MAG Pre-order Public Beta Now Open

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Today a whole new group of operatives joined the Shadow War. October 12 marks the start of the GameStop and EB Games pre-order MAG Public Beta period. At 10:00 AM this morning, all those who pre-ordered MAG from GameStop or EB Games in Canada received access to the MAG Public Beta and joined existing Public Beta users. Be prepared to choose your side – Raven, Valor, and S.V.E.R. are once again locked in battle.

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The hours for this phase of the MAG Public Beta are:

Monday – Friday:
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM – 12:00 AM EDT

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM CDT

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MDT
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM MDT

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Later this week or early next, we will be releasing a new version of the MAG Public Beta client. This will be a major update to the MAG Public Beta client and server set.

Remember, in North America the MAG Public Beta access from November 9 to November 20 will be available exclusively to people who pre-order MAG from GameStop or EB Games (in Canada). If you live in North America and you want to continue playing MAG you will need to get your pre-order in to GameStop or EB Games and get your MAG Public Beta voucher code. This will also be the first time the MAG Public Beta will be available 24/7 with unlimited server hours (with the exception of server maintenance).

In conjunction with the next phase of the MAG Public Beta, we are also introducing a ton of new features for our Web site, The updated site will include a community section with access to the MAG forums, RSS feeds, and new media and downloads for fans, including wallpapers, AIM icons, and XMB themes for each of the PMCs. You can also read more background on each of the PMCs and enlist in your favorite private army. Check it out now at The Shadow War is coming 1.26.10.

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  • My code doesn’t work either. I really want to figure this out. I have been waiting a long time to play this.

  • Why is it taking so long to download updates for MAG after downloading and installing the game. This is very disappointing.

  • I pre-ordered MAG online to & they sent me a Beta code an hour after pre-order & it won’t work!!!!

  • WTF!!! My beta code won’t work either!!!!

  • i’m still on the fence about this game. i like shooters a lot. loved cod mw but eventually got tired of it. right now i’m really enjoying uncharted’s multiplayer and i freakin cannot wait to play the single player. these will be the longest hours of my life, lol. anyway, probably pre order for the beta just to check it out.

  • I got my beta key via email a few days ago, I tried it then only to realize it was invalid, but I read I had to wait till today, so I did. I entered it again this morning, after the time stated and it still says invalid, even though I’m entering it right. I even waited till 5pm PST which the email oddly says, still invalid, I’m going to try it again here in a few mins once it is 6pm PST… but so far it isn’t looking good. I’ve seen everyone else with gamestop pre order keys going in, but mine has said invalid since a few days ago, and still is today. The email provided a support number, but all it is are automated responses to simple problems, none of them talk about redeeming codes that don’t work… please help.


  • Hey is anyones codes working because mines not and ive heard from alot of friends that theres isnt either

  • My code is invalid too!!!!!

  • When you kneel down or lay down, why don’t you stay in place? It’s quite annoying to be sliding all over the place.

  • How do you fix the code problem?!?!

  • Just like basically everyone else, my code isn’t working. Anyone out there with an answer?

  • Code doesn’t work either expected this from. Gamestop.

  • im glad im already in the beta, cuase i wouldnt trust a word Seth says anymore, hey seth any news on socom bro?? prolly not he doesnt even play games i bet he just reads the paper they give him, tool

  • My code doesn’t work either. I got ahold of gamestop, they said all the codes they sent out were invalid, and they’re working to get the problem fixed with no estimate of how long that might take. They said to just keep an eye on my email account.

  • Greatly looking forward to this game. Not getting Uncharted 2. I’m boycotting it after playing drake’s fortune and running into the demons in the Nazi war bunker. Ugh just thinking about it freaks me out.

  • Hey I was really excited about this game until I saw gameplay… I dont care that much about graphics but these looked like ps2 graphics. I am a huge cod4 fan, do you think I should get this game?

  • Thank you very much Serge_Storms your post brings me relief that they at least acknowledge they dropped the ball, please post back with any more info when you can.


  • so let me get this right unless you pre-ordered mag on gamestop or eb games u wont be able to acces the public beta?
    so basically it isnt like a signing up at their main website or something like that?

  • This are the best games ever

  • Hope it plays better then the beta…

  • And like everyone else who pre-ordered from Gamestop, my code is also coming up as invalid. WTF. Sure hope there are plans to extend beta access or something – since a day has already been lost.

  • Darn, I don’t have any money to preorder it right now =(. When is the official release date?

  • Mine doesn’t work either (from US).. HOWEVER, are you guys actually from Canada? It seems like there was a misunderstanding between these guys and gamestop. Supposedly this beta is for Canadians only, not US.


  • Like every one else, pre-ordered from GameStop and Beta code not working. Anybody got a solution yet, too lazy to search thru this ish.

  • I have a few questions:
    1. I’m already in the Beta, but I will also have an EB Games code. When should I enter it? Will this cause a stats reset?

    2. Will entering the new code cause a new download, or will the game just continue seamlessly?

    3. Will the next download take 3 hours?

    4. At what point will stats reset again?

  • Are you guys sure ebgames in Canada are getting the GameStop beta codes?

