MAG Pre-order Public Beta Now Open

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Today a whole new group of operatives joined the Shadow War. October 12 marks the start of the GameStop and EB Games pre-order MAG Public Beta period. At 10:00 AM this morning, all those who pre-ordered MAG from GameStop or EB Games in Canada received access to the MAG Public Beta and joined existing Public Beta users. Be prepared to choose your side – Raven, Valor, and S.V.E.R. are once again locked in battle.

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The hours for this phase of the MAG Public Beta are:

Monday – Friday:
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM – 12:00 AM EDT

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM CDT

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM MDT
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM MDT

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Later this week or early next, we will be releasing a new version of the MAG Public Beta client. This will be a major update to the MAG Public Beta client and server set.

Remember, in North America the MAG Public Beta access from November 9 to November 20 will be available exclusively to people who pre-order MAG from GameStop or EB Games (in Canada). If you live in North America and you want to continue playing MAG you will need to get your pre-order in to GameStop or EB Games and get your MAG Public Beta voucher code. This will also be the first time the MAG Public Beta will be available 24/7 with unlimited server hours (with the exception of server maintenance).

In conjunction with the next phase of the MAG Public Beta, we are also introducing a ton of new features for our Web site, The updated site will include a community section with access to the MAG forums, RSS feeds, and new media and downloads for fans, including wallpapers, AIM icons, and XMB themes for each of the PMCs. You can also read more background on each of the PMCs and enlist in your favorite private army. Check it out now at The Shadow War is coming 1.26.10.

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4 Author Replies

  • 1st!! I want This game

  • That’s very nice, but:

  • Does anyone know what these times are in the U.K? Will we have to stay up to midnight again?

    P.S Please don’t let the “major” update be one of those massive 3GB Peer To Peer Metal Gear Online style downloads that takes approximately 4 months. :D

  • So if I’m already in the beta I have to preorder to stay inthe beta come November? Is that right?

    • In North America, the MAG Public Beta phase from November 9th to November 20th is exclusive to only players who pre-order at GameStop or EB Games.

      Unfortunately, existing Public Beta participants will not be able to play MAG during this phase.

  • My god is this game amazing.

    Graphics are incredible. No lag. Incredible depth and strategy.

    Haven’t touched that stinking pile of fail Call of Duty since I got my hands on this masterpiece.

    Call of Duty looks and feels like a last gen game compared to MAG.

    Don’t know how PS3 exclusives can be this much better than multiplatforms games:

    256 players for MAG vs 16 players for CoD

    No lag for MAG vs lag for CoD

    Next gen graphics for MAG vs last gen graphics for CoD

  • Go MAG!

  • Yea SO Basically I go Pick up my Uncharted 2 and preorder this tomorrow then right lol

  • Yea, all the PS3 haters out there got to play this game and check out Uncharted 2 also, comes out tomorrow! Cheyea! 256 players with no Lag, That is amazing and its only possible on the PS3. :)

  • Those of us in the Beta from Qore can still access it right?

  • @4
    If you are already in the beta then you don’t have to pre-order it.

  • I got my code from GameStop last week and redeemed it at 7 o’ clock (EST) this morning.

  • any other way to get into MAG beta?

  • I hope you newcomers enjoy the beta, I personally don’t really like it.

  • does qore mag beta users get the boot out of mag and gamestop mag beta gets all the glory?

  • Hm.. whens dissidia coming to psn again?

  • @12 Not any other that I know of. Probably in a giveaway or something. A website called Gamer Reviews is giving away several MAG codes tonight among other things in PlayStation Home.

  • I Just Beat UNCHARTED 2 in Hard Best Game Ever.

  • Put this on PSN like Warhark and Socom.

  • I was already in the M.A.G Private BETA, so I get to play in this one!

    M.A.G is turning out to be a great game!

  • Wasn’t sure about this but the BETA sold me.

    Awesome game.

  • I was already in the M.A.G Private BETA, so I get to play in this one!

