PS3 Firmware Update (v3.01) now available

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Hi everyone, PS3 system software update 3.01 is now available for download. This is an optional update that improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 format software.

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  • wow nice! guessing it fixes the uncharted thing, so everyone can stop whining like little girls.

    Hope it has some 3.0 optional things like smaller fonts.


    Ill go dl this now

  • Kotaku actually posted this before PSBlog… Wow, they’re good.

  • kinda late on puting this post up arent ya.. i just started my update like 5 minutes ago.. almost done :D

    Thanks for the POST.. hope it fixes the Video Chat Issue that me and my friend been having issues with trying to Video Chat with ourselfs.. never had issues before tell 3.00

  • i really hope this doesnt turn into a B***h fest about how many people dont like the 3.0 update. there are some issues with it. but we got it, after you guys have ruined any post on this blog since the 3.0 update came up.

  • Thanks Sony.

  • whoopee!

  • Does it fix uncharted? Sure wish you guys did real changelogs.

  • Someone post if this is the Uncharted fix. I would but can’t because my cousin has my Uncharted copy!

  • Thanks for the Info… kinda late on getting this posted right??

    since i just went throw the update already..

    Hope this fixes issues with Video Chat.. me and my Friend been having issues Video Chatting lately.. havent had issues chatting throw video chat since i had my PS3 untell 3.00

    Hope this Addresses this issue


    Keep up the Hard work

    next CROSS GAME CHAT ;)

  • More details please. Maybe what titles would benefit from the update, since it is optional.

  • Does this fix the Uncharted problems? You should really let people know about the progress of this given it’s the game most people recommend for new Slim owners.

  • dear PSN community,

    please dont ruin this blog post like you have every other post since 3.0 came out. we get it. you dont like the new update. they have mentioned it will be fixed. dont expect it to over night.


  • Good I love the support Sony has for the consumers.

  • Thanks Sony, just for future ideas u should make the features you add have a on/off option so people can choose to display what they like and dont like… now, let the complaining begin!

  • Um release notes might help but just a small suggestion!

  • I would really like to at least hear SOMETHING from the Sony camp about work being done towards cross-game chat. You already have some level of a partnership with Skype….they can’t help you with this??

  • I’m waiting to find out if it gets rid of that obnoxious ticker.

  • Finally!!! Thanks for the hardwork guys!!



  • The speed of this patch indicates it’s probably a fix to the games that crash (Uncharted, Batman: Arkham Asylum) under 3.00. Hopefully our other issues with the changes 3.00 brought will eventually be addressed as well.

    Looking forward to hearing if anyone who had troubles with Uncharted or other games find their games working again. I won’t have time to test it out until next week, I’ll be at AWA this weekend.

  • B.C? if this one doesn’t have it sucks.

  • At first I thought it didn’t fix Uncharted, because the first time I played it everything was the same (glitches, etc), but after booting it for a 3rd time it worked.

    Anyways, thanks for the update. Hopefully we are getting the update ver of 3.00 with better design on the XMB and no ugly friends bar soon.

  • @22 shadowchaser

    Batman:AA had issues with 3.0? thats the 1st i ever heard of that. i rented the game post 3.0 and never had an issue with it.

  • Can you guys beef up the Game Save Management feature. How about adding a Backup/Copy All Game Saves feature that includes Locked Game Saves. I have close to 20 games now and most games I have 2 or 3 saves, Plus profile and Settings save. They have added up quickly and it is increasingly more tedious to backup every single game save. COME ON!!!

  • Lose the ticker!

    And the sparkles!

  • Thank you very much for the fast update,although I wasn’t having any trouble but some were.

    Thank you Sony

  • awesome :D thanks Eric!

  • @27 turn them off your self.

  • Downloaded the update, Thanks Sony!

    Also not sure where to find it but in this update is there a way to put the icons of the XMB back to there original size pre firmware 3.0?

  • Eric Lempel responded to a post? This day will go down in history!

