Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Interview and Walkthrough with Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi

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Team Ninja Producer and Director Yosuke Hayashi should be very familiar to you by now. His series of posts here on the Blog revealed a bunch of new footage, modes and goodies for the PS3’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Some of those include a nice chuck of Momiji gameplay, Team Missions co-op mode, and Chapter Challenge mode where after you clear Story Mode, you can go back and replay chapters to compete with others around the world.

Since then, you’ve been asking for Mr. Hayashi to drop some comments on the Blog. But we did ya one better — an almost 10-minute long interview/walkthrough that should answer all your lingering questions on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 before its release in less than two weeks on September 29. So until then, summon your Ninpo skill — if Ninja Gaiden history has taught us anything, there’s some insanely hard Trophies to be had.

UPDATE: One more thing. A Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 demo will hit the PlayStation Store next Thursday, September 24!

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  • will there be custom soundtrack?

  • Hey? Could you please have people at Sony find a way to subtitling for this video…? I wanna to understand what this is all about. I usually don’t state my reason in order to make an excuse- but I am deaf. There you go.

    By the way, will we see DLCs for this game…? I hope so! This is definitely going to be my purchase on Day One.

  • With all these games coming out i was really debating with Ninja gaiden sigma 2, however after playing the japanese demo its amazing and easily buying it (sigh) its not helping more money coming out my wallet.

  • I CANT wait for this game… I have always been a fan of ninja gaiden since nintendo and arcade days… I LOVE THIS GAME ! Great job on this game by the way =)

  • Here’s the big question I have: Is one of the Secret Trophies ‘beat the game on Master Ninja Mode’?

  • Nice video!

    I would like to have known (since i saw the last trophy) if the missions are gonna be impossibly hard like on the original Sigma?

    I got through 49 of them, but couldn’t get past phase 4 of mission 50 because i only had like 2 potions left and there was no way i could defeat like 4 bosses at the same time. Even if i could there would be more on phase 5 and i would have like no health and no potions. Mission 50 was harder then the entire hard game.

    Also i’d like to have known if the checkpoint system is a bit better as well. I remember in the first Sigma, at the final boss, if you died, you’d have to go all the way up that volcano again and again.

    Can you check on this Jeff or Chris?

  • diggin demo

  • No one answered my question….pls or I’ll SPAM!!!

  • I have downloaded the demo from the JP store, and I must say it is FREAKING AWESOME!!!

    After you beat the demo with Ryu, you unlock Ayane; and after you finish the part with Ayane you unlock TEAM MISSIONS which are a blast!!

    The action is so fast paced and frenetically awesome that you wont notice the lack of blood geysers. XD

  • please fix the screen tearing.. kthxbai

  • @Jayson619
    Yes, you can cut heads, armas, legs; and crush bugs if you want. Happy now XD.

  • @61

    That confirmed for US version; not sure for Asia.

  • @Heavenly_king

    USA version confirm but Asia version?

  • I downloaded it from the JP store.

  • kool, can’t wait! september 24!

  • @Jayson619
    You will buy the JP version of the game?


  • cant wait for the motion contral tomorow

    jeff is this one going to have alot of info and maybe a beter look at it

  • Definitely not buying this. It’s sad to be forced to wait for the 3rd entry in this franchise for the developers to come to their senses and bring the blood back. All that’s needed is a simple palette swap to replace purple with red.

  • Cool!! can’t wait till the demo comes to PSN!! nice interview by the way.

  • @Gow_4
    You can DL the demo from the JP store

  • Just make the blood and gore at least optional!!!!!! Please!!! It would be fair – for both groups – I want blood/ DonĀ“t want blood

  • Quite frankly, I don’t care if there is less blood, as long as it is an appropriate amount. I don’t want papercuts slicing off limbs, and I don’t want a 100 hit combo to have only a few drips. I think the way Tecmo’s doing it shows the sleekness and efficiency of the technique of a ninja.

  • Jeff!

    Will decapitations be in the american version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? Please, I need to know because I have to place my preorder asap. T.T

  • heavenly_king:

    thanks men!! i already have a jp account but i didn’t know there’s a NGS2 demo. :)thanks again!

  • I can’t believe it. I’ve got the demo and was sicked by the sight of the head still intact after a decapitating move!

    Reduced blood and gore is fine Team Ninja but no decapitation!?! WTF MAN!?! This does not really show the true stylish actions of what Sigma is to be! I’ve been through the humiliation of seeing my enemies still having their heads intact after a decapitating move in the first Sigma but come on! This is not going to be worth my SG$80!!

    Hopefully you’ll release a patch for this because right now it’s not sitting very well with me….

    Spare me the Asian humiliation AND BRING BACK THE DECAPITATION!!!

  • So I played the PS3 demo. Then I play the demo on my brothers 360. It turns out the more gore the better.

    I really don’t want to buy a 360, but I guess I have to because the 360s version is better. You people can say it’s not all you want, but gore makes a big difference.

  • I played the Japanese demo as well.
    At the beggining it was fun, but the game lacked de difficulty of the original. Master Ninja is easier than Path of Mentor on original. Besides, the purple mist is annoying. Much prefer the blood and gore. I hate when xbox fan boys tell me this is a gayers version of the game because of it.
    It is really dissapointing when you use obliteration techniques on enemies, to cut their heads off, and it stand right there, between their shoulders. :(
    At sometimes, the frame rate drops for no reason, even with five enemies at maximum on screen.
    I really hope in the future there will be a path of super master ninja and BLOOD.
    On the other hand, playing Ayane was fun.
    But, no blood and fun, no buy.

