Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Interview and Walkthrough with Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi

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Team Ninja Producer and Director Yosuke Hayashi should be very familiar to you by now. His series of posts here on the Blog revealed a bunch of new footage, modes and goodies for the PS3’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Some of those include a nice chuck of Momiji gameplay, Team Missions co-op mode, and Chapter Challenge mode where after you clear Story Mode, you can go back and replay chapters to compete with others around the world.

Since then, you’ve been asking for Mr. Hayashi to drop some comments on the Blog. But we did ya one better — an almost 10-minute long interview/walkthrough that should answer all your lingering questions on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 before its release in less than two weeks on September 29. So until then, summon your Ninpo skill — if Ninja Gaiden history has taught us anything, there’s some insanely hard Trophies to be had.

UPDATE: One more thing. A Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 demo will hit the PlayStation Store next Thursday, September 24!

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  • Checking it out right now



  • Just played the NGS2 demo on the Japanese store. Definitely buying day 1 cause im a big fan of the NG series

  • Woah! his translating voice is a female voice :)

  • awesome game, cant wait!

  • Hey! Where is the subtitle??? At least, please give us a written article. :-D Pretty please? I can’t understand what this is all about or what you guys are talking about!

  • GETTING this day 1

  • Looking very good, co-op mode is sweet.

  • Enjoying the demo so far.
    One question, will there be any options to change the amount of blood in the game?
    I’d rather have blood than purple clouds around enemies, I think it’d be a great option to have and greatly appreciated by the fans.

  • Very Dissappointed with their answer for the lack of blood in this game. He seemed to beat around the bush by saying we wanted to make the best possible game. The gore of NG2 was great, so much fun to chop a enemies head off at the end of a combo or take limbs off the enemies.The shear amount of blood scattering the area made it look like a massacre.

    Im sure it’s simply this. If there is less gore, more kids will be allowed to buy the game.

    I would hope, if its possible, that they patch in an option for increased gore.

  • will check the demo. never played NG beyond NES

  • @9 once u see this game next to the xbox360, xbox360 owners will feel serious grief over not waiting for the ps3 version :D

    it’s a much smoother experience, it flows much nicer than on the xbox360.

  • Great interview. Really looking forward to Sigma 2. With that said, I couldn’t care less about the fact that they removed blood in this game. I actually prefer the “purple mist” because it takes the series into a more artistic point of view and less about “omg moar blood”.

    However I would have liked one of the questions to be about the inclusion of breast-bouncing with the sixaxis. Good times.

  • great game and interview

  • Man i totally understand about the blood thing, Team Ninja really want this game to rise above its blood and gore assosiation. I wouldnt mind if all the games had the amonut of blood Sigma offers cause to be honest, it takes away from the other exellent features of the game like the story and the combat system.

    I really cant wait to see how i stack up with other Ninjas, this game is really getting the attention is deserves from Sony and i think Team Ninja should build on that.

  • If this 1 year old late Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is $60. I’ll just wait for it to hit the bargain bins. At $40 you guys got a deal! Its your call, I’m willing to look pass the no blood and the months of being a second class citizen.

  • Looks like I’ll be buying this game used. Gore is a big deal to me.

  • I hope the Co-op is online, because the Demo Co-op was only offline and the AI Partner really sucks.

    Besides that the game looks really good, but the tearing and the slowdowns are a bit annoying sometimes. Is rare but you can see them, also a bit more blood wouldn’t have been bad. I mean not as extreme as NG2 but at least a bit more than what we have now.

    Overall I’m getting this day one, hopefully we can see some DLC coming for the game in a future.

  • Great interview! interesting questions, can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • I downloaded the demo from the Japanese PSN last night and for a demo, the graphics were outstanding and the game play was intense.

    Great job on the game and another great interview by Chris.


  • Is the game still installed? Can you check to see if there is a Japanese voice option? All the trailers have been in English, which seems unusual for a Ninja Gaiden, Team Ninja, game.

  • Here’s another idea. How about you guys patch Ninja Gaiden Sigma with Trophy support. Then I’d buy Sigma 2 at full price! The ball is on your court guys. Your move!

  • Game is looking good. Hope to see more PS3 support from Team Ninja (DOA Xtreme maybe).

  • @15
    A few games have started at 50 dollars lately.

    Would that help matters lol?

  • Those who got the demo from Japan, does the head come off this time?

  • Asking to those who got their demo from the Japan site; does the head come off this time or is it still intact!?!

  • I can’t post my comments on the blog!?! I want to ask; do the heads come off this time?!

  • Whoa…slow server….

  • Trophies????????????

  • Trophies????????????Please!!!!!!!!!

  • We want blood!

  • the co-op mode screams for PS HOME multiplayer Game Launching. Speaking of Home, i would like to see this game have some sort of Home Support.

  • No gore? Big let down team Ninja.

  • BTW downloaded the Demo off the JP store. it was amazing, way sharper and cleaner than the 360 version. and the frame rate is locked at 60fps.

    yes there is gore and blood. just not buckets of blood spraying all over the place.

  • Why is the Statue of Liberty punching them?

  • This game look cool and I hope it have trophies

  • Awesome!!! Must buy!!!

    By the way Jeff, when is the Motion controller part 3 coming to the blog???

  • “This game look cool and I hope it have trophies”

    thats why theres a video posted on the top the site. people are so dumb.

  • first day buy for me, thanks ^_^

  • It looks good but i dont know theres afrika and demons souls the week after and then uncharted

  • Hahaha, Jeff, I feel for you. It’s good that you are letting some of the frustration at answering questions that are answered in the posts out though ;) Time for a little tough love from the PS blog!

  • This game looks good and I don’t mind waiting a lot longer to get the game on PS3 if it comes with extra features such as the ones included in NGS2. Why do people ask for trophies on new games, don’t they know that it is now mandetory to have trophies or maybe watch the video interview because it shows you the whole list of trophies. Anyways thanks for the interview Chris.

  • One quick question, why can’t Chris answer questions on the blog Jeff, do you intentially keep him away from the blog community?

  • thanks!

    I just hope they plan to make a patch for the controls, because the control isn’t 100% responsive!

    If the game is done, what about the DLC? i hope we can still suggest some stuff for the DLC so they can add to it, rather than them make a whole DLC from their ideas:/

    This game is gonna be dead awesome!

  • I can answer a few questions I’ve seen here.

    I d/l the Sigma 2 Demo on the JP PS store, and played through it 4 times.

    1. Voice/Subtitles: Yes You can select either English or Japanese Voices (even in the Japanese Demo!) and Yes, you can select English or Japanese Subtitles.

  • I have the collector’s edition already reserved, it’s pretty much mine mine mine allll mine BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :P :D

  • Already pre-ordered my copy. I consider the NG series on of the best action series around (only 2nd behind God of War).

    Please Add me if you want to play some co-op when NGS2 hits!

  • @Blackxino

    What do you mean not 100% responsive? I had 0 problems with response time, could it be lag on your TV(LCD, perhaps)?

  • looks good.. ill try the demo firs befor deciding on purchasing or not

  • I would like to know how big is the install?

    I’m kinda running out of space on my Hardrive.

  • Just downloaded demo its freaken sweet.

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