Let us answer YOUR questions at TGS

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Later today, in a coordinated intercontinental maneuver worthy of NATO, both SCEE Blog’s Jem Alexander and myself will swoop into Japan for this week’s Tokyo Game Show.


While we’d love to take you all with us to TGS, we can only do so in spirit. So please, send us packing with some great questions to ask the developers we’ll be meeting in Japan.

Developers of which games? Ah, I’m glad you asked. Here’s a (somewhat complete) list of games whose developers we’ll be meeting with:

  • PixelJunk Shooter
  • PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe
  • White Knight Chronicles
  • Gran Turismo 5/ GT PSP
  • Heavy Rain
  • Valkyria Chronicles II
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
  • Quantum
  • Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

There’ll probably be more (fingers crossed for 3D Dot Game Heroes), but this is a good start.
Ah, and some clarification of what we mean by “great questions”; the ones we’ll pick are the ones that everyone else *won’t* be asking (you know, dates, inclusion of trophies… the easy stuff that will get announced anyway). Make us look intelligent! Or at least reasonably so.

OK, fire away in the comments!

See you (virtually) from the show floor,
Jeff & Jem

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  • I have some questions
    1 Are you guys going to talk or show anything on warhawk/spacehawk?
    2 PS3 motion control what games are you guys going to port from the Wii ?
    3 date for GT and any news on home or making it region free.

  • If you do get your hands on this interview, what can we expect from this new Zelda, I mean, 3D Dot Heroes game? and how was it created in terms of graphics? The 3D “8bit” visuals almost look like claymation of sorts which I really like.

  • When can we expect new avatars (SOON is not an answer)? Will they add a large quantity at once (100+)? I’m tired of blue, yellow and red poop :-P

  • Will there be dynamic weather in GT5?

  • With Valkyria Chronicles II going portable next year there have been reports/rumors of it’s return to the PS3 soon. Can we get any more information on that?

  • To Square Enix:

    Will FFXIII have Japanese dubs in the Western version?

    I’ve played the demo of FFXIII myself and noticed a few errors in it, like a character still hitting on an enemy while the enemy was long dead and the camera playing tricks at times. I assume these errors have been adjusted in the meantime?

    Will there be a special edition for FFXIII in America as well in Europe?

    Final Fantasy VII sold sky rocket from the PS store, any chance we can expect more classics? Japan has Xenogears, but America nor Europe has the game.

    To Level 5:

    When will WKC be released in the West? Will the game have Japanese dubs? And also already asked how far has the game been adapted from its Japanese version?

    Long time ago a possible Dark Cloud 3 release was rumored but unfortune no further information about that. Any chance we might get to see the game on the PS3 in the future? (A Dark Chronicle alike game is my biggest wish!)

  • Is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS in Gran Turismo 5?

  • @46

  • Another question, this time for Level 5.

    What changes (if any) from the Japanese version of White Knight Chronicles can we expect to see in the western versions?

  • Has Quantic Dream thought about making a zombie survival game with the Heavy Rain engine?

  • Quantum: The trailers have shown some level of melee combat, will this be an equal component to the shooting or is it just added on but not a main form of play?

    Heavy rain…or really indigo prophecy: Even backwards compatible ps3s cannot play this game (it gets locked up in the middle), has there been any thought to rerelease the game?

  • Oops don’t see Final Fantasy XIII in the list, started firing away questions before reading the entire post. Oh well I’ll post this as well, if you won’t meet the ICO team, tough luck :-)

    To Ico team and Sony Japan

    SCEA is releasing a collection of God of War and God of War 2 for a budget price in =HD for on the PS3. Many people including myself have said to be interested in more of these collections and many call an ICO / Shadow of the Colossus collection. Any chance we might get to see anything like that before the launch of the Last guardian?

    To devs of Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

    Unfortunate not a single Zill O’ll game has been released in the past outside of Japan. How big can we ought the chance now of Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll being released in the West?

    Sega Sammy: also like to know how big the chance is we get to see VC2 on the PS3. Most fans have a PS3, naturally.

  • Jeff,

    This question is for Polyphony. I’ve been a Gran Turismo aficionado since it’s inception, with all these great racers out lke Grid, Dirt 2, Shift and the upcoming Forza, what will Gran Turismo 5 bring to the table minus the huge roster and authenticity to stay competetive? Custom soundtracks a no brainer, right?

  • Oh well have a [DELETED] of more questions but this will just do it… *lol*. It may sound like I’m not interested in Heavy Rain, but its simple, I no longer wish to know anything about the game until it releases haha… get the picture?