  • By the way, I forgot to mention.
    The camera does not seem to be fixed.
    It is often positioned behind the scenario, or at angles making impossible to keep track of the action. Sometimes it tries to switch angles so quickly, that I could not distinguish Ryu from the enemy anymore.
    Ask some hints from Ready at Dawn and God of War on how to position those damn cameras.

  • the Japanese demo was pretty good, i download it yesterday and play it more than 10 times and today i play more than 3 times.

    the only bad thing about the demo was the head OT, u cut their head off then they fall down and it still intact in their body instead of disappearing.
    i hope the American version don’t get censored like the Japanese version.
    i don’t really mind about the purple mist and yeah it look bad compare to NG2 gore, but like i said i don’t mind at least it make the game play smoother and yes it was smoother in the demo.
    but the head cut is stupid like i said above, cut their head off and they fall down and it was still intact in their body.

  • Sorry Jeff the videos don’t work on my iPhone

  • it would be nice if we could get some NG Sigma 1 trophies if this title does well

  • — TakiFuGu – go back to your rrod machine and stop whining. This version is the definitve version and to be honest… I would rather have a complete master game that adds characters, modes, higher res graphics, then more blood for the 13 year old kids. Seriously, this is the definitive ng game, jam packed with content on the blue-ray like all good devs should do with ps3 games. Look at games like Eteranl sonata, bioshock, tales of vesperia, star ocean 4… all better games on the ps3, why? We got more content, rrod machine peeps were straight up beta testers…. lol… this game is great! I have been waiting for it and it’s finally here. Already per-ordered and paid for this and Demons Souls both collectors editons. 2 great games that are both different but both hard and satisfying, and of course, only on PS3!!!!!

  • Wow, go home xbots, stop trolling the blogs.. you and all your 13 year old friends… this game is great!!! What do you think your negative trolling is going to acomplish? HMMM..

  • I think everyone here complaining about the lack of blood, gore and diffilcuty only want the BEST NG EXPERIENCE, not only a better. We do want a game that has no weaker point to any other version out there. That is what we want.
    I don’t know about the other, but I’m no xbot, since I don’t own one and never will, instead I got two PS3 at my home. Great xbot I’m.

  • Team Ninja, you have disgraced the Asian players! Release a patch for this stupid censorship NOW!!!

  • I don’t see a need for double standards….

  • This game rocks.But please give us Heavenly Sword trophies.I know ninety people on my buddy list who I am also speaking for.

  • The demo was pretty fun, but I don’t think this will be a priority buy for me.

    The camera is just too unruly for this type of game, and now there is no function to ‘center’ the camera behind the character.

    The purple magic stuff looks really, really stupid. I feel like Ryu is slicing through animated pinatas rather than other ninjas.

    I would consider this @ $29.99, but that’s about as high as I would go.

  • Forgot to ask this via twitter, but do you know if the decapitation is only available in the NA version? Will EUR/ASIAN version feature decapitation too?

    Coz the recent JAP demo had no decapitation <_<

  • definitly picking this up day 1. MUST BUY FOR ME !!!

    off topic – I want that Jeanne D’arc poster

  • Didn’t think the lack of blood and gore would matter to me, but after playing the demo it is definitely noticeable. Still excited for the game though.

  • Love the demo, which there was an option to increase the blood level though. And people please watch the video…yes, there are trophies.

  • @Jeff, Chris could you ask Yosuke Hayashi or TN about a possibility of a trophy patch for sigma one. From what I remember they neither confirmed or denied trophies for the title and it’d be nice for a patch of that game. :)

  • BigBoss712 — what about the blood in the demo? I just went through the entire demo ryu, aynae, missions, 2x and guess what, i freakn loved it!!!!!!!!!! This game is fantastic!!! You whining immature kids need to give it a rest! There is plenty of blood in the demo! I was able to chop off limbs legs, arms and even cut people in half. When i slice people I see red blood, and my weapons get coverd in it. The purple mist is more on mega moves than anything else. There is bodies lying around, they pile up and don’t disapear in this game. Its great, and blood pools lie on the ground. There is 150% more blood in this game then in Sigma 1 or the ng and ng black. So it’s not a problem.

    As someone who doesn’t own that inferior other system, and never will, this is the first time playing the sequal to ng.. this is the sequal to sigma, it is a improvement in every way! As someone who didn’t play the rrod version, this game is great, and has way more blood than sigma 1, has a fantastic camera, smooth frame rat, ultra sharp hd graphics with AA aplied. and the boob phyiscs look great! lol. The blood in ng2 was only there to apease the gears xbot fans, if you loved sigma 1 you will fall in love with this game!!!!

  • Played the Japanese demo earlier today (strange that the Japanese demo defaulted to English voice).

    Played it on the Xbox 360… would be open to playing it again on PS3, but I hate the Purple Mist thing… if there was some sort of update that allowed us to turn blood back on, I’d be in but with this it just doesn’t feel right. I guess part of what I liked most about the game is that it reminded me of Japanese exploitation films like the Lone Wolf and Cub series, and without the “Rivers of Blood” I’m just not feeling it. Petty, maybe, but it is what it is.

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