Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Axiom City Walkthrough

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At PAX, we scored some time with James Stevenson, Community Manager at Insomniac Games who was kind enough to walk us through some brand new Axiom City gameplay in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Specifically, James gives us the lowdown on a heap of weapons — including the all-powerful (and deceivingly small) Rift Inducer — and what they can do.

October 27 is fast approaching, so don’t forget about the pre-order bonuses!

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  • ANother one Please Make games that matter

  • Please do not waste development time making another resistance. The first 2 games were mediocre at the very best

  • Looks great (visually), but will this game be even slightly challenging from a gameplay perspective?

    R&C:ToD was, to be fair, a great looking game too. But it was so freakin’ easy that it was almost not even a game. You basically just blasted things endlessly, solved a few simple puzzles, and beat the game without ever really dying or even being tested.

    I would suggest implementing far fewer of the endless “easy” targets and add some really difficult, devious, and destructive enemies.

  • How big is the arsenal in ACiT? Is it bigger or smaller than in ToD? In ToD there was 23 or 24 weapons and combat devices, it depends on if you count the Groovitron and the Golden Groovitron as the same or two different devices.

  • I can’t wait for this game I have played every single RaC game that has come out except for Ratchet and Clank: Going Mobile. But I heard it’s just a watered down version of “Going Commando”.

  • How long is the new R&C Future? Is it as long or longer than the first one.

  • Damn, this really kicks ass. October will belong to this and Uncharted 2. I’m going to have my hands full. Can’t wait to go back to space with R&C… Well R at first.

  • Man, the lack of posts in this blog make me a tad worried. This R&C game may be a bust and go totally under the radar with everyone going on about Uncharted 2 and CoD:MW2. Sad.

  • He said that for the first time they are adding a skill element to the game. So does that mean all the other games were almost too easy? Yes

  • Why can’t more games be more cartoony and funny? Have all protagonist in games become roided space marines or generic badass with no personality? Thank you so much Insomniac for still having a funny bone!

  • Looks like a great game, love the weapons.

  • hey, IG guys. real great job on ACiT.
    looking forward to it! can u guys plz tell me whether there is gonna be a german collector’s edition or not?
    cuz if there won’t be one i’m gonna get one from the UK/somewhere else definately!

    at least reply, in case u dunno anything just say dunno :D

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