  • Question for Capcom. What are the develepors doing to ensure Lost Planet 2 is not only superior than the original release on PS3 but also how are they maximizing this game to take full advantage of the PS3 hardware. Can we expect 1080p, why or why not?

  • 1. To Sega: When can we expect Yakuza 3?
    2. To Kojima Productions: Really… when can we see Z.O.E. 3?

  • Oh just thought of another Question :)

    To Level 5, (my fav developer btw)

    Will you please make Dark Cloud 3!!!!

    The First game is my favourite game of the Ps2 (closely followed by MGS3)
    If a sequal was announced i would by 2 more ps3s and 3 copies of the game. Just so i can have it in my room, rec room and toilet to play it non stop lol

    Make Dark Cloud 3!

  • Questions:

    Gran Turismo 5
    1 – When will it come to the US and will it be a PS Store download too?
    2 – Destruction to all cars or just a part? How many?

    Valkyria Chronicles II
    1 – Why did the franchise abandon PS3?
    2 – Are there plans to return the franchise to the PS3?

    1 – When will it come?
    2 – What are the online modes?
    3 – Will it have coop? Splitscreen? online?

  • Some general questions for all the games;

    What’s it like developing on a Sony Platform? Why are you loyal to Sony as a developer?
    What would you change about the PS3?


  • Will Heavy Rain work with the PS3’s motion contoller? I can so see walking into a room with flashlight (PS3 motion controller) in hand…

    Will MGS Peace walker also be playable on the PS3 like I’ve seen a lot of other PSP titles or is it solely for the PSP?

  • i got a question for jeff… will u trade me jobs lol

  • PS3 has an incredible games line up and is finally gonna get some RPGs… My questions are for Software to rival te competition. If PS3 is supposed to be so powerful where is:

    -Party Chat (outside of chat program)
    -Party invites
    -A good web browser. One that doesn’t freeze the console and run much *slower* than my iPhone. Webkit? Facebook can’t even display properly it’s pathetic.

    Less important but it would be nice:
    -Internet music streaming like live.fm
    -Video streaming service like Netflix
    -Better support for formats like MKV

    The software for PS3 is dramatically behind the competition and that’s why you are in last place Sony. Many people think they are “losing features” switching to ps3 or even buying one.

  • Here is some questions first is Heavy Rain
    1.Will gameplay have a variety of different features with each character?
    2.Will their be any features of replay value? other than the changing plot etc.. IE. collecting items or news to delve into some backstory
    For Quantum
    1.What makes the game original to the big catologue of shooters out at the moment?
    2.I heard their is co-op right? but also is their competitive online?
    If you use any of these then wow thank you

  • Assuming “MGS 4 Sub__________” gets announced, will there be any connectivity between this game and Peace Walker?

  • Have a great Time in Tokyo

    Heavy Rain–Can past decisions effect the “state of mind” of the current character?

    Pixeljunk Shooter–Does Q-tip have plans to include online co-op?

    Gran Turismo 5– Does Porsche have a timed exclusive with the other game company? Is there a chance Polyphony will release Porsche cars as future DLC?

  • Just one for Heavy Rain:

    Release date??????


  • for hideyo kojima-san: any plans to bring back zone of the enders?! thanks!

  • Will there be connectivity between the PS3 and the PSP versions of GT? and what will that connectivity have in store?

  • @ 70 that not the reason why they in last place ( lol some guys think this is a race so what do the winner get ? a coke and a smile ) you know and everyone know that the high price plus coming out a year late is why the ps3 is in last place to your so called race. lol i love how xbox360 fanboys come to a ps blog and post a comment like that and forget the wii have a 20 million console lead to the 360, and the 360 have a 8 or 10 million lead on the ps3 wow coming out a year early and a cheaper price wow 8 million lead on ps3 wow oh well you have 2 hang your hat on something right?

  • Not really TGS related, but the singstar team should make a post about Patch v 4.20 with SingStar clubs and the like!

  • Ask the Valkyria devs if they thought it was dumb to release it on PSP given the first was on PS3 and many PS3 owners don’t have/want a PSP.

    Also ask Kaz Yamauchi about the feature list for GT5 and if it is not up to par with comparable games give him the thumbs down and ask him what the hell he has been doing all these years.

    Oh and make sure to pelt Kojima with fruit and yell TRAITOR, TRAITOR if you can.

