Don’t Forget! Celebrate Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time at Insomniac Community Day this Friday!

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Hey everyone,

Throughout history, October 23 has been a pretty dreary day. Aside from the creation of the Smurfs (yes, it’s true) and for some, the Universe itself, October 23 has generally been a good day to crawl under a rock and hide. Seriously, look for yourself.

But all that is about to change on October 23, 2009…because Insomniac’s 2nd Community Day Full Moon Festival (I just made this name up) is going to rock. We will celebrate the North American launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time with YOU, our faithful and fearless fans. And we can’t wait, because we’ve got a solid helping of awesome in store for you. Best of all, it’s free!

Exclusive video reveals? CHECK. Exclusive merchandise? CHECK. Special (non-Insomniac) guest appearances? CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK. Awesome raffle prizes? You know it! Pizza? Tons!

Ratchet & Clank Schwag for Insomniac Community Day

Speaking of raffle prizes, by now you’re probably wondering A) “OMG! Are those Ratchet & Clank vinyls I see?!” and B) “OMG, I can has?!” Yes, and Yes (sort of). If you are fortunate enough to participate in the Full Moon Festival, you can bid to win ONE extremely limited edition set of Ratchet & Clank (and Captain Qwark) vinyls, with all proceeds going to the Starlight Foundation. The vinyls were designed and created by Insomniacs for Insomniacs, so only employees and a very select few others will ever own these beautiful babies. Maybe you’ll be among the lucky ones.

Ratchet & Clank Schwag for Insomniac Community Day

If you already RSVP’d on the Facebook events page and you live 50 or more miles from our Burbank studio, you are guaranteed entry. We’ve got folks flying and driving from all over the country and we definitely don’t want to leave them hanging. If you live within 50 miles of Insomniac, please arrive early to ensure you get in.

Registration will take place beginning at 10 a.m. in the lobby of the Burbank Marriott hotel, which is just a few steps from Insomniac HQ. Don’t worry, we’ll be heading there for lunch and an autographs session after a “Making of A Crack in Time” panel discussion with some familiar faces (and voices). (Speaking of, if you’d like us to ask one of YOUR questions in the panel, ping me @insomniacgames on Twitter. I’ll be moderating the panel.) Then, we’ll be heading back to the hotel for gameplay and a very cool raffle contest with some great prizes. We’ll wrap up the best October 23 ever with cocktails around 3 p.m.

I hope to meet many of you on Community Day. Come by and say hi, and bring your Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Insomniac merchandise to get signed by the dev team!

See you on October 23!

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  • Off topic but I’ve purchased a PSPGo and can’t play Dissida, Portable Ops, Crisis Core or Metal Gear Acid and it’s starting to piss me off.

  • It’s a week away and there is still no solid announcement on the UK/EU release date…

    What gives?

  • @ #52

    Insomniac Games via Twitter:

    “RCF: A Crack in Time PAL territory release dates confirmed: Nov 4 (PAL terr. except UK), Nov. 6 (UK).”

    Hope that helps!

  • I have this baby reserved, it’s gonna be allot of fun to play just like the others, great job guys as always!!! :D

  • ok here it goes i really REALLY hope r3 is like r1 more than 2. resistance 2 just didn’t have me on the edge of my seat while r:fom gave me 1 of the best gaming experience (and co op experiences) ever. i feel this way because r:fom was almost a survival horror game while resistance 2 just made me angry at the other characters around me.

  • oh yeah and preordered r&c already.

  • I am strongly considering baking you guys a Ratchet Cake.

    However, I cannot bake, but I feel like I should give you guys something after this what is sure to be an amazing day!

  • Last time my daughter was in the hospital for an extended stay we played Tools of Destruction. A lot. She might be going in again … hopefully not until Crack in Time comes out!

  • How long will the clank demo take to finish? How long will it be? 15 minutes? More? And why isn’t the Ratchet demo being released this week also like it said in the full moon show podcast. “The demos will be released 1 to 2 weeks before the game is released.”

