Let us answer YOUR questions at TGS

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Later today, in a coordinated intercontinental maneuver worthy of NATO, both SCEE Blog’s Jem Alexander and myself will swoop into Japan for this week’s Tokyo Game Show.


While we’d love to take you all with us to TGS, we can only do so in spirit. So please, send us packing with some great questions to ask the developers we’ll be meeting in Japan.

Developers of which games? Ah, I’m glad you asked. Here’s a (somewhat complete) list of games whose developers we’ll be meeting with:

  • PixelJunk Shooter
  • PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe
  • White Knight Chronicles
  • Gran Turismo 5/ GT PSP
  • Heavy Rain
  • Valkyria Chronicles II
  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
  • Quantum
  • Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

There’ll probably be more (fingers crossed for 3D Dot Game Heroes), but this is a good start.
Ah, and some clarification of what we mean by “great questions”; the ones we’ll pick are the ones that everyone else *won’t* be asking (you know, dates, inclusion of trophies… the easy stuff that will get announced anyway). Make us look intelligent! Or at least reasonably so.

OK, fire away in the comments!

See you (virtually) from the show floor,
Jeff & Jem

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  • Do you think that we will finaly hear a release date for Gran Turismo 5?
    And do you think it’s coming this year?

  • Hy Jeff,

    2 Questions, do you think GT5 is making it’s way to the PS3 this year? And will we hear a release date for it on TGS09?


  • Will Quantum have split-screen co-op? Also is the online for White Knight Chronicles region locked?

    Thank You.

  • Questtion for Quantic Dream:

    1.Can we expect to see a playable demo of heavy rain before it comes out?

    2.Any perks for anyone who pre-orders the game?

    and same question as comment #2

  • my comment did not show up..sorry if ti double posts

    2 question for Quantic Dream:

    1.Can we expect to see a playable demo of heavy rain before it comes out?

    2.Any perks for any who pre-orders?

    and also same question as comment #2

  • For PloyPhony Digital: Will GT5 continually release DLC that includes cars released after the game is launched?

  • When do we get PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe!?

  • I have a few questions for Valkyria, are they adding new unit classes, how about new weapons types, vehicles(other than tanks) and if there are any returning characters from the first one? Thanks.

  • Jeff and Jem sounds like a video game in itself. Wouldn’t that be cool? Playing you two people in a game about going to different game showcases…..

    My question is: will there be a MAG showcase in which us beta testers get to play against people at TGS?

  • Jeff and Jem sounds like a video game in itself. Wouldn’t that be cool? Playing you two people in a game about going to different game showcases…..

    My question is: will there be a MAG showcase in which us beta testers get to play against people at TGS?

    also why does the blog take so long to post my posts?

  • I am very interested in true 3D. Until the Bravia 3D arrives, di developers think about adding anaglyphic (Red/Blue Glasses) Option to their games? I have tried this on the PC and its great. Since then i am turned of from playing the PS3 a little. Imagine how great GT5 would be in Real 3D.

  • Jeff, I have a few specific questions regarding potential Sony developers. Is there a way I can contact you via e-mail?

  • From what we saw at E3, it looks like GT5 will include WRC and Nascar. How will these races fit into career mode? Will we have to complete them to advance further or will they be a separate part in your career mode.

  • question for sony. will the currently-360-exclusive episodes of GTA IV ever come to the PS3? if so, when?

  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker question

    Will they be special character in co-op besides big boss(snake)?

    Gran Turismo 5 question

    Will they be customizable skins for your cars?

  • Also another few questions for Quantic Dream:

    1. How will the game save? will you have the chance to reply each scene if it did not go quite the way you wanted it 2 or will each scene be a one shot deal?

    2. Any plans for DLC?(not that i can see any but…)

    3. Any possibility of having the player play as the origami killer and trying to get away with his dirty deed?

  • I want your job. How can I have it? :D

  • Will the online voice chat be added for the US version of White Knight Chronicles.
    Why did they decide to release White Knight Chronicles around the GOD Of War and FF13 release window.
    Will any or all of these games support in game music
    Are any of these games planning on incorporating the motion controller?
    Will Quantum have split screen and or that multiple log in (via PSN) feature that devs have seemed to forget about since the days of Resistance 2.
    When is Quantums generalized release window
    Are there similarities ( I hope there aren’t ) between the engine Quantum is using vs the Unreal Engine?

  • Jeff, I’ve got a couple of technical questions for PD…like why has Kaz opted for 1080p for GT5, when PD could have gone for 720p and had more memory to play with?

    Hasn’t going for 1080 made it a lot harder to develop than it would in a lower resoution…especially when only a fraction of the audience are palying the game in 1080?

  • In Valkyria Chronicles II, how will the character and weapon progression work? Is it similar to the first game or is it more focused? In what way?

    And as a general Sony question, when are we getting Ad Hoc Party?!! :)

  • When’s 3D Dot Game Heroes coming to the US :(

  • Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker &
    Quantum are the games i’m most intrested in but this applies to all of the list you mentioned: Are any of these games planning on utilising the new ‘ps3 motion controller/wand’? Also question for sony when will it come out / how much will it cost and what can you do for the character to move? Like the nintendo wii had the nunchuck won’t this mean we will have less control that the wii in terms of movement and control to an extent? How would i move my game character say in a shooter i point and click to fire at the appropriate place but movement? That is all :) thanks jeff

  • Is there going to be online in Gran Turismo 5? And if there is, then what kind of game-modes will it offer?

  • actually a couple more: Will PSP ever have trophies (Metal Gear Solid 4 trophies please come out as well)and will they interact and be used in home? Also can you enquire about PS3 – PSP connectivity for the games. thanks again jeff

  • Hrmmm when did you change the name from Quantum Theory to just Quantum?

