PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) now available

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Hi everyone, PS3 system software update 3.01 is now available for download. This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software.

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  • I am having the same problems not being able to load some games.

    My wife thinks I am weird when playing RockBand Beatles WITHOUT the game running on my PS3.

    I have been playing/singing “HELP” on my RB Guitar.

  • @45
    Lone stranger, dude I think you blu-ray drive is shot, happened to my ps3 a few months back, you’re most likely gonna have to send it in for repairs, hope it’s still under warranty

  • Come on Eric! You really need to give more details in the firmware update posts. We shouldn’t have to ask if this update fixed the Uncharted bug. This type of stuff should be stated in the original post, not waiting until someone asks.

  • 51 – There have been lots of other people who have had these issues after they’ve installed the update. I really don’t think it’s the physical drive.

  • But my BRay was working before the update. Does that sound normal? Did anyone else have that problem?

    Anyways, I bought it in November… Hope its still covered.

  • …And there was much sadness.

    I was borked by the 3.00 firmware so I had high hopes.

    I downloaded and installed the 3.01 firmware patch with no issues. Rebooted the PS3. I loaded Beatles Rockband and played for about ten minutes before it froze up again. After rebooting, I could not get the game to start.

    Further testing reveals that:
    1) DVD movies play back OK
    2) PS2 games (on DVD) play fine.
    3) Downloaded content seems to work OK
    4) PS3 does not recognize bluRay discs as a valid format.

    I tried to load both ps3 games on bluRay as well as two seperate bluRay videos I have. None of these discs is recognized by the PS3.

    Total bummer.

  • Will this update take care of the internet and playstation network connection issues that I have been having since I updated to 3.0? And if so, how do I install it? I don’t have an internet connection that works on my PS3 since the update and 3.01 is not available on the website for a PC download yet.

  • @55

    You’re lucky, your played it for 10 minutes. All I got was a blank screen :(

  • Still no sound in Saints Row 2, and Flock. Both of which worked fine prior to 3.0

  • that’s all…. gone to sleep

  • I too had Blu ray reading problems after the update. PS2 games and DVD’s read fine.
    My Ps3 however is with Sony at the moment so I can’t try the Fix

    Lets see if it comes back with 3.01 installed and a NFA. No fault apparent.

  • It would be real nice if I could bring my PS3 back to the store where I bought it and exchange it for an other while Sony figures out what went wrong.

    This is very frustrating for a users point of view.

    Hello, Sony? Did you hear that?

  • @54
    Well it may or may not be because of the update just figured I’d let you know since I’ve gone through something similar and had to get it repaired.

  • 57 – That’s exactly what I got when I first put Beatles in the drive. A big fat blank screen.

  • My Uncharted has been fine. I’ve gone thru hard and crushing mode after 3.0.

    Most people just got the game after it went greatest hits and I bet the Greatest hits version is what was wrong either that or the same old freezes issues that have been there forever now.

  • Excellent Uncharted works now. System doesnt freeze when i load my saved game anymore. Good Job Sony.

    * Now please make the inbox/outbox of PSN messaging more logical (Organize all messages in descending order by time received/sent).

    * Add PSN friends list/messaging to PSP. Add T9 functionality for inputting text on the PSP. (similar to the PS3) when phone keypad mode is used as text entry layout.

    * Add the ability to ‘install all pending items’ on ps3 (rather than clicking install on each individual item).

    * Last but not least i’d like to be able to transfer mp3s, photos, or video files directly to friends, it would be nice to have file transfers as a feature.

    * You want to cultivate the PSN community, you can start by increasing the utility of the PS3. Sharing media is one of the best ways to do this.

    * From a marketing standpoint, you need to make it clear that people don’t need the media card readers since most people can plug in their camera directly to the ps3 via USB in order to import photos.


  • that was fast – thank you.

    but still: large fonts, primitive gray boxes – what about that?

  • My PS3 still doesn’t read discs. WHAT THE FIICK?

  • Need Mic battery fixed does not show battery life

  • hmmm…Didnt fix the music player at all…Still cant listen to music while on the web (PS3 = Main music player + Main web browser)

  • @favian

    I have uses all of the card readers and I love that option.

  • @52 xKOROSHIYAx – if you even bothered to read at all, Eric Lempel already stated in a reply to someone’s post that IT DOES fix the uncharted bug. Reading goes along way in life. Instead of just jumping the gun and immediately post, you re-asked a question that was answered on the first damn comment.

    And guys, stop with the gray box friends list removal stuff. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out what it might do in a future update if what I think is correct.

