Critter Crunch Out Today on PSN! OM NOM NOM NOM!

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Hello friends!

This is it! Today is the day! Critter Crunch is out in North America! So this afternoon, turn on your PlayStation 3, log on to the PlayStation Store, and download it! It’s only $6.99!

Until then, check out our launch trailer entitled “A Barf In The Night”:

For those of you unfamiliar with Capy’s hand-animated 60 frames-per-second arcade-puzzle extravaganza, here’s a quick recap:

  • Crazy Single Player Modes: Adventure, Puzzle, Challenge and Survival
  • Crazy Multiplayer Modes: Versus and Co-Op (offline and online via the Playstation Network)
  • Crazy Trophies!
  • Barf!
Critter Crunch New Screen

And just in case you missed the first batch of reviews, here are a couple of handy links to help you get up to speed with the word on the street:

Destructoid says:

“With Critter Crunch, Capybara has designed one of the most original and endearing titles the puzzle genre has seen in years…With solid gameplay mechanics and the iconic character designs of Biggs and company, it’s a game that belongs in any puzzle fan’s digital library.”

IGN says:

“It sets a new standard for graphics in the genre and is simply one of the best looking games on PSN. Luckily, it also has the gameplay to back up the looks. No puzzle fan should miss this. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the genre, you’ll likely find Biggs’ charm hard to resist.”

And for those of you that just ADORE rainbow-colored spew, here’s another trailer just for kicks:

Yikes! That’s a whole lot of Critter Crunch up in this post. Go forth, Critter Crunch fans, and multiply.

See you online!


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24 Author Replies

  • So… you eat stuff in a puzzle game to barf up rainbows? Thats awesom.e

  • i saw in your official website some Critter Sony characters, any chance will be seeing them in the game?

  • I’ll be grabbing this after work today; let me just say that it’s always nice to see developers who are enthusiastic and eager to interact with us lowly proles :)

  • in ur gamez, crunch’n ur critterz

  • FNA!
    I’m going to love this game.
    I already talked someone else into buying the game too.
    I searched out all your interviews and love your “Own-PR” way of doing things.
    I’d like to dedicate an LBP level to you guys but need your permission I think for using Biggs n Smalls.
    MM is pretty cool, I bet you could get permission to make SackBiggs. Hot Shots Golf was able to use Sackboy. I’d love seeing Biggs in LBP too.


  • This would make for a nice refreshing break from playing Demon’s Souls.

  • I wasn’t really interested in this until I saw the price point. Very reasonable…. well done. other PSN titles need to look to you as an example because now I’ll buy your product.

  • I had a dream about this last night. Dont remember exactly what happened in it, something about rainbow colored barf though

  • Kinda need the store updated :) Would make my purchasing of the game from said store alot easier.

    Great work! Hope the store updates very very soon can’t wait to get my cappy on

  • Can you turn off the H.U.D><?

  • also will this have Remote Play???

  • Also is there Remote Play?

  • I saw your reply that you might be having a competition…will it be for the game? If so, how and when will you be doing it? If it isn’t too soon, you anyways easily deserve my money for this, but I want some Fallout DLC as well, and sadly don’t have the funds :( Don’t worry though, Crunching Critters is my top priority, and I will make sure I play this game by the weekend at least! :)

  • I once read a blog about what games have taught people. Example: “You grow bigger and all your blue-coloured garments change colour into white, when you eat Magic Mushrooms”.

    This is what I will learn from Critter OM NOM NOM Crunch: “There is an extremely cute, adorable and pretty goddamn awesome animal existing somewhere in the world, which actually spews rainbows and burps violently”. And I would actually love to have one…

    • We wanted to show a different side of Biggs: Yes he\’s cute and lovable and barfs rainbows, but if you ever meet one in the wild DO NOT LOOK HIM IN THE EYES!!!

  • On this web-site you guys show some awesome skins for Biggs. Please, please, please add these to a future DLC ($1.99-$2.99 for all skins that you can). I will buy the game today for sure!! I knew it was going to be a big hit since day one, and the reviews just justified that!! Congrats on a great game to come on a great system the PS3!