  • any word of releasing crash team racing in the U.S.

  • I’m interested in most of these games, enough that I know I will buy it when it comes out. So I have no questions (except release date, which I can’t ask).

    I hope more RPGs are announce for the PS3.

  • PixelJunk Shooter

    1. Will there be Online/Offline Co-Op?

  • Quantic Dreams/Heavy Rain Question:

    DLC expansions. If they are coming (have heard discussion but nothing solid) will they just be one or two scenarios added on or whole new divergences from the original title, such as sub character background/event flushing out?

    All developers:

    Why can’t some of the women in your games actually have realistic curves? You know, a little bigger all around but still sexy. Not that I don’t enjoy the eye candy, but am a bit tired of every single girl in every game being hotter than the hottest woman on Earth.

  • Sup, guys long time reader of the blog great job :)

    My 2 questions are namely about European (or rather Australian) release dates.

    Is White Knight Chronicles releasing Australia?

    And is Demon Souls going to release at all in the European Regions (mainly Aussie as that is where i live :)

    Thanks in advanced, can’t wait for uncharted 2 btw haha already got it R & C, NGS2, Tekken6 and Modern Warefare 2 all preorded and payed off as well as U2, go PS3!!

  • any info on Tales of Vesperia coming out in USA should be nice

  • Another good question… Remember the Home trophy cases that were showcased pre-launch? Any updates as to how those are coming along?

  • Is there any chance gt5 will be released in a bundel with a wheel ?

  • Questions for Polyphony about GT5:

    Will GT5 have damage modeling for every car? Will it have a behind-the-wheel view for every car?
    Is it set for release this year?

  • Saw: The Video Game, please. More information, such as multiplayer, replay value and if a demo is forthcoming is required. Thanks.

  • This could potentially be long XD So many good games!

    White Knight Chronicles:
    Will the 2nd Wave update from the Japanese version of the game be available to us in the localised version?

    Gran Turismo 5/PSP:
    Will there be some sort of compatibilty between GT5 and GTPSP? I heard there was a possibility of trading cars between games.

    Valkyria Chronicles II:
    Is there a possibility that the Empire would make an appearance in game? And if so, will we be able to use characters from the Empire or the Gallian Revolutionary Army? XD I loved Radi from the first game, would have been nice if we could recruit him.

    Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker:
    Will we be able to fully customise the control settings aside from the shooting type and action type settings? Also will there be an online mode like the infrastructure mode in Portable Ops?

    Thanks Jeff and Jem!

  • For Quantum, is there any chance there is going to be local multiplayer/split screen. Because it seems like a lot of shooters recently are cutting that feature out. And is there going to be online play?

  • For Quantum, is there any chance there will be local multiplayer/split screen? Because it seems like a lot of shooters recently are cutting that feature out. And will there be online multiplayer?

  • When will we see private voice chat rooms over PSN?


  • If you get the chance, I would love for you to squeeze in some of these questions of mine!

    >White Knight Chronicles
    How much extra content would you say the western release for WKC has over the japanese version? Anything specific you’re especially proud over?

    >Valkyria Chronicles II
    What made you to develop the official sequel for Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP?

    >Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
    Since we saw the end of Solid Snake’s story in MGS4, is this game going to be Big Boss’s “final mission” or does he have some sequels left in him?

    Is there online/offline co-op, or is this a single player experience?

    >Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
    At a glance it looks like it plays like one of your other titles, Dynasty Warriors, what would you say are some key differences?


  • Not a question for the devs; I’m just wondering why White Knight Chronicles would be at TGS if the game was released there last year?

    Though I guess I’d like to know what went so wrong as to take OVER A YEAR to localize the game and whose bright idea was it to release the game right next to Final Fantasy XIII?

  • Not a question about one of these games but it’s still TGS related :

    Will we have a new trailer of GoW III ?

    Thanks for the answer.

  • I heard that Gears of War 3 could be announced as being released on the PS3 in 2010. But like all Unreal/Generic Engine games, it will look decidedly shiiite on the PS3.

    I’m also keen to find out more about The Last Guardian, and also about War Devil ( by digi-guys in Ealing ).

    I hope that Sony announce more PS3 exclusives and give an actual release date for the new Motion Controllers ( holiday season? ).

    Lastly, we need Sony to talk about how Home avatars can be used in third party games and how they will expand PSN to surpass Xbox Live functionality.

  • @Jeff

    A couple of questions for Square-Enix.

    1) Will we be getting the much anticipated PS3 release of The Last Remnant?

    2) Since SE published Infinite Undiscovery themselves, are there any plans to port it to the PS3 in the future?

  • Questions to Kojima San:
    Will MGS Peace Walker need the coop to go through the main Story or it is only for some extra fun???
    And Abut MGS Rising: Will it cover the point after Sunny’s rescue when Raiden was at Area 51 and turned into cyborg ninja or some point after MGS4???

  • A couple of questions:

    1. Will UMD games still be made for those who don’t want the download only psp go?

    2. What new features will be included in the Lunar: Silver Star Story remake for the psp?

  • 1. Is Heavy Rain getting DLC or not?

    My decision to purchase the game rests on that information

  • Will santa monica release a god of war 3 demo on the PSN store during TGS? lol i can dream

    Is Game Republic working on a sequel fro folklore? or folksouls in japan i think

  • find infinity ward and ask when are they going to show the ps3 version of modern warfare 2

  • One more Question to Kojima (and that I think only he can answer):
    I heard some time ago that Kojima talked with the mind behind Heavy Rain about the game being a adventure or something else… Can we expect (I beg for it, please!!!) to see a Snatcher Remake (I would call it Snetcher HD) for the PS3 in the future???

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