you are in-world to take part in the grand opening of this awesome new space. Why? Because not only is this game space chock full of amazing supplementary UNCHARTED 2 content that can only be experienced in the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home, but there are quite a few exclusive items that can only be procured on opening day.

Home UNCHARTED 2 Space 2

Set inside a breathtaking Nepalese village surrounding that was constructed with assets pulled directly from the game, this immersive environment contains three unique UNCHARTED 2-themed mini-games that will keep you coming back for more. Treasure hunters will be driven to the Mask Mayhem questing mini-game where you must search throughout the village to assemble the scattered remnants of an ancient Ganesh mask (which, upon completion, miraculously appears in your Wardrobe). Adventurers that pride themselves on their agility will love the challenge presented by the Torch Race, and will revel in getting their PSN IDs plastered on the game’s leaderboard. Action addicts with a penchant for strategy will be engrossed by the Fortunate Thieves card battle game where players will seek out treasure on maps that are fully dynamic (with weather and terrain effects,) all while using the expandable card pack to thwart one another with a bevy of treacherous tricks. Check out the video below to see this space and the associated games for yourself, with even more details explained by PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser.

We also have two new game spaces launching this Thursday Friday that are sure to appeal to all of you fighting fans out there. That’s right – Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV are getting their own dedicated game spaces. These game spaces come loaded with Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV-related content and will serve as the perfect hubs for all of you bare-knuckled brawlers and PlayStation 3 pugilists that are looking for areas to organize game launching tournaments (or just looking for a new opponent to quickly pummel). To top it all off, 25 Street Fighter IV alternate costumes will also be released tomorrow, so head to the Mall to guile up and then get to swinging.

Speaking of great new content to collect, the new Penthouse personal space will be released tomorrow. High rollers, big ballers, shot callers, and those of you that simply have a taste for the finer things in life will find this luxury urban condo the ideal place to return to after a raging event in Central Plaza. You can pick this new place up for yourself at the Estates store in the Mall (along with a boatload of new virtual items releasing this week).

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll notice that a new version of PlayStation Home – version 1.32 – will be prompted for download when you attempt to login. This client update will address many of the issues that the community has reported to us post-1.3. You should find that gaining access to the service is much, much, MUCH easier. So if you’ve had problems logging into Home over the last few weeks, have no fear, and be sure to get into PlayStation Home later this week to take part in all of the radness scheduled to occur.

See you in Home!

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  • I used the word rad in a text last night. glad to see the word is still being used in public. among others that fail to get used also, like: excellent, bodacious, tubular, and what’s up? haha

  • Why in the world would anyone waste their time in the Uncharted 2 Home space when the could just play the real game? That is actually fun?

  • Can’t wait to play this. Thanks for giving us new spaces.

  • hey this all cool love being in home since closed (that was boring) i see how to grow now
    but time i want to know when are you going to bring the hall of fame i like to show off my Trophy to my friend

  • So i delete all files that have to do with home. Had to download all the spaces again and what do you know it freezes at the harbour studio screen. I might try the update tommorrow. Right now all can say is Home is a major waste of time.

  • A huge tekken fan got four different accounts to play tekken on look me up if you want a decent fight (I hope) would love to be on home but deleted my home, every(I repeat EVERY) data file, reloaded it only for it to freeze anyway. So here is hoping it is fixed with this update otherwise i am still SOL.

  • @ CydoniaX

    Do you know when the hovercraft, shrinking cake, etc. are coming out?

  • @50 Darth-Krayt
    And you are an idiot that need to get your facts straight. That “fix” does not work for everyone. I deleted my HOME “GAME DATA”, the HOME software from my XMB and re-download everything and its still freezes. I have one other person on my buddy list that also is having the same problem even after deleting everything and reinstalling it.

  • So the Uncharted 2 Space will be Friday or tomorrow, I hope all the updates will be Friday seeing as tomorrow is my B-Day…Oh and i hope FFXIII gets a space. or a Square-Enix space i sin the works..

  • Thank you so much for 1.32. This should ease our sufferin. Question, does it make the 12gb caching into a real 12gb caching, cause it seems pointless. Not a huge difference. These games in uncharted space looks great. Too bad I’ll have to be up at 2am just to get a chance to play them, without having to worry about busy limited servers.

  • so what happens to people like me who since 1.3 have not been able to get onto home at all even after deleting and reinstalling the thing ? Just curious if this is ever going to be addressed or not and since customer support knows nothing maybe someone on here can supply an answer

  • Sound great I love all the things you guys have been doing with uncharted 2 please keep it up it the best game on the PS3 and PLEASE come with more ways to win the fortune hunters edition I want it so bad

  • Will Naughty Dog release more characters through DLC for multiplayer?
    For Example: Navarro, Eddy Raja, etc.