    As everybody at the six stores I went to say either it is US only, employees only got codes from a Sony rep or do not know anything about the GameStop beta codes even though they knew about the MAG beta.

  • Can you guys please open up the hours a bit more 9:00 PM is Way too early to cut off in the west coast :(


  • The U.S. beta is only from 11/9/2009 – 11/20/20009. Did you read the post. The code will not wooooork until then. We can still play our beta version of MAG before and after that.

  • dude rtfp Today a whole new group of operatives joined the Shadow War. October 12 marks the start of the GameStop and EB Games pre-order MAG Public Beta periods.

  • It’s shaping up to be a great game. I hope to find more players to play long with to maximize my exp cause today a bunch of people just weren’t helping. Please feel free to hit me up an/or add me to play the MAG beta.


  • i really like the game play. i hope in mthe future that they make it a little more realalistic when you shoot someone, just kidding it is real good. i do wish that malee attacks are better than they are.

  • The beta was a blast. Thanks for the privilege :)

    Now Demons Souls and Uncharted 2 are gonna take up all my time!
    well I guess its a nice cooldown time from now and launch date.
    So MAG will feel fresh and awesome the day i purchase. :)

    Beta was a blast!

  • i hope they fix this problem with the codes, i got 2 of mine to work but the rest are not working, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • @hfwplaya08 that’s not true. It states “At 10:00 AM this morning, all those who pre-ordered MAG from GameStop or EB Games in Canada received access to the MAG Public Beta and joined existing Public Beta users.”

    Then on November 9th only Gamestop/EB Games pre-orders will be able to play. So at that point all other BETA users will not be able to play.

  • Wow. this looks like one awesome game.Seems like a lot of good action and graphics.

  • started downloading yesterday at 2pm, very slow, lose psn connection alot probably due to overwhelming downloaders, when reconnect sometimes does’nt go back to previous spot, gave up last night, resumed this morning at 5am, a little faster, its 830am im at 44% and averaging 200MB per hour, hum lets see i’ll probably have a few more gray hairs on my cahona’s by then and the game will be on the shelf, and its ridiculous u cant play anything during download except your new gray hairs, SONY I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS DOWNLOAD TO BE DONE IN BACKROUND, you already have the program install it, not happy at all, this better be good

  • noob here how do i get my hands on the current beta?

  • Cainxavier, hfwplaya08, Nunol37 I think you three might need to reread all the information about the beta before you start posting stuff that is completely wrong.

    First the beta is not Canada only I dont even know where you got crap like that. It is open to the US. Secondly you have the wrong idea about the beta time frames. The public beta is open from 10/12-11/08 that is for everyone including the gamestop beta codes. Then on 11/09-11/20 the beta is open ONLY to those that have a gamestop beta code.

  • Ok so I redeemed my points yesterday and when i got home from college i downloaded the beta, installed it, installed the 3gb thing, and when I woke up today and try to get on around 11am it says that the server is unavailable.

    So if I get this right, since Im in North America, I have to wait till November 9th to play the beta? Why in the world wouldnt they do it world wide instead of having us people in North America be able to play it yesterday like everyone else.

    Thats my only question and complaint. Not saying that I hate the people that made the beta or anything just wondering why do we North Americans have to suffer waiting till november to play the beta when everyone else gets to play it. or unless i read it wrong.

  • So Qore members are getting teh boot also?

  • Anyone get a word on the non-working codes from GameStop? I saw the one post but never received any information from GameStop themselves.


    The public beta for North America, not just Canada, is open from 10/12-11/08 and that is for everyone including the gamestop and EB Games beta codes. Then on 11/09-11/20 In North America, the MAG Public Beta phase from November 9th to November 20th is exclusive to only players who pre-order at GameStop (in the US) or EB Games (in Canada). Details about dates after that are kind of fuzzy other than the actual release date for the game itself which is set, at this point, for 1/26/10.

    Admins: Please correct any dates that either change or that I just got wrong.

  • And I quote

    “Dear Valued Customer,
    Thank you for contacting regarding your MAG Beta Code.
    We are aware some customers are receiving an error message when entering their code. We are diligently working along with the manufacturer to correct this problem, and expect to have the issue resolved very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to respond to this email.
    Best regards,
    Customer Service Agent”

  • Has anyone gat an answer on the problems with the redemtion codes? I’m having the same problems as everyone else.

  • I really wish I would’ve been given the chance to try the beta instead of driving all the way to gamestop and paying $5 for a game that I have mixed feelings about so far.

  • same code issue here. this sucks.

  • I have received my beta code, and I try to “Redeem Code” at account administration. And I am getting Error 80023156, so I am not able to start the beta. D: I called sony and they have no clue what this error is, why does an error code exist that no one has on record =p? Kinda pointless don’t you think…

  • hey guys its 215pm est im at 83% no new gray hairs, 1800MB in 9 hours, 2540/3039MB, i can feel it, for those with code issues, dont rush, it’s been noted it could take 2-36hrs to download, started 2pm yesterday very slow gave up last night resumed this morning, if no major problems my total download time will average about 16hrs, could be worse

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