Fat Princess: New Pork

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You might’ve already read about the newly-announced Fat Princess DLC level and future updates on the way, but screenshots can only do so much for you, am I right?

Last week at PAX, I ran into Chris Millar and Craig Leigh from Titan, who demoed the addition to this top-selling PSN game on camera. Unfortunately, the folks at Penny Arcade are creatures of the night, and it was super dark (you’ll see that in a minute) in the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. Fortunately, Titan scraped together some hi-def footage of the new level, which we edited on top of the walkthrough this morning. Technology, she is wonderful.

So take a look at New Pork in action, and if you miss what Chris and Craig look like, you can see them here :-)

Yes, I know your questions: When can you play this? How much might it cost? I asked, and there are no concrete details at this time. When there are, you’ll learn them here.

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  • make the gladiator trophy a little easier, thanks.

  • Really nice. Good to see support for this game long term. A class update would completely blow me away though! Please Titan Studios?!

  • Lol at whatever guy above it was who said he wanted a DLC for free because of the ‘horrible launch’. Why do people always want DLC to be free?


  • YAY! I can’t wait to see the new stuff.

  • This just made me want to play Fat Princess again! :)

  • Yeah could you maybe fix this broken ass game before you start releasing new content for it?

  • Hopefully people from Titan read this and take it constructively:

    Maybe its just me, but this game seems too chaotic. I believe this is because there are too many players on a map. I LOVE the premise, the style and everything but ultimately I dont feel like I’m a big part of the team when I play, and with the lack of communication it just adds to it.

    I hope eventually there is an ability to play with less max players on a map, then I can start feeling like an important part of a team.

  • New map looks great, keep the DLC comin’.

  • I’m very, very pleased to see and hear about more content for Fat Princess! I’ve waited and watched news about the game since it was announced and of course bought it day one and have been playing the heck out of it since. Wonderfully fun game that could use some tweaks and I’m glad to hear they are being worked on.

    It would be great to see a few more ‘Get Fabulous’ options being thrown in with a patch or DLC as well.

    Can’t wait for the new content, I will be downloading it day one.

    (I’m hungry)

  • i don’t want to pay for this

  • Grim Reaper!!!!!

  • I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, if this isn’t free it will split a community.

  • europe psn cards when it comes to Cyprus i will buy it and other stuff.

  • Awesome….i just got the money to get it so i’ll be working on the trophies…..hopefully those 4 characters classes are true

  • They need to make the mini fortresses or forts more meaningful. Like additional spawn points. Or put a mini cannon or turret, something like that. It does seem balanced to just use them for hideouts and a place to put wood and metal. But, they can be alot more useful. Battles would become alot more hectic.

  • Disc, disc, disc, disc, disc, disc, disc, disc, disc, disc.

    Getting the point yet?

  • This game would be perfect for split-screen action.
    Will we ever see it implemented?

  • A wall of text you should read and will enjoy.

    Hey everyone who’s asking for stupid stuff: shut up. The game won’t be put on a disc, so you better get off your lazy asses and buy some internet or a bigger hard drive. Don’t tell Titan how the game could have been designed better. Especially when the game they designed isn’t even completely functional yet. If you want to design better games get a degree and do it your damn self. Don’t tell Sony how they should be doing things on their end either. If you want to do that write a letter to your local Sony office or congressman because this isn’t the place for it. It’s probably bad advice anyhow.

  • I was thinking the same thing. I always wanted there to be a level like the wallpaper on the XMB when you highlight fat princess

  • This should be free.

    From a GDC ’09 video (pause at ~2:11):

    Also, if you hover over the Fat Princess game on your PlayStation 3 and don’t start the game up, the background shows different pictures of levels. One of the levels is a city level.

    In short: this map was already far in the works before Fat Princess was released. DLC should be for content worked on AFTER the game is released. This just seems like something they already had [almost] finished, but decided to wait until the game was released to milk as much money as they could from their customers.

  • That map looks huge, albeit a bit plain compared to the more lush or not so lush maps already in the game. This is obviously going to be best suited for large number of players. I can’t wait to check it out. Hopefully it won’t anything more than the equivalent of $5.

    I’m interested in what new ‘ranking’ features they have added because right now I really see no incentive behind them. If I achieve a high rank and don’t play for a week, that rank disappears. So what’s the point? As much as I love the game I can’t always be playing it so sustain my rank. I’d prefer if ranking up at least gave you new abilities for the different classes. Kinda like Killzone 2.