  • I like home now. Ever since they introduced the new theater, it makes the space more interesting and compelling. Good work guys!

  • allow us to do the thriller dance

  • and increase our friend capacity to 10000 but 1000 would be nice and whats up with video screens in club spaces nothing on them ever we cant put stuff on them allow us to upgrade clubhouse from basic clubhouse and increase how many members we can have and number of items we can have and dont charge us monthly to have a club you guys get enough from other stuff

  • so i can add people to poor to buy dead quarters space and allow us to invite non friends to personal spaces and allow us to play videos in our spaces and play our own music and give videocameras into everyone inventory so we could record everyone doing thriller dance then upload to playstation youtube page even if we dont have account

  • youtube acount cause i have created a club for just zombies not zombies that also bought stupid anti zombie shirt and allow us to purchase all items like the japan home items no matter what server were on or where we live and allow us to contribute to fold @home cause by itself fold@home in listen at home is just plain boring

  • cause that would look so cool the zombies doing it my club is zombie world all capitals
    and get rid of top floor or bottom floor estates they both sell same stuff could be used for something else and put all holidays stuff in stuff space no matter what holiday new years glasses halloween stuff thanksgiving stuff easter stuff scale models of the world trade center or just models or whatever youd call it and all money to could be contributed for the world trade center organization thats building the museum for it that would be really supporting this country

  • also the breast cancer thing gives us more than jerseys or at least different number jerseys than nine so we could secretly support our favorite team players

  • give us radios in home and tvs big ass flat screnn tvs for our spaces so we can play our music and videos and our guys little walkmans so we can hear our music in different spaces

  • and put the dizzie rascal stuff in mall cause i didnt have money to buy at time and vip room closed and when is it opening again and leave it open and when someone comeing specify a time and dont make it freeze up when you try to go in to see something suppose to be there cause i never saw dizzie rascal nor have i seen home guides and where trophy vaults and one too see all video games trophies

  • bring eminem there and fix trophy thing cause a trophy called first multiplayer trophy in need for speed undercover didnt come up when i one ranked multiplayer game i have one multiple ranked multiplayer causes me to not ever get platinum my suggestion if game people want want multiplayer trophies take them out pain in ass sometimes and takes all fun out of multiplayer or dont make them a requirement to get the platinum trophy and better level out bronze silver and gold to much bronze trophies barely any silver or gold like in gta IV

  • i would like to just have fun in multiplayer but like in killzone 2 it is gonna be tough for me to get the platinum trophy and still having problems in wanted finding all items in it to get final trophy to unlock platinum and make your trophy percentage of each game completed so far based on number of trophies gotten not what level of each trophy earned contributes certain percentage like say 50 trophies in gmae 25 trophies earned should be 50% not a weird percentage based on what level each trophy is no matter what half of trophies earned in game should be 50%

  • and make the free items last longer not just opening day cause i may not be able to get on that day but could get on later in week

  • i know i misspelled game am typing so fust cant go reedit it and get better music videos in singstar that brittney one so gay and old put current ones and full length like all eminems music videos i really like mosh video for eminem uncensored

  • and i know misspelled fast so sue me brittney has never been any good dont know why they like her hannah montana or jonas brothers they are stupid the world would be better than girls screamming loudly for them and it being on the news really i am totally sick of themmmmm

  • and the stupid character limit i like to type a lot cause locust_star cydoniax dont listen to me or answer my messages and where are the home guides one day on message of day never saw them or dizzie rascal and how you become part of playstation home mangement or whatever they are for cause now there a new one called glasswalls and their friends list is maxed out all of them then you never now when they on or why they dont answer you

  • suppose to be there to answer questions but they never there or ever show up at all and need gta personal space and gta clothing and i have stopped going to central plaza completely cause it freezes on me have to turn off reload and slow loading time into home about precaching and think it say verifying purchased items also need some of my money back someone hacked into account and purchased items in playstation store like flow metal gear solid and some other stuff on store and little big planet add on packs i dont even own little big planet and only one that uses my playstation

  • it takes to long to download items after buying stuff and allow eeryone have access to all items even japans cause my friend somehow has some japan stuff that i would like and why we have to go to world map to get to gamer lounge and why cant we get into boxing ring in fight night without glitching i wanna beat someone up and need gta personal space and gta public space

  • and sony do what ever you have to bribe rockstar for christs sake to bring us the dlc content for GTA IV i am loyal to Playstation cause hate 360 controller or offer them money to keep next gta exclusive to sony until five years after release of last dlc for 360 that should show them gta originally was playstation till double pack that should show microsoft not to mess with playstation getting rockstar to with hold stuff from part of their fan base