  • In this update can we change the icons of the XMB back to their original size pre firmware 3.0?

  • Eric, please… Could we have any sort of update on the other complaints people have had? I know I read on the UK blog that Sony is looking into making the fonts/icon size changeable and also altering the friends list due to the negative reception it has gotten.

    Could you give us an ETA on anything? I don’t mean to sound rude, but there needs to be more transparency at Sony when it comes to this stuff.

  • it’s great that a new update is out so quick to address the issues with the 3.00 update. However, I’d really appreciate it if in the next update there is the option to change the font size (to make it small). I play on a very large HDTV, so the new font seems really… big and jarring to me, I’ve yet to get used to it to be honest.

  • Since I haven’t experienced any problems with 3.0, and this is not mandatory, I’ll just keep my 3.0, or maybe another day, when no problems with this one are reported.


  • Any updates on font/icon size customization? Friends list redesign?

    There needs to be a bit more transparency over there, folks.

  • Thanks for the timely update!!

  • Sorry. Didn’t intend to post twice. Wasn’t sure if the server dumped my first comment or what.

  • Also, just to contrast the 3.0 hate. I like both the ticker and the sparkles. :-) I think 3.0, in the overall, was a good update. Thanks for doing what you can.

  • @Eric Lempel

    voice-chat ingame plz!! when?
    and when playing a video and pressing ps button i want the video to keep the reproduction plz!!! i really liked that feature!! :D thanks for the update… keep the hard work :D and one last thing it will be awesome to have the soulreaver games in the ps store :D i used to play those game A LOT!!
    thanks :D

  • @ 17 killnine83 –

    I’m pretty sure Eric Lempel already stated in an interview that Cross Game Chat is a complex feature to make on the PS3. They are looking at the feature and seeing what they can do, but people need to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Eric, thanks for the update. I’ve been holding of updating cause I wanted to play uncharted 1 before Uncharted 2, maybe now I can safely update.

    Also, I want to ask: The gray boxes on the friends list looks suspicious. If you take a look at your trophy card on your friendslist the top part that says your name is gray as well, is this some future update to show your trophy card instantly when you highlight another members name instead of going to a different screen? Wish the speed of the friendslist now and the trophy card information, It looks like this could be something you’re working on. I could be wrong, but it makes sense. I know you’re not going to say or leaked anything now, but if I’m right, please get that thing finished. It’d be a clever and awesome surprise for everyone. :D

  • Yeah I had issues with batman freezing. Haven’t updated yet though. Hopefully it’s

  • @Eric Lempel

    Why hasn’t the FONT SIZE been fixed yet!??!

    Why haven’t the ugly grey boxes been removed from the friends list?!?!

  • I am still having issues where my PS3 will not recognize any discs. Is there going to be a fix for this coming soon? My PS3 has become a large paperweight and it’s kind of depressing since I just got the Beatles game the day it ‘broke.’

    I have already done a backup/format/restore but it didn’t help anything. Thanks.

  • @Eric Lempel.

    Fix the font size and ugly grey friends list boxes.



    People hate 3.0.

    FIX IT!

  • As much as I have hated the 3.0 firmware release, it is good to see that other and certainly more important issues are being addressed first. That’s a great response time. I only wish the software I do QA testing for could turn out patches this fast for users issues.

    I would like to say that I am strongly opposed to the often requested “Cross-game chat” feature. The reason is that players should be focusing on the game they’re playing, not talking to their friends. The whole point of being able to communicate if these games is to allow teamwork. If only more people used it that way. Cross-game chat will only make this problem worse.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that more of the UI abominations will be addressed in the future. Until then, thanks for the game fix.

  • FW 3.01 has added :-
    A-orchestral start-up sound plays out a little longer and has more bass tones.
    B-fixes Uncharted freezing’s.
    C-you can now disable whats new option.
    D-The default text for the system is small now.
    E-new avatars

  • @47

    Not really. It never should’ve broken games to begin with.

  • Nice fix, thanks for the update.

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