  • Hi Ryan,

    I live about 80 miles away from Burbank but I have not been able to RSVP for the event ( facebook says it’s not takeing anymore rsvp’s ). So I was wondering if I will not be able to get in because I didn’t RSVP. I don’t want to drive 80 miles just to not be able to participate.

  • I RSVP’d Monday morning(around 8am), but never got confirmation or anything. Am I ok???

  • I live over 900 miles away.

  • Why are these events on the west side, i mean first uncharted2 and now this! Honestly I’m kind of upset and a lil angry eastside doesn’t get any love. Can’t wait for for game jus bought booty off the psn. Will crack in time read our previous saved games from the titles?

    • Well, we\’re located in Burbank, so we\’re doing the event at our headquarters…which actually isn\’t really westside :) As for Quest for Booty, there will be a little perk in A Crack in Time if your PS3 detects that you have Q4B installed. TEASE.

  • I am heading that way! One question though Ryan, the facebook page gives us info for parking, but its just directs us to the marriot hotel page where parking is listed as 4 bucks an hour or 14 for the day, am I paying for that or will i get some voucher? I really wanna bid on those Vynyls…..

    • Sony is being kind enough to take care of event parking. But you should bring your ticket in for validation. And park at the hotel, btw.

  • sounds cool, too bad i live in MN so i wont be attending. Im so hiped for R&C:FACIT!!

  • LAME! We would rather hear about how Dissidia is going to be up tomorrow on PSN. It is, right? Right Sony? Right?

  • Game just got flopped by Eurogamer.

    Whopping 7/10. Not innovative & does nothing new.

    That means the rest of the anti-sony sites will chime in with their 7’s as well.

    You guys need to stop supporting these magazines. They aren’t nearly as important as they once were for advertising.

  • you guys that spam each and every post about Dissida. please stop it. i think they get the point. you took a calculated risk when buying a PSP-go.

    as for Insomniac. seems like an awesome function to attend and its nice to see you giving back to a good cause. there is a reason why you guys always get ranked as one of the best places to work in Cali. keep up the good, cant wait to play R&C:ACIT and the yet to be announced(but do we really need that formality to know its coming) Resistance 3. i am very curious to see where this series goes from where R2 ended.

  • I can’t wait!! Thanks for the great job Insomniac, gives you a 9/10, so pretty good. See you on Friday!

  • I want a Captain Qwark, ratchet and clank toy. They look awesome!!!!

  • Where can I buy one of the toys? I like toys!

  • Eurogamer should be ashamed to give ACIT only a 7, because of “nothing new, nothing extra” (then I don’t know what constructo weapons, hoverboots and spatial exploration are ?), when they’re giving a 10 to Halo 3 (lol), and a 9 to Halo ODST. Oh yes of course, ODST is sooooooooooooo innovative and give the player so much extra stuff.

    *sigh* -_-

    I hope you guys at Insomniac do not take this review too seriously, ’cause it certainly does not deserve it.

  • @72:neodeosx the weird this is. i skimmed the article and didnt see them really have any huge negatives. and they said the formual is a solid one and it didnt need to vary too far from it. so opinions are like a—– well you know where i would be going with that turn of phrase.

  • Hey Ryan, thanks for coming in and getting us all hopped up on goofballs. Those vinyls make me sad though…do want! :(

    In other news, you said the following:

    “Well, we’re located in Burbank, so we’re doing the event at our headquarters…which actually isn’t really westside :) As for Quest for Booty, there will be a little perk in A Crack in Time if your PS3 detects that you have Q4B installed. TEASE.”

    What about those of us who own it on disc?

    • Good question. Let me get back to you. Should be fine since it would be recognized on your PS3 either way. Ping me @insomniacgames on Twitter and I\’ll reply there.

  • Hi again Ryan,

    So is there anything I need to do before I get there? Tickets?

    • Nope. If you RSVP\’d just get to the Burbank Airport Marriott fairly early. Registration begins at 10. If you didn\’t RSVP, you can come but entry will be first-come first-serve.