  • all you hate microsoft and 360 or that red ring of death they got for releasing way ahead of schedule to beat sony say playstation ruleeeeeesssssss also playstation has alot more consoles or systems than xbox also it stupid to buy psp go when psp is 169 in america and then you can use cash to buy games and not worry about a hacker spending it and you can buy games on vacation where there is no internet also when arena football game coming for ps3

  • and playing arena football enhanced what happens when i go over wall into a speaker look like lighting spark from speaker on ps3 and little circle dots on ps3 but just little circle dots on ps2

  • and smackdown vs raw personal space needed and smackdown vs raw public space and make us look like wwe wrestlers need gta clothing when gta space and mlb jerseys and arenafootball jerseys also hats for nfl mlb and arenafootball and the broncos head you see people wearing at games

  • Is this for the whole psn-community? Then I would be happy!

  • Thanks for the city penthouse!! Can’t wait for the spaces.

  • after i coundt get on 1.3 ppl suggest to delete home so i did but dindt bother downloading a 3gb…..

    i want to get on home back especially with new patch and this new space i will try to get on HOME this weekend

  • Dear Playstation Blog readers,

    Is there a good “map” or how-to for PS Home? Last night I tried to find these different “spaces” but all I could find is:
    A movie theater
    An “apartment”
    A mall
    A fountain with a mini game in it
    A “music” plaza
    and perhaps one more thing

    I did not see any other special areas or ways to access other areas… such as has been mentioned in the past.

  • @138 push start geesh bring up world map plus theres a map in the plaza manur dense or 5 yo

  • I think HOME is finally starting to come into its own. The spaces are getting better but one thing I would like to see is Trophy integration into HOME. I think it would really be cool to have every game space have a gift shop where the gamer can buy clothing or furniture for their home space that pertain to that game. But also, these gift shops could read your trophy collection and give you a prize like a T shirt with the game logo for your avatar or some virtual home furnishings that correspond to that particular game if you have a certain gold or platinum trophy. This will keep gamers going back to collect their prizes plus they will now be able to show off their skills. Of course these prize items would not be available for purchase that way they are viewed as special.
    Wouldn’t it be cool for example if Little Big Planet had a space on HOME and if you get the platinum trophy you would get a usable paintball gun. I am sure that if people saw someone using something like that they would start working on the game trying to get theirs too. It would keep a lot of people playing the games plus getting back on HOME. It would be a win win for both sides.

  • It’s been over a year since we lost public voice chat. When are we getting it back? If at all?

  • My playstation home dosen’t work. When I try to start it up it trys to initialize and then it just freezes up.

  • I was gettin ready to say…..I was on OS home at 1 in the morning trying to find the new spaces….and now they say its tomorrow!!!! THANKS ALOT..

  • I’d love to check it out, but Home locks up my PS3 completely on the ‘initializing’ step. I’m not about to delete all the data and start over though… not worth the hassle.

  • Hey Sony,

    I know the Europeans are an afterthought at best compared to other regions, but you might want to update the “Welcome” message reguarding the delay.

    It still says it is active for them.

  • ok, first of all, @johnelway: STFU!!! Jeez! Go play! quit SPAMming the blog!!! Secondly: I have NEVER had the issues that I’ve heard others mentioning about Home freezing at the “initializing” screen, but now it IS doing that since I did the 1.32 update! I’m going to go delete and re-install home now to see if that might fix things like it did for folks before, but if anybody has any other helpful hints, they would be much appreciated. And if it matters for any possible fixes, I never enter my personal space. haven’t for months. they are a boring waste of time and money when i could be networking. anyway, thanks in advance for any help.

  • deleted everything. re-installed everything. Home 1.32 STILL does not work. Why can’t you just give us a product that fully and reliably functions instead of wasting development time on [DELETED] like the Rolly?!?!?? No wonder the 360 has buried you for the past 3 years. YOU DON’T LISTEN TO US!!! WE are the dedicated fanboys!!! GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!!!! We PAID you for this hardware, we collectively PAY you in microtransactions THOUSANDS of times daily!!! HEAR US!!!! MAKE THINGS THAT WORK!!!! FOR [DELETED] SAKE, GET WITH IT!!!!

  • Is it just me or can anyone even connect? I have tried deleting home as well as restarting my ps3. I even downloaded a demo to see if I was connected to the internet and that worked fine.

  • they said they would fix the getting into home issues with 1.32. i have that update and i still can’t geting home…this is BS on thier part

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