    I really hope a new patch will fix the constant disconnection issues and lag that I have to face in every other game.

    Last but not least, you guys really need to add faction balancing to this game. A match can become very unfair if there is even 2 extra people on the other team and it drives people to leave the game, especially if the host is on the unbalanced team. But priority should be given so that I’m always able to join my friend’s team when I join a game they are, unless it’s full of course.

  • @48
    I totally agree with you there.

  • It’s games like this that make me love my ps3 :D Own like 30 network titles now, and only 1 has been a disappointment for me, love it!

    Just hope the new map doesn’t cost too much though, I’m sure their putting a bunch of time and effort into it, but at the same time don’t forget 5$ can buy some pretty awesome games on the network.

  • quit playing it because its so laggy over my wireless connection. Except none of my other games lag.. So I dont know whats going on.. I am thinking its on their end to fix. I have dabbled in changing my wireless options over and over and over. always lags on this game

    Its a real shame..

  • Ooo…new maps…

    BTW…anyone know what happened to the Playstation Blog Mobile?

  • Will the DLC come out on the PSP version? I would rather play new pork on PSP than Ps3. For some reason Fat Princess feels like it was meant for handheld.

  • This game is too expensive. Probably won’t touch it until it drops to $10.

  • Why can’t I update Fat Princess on my PS3 slim?

  • You know what’s funny? If you highlight the game icon on the XMB and look at the background image, you can actually see a screenshot of this new level in the top frame (a little to the left)

    You know what’s not funny? The fact that this proves that this level was in development when the rest of the game was. I hope, for their sake, that this DLC is free.

  • Fingers crossed for the Pirate and Ninja classes.

  • Need new custom controller settings:

    L1 + [square] + R Stick = stupid
    L1 + R1 + R Stick = perfect….

  • well lets see when are this 1st patch will go down and this new add-ons that will be available to the psn.

  • This has nothing to do with his topic. But how come ps blog mobile no longer works? I’m on my iPhone right now and the blog looks same as it does on my computer again. Not complaining. I’m just curious…

  • Wasn’t this game for an old system long ago

  • Fix uncharted! firmware 3.0

  • I bought thus game b/ da wife likes it and I end u playing it more den she does…lol

  • There’s no way that Sony will charge for this. Not when the released game was a total crap, when so many features were missed, not when just a few days after the release day, a DLC is announced, meaning that this “new content” was already made is could be included into de released game.

    If Sony charges for this, i will never buy a downloable game ever again.

  • dam finally! cant w8 for the patch and DLC.

    jeff is it only going to be 1 map? or more stuff?

  • ima get this it looks pretty fun i alrdy have fat princess so ima get this to(: man i need to get invited to mag beta ):

  • @69

    maver1ck89 is a dumbazz. This is the place to ask such things. Everyone here isn’t a moron, they aren’t gonna just shutup and except flaws or half a game or anything thats less. You might be stupid enough to pay for whatever sony puts out and except it the way it is, the rest of us want our moneys worth. The reason why your fat princess game is runnin a little better now is because of us, who went out and said somethin.

  • I have to say I’d really be interested in seeing a little bit of siege maybe like a battering ram that alot of workers have to help carry (seeing as there are barracades now) and I think it’d be great if there was a cavalry class!

  • also I agree with the targeting complaint it makes it impossible for me to make it very far in gladiator

  • #79 I’m with you. I noticed that too when I was waiting over the game. It shows fat pork in the top left I think or near there. If they’ve been working on these kind of content since the beginning they should make it free. I really don’t want to pay for content that was being made during the game.

    DLC is supposed to be mass content that makes you want to play the game again. Not one small thing that cost $3. Look at Burnout Paradise, Big Surf Island was worth the money because it added so much more to the game. That’s about the only worthwhile one unless you want the cars which then might conclude the price, mainly for the Legendary cars.

  • this looks really good. i think i may buy this very soon.

  • Hey Jeff! What about a Japanese theme? It could have samurai and ninjas.

  • Any chance in doing 4 player split-screen off-line mode for Fat Princess? ;)

  • I would like to see more voice overs for the players (with the directional buttons). There’s nothing like a slaughter/victory followed by a victory line to the other team. “Victory is mine!” “Take that!”

  • I hope it will be free because 14,99$+tx for a buggy game. I expected a lot for this game but lots of bugs make me mad…

    If it ‘s not free, I will not pay for that… sorry

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