    M.A.G is turning out to be a great game!

    Did this not show up?

  • I was shocked by the quality and performance of this game. This might be the contender for the worst PS3 exclusive..

    At least it will be head to head with SOCOM: Confrontation :-)

  • I have been a BETA tester for awhile, its an awesome game. Alot of level 1’s this morning lol. Welcome new beta testers!

  • Will this update to the MAG client include the 2GB install so ppl can download it in background? I have a lot of games to play including tomorrows’s Uncharted 2 and i don’t have the time to leave my PS3 downloading countless hours when it could be doing so while i am playing uncharted single player. Please tell me this update fixes this.

  • @5

    you should get an hdtv. or get your eyes checked. other than that mag is fun.

  • I hope the newcomers to the beta enjoy it. I don’t really like the beta.

  • Rumor has it that the we will have a monthly bill to play MAG. Such as a MMO. Can you please confirm or deny, before I preorder the game.


    • There is no monthly charge to play MAG.

      You can experience the intense action of 256 player battles right out of he box without paying any additional fees beyond the purchase price of the game itself.

  • How is a beta that requires you to pre-order/buy the game a “PUBLIC” anything?

  • Man, why Gamestop? I refuse to shop there. As much as I want to play the Beta, I still will not reserve my copy there.

  • @awsome_robot

    LOL! Look everyone! It’s an actual Call of Duty fanboy!

    Call of Duty:

    Wii level graphics

    Crappy arcadish controls

    Massive amounts of auto-aim so lamers like awsome_robot can actually hit stuff


    Tiny numbers of player per match

    Can’t believe I wasted 60 bucks on such a turd of a game like Call of Duty. It really is the Britney Spears of FPS games. Mass market, lowest common denominator garbage.

  • Yeah got my code but its not working for some reason its sucks

    • We discovered that consumers who pre-ordered from received invalid codes. GameStop should be sending you another e-mail with a valid code.

  • @5 I also hate Call of Duty (too many kids…too easy…few objectives…no strategy), but stop pretending that the graphics for COD are bad. It only makes you look dumb to try and state that. EVERYONE knows COD looks better than MAG, but it’s the ONLY thing it does better. For shallow gamers, that’s all they need. When the grow up, they’ll want MAG and games like it.

  • halo sucks compared to Warhawk with 32 players online and now MAG has 256 woot

  • yea this game is awesome. much better than i expected

    i do love CoD and cant wait till MW2 but i will be doing MAG till then

  • Is there any word on how big this ‘Major’ update will be?

  • @30, reserve get the beta, and then go and ask your money back because you didn’t liked the game

  • Is there any estimation on how big this ‘major’ update will be?

  • MAG graphics are not that good in a first look but when you think of the really big map and that you will be playing with 256 players you will think that the game have good graphics

  • sooo… i can’t enter the code. Do I have to enter it within the 10-1 time frame? The email i got from gamestop said i could redeem it at 5pm pst… which is now

  • My code also isn’t working :(

  • I’m having the same problem :( I just recieved my pre-order code and it’s not working. I get a message saying its invalid :(

  • Yup, more stuff to not care about. Only thing that matters is DIssidia being up on PSN, which still hasn’t happened.

  • I am getting an error code (80023156) every time I try to enter the code. It is VERY frustrating. I have been waiting for this beta for weeks and it is the main reason I pre-ordered. Someone help… :(

  • i keep getting error 80032156 when trying to redeem my code

  • If we were already in the old beta, is there a reason to keep the old beta?

  • My gamestop code doesn’t work WTF!!!

  • Please admins! Help us! :(

  • Wait so uh, I pre-ordered MAG at Gamestop [America]

    Was I supposed to have gotten a voucher or an email for the Beta code? They told me my code will be emailed, but I haven’t gotten it yet.

  • Mine isn’t working either. The code that is. I’ll harass my local gamestop to find out why. Unless you can offer a solution.

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