Don’t Forget! Celebrate Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time at Insomniac Community Day this Friday!

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Hey everyone,

Throughout history, October 23 has been a pretty dreary day. Aside from the creation of the Smurfs (yes, it’s true) and for some, the Universe itself, October 23 has generally been a good day to crawl under a rock and hide. Seriously, look for yourself.

But all that is about to change on October 23, 2009…because Insomniac’s 2nd Community Day Full Moon Festival (I just made this name up) is going to rock. We will celebrate the North American launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time with YOU, our faithful and fearless fans. And we can’t wait, because we’ve got a solid helping of awesome in store for you. Best of all, it’s free!

Exclusive video reveals? CHECK. Exclusive merchandise? CHECK. Special (non-Insomniac) guest appearances? CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK. Awesome raffle prizes? You know it! Pizza? Tons!

Ratchet & Clank Schwag for Insomniac Community Day

Speaking of raffle prizes, by now you’re probably wondering A) “OMG! Are those Ratchet & Clank vinyls I see?!” and B) “OMG, I can has?!” Yes, and Yes (sort of). If you are fortunate enough to participate in the Full Moon Festival, you can bid to win ONE extremely limited edition set of Ratchet & Clank (and Captain Qwark) vinyls, with all proceeds going to the Starlight Foundation. The vinyls were designed and created by Insomniacs for Insomniacs, so only employees and a very select few others will ever own these beautiful babies. Maybe you’ll be among the lucky ones.

Ratchet & Clank Schwag for Insomniac Community Day

If you already RSVP’d on the Facebook events page and you live 50 or more miles from our Burbank studio, you are guaranteed entry. We’ve got folks flying and driving from all over the country and we definitely don’t want to leave them hanging. If you live within 50 miles of Insomniac, please arrive early to ensure you get in.

Registration will take place beginning at 10 a.m. in the lobby of the Burbank Marriott hotel, which is just a few steps from Insomniac HQ. Don’t worry, we’ll be heading there for lunch and an autographs session after a “Making of A Crack in Time” panel discussion with some familiar faces (and voices). (Speaking of, if you’d like us to ask one of YOUR questions in the panel, ping me @insomniacgames on Twitter. I’ll be moderating the panel.) Then, we’ll be heading back to the hotel for gameplay and a very cool raffle contest with some great prizes. We’ll wrap up the best October 23 ever with cocktails around 3 p.m.

I hope to meet many of you on Community Day. Come by and say hi, and bring your Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Insomniac merchandise to get signed by the dev team!

See you on October 23!

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  • Very nice

  • Cool. I cant wait for this game!

  • I’m so there!

  • If I lived near Burbank, those would be mine!

  • I live within 50 miles!

  • I want those vinyls so bad! Too bad burbank is such a long drive for me (about 400 miles). I wish I lived in Southern CA, so much better than the North.

    P.S. You should have kept the title “Clock Blockers”.

  • I live in France, can I send energy waves to Insomniac HQ? Can I get in and see thoses vinyls?
    Me, crazy? Nonsense! =D

    Those vinyls look great, the fans who get this will be lucky, oh yes. :)

  • Cant wait for the game!

  • Been waiting for this game for awhile now. Can’t wait!!!!!

  • I so wish i could go, hope you guys have a blast :D

  • OMG, I want those vinyls so bad! Too bad I live on the otherside of the country and I can’t come. :(

    I’d love to visit you guys at the Full Moon Festival. It would be a blast!

  • Ryan stop making those who can’t go more jealous. :P :(

  • Wish I could go :(. You guys should start having these at both of your studios so that both sides of the country can get involved.

  • I think Insomniac should fly me out there to participate lol.

  • Hey man, I got engaged on Oct 23 (and married the following year on Oct 22) so it’s not a dreary day for everyone :)

    Wish there was an east coast event as well, would love to nab some of that schwag.

  • You guys need to make a special trip out to Florida…… :)

  • I live about roughly 90 miles from Burbank

  • Sounds like fun, even if it doesn’t apply to me. But I did have to pleasure of attending a little R&C event today where TJ Fixman and James Stevenson were showing off the game. Thanks be to them, it was fun AND informative :)

    Nice since there aren’t many events like that around here, special thank you for those two. Can’t wait for Nov. 4th!

  • I can’t has awesome swag… (Fave word EVAR!) Because I live ‘cross the pond’… ='(

  • I hate it when I typo, I apologize for the typo, can’t resist this incessant need to correct my typos. Argh. But then again it’s past midnight right now. Thanks again Insomniac for the Finland event, low key, but fun :)

  • what about Canada? =[

  • Does everyone that goes get a free copy of the game?

  • Too bad I live in Missouri.
    D: We even have Friday off! Gosh, what a shame. I wish I could drive. Or had money for a plane/bus ticket. Oh, the woes of a teenage child with no money.

  • If I skip out on my QA job to attend, will you be more or less likely to hire me for your open position?

  • Lucky is an understatement for the people who get to go to this. Why does our country have to be so big? Pennsylvania to California is just too far…:/

  • This is why I want to move to California…

  • This isnt really related to the topic, but why is the Ratchet demo being released after the game is released?

    • RCF: A Crack in Time doesn\’t come out in North America until 10/27. The Clank demo is out now on PSN, so I think we\’re good on that front.

