Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Axiom City Walkthrough

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At PAX, we scored some time with James Stevenson, Community Manager at Insomniac Games who was kind enough to walk us through some brand new Axiom City gameplay in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Specifically, James gives us the lowdown on a heap of weapons — including the all-powerful (and deceivingly small) Rift Inducer — and what they can do.

October 27 is fast approaching, so don’t forget about the pre-order bonuses!

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  • I am not watching it :)
    I don’t want to see any spoilers or how to complete a certain puzzle. Come October 27th, this game is mine hahahahahhahaaha.
    PS: Have you guys played MAG? That game is so dam fricken amazing.

  • I REALLY REALLY REALLLY hope some Resistance 3 news is coming soon from you guys.

    Of course im looking forward to seeing what happens to my favourite Duo

  • cant wait for this and @1 no i never got my mag beta code yet

  • Game is looking NICE! black hole is pretty cool lol wish the camera could focus on the game screen.

  • @2 Silent_Gig
    Good Resistance 3 news will be
    1) Hale is the main character or no buy for me
    2) Multiplayer need to go back to Resistance Fall of Man. Resistance 2 multiplayer was azz compare to the greatness of Resistance Fall of Man.
    3) We will be able to used Hale kick ass power at the end of Resistance 2 in Resistance 3.

  • Looks great guys can’t wait! Good stuff here. Will be the best Ratchet and Clank ever! Any word on when the demo is coming to PSN?

  • Very impress, gentlemen. I just might dip my hand in that cookie jar, if you get my meaning.

  • Awesome! i seriously cant wait for this game!.. i bought every single R&C game from ps2,psp ps3 to PSN and cant wait to play this but i really hope this wont be the end of R&C series as i really enjoy it

  • yup this game looks amazing and they added all the best weapons from the older games!

  • DAY ONE!
    (Obvious Fersis is obvious)

  • Resistance 3 have a new engine.

  • mario galaxy killer!

  • I am SO glad to hear that the devices from Tools of Destruction were merged with the weapon. The lack of upgrading potential made me hold off from using Mr. Zircon extensively :P

  • Looks AWESOME!!!!! i need it NOW! Wait hurts me every second… *1 second* “AUCH” *1 second* “AUCH!!!!”

  • why is this game getting less media coverage then others????

  • Can you please specify which store is getting which preorder bonus?

  • I can’t understand how they can get Ratchet & Clank looking so beautiful and running at 60fps and at the same time produce the mediocrity that it Resistance- cardboard weapons, cardboard enemies. PS2 GFX and boring, tedious gameplay

  • Why do the walls look like quarterpipes? Almost like some kind of poorly designed skatepark :P

  • This is awesome. Day one purchase for me.

  • Hi James,

    Thanks for this preview of Axiom City, which looks superb btw.

    Could you give us the length of the game in hours ? Thanks !

  • I can’t for this game. The weapons are great as always!

  • I can’t wait.

    The only problem it in the previous game I had trouble hearing Mr. Zircon’s witty responses through the explosions with his deep voice, will there be an imrovement on that?

    Secondly when will the EU Special Edition be announced? I have money waiting to preorder it. :)

  • The game looks great guys , I can’t wait, nicely done!!! :D

  • looking good but off topic when will i receive mag beta code i bought qore on the 17th aint receive code yet i got everything right when should be the latest that ill get it

  • Will the engine enhancements be backported to Tools of Destruction and/or Quest for Booty?

  • Dear Insomniac,

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t let this be the last R&C game! It’s pretty much one of my favorite game series ever. You’re also one of my favorite game studios because of that.

    P.S. I’m going to pre-order this game ASAP!

  • ever since i put in ratchet and clank tools of destruction after 3.00 it wont let me install

    it says it i have insufficient space when i still have 20 gig

    cant wait for crack in time btw

  • Wait, is there a collectors edition?

  • @RonnyMoon720 the solution is to add 700mb worth of content (videos pictures or music) to your hdd then it should work i don´t know why it works but i know it works

  • i won’t be getting an insomniac title again, unless you really impress me

    you guys really disappointed me (and im sure many others) with resistance 2 and its lack of features (ie. split screen,) fixes, and support

  • i guess im not the only one that didnt really enjoy r2 multi player as much as the original. looking forward to hearing news on r3.

  • i guess im not the only one that didnt really enjoy r2 multi player as much as the original. looking forward to hearing news on r3…

  • Awesome the groovetron is back! One of my favorites but the new weapon that was introduced by the contest seems very similar to a weapon i’ve seen in R&C:TOD…

  • Is there a date for a demo?

  • When will we see the first commercial for this game?

  • Game looks awesome, can’t wait.

    R3 news would be great, the co-op mode in 2 was one of my gaming highlights of the year last year

    PS. Leaked documents from a Sega/Sony meeting are making their rounds on the net right now. It mentions the fact that soon “all Ps3’s will have PS2 software emulation” and that they are in negotiations to bring Dreamcast games to PSN. Go check your favorite game blogs, cause it seems like its legit.


  • Looks amazing!!!

  • Anyone know who has what preorder bonus here in Canada? I’d really like to get my hands on the moon..

  • i’ve played the A Crack in Time demo last week at a sony style store , MAN ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! cant wait for the full game !!!!!!!

  • Freaking awesome. Like remanutd5, I also played the demo at a sony store. The RYNO is in this game as well, right?

  • i dont know if i am going to get this. i am always cautionate on blowing 60 hard earned dollars on a game without online or co-op. i loved the multiplayer in deadlocked and uya although now its just a glitching community with hackers and such. My request is since this wraps up this story arc, if we can see a downloadable title – RATCHET AND CLANK FUTURE: ONLINE. yup, thats my little two cent opinion.

  • Pretty cool if you ask me

  • Do you want online for every freakin games ?Some are meant to be single player. Some are meant to be different

  • I love ratchet & clank, but I will mostly be buying this game because I LOVE INSOMNIAC!!! You guys are probably my favorite developers out there. Keep up the good work.
    Plus, like everyone else on here asking for Resistance 3 news I also wanna say that I can’t wait to hear some juicy info on it in the future. The Resistance series ROCKS!

  • I like Ratchet and Clank…but I would like to hear about Resistance 3.I have heard a lot of complaints about Resistance 2 not being as good as Resistance: FOM.So maybe you guys should look into that.Online co-op for Resistance 2 was awesome.I just wish the lobby rooms where more user friendly for the people who don’t play the game.I think those are legit.

  • the box art for this game sucks.

  • Guys, I was one of the winners from the Comiccon competition, I sent you my address but never receive my prize….what happened there?…-__-. I really participated to get the prize, I was one of the lucky winners and never got my bag? Please answer this. thanks!

  • YAY! RIFT INDUCER! You guys brought it back, and I love you for it!


  • Ratchet and Clank has and will allways be good!
    Good luck with future games.
    When does Resistance 3 come?

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