Critter Crunch Out Today on PSN! OM NOM NOM NOM!

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Hello friends!

This is it! Today is the day! Critter Crunch is out in North America! So this afternoon, turn on your PlayStation 3, log on to the PlayStation Store, and download it! It’s only $6.99!

Until then, check out our launch trailer entitled “A Barf In The Night”:

For those of you unfamiliar with Capy’s hand-animated 60 frames-per-second arcade-puzzle extravaganza, here’s a quick recap:

  • Crazy Single Player Modes: Adventure, Puzzle, Challenge and Survival
  • Crazy Multiplayer Modes: Versus and Co-Op (offline and online via the Playstation Network)
  • Crazy Trophies!
  • Barf!
Critter Crunch New Screen

And just in case you missed the first batch of reviews, here are a couple of handy links to help you get up to speed with the word on the street:

Destructoid says:

“With Critter Crunch, Capybara has designed one of the most original and endearing titles the puzzle genre has seen in years…With solid gameplay mechanics and the iconic character designs of Biggs and company, it’s a game that belongs in any puzzle fan’s digital library.”

IGN says:

“It sets a new standard for graphics in the genre and is simply one of the best looking games on PSN. Luckily, it also has the gameplay to back up the looks. No puzzle fan should miss this. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the genre, you’ll likely find Biggs’ charm hard to resist.”

And for those of you that just ADORE rainbow-colored spew, here’s another trailer just for kicks:

Yikes! That’s a whole lot of Critter Crunch up in this post. Go forth, Critter Crunch fans, and multiply.

See you online!


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  • I’m buying this later, looks cool.

  • Any word on a demo?

    • Hey reson8er (nice name, btw),
      The demo is coming very soon, hopefully about 2 weeks from now. And it\’ll features both single player and multiplayer online.

  • Snaps I guess I better stay with my statement and go dl this right freaking now :)

  • Now we need a contest to win a copy :)

  • … Why are my comments not showing up anymore?

  • Can’t wait! I’m wondering if we’ll see some dlc for CC, specifically those amazing alternate skins for Biggs? I’m willing to pay exorbinate amounts of duckets for the DToid one.

  • Awesome. In other news, if Trine isn’t released on the US Playstation Store today i suggest we all light torches, grab our pitchforks, and take to the streets in rage. :D

    But seriously though.. wtf

  • Doesn’t come on a disc?

    Fail Fail Fail Fail!

  • Let me make something clear before anybody begins to question the title of this article:


    That is all.

  • I agree with #8

    Regardless, I will be sticking this in my basket as soon as the store updates.. WHICH BETTER HAPPEN QUICK!

  • DAY 1 BUY for me… BURP………………..

  • Day 1 Buy for me …BURP……………..

  • Sorry for doube post…. it’s actually triple now… coz i’m to excited haha
    Wish i could just BURP in the public LOL

  • 1080p barf? Yes, please!

  • Online play? You guys have just sold a copy.

  • Hi Kris,

    Any chance we will be seeing a PSP version? This seems like it would be a natural fill for the handheld….

  • I’m hoping to buy this via Amazon, any knowledge on how long it’ll take between PSN store and Amazon updates?

    • We are looking into it, but I think it may take a bit of time since the Amazon store just launched. Hopefully soon!

  • its a good game and i may just purchase. i just adore the art style and the hand drawn renders and such. i just have to see how it plays a bit more.. will there be any demo for today off of the store. and well its just 06.99 too..
    well okay.. i may..

  • This looks like it may end up as one of my favorite PSN titles, and for just $6.99? SOLD! Especially after reading IGN and Destructoid’s reviews.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for the store to update o I can haz me some rainbow coloured barf! :DD

  • Looks fun, I will probably get it later on.

  • Looks good. Can we expect Critter Crunch avatars once Sony finally starts adding new ones?

  • I have the iphone version but I’ll be getting this version also for the vs and co-op modes. will any of the Sony designs you guys posted ever make it in as DLC :)

  • I will buy this soon. I don’t have six dollars right now in my sad existence, but I will soon, and I will use it to buy this piece of awesomeness.

  • Kris Piotrowski, I want your avatar bundled with the game, in TODAY update, please.

    Also, I want to say that you have one of the best trophy designs EVAR!
    Congrats for your work, looks amazing.

    • Thanks you! Good luck trying to win all of those trophies! Trust me, finishing the single player game is worth it not just for the shiny gold trophy…. the ending of the game is something you can never un-see:)

  • Will this be up for sale on Amazon’s PSN page later today?

  • I don’t know if I can stomach another puzzle game… especially one that involves barfing! :o

  • Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m sure the gameplay itself is as fantastic as it sounds…but I’m buying this game solely because the absolutely stellar art design and animation work. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in a game before and it’s what I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time.

    Congrats on the launch! And big props to your art team. Can’t wait to download it, enjoy the art, and have some good barfin’ fun.

  • I was going to say this game looks like a little kids game, But when I saw the video I was laughing my butt off =P

  • Even though I’m not really a fan of puzzle games, I will be buying this today due to the things you’ve done right: pricing it well (at $9.99 I wouldn’t even consider it), and taking the time to really polish this port of an iPhone game. The graphics and animation really look great. Also, having both on and off-line co-op and versus is great.

    Normally I would wait for the demo, but I want to support a studio that does things right by the consumer. And this game actually looks fun, too! Great job, guys!

  • DUCKETS!!!!!!

  • Good. :)

    …any chance of Remote Play support? Would love to be able to play this on my new PSP Go.

  • going to pick this one up right away. is there plans of Capy HQ making anymore PSN games?

  • CRITTER CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s too long, I want it now!!!!
    Capybara is a tease to the bitter end!

    I hope you guys take a vacation after this game is released, you’ve earned it! Just don’t be gone for too long, Capy’s a company that needs to make more games!!

  • Custom Soundtrack? Youtube video recording? In game Screenshots?
    If not maybe in a patch?

  • This game looks awesome and the videos have definitely convinced me and for $6.99? im definitely getting this when i get off work!!!

  • The game looks awesome and the videos have convinced me and for $6.99? I definitely be getting this as soon as i get off work!!!!!

  • Love the iPhone game, love all of the blood, sweat and barf you’ve put into this. Will be purchasing!!

  • Kris, gotta give you props, thank you for taking the time to respond to all of our posts, never seen so many responses from any rep on any post.

    Its appreciated :)

    Thanks again

  • If I buy this game will you promise to make some stuffed Biggs plushies and send me one xD

    I’m buying the game but I want my own little Biggs to go along my Sackboy plushie!

    • We are actually looking into making some limited edition Biggs plushies. Biggs basically looks like a plushie already so it\’s a natural fit. We\’ll post something on our site if we manage to figure this out.

  • Wait use of tobacco? O.o

    Is Biggs a smoker now haha

  • please do the ps store update asap ! I cant wait to play critter crunch !

  • Hueheuhe! Funny Launch Trailer! And Finally Critter Crunch!

  • Looks fun, but I will wait for the demo.

  • Finally! i’ve been looking forward to this game since the beginning of summer. Buying it as soon as its up!

  • Instant buy! Been waiting for this, finally PS3 controller support. The iPhone is fun but the touch screen isn’t ideal for a game like this. VERY HAPPY! NOM NOM NOM!

  • CRAP! I just used my $20 PSN card to buy other games on tuesday! Well hopefully I can get another one really soon. I love puzzle games and this one really caught my attention when it was announced for the PSN. Cant wait to get it though.

  • How big is the download in terms of megabytes?

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