  • Uh :( So sad to think I won’t be able to come.
    I would have made anything in my power to join this party, but France is definitely too far from the States.

    Well, that, and fly tickets are sort of… expensive.

    Anyway, love you guys, you definitely are the most devoted developers to their fans, and that’s why I love you that much :)

  • Bummer. I live 400 miles away and have Triplets. I’m not going anywhere. :(

  • Hi Ryan! Thanks for the info!

    You said “If you live within 50 miles of Insomniac, please arrive early to ensure you get in.”

    Does that include those of us that RSVP’d? If so, :(

    So, we didn’t really need to RSVP if we live within 50 mi? We just have to show up early and hope to get in…?

    Thanks for the clarification.

    • Good question. If you RSVP\’d you should get in. We really don\’t want to leave anyone hangin\’…that\’s not how we do things at Insomniac. BUT, to be safe, I\’d get there early.

  • I wish I lived in the US..

  • Do the questions, we ask, have to pertain to Ratchet and Clank?

    See you on Friday Mr. Schneider.

    • My dad is Mr. Schneider, you can call me Ryan :) Questions should pertain to R&C, the games industry in general, and Insomniac. You can ask about Resistance too, but our focus really is R&C/Insomniac.

  • Someone told me that if we RSVP’d and are underage, we can bring guests, true? Also, does the adult guardian have to RSVP?

    • On the Facebook events page it actually says that if you\’re under 18 you need a guardian to get in. As for guests, ideally they would have been accounted for in the Facebook RSVPs.

  • NNoooooo!!!!! you guys should of done this AFTER the release of Ratchet and Clank: ACiT, how else am I going to get my copy signed by you guys? thats what you guys did with Resistance 2, and I was able to get autographed by you guys, now I’ll have to wait till you guys release another game. :(

    Epic Failure?


  • Did you know if we will miss anything beside cocktails at 3, if we have to leave early? I delayed going on vacation to attend, but I do not think I can stay past 1. Just worried about missing the raffle and the bidding for that very cool Vinyl!

    Thanks for your time!

    • You\’d probably miss the autographs session that starts at 1. But maybe you can get a buddy there to get something signed for you and we\’ll mail it to you depending on where you\’re at?

  • I work down the street from you guys, I’d have to skip out on work… my love of Ratchet and Clank compels me… any good excuses to tell my boss?

    • There is a rift in the space-time vortex that only you and a select few will be able to fix. Plus, I said it was cool for you to skip work. How\’s that?

  • Keep seeing these events on the West, I wish the East would get cool things like this. (New England in particular)

  • Hey there, the PSN Clank demo is out tomorrow, not today. My bad, the announcement is out, not the demo itself. Sorry for any confusion.

  • My PS3 has broken down due to faulty hardware. My Blu-ray drive has stopped working and while updating the firmware it now freezes halfway through every time in an endless loop…. restarts and freeze. The error message says contact technical support but technical support only tells me that I have to pay $150 to get it fixed. Only a few monthes out of warrenty.

    I hope that the ps3 slim will drop in price now that the 120GB is coming out and hopefully you wont just charge more than $300 for the 120GB. If that happens and there is no price drop I am done with sony and will not buy another ps3 now or ever. I am not going to waste more of my money. I miss being able to enjoy games at my own conveniance but now that has been taken from me and its not worth $300 just to maintain that. I think sony should take care of me, take my ps3 plus $100 and send me a new freaking one… that will not lose you revenue and you can actually make more money as I will start buying games again.

  • To cellebrate this grand event I will finally open that sealed copy of tools of destruction I bought over a year ago

  • The Ratchet demo is actually out in some retailers but it’s old compared to the new Ratchet demo coming out next week.

  • Sorry for the double post but I forgot to ask, is there going to be a new Full Moon Show episode tomorrow Ryan?

    • No not right now. We\’re pretty swamped w/ getting content ready for the game launch and Community Day. We\’ll be recording at Community Day though so maybe we\’ll have a fan interview or two?

  • Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I am a local, Work in El Segundo, and Live in Anaheim. With in your 50 miles, so I will be up early to fight traffic on the glorious 5 freeway to get my spot in line!

  • @MidnightBlues dude just chill, you’re not the only one, and if I were you I’d stick with the PS3 because I dont see how you’d miss out on Ratchet And Clank, God Of War 3, GT5, and Uncharted 2. Be reasonable.

  • Ryan..I’m like a stones throw away from your NC area apparently..Anything happening with that Studio?

    • Not yet. But, we\’re about to launch our newly designed Insomniac website in the coming days ( We\’ll have a blog post from our NC studio director saying hello.

  • Those action figures are really cool. Can I find them anywhere?

    • Action figures? Yes. Those will be in local toy stores like Toys R Us. The vinyls seen in this post? Nope. Those are gifts for Insomniacs, Sony partners and a few select others.

  • Question #27 – i know when the game is out i mean why is the second demo being released after the game.

  • @ #47

    Well, most people don’t like the Clank parts from Tools of Destruction and so they think it’s the same in A Crack in Time. So by releasing the Clank demo first, more people will play it and will relize that it’s very different from TOD. Now if the Ratchet demo was released first and the Clank demo the next week, more people would play the Ratchet demo and not the Clank demo because like I said above, they think it’s the same from TOD.

  • Oops, I meant @ #48 not #47. We really need an edit button.

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