  • Is the Gran Turismo 5 release date gonna be b4 2010 if so will it feature ingame music?

    and is there a Chance White Knight Chronicles will hit within the early part of new year b4 March or Spring as it says in one of the trailers

  • hey jeff! pls bring us all d good news and videos from tgs. here are my Qs
    Qgames-how many lvl in shooter how much? doesnt matter, day 1 purchase like always
    level5-when WKC releases nxt yr will it have jap voices and will it include the extra features japan is getting w/ their re-release
    Polyphony-how many local and online cars in a race. release date?
    Quantic Dreams- will you cut out d sex scenes and nudity for d US version? NO!
    Sega- valkyria chron 1 trophy patch onegai shimasu. will VC3 go to PS3 since the recent ps3 success
    Tecmo-how long is quantum and WHEN? luv its videos. coop?
    KOEI- yappari, trinity will be good, jap voice for US

  • Pixeljunk Monster Deluxe
    Will this be a download only title or a full retail umd game? (I’ve been wondering this since it got announced and haven’t heard an answer)

    White Knight Chronicles
    After you complete the game can you start a new game + with all your stats carrying over? All so can I skip the cutscenes.

    To Kojime – Zone of the Enders 3?

  • * Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

    -Will Peace Walker substitute Portable Ops in the official timeline of the series ?

    -Do you consider to restart the Metal Gear franchise ? With new main characters and a new story ?

    -Will we see a Zone of the Enders 3 soon ?

    * Quantum

    -Will we have offline and online co-op for the game ?
    -How long will be the final version of the game ?
    -Will the game permit many paths or it will be a linear experience ?
    -Does the game have a focus in the story with character development beyond the two main protagonists ?
    -The game will focus only on shooting or it will see some variety ?

  • Is there any extra content we would see on US release of White Knight Chronicles? and is there any locked release date yet?

  • Do you think they will be announcing any social network integration like Raptr and Twitter.

    And do you think we will see new genres coming to the states, like visual novel games like 428 and Imabi-Kisou

  • @ 70 also please dont talk about netflix because i to have it on my 360 and it suck look like crap and most if not all there movies are ten or more years old. lol are you kidding me about ps3 software ? wow you sad ok if the technology so bad then why it’s going to take 3 disks for FF on 360 ? lol stop being a fanboys all your life , both systems are great but the 360 is running on the same technology form ps2 , xbox 1 but with a better chip . when developers stop being lazy they will see that lol ask them to make better and full of contain games cause they ask us to pay more shouldn’t we ask more?

  • how many tracks will gran turismo 5 have? and how many layouts of those tracks?

  • I want to see a lot more from Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Can you get some information on the ps3 rpg’s jeff :)

  • When will Pixel Junk Shooter be released? I have been waiting all summer for this!!

  • does hideo kojima have any plans for a ps3 zone of the enders 3

  • for MGSPW team:
    1) Will there be interaction of save data between Portable Ops and Peace Walker?

    2)Will there be any special link options between Peace Walker and Rising

    3) What is the PW team doing differently in terms of camera control to make it less of a nuisance? (Big problem with most PSP titles without second analog)

    4) Is there anything learned from MGS4 that made development approach to MGSPW different such as shaders and nurbs?

    For Valkyria Chronicles 2:
    1) Is the VC2 team doing anything to try and expand the battle system from the original?

    2) Will the game be fully voiced?

    3) Will cutscenes be done in the same fashion as VC1?

    4) If there was any sega RPG you could remake for the PS3/PSP which would it be?

    Any chance of seeing Tales of Vesperia PS3 in the US?

  • When is the supposed UMD trade-in program going to be announced?

  • Heavy Rain:

    I loved Indigo Prophecy but felt that the end of the game went really off the deep end of realism. Will this game keep in line with a strong detective narrative and steer clear of “ancient prophecy” items?

    Though it really doesn’t matter cause I loved the last one anyway.

  • My only question:

    Pixeljunk Shooter, when can I play!?

  • how about this jeff when uncharted 2 comes out will we keep our ranks from the beta or will it reset to 0

  • For Polyphony Digital:
    Other than the graphics of GT5, could you give us one more selling point that would turn Forza fans towards GT? Thank you.

  • Why put the sequel to Valkyria Chronicles onto the PSP platform? SEGA did a great job building a great customer base by turning a sleeper game into a staple for any PS3 owner. Why completely dump something that so much effort was put into to switch to another platform that current game owners might not have (besides the obvious push for PSP sales :D )?

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