  • @ NeodeosX:

    You are right. Eurogamer are the worst lately. I laughed a lot with the ODST review, extremely short, repetitive as hell and with a 9. Either way the reviews are not that important, a couple of examples of games with good reviews and awful sales, ChinaTown Wars (for the touchable) and Beyond Good & Evil. Good reviews does not guarantee anything.

  • This will be a christmas present for myself. I know those first month sales are pretty important, but don’t worry, I’ll buy a new copy eventually.

  • in 13 minutes, it will be 5 days till aCiT comes out. >.>

  • Any events for Canada anytime soon? :)

  • Ryan thanx for the info and believe me I will be there early, got to beat the horrible morning traffic jams…on a side note, I will be doing everything in my power to purchase one of those awesome looking Captain Qwark toys…I am taking both my resistance games to get them signed!!!!! INSOMNIAC FTW!!!!!!!!

    BTW I plan to get massive playtime with the RHYNO V and OMG I want to own a Sonic Erupter….>.<

  • Ouch, I would… but unfortunately I live 344 miles away from the event… give or take (according to Google Maps).

  • I just need some clarification, because I’m silly and don’t fully understand.

    I live in Bakersfield, (which is 104 miles away, to be exact) and I missed the RSVP. I feel stupid because I’ve been watching this for over a week now and didn’t even realize there was an RSVP until the Facebook page made a post about it being closed. >_<

    Anyways, because I live over 50 miles away, but did not RSVP, I am not guaranteed a spot. I just have to make sure to show up way early like all the people who live within 50 miles. Is this correct?

  • UK release date is two weeks away… :(
    (It’s sad, but I’ll wait without complaining^^)


  • wheres the clank demo

  • I’m gonna make a Crack in Time just so I can eat tons of pizzas with my favorite game developer of all time.

    Why don’t u guys just visit Norway some time? :P
    That will make it all a lot easier.

  • I live in virginia its wa o far for this eent, but i know how you gu are getting inthe event.. I hate to spoil it. but its way to funny to hold back… ou guys are wearing chickn suits all day during the event and yall gonna have to sing a song infront of everyone lol.. true.. im so serious here, lol

  • @ ThatOtherPerson:

    I think you’re right but remember they said that you have to bring something that shows you live over 50 miles.

  • I absolutely love Ratchet and Clank I would love to be there. Too bad I live in Newcastle it would be a pretty long walk and one hec of a swim.:(

  • Ooohhh. I hope everyone that goes has a grand time. I, myself live on the East Coast (Rhode Island), so I’ll echo the comments to bring some love to the East :)

    @ Insomniac in general: Best of luck and I’ll add you to Twitter.

  • well i guess i wont be going sadly… And sry to say but i think i am going to to have to buy assasins creed 2 before this. I am really stumped here.

  • Well, I’m about 400 miles away, but tomorrow is my day off of work so I will gladly be there. Hopefully early enough ;-)

  • i kinda live on the east coast of the country :) can i send u guys my copy of a crack in time and can u autograph them for me & is there a planned ratchet and clank action figure line also can i be one of the select others who get the vinyls ;)

  • i love this game

  • I have all the R&C’s in the series…absolutely cannot wait for this games release. Might actually be deciding to play this game over Modern Warfare 2 simply because this games offline play is just that fun. My question is does Insomniac plan on making an Online multiplayer R&C in the future for the ps3? i have Size Matters for the PSP and i miss dominating in online :D Excellent job on your games, i will have to say the R&C series is by far the best offline game there is, and even with no online play it still beats out basically every other game out there. Great work, keep it up. I expect to see another Ratchet in Fall of 2010…maybe 2011 if u really wanna kill us waiting.

  • This was… The. Best. Day. Ever…

  • sweet

  • Yesterday was so awesome. I drove 400 miles overnight to get there and had to leave that same day so I could get to work on time today at 5:30am and it was totally worth it. I do really wish I had walked out with one of the vinyls, but oh well. I’m still plenty content with all the awesome swag I got.

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