  • thanks guys you rock….. oi- boy -66

  • omg guys i got cross game chat seems like the only gave it to a few thousand people man im so lucky

  • What’s important is the stability of the system. Does everything work as it should? Are the games no longer freezing up? If this update does indeed fix those issues, that’s all that matters. Font size? Sparkles? The look of the friends list? Is that REALLY what’s most important to some people? It isn’t to me.

  • @favian
    Sharing movies/music is illegal. Sony makes movies/music.

    PS3 already lets you share photos.
    If you want to share your stuff with your friends, tell them to bring a usb drive

  • @StealthBlade, he was referring to the fact it wasn’t actually mentioned in the OP which was a bit dumb since it’s what most people wanted to know. It’s stuff like that that makes me wonder if Sony management are thinking right. Sometimes they just don’t seem to “get it”.

  • well my condemned 2 still wont work and i know it isnt the disk cause its my 2nd one and its not my BD cause it plays all my other games when i try to update to the lastest verison to play it it freezes then beeps two or three times then restarts if someone knows how to fix this HELP!

  • Ugh, this doesn’t fix the other major problems with the v3.0 update then I take it. Disappointing.

    On the bright side, at least you guys put out a quick patch to address a game that wasn’t working. It’d just be nice if you’d say something on the issue of the mandatory news feed and the friends list being an eye sore.

  • never mind all its working now finaly some action from sony

  • Not a problem with firmware but a suggestion:

    allow us to play PSP games/demos on our ps3 please

  • I had several issues after the 3.0 update. Since my Blu-Ray previous conked out on me it was still under the service warranty so I’m sending it in. That way I can be sure in case it wasn’t the update that caused the disruption.

    The problems with FW 3.0 I noticed were:
    1) quit reading Blu-Ray games
    2) audio skipping in PSN titles
    3) quit reading DVD movies
    4) controller unresponsive at times
    5) PSN log in times extensive

    So hopefully 3.01 will fix some of it. I just want my PS3 back in time to replay Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank before their respective sequels come out.

  • No system updates are optional in my book. All game updates and system updates are downloaded right away regardless of if they cause problems. The only way to find those problems is if people switch to and use the new firmwares. I can wait a week if one of my games stops working as long as it makes the firmware the best it can be. Keep it up Sony, thanks for the fix.

  • It is possible that someday sony will care for those who use Monitors with resolutions like 1680×1050? Xbox 360 has all that kind of resolutions why not lounch some update with this?

  • @ Techni. Sharing an mp4 video file i downloaded on youtube, gametrailers, or psn is illegal? when i say movie files i meant video files, not necessarily pirated films. That is an absurd request. Likewise, not all mp3s are illegal. Give me a break.

    @ HatmanTc, yeah its a nice option, not a dealbreaker if its gone. The alternative is completely viable.

  • Correction: That is not an absurd request** ^

  • Thanks for the update!

  • try a search at, it somes up problems w/ other websites.

  • Too late for me, mine went to heaven already.

  • I guess as long as there are humans, there will be complainers…

    I love the last update you guys at Sony put out (3.00). It’s great and I’m sure you guys put a lot of time into it. I’m very glad you guys constantly strive to make the PS3 better for all of us.
    You won’t hear any ungrateful remarks from me. =)

  • sorry guess I need spell check not playstation store spam on my xmb

  • Did this fix the issue with Flower? Where if you used in-game XMB the loading icon would never go away?

  • it didn’t fix the controller issue… :(

  • sony get rid of the grey boxes they look like $hit

  • hey Jeff or Chris i dont know where to ask this but can you guys post a list about the psp games that will be available to download on october 1st , thanks for the update

  • Ever since I updated to firmware 3.00 on its release, my PS3 froze shortly after I updated and then it died. I try to turn it on but the power indicator on the front of the PS3 first goes green, then yellow- beeps twice, then turns red- blinking. I’ve messaged Sony about this- TWICE! and they pushed me away saying that it was coincidence that my PS3 died after the update. well then thats one heck of a coincidence that hundreds of peoples PS3’s died shortly after updating to 3.00, I cant even update to 3.01 because it wont even turn on and the worst part of it is that I’m no longer in warranty and I can’t afford it to get it serviced. I wish for me and everyone else who’s experiencing the same issue to get some help from Sony, rather than some links or or paying $150 plus tax to have it fixed… Help us Sony (heres a link to all those who have dead PS3’s and want help, so far, about 100 people reported there PS3’s dead

  • Jeff or Chris i dont know where to ask this but can you guys post a list with all the psp games that will be available to download from the playstation store on october 1st

  • sorry double post lol

  • Next compatibility update is there any way to give us info that a new update is available?

  • @ 69. after you select a song to play, you press the ps button to leave the music interface, then you can to websurfing… this works on 3.0 as i just did this yesterday.

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