  • Nice, i love this game on the ipod touch (and the fact that it is a canadian game!!!) it looks amazing i really would like to get it! If ign says its good, than it must be (amirite?)

    just wondering though, if it supports custom ingame soundtrack (via XMB)?

    any other Uber-Fantastic features that you would like to mension (if you havn’t already)?

  • Is the native animation frames 60fps, or were they drawn @ 15 or 30 fps and interpolated?

    I love the idea of getting new “skins” as DLC; will they also come with more/different audio assets as well?

    Any plans for a Ghostbusters skin like in LBP? That is also a Sony property, after all :)

    Buying this as soon as I get home,
    keep up the good work!

  • Thank you for bringing this game to PSN!! Destructoid review convinced me almost immediately that it was an insta-buy. I also would love to see the skins come as DLC!!

  • @64 They mentioned that it’ll be nigh-impossible because of copyright, unless Sony be nice to them and let them do it for free. Come on Sony, don’t you know GotY material when you see it? ;)

  • This is a day 1 buy based on the price point alone, never mind the adorable rainbow barfing artwork! I hope more developers realize the significance of a sub $10 pricing system (and I don’t mean $9.99) GO CAPY!

  • hmm good graphics, art, multiplayer offline and online, 7bucks… I just need to try the demo :) (I don’t buy digital games without trying them first)

  • AH Man, this game would be perfect for “Remote Play”. Especially on my new PSPgo. Please, oh Please!!!

  • Did you make the trophies super difficult? Not a fan of games with excessively time consuming trophies, i.e. play 5000 times online, win 400 matches on a rainy day or something really extreme lol

  • Will wait for the demo. Looks fun though.

  • This is gonna be awesome! I’m still waiting for the PSN store to update so i can get it!

  • Consider the game SOLD, It looks great guys, nicely done!!! :D

  • thought this game came out today i don’t even see it in the playstation store

  • I am thrilled to see such a fantastic looking new puzzle game coming out at such a realistic price! Well done guys! Will most likely purchase. It really inspires me to make my own games. Now, if only I could figure out how to write games for the PS3 as well, since there is no XNA equivalent!

  • I have been checking the store since 3am. It is now 5pm EST and I still don’t see it :(. am I the only one this is happening to?

  • Thx Nathan, looks like a decent list. I look for a more casual, fun experience with PSN titles than some massive trophy hunt like some devs do. Kudos on not implementing something insane like win 50 online games.

  • WAH! Where is it?!

  • Oh yeah, very nice trophy artwork. Well done, I’m buying this tonight!

  • My friends and I are wondering if there’s any way to win one of those awesome t-shirts on your website? We’re in Canada btw.

  • sweeeeet! thx for listening to fans about XMB and the price. If I speent money on trash panic I’ll for sure buy this.

  • I used to have this on my iPhone, but I hated the iPhone and got rid of it. Definitely helped get rid of boredom throughout the day.

    Question though, seeing as I just got a PSPgo and I noticed a lot of PSN titles getting PSP ports (Super Stardust, Everyday Shooter, Pixel Junk Monsters, etc) are we going to eventually see a port of this to it as well? I would love to get that for on the go enjoyment.

  • I hope you patch it through remote play because I will sadly have to go to school without my beloved Critter Crunch. Maybe a psp release is in order???? (PLEASE!!!!)


    Please announce a UK date soon!

  • Its amazing how something that cute could look that evil in the video O_o

  • Kris blazes i’m laughing but on the inside I’m jelouse

  • totally unrelated but…

    any word on point lookout release today??!

  • OMG so SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to have this just because it’s completely animated in 2D. Being a character animation student. this stuff is awesome.

  • This game will be really fun, can’t wait to try it out. I saw the Editors Choice on IGN, thanks for letting us give a free copy away on

  • I’ll buy as soon as it hits Euro PSN and I’ve beaten Uncharted 2. ;)

  • Definitely a great looking set of trophies. Some of the best designs I’ve seen in a while.

    Looking forward to this awesome game!

  • Its good to see companys still making games using 2D hand drawn art. Keep’em coming, you have my support!


  • What’s the hold-up on this update?

  • Great Work to the developers…but I will not be getting this game…sorry…just not my type of game…

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